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Found 8 results

  1. QF64 Cycle Two: Twice Doomed “What’s the situation?” asked Jennal over the radio. In Starsight under a diplomat’s permit, the tenasi was Winzik’s go-to man for all, well, aggressive business. “We don’t know how many spies there are,” Winzik replied. “But we suspect they’re impersonating people in the SDPS. And… that they have access to our private radio channel.” “The channel we’re talking on right now?” “Well, ah…” Jennal spewed a stream of profanities. “This is bad. I repeat. This is very bad. Cease all communications imme–” The radio let out a loud whump. “Jennal? Jennal, can you hear me? Jennal?!” Oh, no, Winzik thought. This was bad. No, no, no, no, no! *** The large man’s body was found in a dark alleyway in one of the sketchiest places on the station. (There weren’t many of those, and they were well hidden, but you could find them if you knew where to look.) The corpse was bleeding from multiple stab wounds in its abdomen. Winzik looked away, clicking his pincers nervously. “We found this little guy at the scene of the crime,” said one of his guards. Winzik turned: the dione was pointing to a small, black, fuzzy creature. “I am Dannnnnex,” it said. It didn’t seem to have a mouth. It hopped up and down. “One of many n’s.” “He’s kind of freaking me out,” said the guard. The creature bounced on what seemed to be its head, though Winzik couldn’t tell; its eyes seemed to rotate along with it. “Well, well,” he said. It seemed harmless; he didn’t want to give the order to kill it. That would be aggressive; Winzik had had to be much too aggressive lately. “May I go?” asked Dannnnnex. “Ah, well…” The dione shot Winzik a look, pointing a blaster at the fuzzball. “Fine,” said Winzik, gesturing his pincers towards Dannnnnex. But when the guard killed the creature, no hologram revealed its true form. The fuzzball had been just that: a fuzzball. ----- JNV was killed! They were part of Winzik's Inner Circle! Dannnnnex was executed! They were an SDPS Member! Vote Count Kas (3): Dannnnnex, Nerdy, Xino Dannnnnex (6): Kas, Aman, JNV, Silvereye, Hael, Bookwyrm Mat (1): Fifth Stick (1): Mat Fifth (1): Devo The turn will end on Sunday, December 18 at 9:00 PM PST (12:00 AM EST). Edit: Reminder to @ExoticAlmond and @InfiniteInsanity that they will be killed if they do not post today. Player List
  2. “Ooh, ooh, tell me a story!” Coyote pranced around the Court’s latest medium in a decidedly undignified fashion, body undulating in a way that was unsettling to the eye. “What sort of story?” “A story about me, of course! Those are always the best stories.” The god grinned widely, muzzle full of far too many teeth, all razor sharp. “Of course,” the medium agreed gravely, settling themselves on a nearby stump. “So which story will you tell?” Coyote nuzzled against the medium’s legs before rolling onto his back, demanding wordlessly that his belly be scratched. “Will you tell of how I placed the stars in the sky? Of how I hid the moon?” As the medium cautiously obliged Coyote with scratches, the god turned, snapping at their fingers, missing by only a hair. “Or will you tell of how I tore the Wood and Court asunder? Of how I trapped the Seed Bismuth, and made the humans know fear?” “I will not tell any of those stories, I think.” “But you must! Those are my favourites.” The air in the wood seemed to thicken. Strange shadows flickered at the edge of the medium’s vision, and Coyote let out a low growl, teeth growing longer, sharper, if that were possible. “I think you will like this one, once I have told it. It is a tale of your cleverness, your wisdom, your vengeance and your mercy.” The shadows abated, and Coyote’s form rippled, becoming smaller, less aggressive. A look of puzzlement replaced his former snarl. “That does sound like me. But I am not sure I know this story.” “It is an old tale, and not well known. It begins a few short years after you divided the Court from the Wood, and the Archer cursed the Annan Waters. Suspicion and fear ruled. “No one spoke of it, but the Court and the Wood were at war.” So, before we get started, this game is going to be a little unusual. This is not a standard Elimination game. This is not a Faction game. This is not a free-for-all. It’s a bit of all three. For this game, there will be two game threads, not one. One for the Court, and one for the Wood. Players can only communicate with or PM players in their respective threads, outside of special circumstances. (PMs are night only.) Likewise, there are two factions, Gunnerkrigg and Gillitie. In the Court thread, Gunnerkrigg is Village, and Gillitie Eliminator, and vice versa in the Wood thread. When one game ends, both do. Turns will have th standard 48/24 Day/Night lengths. Because of the nature of this game, and the source material, there are a few additional mechanics. The Test. Each player can, once in the game, choose to die. If they do, they will be resurrected into the other thread, given a random non-unique role and have a 60% chance to switch alignments (ergo, villagers will tend to stay villagers, just in the new thread, and elims will tend to stay elims.). Mediums, and Meetings. In addition to the lynch vote that each thread has each day, each thread also has a Medium vote, where a player can be given or stripped of the Medium role. Mediums may post/PM in both threads, and gain a neutral alignment, unless they are an Eliminator. Additionally, they can appoint a Guardian from their original thread. This Guardian gains either the Dragonslayer, or Protector of the Forest role, depending on their thread, and gains the win-con of ensuring their Medium’s survival. If the Medium loses their role, so does their Guardian. In addition to the powers the Medium had before, the appointed Medium gains the ability to call a Meeting. During a Meeting, there is only one thread, and all players can take actions on each other, PM each other, and they have a group lynch. The game cannot end during a Meeting. Meetings cannot be held concurrently. Again, given the nature of the source material, there are additional secret roles and mechanics that you'll have to discover as you play. These secrets do not belong to any particular faction. Roles: Forest: Hollow Faerie: Hollow Faeries cannot undergo the Test. However, if they are killed, they are automatically resurrected in the other game following standard rules. Regional Faerie: You have a small power over the Ether. While generally speaking you are harmless, you can be annoying. Target a player, any action they take has a 25% chance to fail, or any action taken against them has a 25% chance to fail. Air Elemental: Using your mastery over the air, you can PM one player of your choice during the day. Anwyn/Forest Elf: Although not the most Etherically powerful of Forest dwellers, you come from a strong people, and not many can boast your tolerance for alcohol. During the day, you can slip someone a glass of achewater, and they will pass out and forget to vote. Rogat Orjak: Despite appearances, you are not a dragon, and would much rather not be compared to one of those barbarians, thank you. Your large size allows you to shrug off most attacks, and makes your fellows reluctant to accuse you, even though you’ve assured them multiple times you’re quite nice, really. (Extra life, optional -1 vote at the end of the Day.) Shadowperson: One of the remnants of Coyote’s failed attempt to replicate humanity, you have no particular Etheric talents, but you are sneaky. You can follow a player at night and see what actions they take. Wisp: A masterful illusionist, you can convince anyone of anything. During the day, you can move one player’s vote. Ysengrin: A wolf spirit who is unswervingly loyal to Coyote, you have an enormously powerful etheric presence. (Kill/Protect) Unique. Reynard: A trickster-spirit, your etheric skills revolve around misdirection and illusion. (Redirect/Conceal[<-Coppercloud equivalent, blocks Shadowperson scan and vote manipulation, amongst other things.]) Unique. Protector of the Forest: Gifted enormous power by Coyote to protect your Medium, the very trees have become an extension of your being. In Gillitie Wood, you are all but omnipotent, although you feel your physical body atrophying. Kill, Protect, Roleblock, Redirect, Extra Life. Can use up to two actions each night, however, additional uses count towards atrophy. If they use three actions consecutively, they die. Powers weakened during Meetings (loses the extra action period). Unique. Court: Barrier Mage: You can attempt to protect a player each night. Although you will save them from death, there is a chance they will be injured, unable to place a vote or take actions next cycle. Witch: Each night you may cast a spell attempt to gauge a player’s intentions. (Basically an alignment scanner, albeit with a chance of failure.) Telepath: Each day, you are given the option to PM up to three random active players. Making Everything Boring: Any random effect always lands the way you wish it. Unique. (Note, requires specific targets, and knowledge of the random effects; cannot affect more than two things at once.) Demi Fire Elemental: One kill attempt per cycle; as with Barrier Mage, it cannot fail completely, but it can injure instead. Dragonslayer: Trained and warded to enhance your physical abilities to a superhuman degree, you are the greatest warrior of the Court. Two lives, kill/protect. Unique. Teleport: You can randomly swap two player’s locations, so that actions that would affect one instead affect the other. (Basically, trade actions that would target you for actions targeting a random other player.) Zeta: Officially speaking, you do not have a power. Unofficially speaking, you are very, very scary. 10% chance each Turn for you and a random number of others to be transported to a nightmarish alternate dimension. If this happens, you will all be put in a PM together for the turn, and be unable to speak in-thread. Each player taken has a 20% chance to die, or change alignments (alignments beyond the simple Court/Forest split...). Actions taken while Zeta’s role is in effect can have unpredictable results. Unique. Engineer: You specialize in building robots. You can send a drone to stalk a player, either listening in on their conversations or reporting back their actions. High failure chance. However, you can send this outside the Court. If you do, however, and it fails, the drone will attempt to take root, and you will be executed at the next Meeting. Etheric Scientist: While you have no talent with the Ether yourself, you’ve devoted all your time to studying it. Largely powerless on your own, although you can disrupt or enhance Etheric abilities. (Roleblock or remove failure chance of roles, Engineer excepted.) Miscellaneous: Hello everybody. This game is going to be run by me and @A Joe in the Bush; while we haven't quite finished finalizing things, one of us is probably going to take the Wood Thread, while the other takes the Court. Likewise, rollover time and game start are still up in the air, but a good bet puts the game start between the 8th and the 11th, and rollover at around 11PM central time. While I know this is a non-Sanderson setting, and not a super well-known one, at that, I'm hoping people will play. We'll need a lot for this game to last longer than a week or so. (Like, 28 minimum, preferred 30+). If you're interested in getting to know the setting a bit before the game, start here . (Or start here , and jump back to the beginning if it catches your interest. The beginning's a little rough.) I think Wilson's probably the IM, (since she knows too much. ) And there will be a spec doc available upon request, although I'd much prefer people play. (Seriously. If you're reading this, sign up. Doesn't matter if you've never played SE before, or if it's been a while, we could use the players.) And I think that's all, folks. EDIT: Game now has an official start time. Woooo! Player List: Locke Tekiel (Orlok Tsubodai) Marv (Hemalurgic Headshot) Straw (Straw) Elbe (Elbereth) Budgie (A Budgie) Altea Meza (Crimsn-Wolf) Araris Valerian (Araris Valerian) Tautali Laust (Megasif) Centaurus (Darkness Ascendant) Stick (Stick) Carrie Brule (Burnt Spaghetti) Koru (Doc12) Bart Allen (Flash) Clanky (Clanky) The Inspector (Paranoid King) Reginald Canuk (Dalinar Kholin) Sean (Polkinghornbd) Anwir (Drake Marshal) Anansi (Metacognition) Fess (Arinian) John (Winter Devotion) Jordren (Majestic) Small Large (Stink) Lyren (Droughtbringer) Shqueeves (Shqueeves) Pickle (asterion137) Rendren (cloudjumper) Kintas (Jondesu) Lopen (TheMightyLopen) Noah (Eternum) Tarek (Randuir) BrightnessRadiant Ecthelion Quick Links: (Note that there are separate threads, this is so the game is still readable afterwards. If we were to merge the two threads together then it would be pure chaos. Similarly, as of this game, we, the Mods, were unaware of a way to duplicate posts and thus merging the Meetings into one thread but not the other would also cause chaos and so were merged into this thread. There are posts/edits at the points where the threads change type so you shouldn't have too much trouble reading through. Hopefully.) Court: Forest: Meetings:
  3. MR 14: The Canim Fury You are all legionnaires in the First Aleran. Since you were small, like all Alerans, you have been able to fury craft. For some, your skills have never progressed fair enough to manifest more than a basic fury. For others, you have trained for years, and have controls of furies enough to rival a Lord. When you were recruited for the First Aleran, you never expected see any real combat. But then the Canim invaded, and the First Aleran was caught in the middle of a war. Your half-century was sent behind enemy lines to learn what you could of enemy movements, and to find opportunity to hinder their forces. You have uncovered some information that Captain Scipio must get as soon as possible, but your enemy has discovered your presence. Not everyone made it out of the ambush they laid for you, and now you're trapped behind enemy lines, being hunted mercilessly. Making the most of your furycrafting, you were able to evade their initial chase, and have gained somewhat of a lead on them, but the path you need to take back is not going to be easy... The Rules: Cycles will be 48 hour combined Day-Night cycles. There are two factions: Those Loyal to Captain Scipio, and Traitors seeking to bring down Captain Scipio. The traitors do not want the Captain to receive the intelligence gathered, and so their goal is to stop those Loyal from reaching the Captain at all costs, while still surviving to report the intelligence to their superiors. -The Loyalists win once all of the Traitors are dead. -The Traitors win if they outnumber the Loyalists. -If neither side has claimed victory by the conclusion of the 8th cycle , both sides lose (their hunters catch up to them before they reach safety), unless a player scouts on the last cycle, in which the scouts team wins. Furycrafting: There are 6 different types of furycrafting: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Metal, and Wood. Everyone has different abilities in fury crafting, and this differences are represented by 3 tiers. Each type of furycrafting has 3 tiers, each which has its own ability. Higher tiers have access to the abilities of the lower tiers. The abilities are as follows: When there’s a conflict between two things (tied lynch, multiple action/vote redirects on the same player each trying to shift to different players), the result will be decided by a coin flip. Players are able to make 2 actions per cycle. Each tier counts as a separate action. You cannot use the same action twice. Only players with Water or Windcrafting can open PM's. PM's can be made at any point during a cycle, up to the players limit. PM's are between you and one other player. Remember to include Elbereth and I in all PM's created. Label the type of crafting used in the PM title. For example: "MR14 Hael-Elb (Water)" or "MR14 Elb-Alv (Wind)". PM's remain open for 2 cycles (the one in which it is opened, and the next) before being closed, unless roleblocked or redirected. PM spies get both sides of the conversations their target was included in, but not the name of the other players in the conversations. The Traitors have a faction kill, and a doc to collaborate in. The types of kills will be differentiated in the writeup (i.e. Lynch, Traitor, Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth) Order of Actions: > Roleblocks/Redirects (W1, W2, W3, E1) > Scouting (E3) > Vote changes (F1) > Lynch > Protects (E2, M1, M3) > Kills (Traitor kill, F2, F3, M2, Water3) > Scans/Spying (A2, Water2, A3) If Person A blocks Person B, and Person B was blocking Person C, Person A block Person B’s roleblock, so Person A’s actions go through. Provided a redirect isn’t blocked or redirected, it happens before roleblocks. If two players attempt to redirect the same action(s), a higher tier gets priority, otherwise a coin flip decides the result. Players can have more than one type of furycrafting, but every player will have at least one which will be designated their primary furycrafting. Each player's primary furycrafting will be public knowledge. Note that this will be the type of furycrafting, rather than what tier. Players with a Tier 3 fury can designate an heir. This does not take up an action, nor does it need to be announced publicly. Upon their death, their fury passes to their heir. If no heir is named, a recipient will be randomly chosen. The recipient will gain a Tier 2 version of the fury. Players who are inactive for 48 hours will be 'left behind', and killed. For the purposes of this game, I am defining inactivity as not making any game relevant posts. Now I realize this is a reasonably strict filter, but I understand that sometimes life happens, and if you let me know, I'll make arrangements. You can post in thread, or send me a PM. I can neither confirm nor deny that there is or isn't any of, but not limited to, the following: Hidden Factions, Sleeper Agents, WMD , Vord Elbereth will be Co-GMing! And Alv will be your Impartial Moderator. Signups will last for a bit under a week. I may extend it by a day or two if numbers are too low, but hopefully we'll be fine! Player List: Write ups:
  4. LG20: Warcamp Enigmas You are all members of the Alethi lighteyed nobility in the warcamps. Many of you have secret items in your possession. There are a few of you who are hiding other secrets. Whether you use those for good or evil is up to you. You have been infiltrated by some nefarious Ghostbloods who are attempting to steal a soulcaster and a shardblade from you. Killing them all before they obtain those is the only way to succeed. There is also a thief in your midst, though he may end up helping you. Format: This is a rerun of LG5, the first game I GMd. Each Day turn will be 48 hours and each Night turn will be 24 hours long. Rollover time will be 9 pm MST. Signups will end on April 22nd. There is a 5 turn inactivity filter; after five turns of inactivity, inactive players will be killed. General Rules: Every player gets up to three actions per night. Only one item from each tier category may be used per cycle. One 1A, one 1D, and one Tier 2 item is the most that can be used. Any action can be replaced with the Ghostblood kill or a role ability/declaring an heir. Items: Other roles: Item Rules: Death Cries: When a player is killed in any way, they get a chance to send one last message to the group as a whole. The messages must be less than 200 characters and sent to the GM to be posted to the rest of the group. The dead player will not be sent to the dead doc before the end of the turn following their death or until their death cry is sent in. It must be sent in before the end of the turn following the player’s death. Except for this, the dead may not speak. Win conditions: Ghostbloods’ Win: Outnumber the other players Bonus goal: Obtain a Shardblade and Soulcaster. Nobles’ Win: Kill all Ghostbloods Bonus goal: Survive until the end and the player with the most/most valuable items will be made king and the other survivors will be made Highprinces/Highprincesses. Thief's Win: Steal at least one of each item(excluding Shards and a Soulcaster) throughout the course of the game to become a master thief and live a life of luxury. Order of Actions: Links to the writeups: Day 1: Succession War Night 1: Violet Wine Day 2: Whitespines* Night 2: Silence of the Stars Day 3: The Land of the Free* Night 3: Self Sacrifice Day 4: Death's Herald Night 4: The Final Duel Day 5: Dual Stabbing* Night 5: Rightful Vengeance* Day 6: Rematch Night 6: Violet Wine II*† Day 7: Felled Thief Night 7: Running In Circles*† Day 8: Sneak Attack Night 8: Mutton Day 9: Dead for Real Night 9: Third Time's Not the Charm*† Day 10: Another One Bites the Dust Night 10: Is He Dead Yet?*† Day 11: Defensive Maneuvers Night 11: Turning Tides Day 12: Fatal Miscalculation Aftermath: No Way Out *Written by Elbereth †The Saga of Kayden(Kynedath) Current Player List:
  5. LG19: Twinborn City After seeing your peaceful village collapse- literally- with infighting and treachery, you fled to a nicer place with many companions. You attracted other twinborn with your promise of equal rights for everyone with allomantic and feruchemical powers. Although you had to exile a few dissidents, it's been quiet here. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. you found a dead body in the city, stabbed through the heart. Were you the murderer, or will you be a victim? There's only one way to find out. Factions Day and Night Map Actions Items Powers Allomancy Enhanced Allomantic Powers Feruchemy Kandra Blessings and Info Very Rare Occurrences Quick Links If you were in LG11, most of the rules will be familiar to you, however, a few have changed. Kipper and Elbereth and I are GMing this game. The game will start one week after this was posted, on Tuesday 29 March. Rollover time will be determined then or between now and then.
  6. QF12: The Time of Reckoning there's You live in California. Or you used to. Nowadays it's called Persepolis, named by the Epic who's ruled here since Calamity rose. All things considered, he isn't the worst. Public infrastructure is mostly gone, sure, but killing is frowned upon. A few months later, you woke up with powers yourself. You've pleased Perseus, and have made your way into his service. Perseus has need of all of you, but you would do well to remember: you are replaceable. Every day, Perseus chooses the worst among you, those who have contributed the least, and kills them. Personally. Every day there is a reminder that no one is untouchable. Even Epics. Even you. always You come from somewhere else. You've seen what the Epics do. And you've sworn to execute any who break the law. By a strange coincidence, that is almost all of them. For what they have done, for what they do, for what they will do, there will be a reckoning. And you are bringing it. another Alignments role Roles If you don't contribute in Perseus' Court, you don't live. Any player who does not post in the thread, the GM PM, or another PM in 2 full cycles will be killed by him mercilessly. Notes: The only means of PMs is Telepathy. No other PMs are allowed. The write-up will include all kill attempts. Only dead players will be named in the write-up. There may be hints in write-ups, but it is not a good idea to read too much into wording. The number of Telepathy PMs will change depending on how many people sign up. It will be edited into the rules once the game starts. Order of Actions: 1. Perseus' Kill 2. Passive Powers 3. Transmogrification 4. Illusions 5. Votes Counted and Lynch 6. Forcefields 7. Matter Disruption and Reckoner Kill 8. Invisibililty Quick Links:
  7. The Everstorm has come. Heralds and Voidbringers alike are returning. The Vengeance Pact has broken, shattered like the Plains themselves. Some Highprinces flee, returning to their princedoms, trying to prepare as best they can. Others rally to Dalinar’s call, fighting their way across the near impassable Plains to the Oathgate, and Urithiru. Your small group once belonged to Highprince Thanadal’s camp, but now you are searching desperately for the Oathgate, hoping against hope that you arrive before you succumb to the elements. Bound together by adversity, you would like to believe you can trust each other. Not all is as it seems, however. Trouble has been drawn to your expedition like rotspren to a wound. Bridges collapse, chulls die; your progress has been hindered left and right. And it’s beginning to seem as if it might not all be coincidence… Factions: Roles: Mechanics: Welcome to LG13! Sign-ups are starting now, and will end on July 13th, at 11:00 PM CDT. (This will also be the regular roll-over time.) Check back to this post fairly often; I'll try to keep an up-to-date player list, as well as rule clarifications and links to various write-ups. If anything comes up, or you've got any questions about the Fair Play Rules, (which you should probably go give a read, if you haven't already) the impartial mod for this game will be Little Wilson. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and if you're interested in being part of the Spec Doc, just send me a PM. Player List: Sani (The Only Joe) - Lighteyes who once scribed for Dalinar Kholin. Justin (Peng the Just) - Former slave. Sheon Idris (Seonid) - Selish Worldhopper. Ableah Edr (Haelbarde) - Woefully without description. Another Selish Worldhopper, of a clan of Selish Worldhoppers. Etam (Metacognition) - Scout. Madon (Mailliw73) - Crem collector. Bartholomew the Blind (Bort) - midget barbomancer/Worldhopper. The Roszo (Renegade) - Herdazian who is determined to be more impressive than his glowing cousin. Adamir (Adamir) - Darkeyes who is convinced he's from another world. Seixa (phattemer) - Yet another Selish Worldhopper,* and once (pseudo-)Priest of Shu-Korath. Kip Sturm (Kipper) - Smart Alec Woefully without description. Ace (Macen) - Delusional man with a tiny hammer, believes that he's a Brightlord and a Radiant. Jain (Lightsworn Panda) - A panda. In a desolate wasteland. (Maybe he's Thanadal's exotic Shin pet?) Em C. Palah (Emerald101) - Emuli potter. (Needs Ace's hammer.) Citrona Vinid (Shallan) - Scadrian-Elantiran Worldhopper and noble who will not be questioned. Wannan (Herowannabe) - Darkeyed soldier. Alive, and assumed to be immortal, seeing how he isn't dead. Eradin (eramit) - Best darkeyed spearman in Thandal's army. Wol (Araris Valerian) - Old ardent who might know how to spell his own name. Findilti Findilt (idolevy) - Delusional man who thinks he's a Knight Radiant. Orlok (OrlokTsobodai) - Woefully without description. Plurn Burn (Feligon) - Engineer who is woefully ignorant of fabrials. Dow (dowanx) - Woefully without description. Eo (Spooky Eowyn) - Apparently Thaylen with fake eyebrows. May or may not be a Selish Worldhopper. Akirsefatafesrika (Bridge Boy) - Blasphemous pretend soldier. Smeagol (leiftinspace) - Obsessive midget Universehopper. Kazaaakplethkilik (Paranoid King) - Supposedly famous thief and Worldhopper. Alvonoha (Alvron) - Ardent, and owner of a strange cat. Catquisitor!?! Cla (Clanky) - Horneater who loves drinking contests. Torren (twelthrootoftwo) - Recalcitrant conscript, and spy for Roion. *Don't ask why there are so many Selish Worldhoppers, despite the danger involved in traversing the Selish and Rosharan Cognitive Realms. It's complicated. F.A.Q.s: 1. Why does Progression come last in the Order of Actions? Progression comes last in the Order of Actions because you are not meant to be able to use it to protect yourself, and I don't want people working around that. Additionally, as Progression is a healing power, it makes logical sense for it to occur after the kill has been made, so there is something to heal. 2. Will Division and the Eliminator Kill be distinguishable in the write-up? Are people saved by Progression revealed in the write-up? Yes they will. However, in the case of Progression, it is only made known that someone was saved from a kill, not who was saved. This holds true for players saved by Abrasion and Tension. (Progression will be distinguishable from kills blocked by Abrasion or Tension, though.) 3. Which actions will players be informed of if they are targeted by them? They will be informed of Division, the Diagramist Kill, Progression (if it saves them from a kill), Illumination, Transportation (if it successfully redirects an action) and Adhesion (if it successfully blocks an action, although this will be indistinguishable from action failure for other reasons). 4. Does someone with Transformation have to specify whether they are looking for a player's Alignment or Role? Yes, you will have to specify which you're looking for. If someone forgets to specify, I'll flip a coin to see which they get. Quick Links:
  8. The Competition Sign Ups for Mid-Range Game 6: A Venture in Atium “Today, my friends, I toast to the rise of House Venture!” Lord Venture raised his cup full of wine high in the air. The minor houses invited raised their own in toast as well. “And one of your own houses too.” That got them interested, especially the Great Houses who disguised themselves as part of the crowd. The invitations sent out had said Minor houses only, but it seemed a perfect time to commit a sabotage that would bring down the new Great House. They didn’t want more competition. They were satisfied with how things had been before the rise of Venture. Many of the minor houses whispered to their fellow house members. What in the Lord Ruler’s name does Lord Venture mean? Many thought. One person-or was it- shrugged. They seemed uninterested as they stirred their drink. Bored. They weren’t here for Venture. “Yes, I know what you are thinking. What do I mean?” Lord Venture chuckled at their responses. “Many of you might be wondering of my new particularly… suspicious source of riches.” More nods and more whispers. “Maybe some of you have come here planning to rob me of it.” He looked through the crowd pointedly and some shied away from the gaze. Some leaned in and others yet acted as if they had no idea what he was talking about. They were all dangerous, no matter what their mask was. No matter who they pretended to be, they were all the same at heart: Politicians. “Some of you may eye my house as a competitor.” The Great House spies knew what he was talking about. “Some of you care nothing for me.” The mysterious figure shrugged. “But you all want my atium.” That made a stir in the crowd. Atium? Did he say atium? “There is many of you here who wish me ill. For both of our protections, I offer you a deal. The biggest of your houses when all of those who wish my wealth enough to lie...” Lord Venture trailed off and looked intensely at each and every one of the nobles in the crowd. “When all of those who want my new wealth enough to kill for are dead themselves, I shall take the largest surviving house into mine.” “Dead?” That caused uproar among the crowd. “Become a Great House ourselves?” Some of the Great House spies looked confidently at one another. We will not fail. This atium will be ours and ours alone. All of these minor houses will lose their heads and lose their money. If it happens at a Venture ball then Venture will take the blame. “I suggest the benefit of an alliance.” Said the Urbain spy, sliding into the seat besides an Elariel one. They pretended they didn’t recognize each other, but they both knew what each other was. “An alliance?” The Elariel spy looked at the Urbain one and smiled. “Sounds intriguing. Tell me more.” Rules: 24 hour cycles. See Tin under Roles for PM rules. Every other player may choose to write an anonymous message to be revealed in the writeup. The next cycle, the players who did not write a message before take a turn to. Example: Cycle 1, X sends a message and Y does not. Cycle 2, Y sends a message and X does not. No images or links. Use your best judgement on length. If they get too long, I'll impose a word limit. Eliminators get a doc to conspire in. Victory Conditions: Alignments Minor House: Your house is very small. However, opportunity has come your way. If you can help root who’s spying on Venture for the other Great Houses, Venture might just bring you into their fold. Primary Victory Condition: Eliminate all Great House Spies. Secondary Victory Condition: Finish the game as the largest minor house. Great House Spies: You have been ordered to discover the secret to how House Venture suddenly rose to power. You and your fellows have infiltrated some of the minor houses that have been pandering to House Venture. You are to gather information through any means necessary, even if it means toppling a few minor houses. Primary Victory Condition: Eliminate Outnumber the members of all the Minor Houses. Order of Actions Day- Brass-Zinc-Lynch Night- Items - Tin - Pewter - Copper - Atium - Iron - Steel- Skaa Kill - Great House Kill - Bronze - Inquisitor Kill You can take two action. The anonymous message does not count as an action. Only one can be a metal. Roles Mistborn- A Mistborn may burn one of any of the metals below. They must chose one metal per turn and cannot use the same metal two times in a row. Steel- A Coinshot/Mistborn may burn steel to kill a different player. If that player coincidentally is also a Coinshot/Mistborn and targets you for death as well, neither player dies. Iron- A Lurcher or Mistborn may burn iron to save a different player from death. If that player is a Coinshot/Mistborn and targets someone for death, the kill is cancelled as well as the Coinshot/Mistborn being saved. Is only a nighttime ability and cannot save from lynch. You cannot Lurch yourself. This means that if X Lurches Y, any kill actions that Y attempts fail but he is protected from one kill. Pewter- Your pewter enhanced muscles prevent you from dying from the first time you would die. This is the only role that will let you live through a lynch. Tin- If the tineye is alive, any player can request that a message be given to another player through the GM. If the Tineye/Mistborn burning tin who is given that particular message decides to let it through, the GM tells the player what it is. However, the Tineye/Mistborn burning tin may opt to modify the message slightly. Bronze- You may burn bronze to discover another player’s role. It only shows if they are an allomancer and which metal they’re burning. The same result will show up if they’re being Smoked, don’t have allomancy, or are not using it. Copper- You may hide your and anyone else’s allomancy. Zinc- You may change one person’s vote, deleting your own. Brass- You may delete one person’s vote. Atium- May only be burned by a Mistborn. Will let you survive all attacks on a night cycle. Special Roles (may be included or not) Kandra- You may decide to eat a person who dies the cycle before. You are not told which options you will have. You will be told any messages the tineye has allowed them and then discovered. Whoever owns your Contract will be told whatever info you gain. You start as the Venture’s contract. If the Venture is killed, your Contract will be given to the person with the highest amount of atium. You will be told the owner of your Contract. They will be told what information you get but not you. You can survive one kill, including the lynch. Your alignment is the same as the owner of your Contract at the end of the game. Victory Condition: Whichever your owner has. Venture- You are a member of the House Venture and have the force of the Great House on your side. You start with two atium and the Contract to the kandra. Victory Condition: Kill all the Great House Spies Skaa- You don’t like any of these nobles! You just want to kill as many of them as you can before you’re discovered and lynched. You may kill once each night and you have the ability to escape from one kill except the Inquisitor’s. You may not use atium in any way. You cannot kill the Inquisitor. Victory Condition: Kill all nobles. Inquisitor- You don’t really care about any of the petty noble problems. Your only issue is the Skaa. You may kill once each night. If you kill a noble, it doesn’t matter. Victory Condition: Kill the skaa. Atium Atium is a valuable resource. Many will kill for it. During a night cycle, a player with a role may give up the option to use their action (and disable an extra life) in exchange for 1 piece of atium. Or, in the day cycle, the option to vote. Each cycle 1 piece of atium is available. Atium may be used to: Burn, for a Mistborn. Bribe someone to change their vote (the other player will receive one atium) Bribe someone to not take an action (the other player will receive two atium. Does not affect vanillas, with or without items) Buy an item Give to someone else (you can chose how much) X amount of items will be up for purchase for x amount of atium in day cycles. See Items for more details. Items Dueling Cane (1 atium) - Will kill one player before shattering. Poison (1 atium) - May be used to poison one player. They will die when you die. Marriage Contract (3 atium) - Join two Minor Houses together and turn them into one secondary goal wise. (see Houses) Will not effect a Great House Spy’s victory condition, they will simply be added into the Google Doc. The Minor House who offered the contract’s House Doc will be the newly joined one. The Great House Spies may not purchase a Marriage Contract but it may be used on them. Extra Metal Vials (4 atium) - Mistborn may burn the same metal twice in a row, but only twice. You can buy one item one cycle. You must wait until the next cycle to use it. If you have already used it and it isn't a passive effect (like Extra Metal Vials) then your killer doesn't get it. If it is passive or you haven't used it, your killer gets it. Houses There will be multiple Minor Houses. They may have two or three members. Each Minor House will have a Google Doc to share. A Marriage Contract will bring one Minor House into another’s. Each Minor House has a secondary victory condition, to be the largest at the end of the game. Marriage Contracts make the two houses one and their joint Victory Condition. Write ups: