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Found 30 results

  1. That's right, friends. Letters. As in more than one. Three in fact. Part Two's epigraphs contain three response letters to Hoid. I will document them here for posterity. Enjoy, and join in the discussion! Please keep this spoiler free except for discussion on the Part 2 epigraphs. Letter #1: Unknown Shard? Likely Endowment. Dearest Cephandrius, I received your communication, of course. (Ch 33) I noticed its arrival immediately, just as I noticed your many intrusions into my lands. (Ch 34) You think yourself so clever, but my eyes are not those of some petty noble, to be clouded by a false nose and some dirt on the cheeks. (Ch 35) You mustn't worry yourself about Rayse. It is a pity about Aona and Skai, but they were foolish--violating our pact from the very beginning. (Ch 37) Your skills are admirable, but you are merely a man. You had your chance to be more, and refused it. (Ch 38) No good can come of two Shards settling in one location. It was agreed that we would not interfere with one another, and it disappoints me that so few of the Shards have kept to this original agreement. (Ch 39) As for Uli Da, it was obvious from the outset that she was going to be a problem. Good riddance. (Ch 40) Regardless, this is not your concern. You turned your back on divinity. If Rayse becomes an issue, he will be dealt with. And so will you. (Ch 41) Letter #2: Ire? 17th Shard? Autonomy, probably. Cephandrius, bearer of the First Gem. You must know better than to approach us by relying upon presumption of past relationship. (Ch 42) You have spoken to one who cannot respond. We, instead, will take your communication to us--though we know not how you located us upon this world. (Ch 43) We are indeed intrigued, for we thought it well hidden. Insignificant among our many realms. (Ch 44) As the waves of the sea must continue to surge, so must our will continue resolute. Alone. (Ch 45) Did you expect anything else from us? We need not suffer the interference of another. Rayse is contained, and we care not for his prison. (Ch 46) Indeed, we admire his initiative. Perhaps if you had approached the correct one of us with your plea, it would have found favourable audience. (Ch 47) But we stand in the sea, pleased with our domains. Leave us alone. (Ch 48) We also instruct that you should not return to Obrodai. We have claimed that world, and a new avatar of our being is beginning to manifest there. She is young, yet, and--as a precaution--she has been instilled with an intense dislike of you. (Ch 50) This is all we will say at this time. If you wish more, seek these waters in person and overcome the tests we have created. Only in this will you earn our respect. (Ch 51) Letter #3: Harmony Friend. Your letter to me is most intriguing, even revelatory. (Ch 53) I would have thought, before attaining my current station, that a deity could not be surprised. Obviously, this is not true. I can be surprised. I can perhaps even be naive, I think. (Ch 54) I am the least equipped, of all, to aid you in this endeavor. I am finding that the powers I hold are in such conflict that the most simple of actions can be difficult. (Ch 55) I am also made uncertain by your subterfuge. Why have you not made yourself known before this? How is it you can hide? Who are you, truly, and how do you know so much about Adonalsium? (Ch 56) If you would speak to me further, I request open honesty. Return to my lands, approach my servants, and I will see what I can do for your quest. Okay guys, I've been waiting for you to be able to talk about these, and I'm sure the other readers who've managed to snag an early copy are dying to as well. Some thoughts: The first letter is probably from a Shard. Maybe one that we don't know yet. They noticed Hoid immediately, and speak of the Shards as kin. They also look down on Hoid for not taking the opportunity to grab a Shard. These make it evident that it is probably a Shard speaking. Given that Hoid probably mentioned Aona and Skai as Shards murdered by Odium, it may be that Uli Da is the name of another Shard Odium killed. Ambition perhaps? Or one we don't yet know? The Shards originally agreed to stay separate. That's hilarious. Maybe lends some credence to the 17th Shards mandate of keeping them separate. Whoever is speaking seems sure that they can take on Odium and Hoid. Noted. Second Letter could be from people who snagged it before it reached Frost, maybe 17th Sharders, though they don't seem to have the same neutrality mindest that they do. My money is on the Ire. Hoid may have meant his letter to someone in particular and got this as a response. Bearer of the First Gem is probably a reference to Topaz. I wonder about its significance. Whoever this is seems to think they control many worlds. This is huge. Still sounds like Ire to me. Curious as to how one would hide a planet. Obrodai is doubtless a new planet, where these people have a base of operations. This makes it sound like Hoid delivered the letter in person. The new avatar scares me. This has implications. Very interesting. What are the tests??? HARMOYYYY MY SWEET MAN. It's obviously him guys, don't even bother arguing. How are you? Not too much of significance here that we don't already know, but storms it's nice to hear from him here. This made my day guys. He's intrigued by Hoid, and wants to learn more. Enjoy! And again please keep this spoiler free of Oathbringer plot details.
  2. I’m curious if anyone here has ever tried to compose a chronology of the Cosmere’s behind the scenes events. Like we know characters like Demoux were chasing Hoid and we know Hoid was doing things in Elantris and Khriss was trying to witness the death of Preservation. Has anyone here taken all these ‘larger Cosmere’ bits and pieces and placed them in a timeline?
  3. I'm just curious. I wanted to see whether Brandon's books were more likely to be read by a certain religion. P.S. I did put cosmereism there as a joke. If you're okay with sharing, then I would much rather you answer truthfully.
  4. So it's commonly assumed that all the characters who cameo from other shardworlds are worldhoppers, yes? as we don't know where this power comes from, or how alot of it works, not every character we see cameoing in other books (Demoux, Gallod, Mraize, etc, etc) should be worldhoppers. What i think is actually happening is that only some of them are actual worldhoppers (hoid, nightblood and other important characters) but the others use either (A) a device that allows them to enter the cognitive or spiritual realm, as distance is different there, allowing them to go to different shardworlds (similar to how Jasnah's transportation surge works) or (B) that a worldhopper can take multiple people they are linked with (eg: touching them, or someone else who is touching them) and they only have a couple worldhoppers. if it does happen to be option (A) , that would explain why and how the 17th Shard can get to other shardworlds easily. Additionally, i think that worldhopping is orginally a yolen-based magic, although we see non-yolen's using it.
  5. So I just started my first re-read of Elantris, and only got through the first chapter when I had an idea. We know Galladon joined the 17th shard and that he's a worldhopper, but has anyone considered the possibility that Galladon joined the shard before the events of Elantris? Admittedly I don't have much reasoning behind this half-baked theory, it just caught me as suspicious the way that Galladon conveniently was the first (mom-ravenous) person that Raoden encountered. And then even more so when it's saying how Raoden didn't know why but he liked and trusted Galladon. Perhaps Galladon was working for the shard and when he got taken by the Shaod they wanted him to figure out how to restore Elantris for some reason. This could explain why 1. He didn't want to work with Raoden at first since he didn't know who he was or what he was trying to do and 2. Why his home is in a little library thing with a bunch of books. Let me know what you think
  6. 17th shard

    Kell here. Just wonderin' is there any chance of a mobile app being developed? I'm kinda tired of using my tiny iPhone 4 Wasing the I of wanting the it of thanking you!
  7. I just finished re-reading The Way of Kings, and I'm about (in a few minutes) to start re-reading Words of Radiance. After I got on the 17th Shard, I decided to re-read all of the Comere stories and take notes about worldhoppers, behind-the-scenes stuff, and things like that. I've been taking notes in my book (ex. pg 3 in tWoK, writing that Shalash was the reason why her statue was missing, or in the Ishikk chapter, with Demoux, Galladon, and the other dude looking for Hoid), as well as making little speculations on the chapter headings. And with much ado about nothing, here is my intent for this post. I would really, really, REALLY appreciate it if people could comment with behind-the-scenes/little theories/worldhoppers/other stuff from tWoK or WoR. Things that don't stick out or make sense if you don't have a general understanding of the Cosmere. Thanks, y'all!
  8. So far, we've heard about 4 groups of worldhoppers. The Ire, which from Sel and was on Scadrial for a time, and is trying to get hold of preservation to give to a member (Secret History). The Seventeenth Shard, which is friends Frost and is chasing Hoid. There are the Ones Above who are extremely advanced and are giving information to First of the Sun which could be dangerous to the inhabitants. And finally, there is Silverlight, a group that went to first of the sun, is known to Khriss, and didn't return after going there. It could be related to the Ire. I feel like the Ire's goal is mostly selfish, because they tried to get a piece of a shard. Seventeenth Shard seems to be centered around an ideal of sorts. The Ones Above seem to be mostly mercantile, and Silverlight seems to be an exploring group. Are these groups working together? What is their goal? Do they know about eachother? Do they like eachother? How do they recruit members? How much do they know?
  9. Hi All, First theory (YAY!) so let's dig in. I'm very much obsessed with Hoid. What is he doing on the Shardworlds, what does he want, what's his ties to the current (and past) shardholders and what Investiture does he hold. I'll start off with what I've discovered in my readings and then run into my theory. Note: My theory is central to the Chronology of the Cosmere and knowledge of all Cosmere books. As I mentioned, this theory is based on documentation from all books so careful for spoilers for all Cosmere books. On that note, I'm just going to spoiler tag the whole post Thanks for reading, I know this was fairly long. Let me know your thoughts
  10. Not Galladon and Demoux's 17th Shard, ours. Like, this website. As in, Wax is Brandon, the New Seran party was Every Book Signing Ever, and Khriss was me, and probably you, and a bunch of other 17thers. As soon as Khriss started walking away, I could sense a thousand 17thers crying out for her to come back and ask more pertinent questions about investiture.
  11. Hello, all. So, I'm new to posting here, but I've read just about EVERYTHING I can get my hands on about realmatic theory, WoB, the Cosmere, etc. As I was going through some things on Hoid recently, something hit me: Why is the Seventeenth Shard after him, really? I mean, it's apparent that they don't like/agree with him on the way he does things, but why is a group of our heroes (assuming Vao is as heroic as both Demoux and Galladon) chasing this man? He doesn't seem evil. He certainly has an agenda, sure, but he's not a bad guy, I think. (He's going to have his own series, for pete's sake.) Here's what I think: the answer to our question is in the two epigraph letters from TWoK and WoR and in the name of the organization chasing him--the Seventeenth Shard. We all know that he witnessed the shattering of Adonalsium. The recipient of the first letter makes it sound like Hoid's presence at the shattering of Adonalsium wasn't just as a bystander--he had a hand in it. In fact, in the second letter we read: "Is not the destruction we have wrought enough? The worlds you now tread bear the touch and design of Adonalsium. Our interference so far has brought nothing but pain." and (speaking of Rayse), "He bears the weight of God’s own divine hatred, separated from the virtues that gave it context. He is what we made him to be, old friend." Hoid, then, is likely to have caused the shattering of Adonalsium alongside--perhaps--the recipient of the first letter. But that alone is not why they are seeking him, I think. The answer, as I said, lies in their name. In causing the shattering, I think Hoid became the only vessel capable of containing all the shards' power again--in effect, he is the seventeenth shard. They need him. And that's why they're after him. He's their liege and their plans require him. Hoid, however, has his own plans and finds them to be useless or, at the very least, unhelpful. Another theory would be that Hoid was originally a piece of Adonalsium himself and now is the only remaining physical aspect of the god left. This one feels unlikely due to what we know of his likely past. I think we have a few evidences of this all being feasible: 1. Hoid is Spiritually Blind. In the shattering, he could have lost this ability. All of the shards are filled to the brim with investiture (which we know comes from this realm). It could have something to do with it. 2. Hoid is unable to kill (or unwilling to). Maybe during the shattering when he became the vessel for deity (or became... infected with deity) he became unable to destroy Adonalsium's greatest creation: mankind. 3. According to WoB, Hoid is really, really, really hard to kill. I think this would account for that. There are likely others. I think its a sound theory. But... I want to hear what you guys think. Be brutal. I'd like to see what the consensus on this would be. Let me summarize in closing: Hoid is not a shardholder, but the required vessel for recreating Adonalsium in all of its/his glory because he caused/took part in the shattering or because he was originally a part of the divine. The Seventeenth Shard (group) has so named themselves because they seek him (Hoid) in order to rebuild their sundered God. Edited for clarity.
  12. Halloween has just passed, and here is the obvious thread to post pictures of your costume! I went as the riddler- no one recognised it though
  13. So I noticed that a lot of older members have at some point, changed their names to Ookla the (adjective). I am a sort of newer member of the Shard, despite having over 1200 posts, but could I have a explanation? Just curious.
  14. I just tried to copy paste an image from the Coppermind to the 17th Shard (Aon Edo, specifically), except when I tried to post, it said "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community". It appears to be a .svg file, having just looked it up. Is there any reason it might not be permitted? (I assume there's a perfectly valid reason for this, in which case, we should probably swap the Aon Images from svg to jpg.)
  15. So I am not always here reading various theories, therefore I am surely creating a hypothesis that has already been made before. But what if the Ghostbloods (or at least Iyatil / Mraize) are part of a larger and "opposite" organization to the 17th shard? It does create a nice symmetry again, but could be taking the symmetry idea too far. It seems that Mraize and Iyatil are both worldhoppers. From the scene when Shallan first meets Mraize, she seems to see several things from different worlds, and probably there is another thread where everyone has figured out where these things are from: A vial of pale sand. - White Sand? A couple of thick hairpins. - For Hemalurgy? A lock of golden hair. - No idea The branch of a tree with writing on it. - Not sure, but the writing makes me think of AonDor. A silver knife. - Threnody, holding back the Shades? An odd flower preserved in some kind of solution. - Nalthis/Tears of Edgli? A chunk of pale pink crystal looked like it might be some kind of gemstone - Not sure Perhaps the Ghostbloods are going directly against the 17th shard, trying to figure out how to get super powerful through different types of investiture? Ok, apologies if all this has been said before.
  16. I was thinking of posting this in the other topic but i felt it was marginally different enough that it might warrant its own topic *mods, if this isn't the case, you know the drill* Now seeing as we have barely any concrete information on the 17th Shard and their purpose, this is just theoretical speculation/speculative theory and could just be reiterating what we already know, but i thought it an interesting view So from what little information we do have, the 17th Shard seem to take a very non-interference approach to matters relating to the Shards and perhaps to the Cosmere as an extension. We know they don't take too well to people meddling in Shardic matters as demonstrated by Hoid and in the Letter to his old reptile-like friend. Carrying on from that, I think it very possible they will intervene to prevent people (and possibly factions) with the skills and resources from causing wide-scale ramifications (aka Hoid) from interfering also. Spoilered for some references in soon-to-be published works TC;DR: Basically to summarise, I think that the 17th Shard are meant to represent the/an Intent that Adonalsium didn't have (doesn't particular narrow it down, I know but I think it could be something relating to Observation/Restraint etc. etc.) Their purpose is to monitor and record Investiture-related shenanigans along with the history of the Cosmere, with very little direct intervention on their part.
  17. At my brother's suggestion, I thought it would be fun to enter a bunch of Sharders' names into Google Images and post the first image that comes up. So here are the 20 Top Posters, in order, according to Google Images. #1: TwiLyghtSansSparkles #2: Kobold King #3: Voidus: #4: Edgedancer #5: Mailliw73 #6: Chaos #7: Kurkistan #8: Winter Cloud #9: Moogle #10: The Only Joe #11: Argent #12: Swimmingly #13: Oudeis #14: WeiryWriter #15: Delightful #16: Windrunner #17: Shardlet #18: Quiver 19: Kipper #20: maxal This has been 17th Sharders According to Google Images. Hope you enjoyed and possibly learned something new about yourself!
  18. Hey everybody! I already posted something on the Knights Awkward page , but just felt like formally introducing myself. I started reading Brandon Sanderson when my brother got Elantris, and was obsessed by the end of the book. (Anyone know if there's a cult for Brandon? Cause I need to find it now.)
  19. Simple little edit. Sometimes, people quote things said pages before. To save yourself the trouble, would it be easier that when you click the 'quote' button, it automatically generates a link back to the original post so you can click to go back to it?
  20. To start off, I hope this is in the right place... So, I've seen a lot of posts around responding to certain things saying "17th Shard is so awesome." This, my friends, is where we can plunk all of 'em down and, for me at least, rave about the wonderful things I find here. So, reason #1: We can talk about religion without arguments starting. In fact, we can have intelligent conversation on religion. Reason #2: Age doesn't matter. Age on this forum ranges from forty-something parents with children to people still in middle school, but when you post, nobody can tell. Ideas and comments are judged solely on their merit, and not dismissed because the person posting is too young or too old to understand what they're talking about. So, what do you think? Why is 17th Shard so awesome?
  21. Many spambots have been appearing lately. I was trying to think of a solution to this, however, my coding knowledge is rather limited. So, if my suggestions are impractical or impossible, then feel free to say so. 1) Post limit I find that spambots seem generally able to post a large number of posts in a short space of time. If there were something in place to prevent new posts from people who had posted twice within the space of a minute (which I think would be impossible for a human to do), then perhaps that account should be temporarily susspended, pending admin review. 2) Report suspension Alternatively, you could just have a checkbox in the report file for 'spam'. If this is checked, then the account is suspended, pending admin. investigation, particularly if the account is less than 24 hours old. Most people here are responsible, and I don't think they would abuse this. 3) Have phone numbers in post titles and posts banned Fairly self explanatory. Even if it's not spam, I don't think it's a good idea for internet privacy to be giving away phone numbers. 4) Have key phrases searched for and banned "Baba ji" and "Horoscopes" have never been mentioned by anyone except spambots and people complaining about spambots so far as I can tell. Again, if there is something intrinsically flawed with what I've suggested, feel free to mention it.
  22. App

    Hi, I was looking around and I didnt see this anywhere and I hope I am posting in the right place, but have you(the administrators) thought about releasing an App? I would love to cruise around on my phone gettin my 17th Shard fix! Anyways, just a suggestion. I'm sure there are tons of talented people on here that would be willing to make one or I have friends that would.
  23. So, I was just wondering, does anyone know if/when the next Q&A with Brandon Sanderson on these 17th Shard forums will be? I know there was the one a while ago, but I have more questions and I'm not really in a place he comes to... I personally was hoping there'd be one during the WoR tour for us, but I guess not... So, has anyone heard anything?
  24. The following is a fan fiction I wrote about some the known members of the 17th Shard: Galladon and Captain Demoux. It occurs somewhere in Roshar after their meeting with Ishikk in Way of Kings. I don't know much about the 17th shard or the cosmere theories, but I don't think I made any blaring mistakes. "I'm kind of glad that this entire land will get obliterated like he said," said Temoo in the usual grim tone that seemed to be his normal speaking voice, "these people deserve it. Understand?" His bowl of soup sat cooling on the table in front of him. He had meticulously stirred through it with his knife to observe its contents and had apparently disapproved of them. Captain Demoux did not recognize any of the ingredients in the soup, but his soldier's training kicked in and he ate anyways. As a soldier, you needed to keep yourself fueled at all times, no matter how bad the food tasted. "If it were up to you Temoo," Demoux replied, "every land we visited would get obliterated." He did not know if Temoo was this man's real name, nor did he know where he came from. In fact, of the few members of the secretive seventeenth shard he had met so far, there was not a single person whose identity he could be sure of. But, he did know two things about Temoo that the man could not conceal: the man was a cynic and he had a secret power that involved drawing symbols in the air. Those symbols were the means by which they could travel between worlds. He knew far less about the other man on the mission with them, Vao, who was currently in a different part of town picking up some supplies. Sometimes Temoo's pessimism could make him quite angry, mainly because it was one of the main things that Kelsier had fought against when he was alive. Kelsier always had a smile and an optimistic attitude, even when the rebel army that he had been building for months was nearly destroyed in a day. However, Demoux was the leader in this mission, and he would not let the attitudes of his subordinates get the better of him. "Okay friend, maybe I do have a strong bias about what makes a good land good, but you have to admit that this place is just pitiful. Understand?" Temoo made a wide gesture at the bar they were sitting in. It was true; the place fit Temoo's description. Everything was carved out of grey stone, from the tables to the chairs. Even the mugs were of a greyish color. The other patrons sat at tables with grim expressions that fit the grey atmosphere. The only color in the place came from the sphere lanterns behind the main bar; they gave off dull reddish light that also seemed very gloomy. "The land that I came from was once very similar to this," replied Demoux. "We were once oppressed by a tyrant emperor who enslaved most of us and created large ashmounts everywhere that spewed ash onto the land constantly. However, we killed him and eventually fixed the land so that everything was colorful and full of life. These people are oppressed, but by their own tradition. They can't simply kill someone and-" He was interrupted by a loud crash as the door to the bar burst open and five men aggressively walked in. They had the look of warriors; four of them had leather armor and various weapons. The fifth man made a sight that immediately made Demoux forget about the gloominess of this land. He was armored in majestic crimson and gold armor from head to foot, and there were no gaps, just smaller interlocking plates. This man spoke to the bartender from behind his greathelm, ornamented with spheres on the outside that gave a bright golden glow, "Where are those foreigners I asked you to tell me about?' "Th-there," the nervous bartender was pointing straight towards them. "Idos Domi!" exclaimed Temoo, "they're after us!". He immediately drew one of his magic symbols in the air. It grew brighter and brighter until it exploded outward towards the soldiers. The four in standard leather armor were thrown across the room and hit the wall with such force that they were probably dead. The man in the majestic armor took a step back to steady himself, but was otherwise unaffected. Temoo swore again as the man in armor laughed and brought his hand to the side as if grabbing an invisible pole. "Let me take care of this one," said Demoux as he grabbed his knife from the table. He also drank a vial of atium. He had been given many of those in the black space between worlds, they seemed to have a lot there. He burned the atium and world became alive with shadowy specters resembling people and moving objects, showing him where everything would be a few seconds in the future. He started to approach the man in armor. Suddenly, the man's specter thrust at him with the hand that he had been holding out. A shadowy sword appeared in that hand which pierced his heart. What the-? Demoux thought. But he took a step back anyways to clear the blade. Sure enough, the man made the same motion with his hand and a real sword appeared out of nowhere. The blade misted on the sides and was unusually long and bright looking. The end was just an inch from his chest; it was a good thing that he had stepped back. The man grunted in surprise, but stepped forward and continued his attack with barely a moment of hesitation. Demoux saw the next swing long before it actually came and easily dodge it, the blade passing within inches of him. The man then took the sword in two hands and aimed a powerful downward swing at him. Demoux used the time bought by this costly swing to spin around to the man's back. There's not even a weak spot in the back. I guess I'll have to go for the eyeslit, he thought. The man's spectral image swung around and slashed at him, so he ducked before the real sword came around in the exact same motion, passing over his head with an inch to spare. Demoux jumped up and tried to thrust his knife into the eyeslit, but the man tilted his head back and avoided the knife. Demoux made another dodge and another thrust for the eyeslit but was again unsuccessful. I can dodge quickly, but my attacks are not helped by the atium at all. He is too good to let me stab him through the eyeslit. I need a better weapon. Knowing his opponent's next swing, Demoux took a step back and actually turned his back to the man in armor. He was looking at the four dead men on the other side of the room for a reliable weapon. The man swore as his blade passed by Demoux's back. "Fight me you cremling coward," he yelled as he tried to thrust at Demoux's back. Demoux simply rolled and ran over to where the other four soldiers had fallen. He picked up a heavy metal mallet and slammed it into the man's back with all his strength after dodging and spinning around another attack. The mallet barely affected the armor at all, but he thought there was a slight crack. From there on the battle consisted of Demoux dodging and spinning around to the man's back where he would slam in the mallet. The other bar patrons had mostly fled by now, but there were a couple gawking in open amazement. The man swore often, but did not change his tactics, he did not know what to do with an atium misting. There really wasn't a whole lot he could do. After about twenty hard swings of the mallet and downing two more vials of atium as his level got low (all while dodging the strange sword), a hole finally appeared in the armor on the man's back. Demoux grabbed his knife and then stabbed the man in the back through the hole. The man gasped and fell forward. He dropped the strange sword and it disappeared. Demoux quickly rolled him over onto his back, dodged a slow punch, and then stabbed him through the eyeslit with a powerful thrust. The man died and his sword appeared at his side. "Way to not show off your powers, friend" said Temoo from the back corner. "You're the one who made a magic symbol in the air that killed four men" said Demoux, through gasps. The fight had left him quite out of breath. "Oh well, I guess we're both in the wrong here then. Are you going to take that armor and sword? I'm pretty sure those are some of the legendary shards of this land." "Yeah, I guess they could be pretty useful," replied Demoux.
  25. With WoR, we have more of an idea about the factions on Roshar. I was particularly intrigued by the following snippet from ch 54: I thought it would be interesting to have a compilation of the factions and what we know about each. I have started it and will compile contributions from this thread, if people want to contribute. So the parties that we are aware of: Diagramists Ghostbloods Radiants Shamanate Skybreakers Sons of Honor Wit/Hoid 17th Shard What we know about the parties Diagramists Led by Mr. T Goal: Some humans survive Desolation Method: Destabilize, take over and ? Members: Mrall, Abrotogar (sp), Graves Ghostbloods Led by Master Thaidakar Cosmere aware (local species of human) Members: Iyatil (babsk of Mraize?), Mraize, Jin Aware of Mr. T/Diagramists creating chaos former members: Kabsal, Lin Davar, Heleran Davar? Radiants Members: Dalinar (Bondsmith), Jasnah (Elsecaller) (assumes she will join w/others), Kaladin (Windrunner), Renarin (Truthwatcher), Shallan (Lightweaver) Goal: destroy Odium? Shamanate possess 7 Honorblades Skybreakers Led by Nin/Nalan members: Szeth Nightblood Sons of Honor members: AmaramWit/Hoid Stop Odium Honorblade, presumed allomancer 17th Shard Leader: Dragon Members: Gallodon,