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Found 3 results

  1. Oh no! Koloss have begun advancing on your town, Tyrian Falls! Since The Lord Ruler died, they seem to be acting with a mind of their own. Unfortunately for you, your town is a way point between Fadrex City and Luthadel. That means you have a stockpile of metals, but that’s probably why they targeted you in the first place. On the other hand, you have a large collection of metals! You might be able to hold them off, but it seems like someone (or a conspiracy of someones) seems to be undermining your defenses. Somehow, before the Koloss arrive, you have to rid your town of these dissenters; those that are spiked. Until then, you won’t be able to mount an effective defense for your town. If you fail, everyone dies, so you better not fail! Some people within the town have been hiding a few secrets; some of them are Mistings, so you have help in your battle versus the forces of Ruin. Although some of them may be spiked…. Why can’t anything be easy? THUG: They can survive a single attack. If they are killed during a night or day cycle, they survive and this will be revealed in the write up. If they are attacked again, they die… finally. TINEYE: They are messengers and are capable of writing messages to the town while remaining anonymous. Each night, they can send a message to the Game Master. The GM will then post it within the write up at the start of the next Day. As long as a Tineye is alive, players can send Private Messages back and forth. Once no Tineye is alive, they can no longer deliver messages, so no more PMs. SMOKER: The Smoker is undetectable and they can extend this power to one other person each night. If scanned by a Seeker, the smoker or the person encompassed within their coppercloud will show up as being Smoked. Alternatively, the Smoker can turn their coppercloud off. This would allow them to be scanned accurately as a Smoker. In addition to being undetectable by the Seeker, the Smoker and their target are unaffected by emotional Allomancy. As long as the Smoker is using their coppercloud, a Soother or Rioter cannot change their vote. SEEKER: The Seeker can sense when someone is burning metals. In fact, they have gotten so good that they can tell whether someone is spiked or not! Once per night, the Seeker can target someone to learn their abilities and alignment. COINSHOT: The Coinshot does what they do best. They push metals around; specifically into other people’s bodies. Once per night, the Coinshot can target a person for death. Unless otherwise disrupted, that person dies. LURCHER: Where the Coinshot pushes, the Lurcher pulls. Once per night the Lurcher can target someone and that person will be saved from death. A Lurcher cannot target the same person two nights in a row. SOOTHER: Their ability to dampen emotions puts them and the Rioter in a very special position. During the Day, they can negate one person’s vote. The change will be anonymous, but since I will be posting voting results at the end of each day, those that are observant should be able to tell what votes were changed. RIOTER: The Rioter works in a similar fashion as the Soother, except once during the day round they can change one person’s vote. Using this power does nullify their own vote though. They are still capable of voting, but their vote will not be counted. The change itself will be anonymous, but since I will be posting voting results at the end of each day, those that are observant should be able to tell what votes were changed. MISTBORN: They have the abilities of all of the above, but will only be able to use one per cycle. At the beginning of every night, the Mistborn will be told which ability they have and they can use that ability until the next night. If a previously held power would be received, the die is rerolled, and the new power is granted regardless of whether or not it was previously held. VANILLA: You have no special powers, but you still get a vote every day. Who knows? Perhaps you were meant to be the one to save the town! Not all stories are about the strongest people in a group. VILLAGE: Win when all Spiked are dead. SPIKED: Win when they outnumber the village, or otherwise can no longer lose. Housekeeping & clarifications Cosmetic roles You are highly encouraged (but not required) to choose a cosmetic role, and include it in your posts as much as you can, however you see fit. Some examples are below (and more may be added later from other past games), but feel free to get creative! (You might even get a special prize for it! ) Welcome to Anniversary Game 8, and another year of SE! This is an anonymous game. Please sign up by PMing me privately. You can message me here, on Discord, or wherever else you like, and you'll be in so long as I respond with a "noted" within a day or two. Do your best not to indicate whether or not you're playing to anyone else. (If you want to spectate, PM me and I'll send you a link when the game starts.) As a reminder, the anonymous game rules are posted below. If you want to co-GM, you can also PM me! I'd welcome a helping hand. Quick Links Player count: 26
  2. LG75: Alethi Politics I fear the stakes are getting slowly higher. The Highprinces still talk amongst themselves, but the severity of the conversations increases by day. A true political war is brewing, and the water soon will spill over the rim of the bowl. We can only hope it has not been heated enough to scald everyone involved. - Mishinah Bethab, wife of Highprince Bethab, 1173.7.4.2 He’s nervous. Dalinar Kholin thought, glancing over at his nephew. Well, he ought to be. They sat around a large wooden table, covered with a thin cloth divided into ten sections. Each section represented a princedom, marked with the appropriate colors and glyph. The other nine Highprinces, along with their various accomplices, were seated at their spot designated by the cloth. Dalinar thought it no accident that Sadeas lounged directly across from him, the other man’s pudgy but calculated gaze fixated on him. The room was unusually quiet, but all knew that King Elhokar, Dalinar’s nephew, was ordained to begin the meeting. As usual, Elhokar was delaying his speaking as long as possible. The youth- Storms, he wasn’t really a youth, but he was to Dalinar- fiddled with the small golden buttons on his coat, avoiding eye contact with everyone who tried to create it. Eventually though, the meeting had to start, however much Elhokar wished it to not. Dalinar nudged his nephew softly, signaling that perhaps it was time to begin. Elhokar’s eyes flicked up, first at Dalinar, and then at the others, who all stared pointedly. Elhokar cleared his throat, and with his shaky voice the discussion was initiated. * * * A couple hours later, after many, many arguments, Elhokar slumped down in his chair as the Highprices stood. “I did terrible.” Dalinar put a firm hand on the King’s shoulder. “You did not. You spoke well, and the propositions were stated clearly.” Elhokar shook his head. “You did all the real talking, Uncle. The whole kingdom knows I’m a figurehead.” Dalinar looked his nephew straight in the eyes. “You are the King, Elhokar. The throne is yours and yours only. I never wanted power.” Dalinar immediately cursed internally at his mistake. His phrasing implied that he had the political power in the room, and he knew it. “But you have it anyway.” Elhokar confirmed. “Say what you want. They know it’s true.” He stood glumly and walked off. Dalinar frowned slightly as he disappeared around the corner. The King had been getting worse. He glanced around the room, and noticed Sadeas watching him from behind the Bethabs, who idly chatted near the door, obviously looking for an excuse to examine Dalinar. He hadn’t missed Mishinah’s notetaking during the meeting. When Sadeas caught Dalinar’s eyes, he glanced away, pretending he had been looking out the window the entire time. But Dalinar could see the small smile on his old friend’s lips. Storm that man. If only he and I could still agree. Dalinar sighed, pushing past the Bethabs and avoiding Sadeas’ gaze. He needed a drink, after this afternoon’s events. * * * Welcome to LG75: Alethi Politics! I’m Matrim’s Dice, I’ll be your GM. @Devotary of Spontaneity will be the IM. Below is the full ruleset, though it's also here in doc form if that's easier for you. General Rules: Factions: Roles: Marketplace: Signups are open now, and will end in a little over a week on March 24, 2021, at 7am PST (GMT-7) 5pm PST (GMT-7). The game will begin soon afterwards, with the general rollover time being 8am 5pm, though my schedule is a bit unclear these next months so it may fluctuate slightly. If there are any changes I'll be sure to announce them. Player List: Spectator List/Pinch-Hitter List: Quicklinks:
  3. Anniversary Game 7/Anonymous Game 9: From Embers, A Flame Welcome to Anniversary Game 7/Anonymous Game 9! Happy Holidays and a hearty congratulations to all of SE for surviving another year of bloodshed. As if 2020 didn’t have enough death already, we just had to add more! We’re just overachievers. Before discussing the game itself, we have a few important announcements to make. First, just like the last couple years, we’re once again making changes to the moderating team. @Fifth Scholar is stepping down, retiring to the game balancing committee. Fifth, you’ve been a great help the last few years on the team, and I’m sad to see you leave the team, but I absolutely understand life just getting too busy. I’m glad we’re not losing you completely and I know you’ll be a great addition to the committee. While replacing Fifth, we’ve decided to expand the moderating team from 4 to 5, and are promoting @Elandera and @Araris Valerian. I’m confident both of them will be excellent additions to the team, given their years of experience in the games, level-headedness, and impartiality. I’m quite looking forward to working with them both. Next, we’re making some changes to the game balancing committee. On top of Fifth joining the team, we’re also adding @Straw, @Haelbarde, and @Young Bard to their number. The full committee is now Amanuensis, Stink, Sart, Fifth, Straw, Haelbarde, and Young Bard. Moving past the moderators and committee, we’re rolling out a few other changes. The biggest change on this list is the pinned threads. For a few years now, the SE General Rules and Etiquette thread has been in desperate need of a revamp. We’ve finally completed that. This includes a couple substantive changes (detailed below), but is more focused towards making the rules more beginner-friendly. I would recommend everyone re-read the General Rules, especially if it’s been a while since you last re-read them. Just in case some of you don’t, there are two big rules changes in the general rules. First, eliminators can no longer copy and paste player PMs into the eliminator doc. This standardizes the copy-paste rule across the board, which is in place not only for proving-truth reasons, but also because players other than the intended recipient of a PM shouldn’t be able to analyze its language. The second big rule change is that ciphers are no longer allowed, as they’re a way of circumventing GM-intended limited PMs and the previous rule was more confusing than helpful. Along with the rules revamp, we will be unpinning the meta discussion thread since most of this type of discussion now happens on the SE Discord server. We will not be hiding this thread, so you’re welcome to continue using the thread if you’d like. A new pinned thread will be taking the place of that thread- the GM Signups and Discussions thread. We’ve long had the GM stuff take place in a PM, but this discussion makes more sense to be on the subforum, in its own thread. This will allow prospective GMs to sign up for a game directly in the thread, merely by posting there, rather than needing to be added to a massive PM. We’ve also had a number of discussions about the term “lynch”, and have decided that, given that word’s racial connotations, it would be good to perhaps use a different word. This is not a rule, nor will it be enforced in any way, but we do recommend that you change to something else, and we as a moderating team will endeavor to avoid the term. We’re still tossing around ideas for this term. Some ideas we’ve discussed have been remove, expel, and execute. If you have other good ideas, we can talk about that and try to come to a consensus. For the duration of AG7, we will be using ‘removal’ as the replacement term. At some point in 2021, we’re planning to roll out Break Tank games, which will be a shorter format of SE games that are not played to completion. These games are only to test new mechanics that are likely broken, to see where the breaks are and how to fix them. We’re still figuring out the exact form and rules of these games, and input is appreciated in our Discord server or in a PM to the moderators. I believe that’s all for announcements and changes. Let’s move on to anniversary game-relevant stuff. As per usual for the Anniversary Games, we will be handing out 3 non-Sanderson passes at the end of this game. These passes will be given to the three players who get the most votes for Best Cosmetic Role Roleplaying. These passes can be used to approve a non-Sanderson setting for a future game and the winners of each pass will get to award them to a game of their choice. Cosmetic roles are player-chosen roles that can develop a character for RP. They do not affect your role in the game or the actions you can do. In the next post, with the rules, we have a list with descriptions for some general cosmetic roles, but if you’d like something cosmere-specific, there are a few examples at the bottom of the list from Scadrial and Roshar. You are also welcome to create your own cosmetic role and/or browse past AGs for roles not included below. We recommend that everyone has a cosmetic role, but it’s not a requirement. If you know for sure what cosmetic role you would like to use for the game, you can mention it when you PM Wilson and myself, but this is not required to sign up. If you do not mention it in your signup PM, please note your cosmetic role in your first post of the game. That concludes this first post of the anniversary game. Continue reading for the rules and how to sign up. (Do not sign up in this thread.) Player List Quick Links