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Found 5 results

  1. So, I have had numerous discussions with a friend that started with "Who would win between..." So I thought of a few to post here. Feel free to add new ones, or choose any of these here to discuss Kaladin v Kelsier Wax v Kelsier Szeth v Vin(no atium) The Blackthorn v 2-3 Inquisitors The Lord Ruler v Hoid
  2. I've seen a bunch of discussions on things like this, and people pretty much always have decided that the fullborn would win against people from other magic systems. I do agree that the power of a fullborn are ridiculously overpowered with compounding, but against a herald, the balance could change, as the heralds can be reborn. The reason that this wasn't used in their battles was that they had to stay on Braize to prevent the desolation, while in a fight like this, we could say that they would immediately decide to come back. With this distinction, the fullborn would not be able to kill the herald, while someone at the 10th heightening could create a nightblood2.0 that would be able to kill the herald (although it will feed on their breaths during the usage). Since Nale is the only herald who currently has access to surgebinding, I'd say that he's the herald to put in this fight--of course assuming that he has legal permission. I'd also assume, that for the sake of the fight, the three contestants should be aware of each others abilities. So, who would win: Fullborn(with access to all 16 metals and a coin pouch), Nale(who can be reborn and is a 5th Ideal Skybreaker, with access to a pouch or two of stormlight-infused spheres), or Awakener(who is at the 10th heightening and has assorting things with him to awaken)
  3. I'm not sure this is exactly a theory, but it relates to the Cosmere as a whole, and I've seen other posts like this, so I'm going for it. What if there was a total war game based on the books of the cosmere. (It would function similar to Medieval 2: total war, with the ability to play on multiple planets.) Here are some ideas for armies with their pros and cons. Warning, there will be very minor spoilers to almost everyone of his cosmere books. I will be ignoring White Sand unfortunately. A few categories have ?s feel free to tell me how to fix those. (I am also adding heroes who could possibly be part of the armies.) (Last note, obviously the shardbearers would win any battle, but, for evenness sake, imagine slightly more balanced) Mistborn The Lord Ruler's Army Pros: Inquisitors, Kaandra, Mistborn, Mistings, Kollos Cons: Generally expensive, Normal soldiers are fairly low on skill Possible Heroes: The Lord Ruler Skaa Rebellion Pros: Very cheap troops, Huge numbers, A few mistings Cons: Poorly trained, Low morale Possible Heroes: Kelsier, Vin Elend's Army Pros: Fairly cheap troops, Kollos Cons: Low morale, Koloss will ocassionaly disobey Possible Heroes: Elend, Vin, Tensoon, Spook Ruin's Army Pros: Koloss, Inquisitors, Infinite morale Cons: ? Possible Heroes: Marsh Alloy of Law (I don't know the name of the series as a whole) The Roughs Pros: Cheap troops, Twinborn, Outlaws, Koloss blooded Cons: Disobedience Possible Heroes: Wax, Wayne Elendel Pros: Constable troops? Good Morale, Disciplined Cons: Lack of magic Possible Heroes: Wax, Wayne Southern People Pros: Good at lowering morale on opposing troops, Higher technology, Aircraft, ? Cons: Expensive Possible Heroes: ? Sixth of the Dusk Patji Pros: Trappers, Aviar, Fairly high technology Cons: Low numbers Possible Heroes: Sixth of the Dusk Shadow for Silence in the Forests of Hell Colonists Pros: Well trained troops Cons: Low morale at night- like really, really low morale Possible Heroes: ? Warbreaker Hallandren Pros: Lifeless, Returned? Kalad's Phantoms, Awakeners Cons: Very, very expensive Phantoms Possible Heroes: The God King, Vasher? Idris Pros: Good Cavalry, Good guerilla warfare Cons: Low troops, unaesthetic Possible Heroes: ? Elantris Arelon Pros: Elantrians Cons: Not very many troops Possible Heroes: Raoden Teod Pros: Awesome Navy, Decent land troops Cons: Small troop numbers Possible Heroes: Rose Empire Pros: Trained troops, Large numbers (I can't think of how forgers would be useful in a battle, if you can think of any, please tell me) Cons: ? Possible Heroes: ? Fjordell Empire Pros: Huge troop numbers, Cheap troops, Gyorns, Dakhor, Monasteries... Cons: Slightly rebellious troops? Possible Heroes: ? The Stormlight Archives Alethkar Pros: Shardblades, Large numbers, Shardblades, Soulcasters, Archers, Shardblades! Cons: Discontent, Tendency to occasionally disobey orders, Expensive Possible Heroes: Kaladin, Dalinar, Adolin Jah Keved Pros: Large numbers, Shardblades Cons: Expensive Possible Heroes: ? Parshendi Pros: Warform, Stormform Cons: Not very many troops Possible Heroes: Eshonai If anyone has ideas for maps for battles, I'd love to hear them.
  4. I am in a rather heated debate as to who would win in a fight between Marsh the steel inquisitor and Geralt from the Witcher series. We've eliminated outside help, but all weapons and metals are available. I'm on the side of Marsh (for obvious reasons) and I will debate if you wish, but I would like a nice, unbiased discussion on this topic.
  5. <p>What would happen if a Steel Inquisitor and Kaladin were pitted against each other to fight to the death? What if Vin fought Eshonai?</p> <p> </p> <p>Who's funnier? Pattern or Stick? Shallan or Wit?</p> <p> </p> <p>Who do you feel bad for the most? Szeth or Sazed*?</p> <p> </p> <p>Vote for all of these, and the winner will arise! Feel free to add in your own match up, but be sure to specify what category they're competing for.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>*During HoA</p> <p> </p> <p>EDIT: I just noticed that one of these has already been made. <img alt=":mellow:" class="bbc_emoticon" src=""title=":mellow:" /> So, you can just ignore this and go participate in the other one: <a href="">Link</a></p>