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Found 10 results

  1. What if instead of lying drunk while his brother was killed the Blackthorn was ready for Szeth would he have won with the help of Gavilar? Or on his own?
  2. This is a question that I have been thinking a lot about lately. Not one that I have really dug super deeply for answers on though, so apologies if there is a wobs on this already or if someone has asked this already! Just assume spoilers for all cosmere below, hope that’s ok:
  3. Literally just woke up from a dream where I came up with this very important hypothetical question. If enough Nicrosil Mistings affected one lerasium mistborn, flaring duraluminum and iron, could they rip out the core of the planet?????
  4. The ensuing silence. The room's temperature rising by Shallan's blush alone. Just think about it.
  5. I doubt we'll get another X2 shard akin to Harmony and several Shards are splintered, but this is a hypothetical question. What if two shards somehow (hypothetically) combined and what would their new intent be? Ruin and Perservation were reflections of each other, so they made Harmony, but, for example, Cultivation and Endowment might make...? I'm curious what people think!
  6. 'Sup? Kell here. Be sure to check out the 18th shard before it explodes! I just have a few weird what 'ifs' for y'all. -Spook was a Lurcher? How would he be involved in the Skaa rebellion? -Different shards were on Scadrial instead of Ruin/Prez? -Mare survived instead of Kelsier(me)? -Vin didn't get the H-Spike? -Sazes wasn't the -Wax killed Wayne? -Steris was/is secretly a MISTBORN AND FULL FERUCHEMIST?!?! Okay, that was ridiculous. Wasing the want of cookies ising I! bye, -Me
  7. Kell here! (That's not my real name, though. If I was named Kelsier, I'd be so happy and wouldn't bother go on the forums.) If you lived on Scadrial, who-and what would you be? From Noble, to Koloss, to Allomancer Jak knockoff, you have a choice! Post your answer below. Ising the I of looking the forward of seeing thy answers! Here's a template I you're feelin' uninspired: Surname: Given Name: Nickname: Species: Race: Gender: M/F/Other:_______ Allomantic skill: Feruchemical skill: Hemalurgic talents: Time Era: Birthplace: Residence: Status: Noteable Valuables: Occupation: Renown/Infamy: Combat Profficiency: Age: Height: Weight: (You can say heavy or light, or specify in lbs/kg.) Accomplishments: Hobbies: Quirks: Family: Friends/Allies: That'll do for now, always remember you can skip some and add some more at will. Cya!
  8. So I was thinking, and I decided to put to this community two questions: 1. What would it be called when all the Shards have been gathered? I mean, it's no longer a shard! What is it? And 2. If you were a shard, what shard would you be? To build on that, what would your world be like? What magic system or systems would you have? the one rule for the second question is that you can't copy Brandon's work. You can be cultivation or honor, but you can't be on Roshar. Personally, I'd be the shard of cultivation, though my interpretation is causing growth in others. My world would be water-based with small islands in archipelagos all over the planet. The magic would involve diving into the ocean to retrieve pearls that grant you two abilities. One is either pyro-kineses or hydro-kineses, the other is always the dormant ability to enhance other people's powers. Every once in a while, a child will be born with a pearl, and the color of the pearl determines the abilities he/she has.what about you guys?
  9. what if

    It's rather unnerving that Brandon refuses to call the man who showed up at the end of the Way Of Kings 'Talenel'. He talks about him "the man who calls himself Taln". One theory is that Talenel is so broken that he is not the man he was anymore. So he used to be Talenel, but that man is dead. Simple explanation, could be probable, but I am not sure Brandon actually would have gone with that. Here is some ungrounded theorising without (almost) any proof. Since this "Taln" (from now on I will simply call him Taln and the "real" Herald Talenel'Elin) thinks about constant torture and fire and his mantra is something a Herald could definitely say, then I suppose he really was in Damnation (on Braize). Since Talenel was there for 4500 years, somebody who was there with him could definitely have his words ingrained (is this good word?) in his mind. Even if he does not know the language it is spoken in (but I suppose Shardholder would know). Well, of course there could be another inhabitant of Braize, nobody said that Heralds are the only ones tortured by Odium. But Hoid seems to know him - well, I suppose he knows Heralds, but that is not what we're talking about here - and Hoid knew Rayse. So it could be him. Now, how the hell Rayse ended up in this situation? Maybe he got sick of being force of evil, maybe his mind broke from this constant hatred, maybe he couldn't cope with being responsible for so many genocides and death of his fellow Shardholders. Maybe he gave up Odium and switched with someone, then went to atone for his deeds in place of Talenel. Maybe the person he switched with was Talenel and Talenel took up Odium. Or maybe Talenel soloed him and won. Well, he already was in place which he couldn't die in, no matter the damage done to him. He was effectively immortal and even had his Honorblade! Who could stop him from going against Odium? Of course, the Oathpact and mechanism of Desolations may be grounded on him being tortured, but Talenel could have finally broken after thousand or two of torture meant for ten people and gone rampage. And killed defeated Rayse, but was forced to take his place. Or maybe someone entirely different took up Odium. But before Odium changed holders, he activated the time-trigger and the Desolation still was started eventually (remember, the start is when voidspren are released, the rest is just matter of time). The important bit is that Rayse was exposed to Heralds' Torture, broke, and was finally released to Roshar, and anything that was left in his mind was the words that Talenel repeated for thousands of years. Yeah, yeah, I know it's far fetched, but this whole thing with "Taln" is boiling my mind Disclaimer: I don't really believe that Taln is Rayse. I just thought "hey, what if... the man we thought was Herald is in fact the person who held the power which is a Big Bad?"
  10. So, a few weeks ago, I was at a performance of the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra (which was fantastic), a local music group. I was sitting not quite in the back row, but still far enough back that I had a good view of the auditorium. I remembered that scene from the Hero of Ages (of all the things to be thinking about during a concert ) when Vin and Elend exit the ball by Allomantically flinging themselves the length of the ballroom. It got me thinking: I wondered if, during concerts on Scadrial, the maestro ever Steeljumped onto the stage from the back of the room, or if less scrupulous composers had Soothers and Rioters planted in the audience. Maybe some musicians are Archivists and store their sheet music in their copperminds, or Sparkers who use their stored mental speed to be able to play more complicated music. In any case, aside from concerts, what parts of everyday life might Allomancy influenced? There were several hints in the broadsheets from Alloy of Law about Metalborn jobs. But I'm curious to see what else there might be.