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Found 5 results

  1. So, the idea for this is for everyone to be a kind of archetype, like the hero, the sidekick, the comic relief, etc. From there it can just do it's own thing. "I am the Villain fear me, for I am evil. I can reflect the power of whichever Hero I fight, so, does anyone dare challenge me?
  2. So, one of the biggest bombshells in the series so far came near the end of Rhythm of War; Rayse is out of the picture for good, and Taravangian has ascended to become the new Odium. I'll admit it took me surprise; I thought there was a decent chance Rayse would die before the end of the series (and Taravangian was on my shortlist for people likely to take up his Shard) but I didn't think it would happen until Stormlight Five at the earliest. Which does lead one to wonder - with the apparent 'big bad' of the series dead four books in, who will end up taking his place as the greatest threat to Roshar? I have some thoughts of my own, but I'm curious as to where the overall opinion of the fandom is leaning at this stage.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a list of known or possible villains of the Cosmere? I looked to see if there was a list like this at all and didn’t find anything so I decided to ask here and make my own. I will most definitely miss some, so go ahead and help me out here with this list and I’ll edit it as more are brought to my memory/knowledge. Also, as a preface, I know some of these characters may be argued to NOT be villains, or some have not been proven to yet be completely villainous per se, while others may have even been shown to not be villains like we assumed originally, but I’m going to make the list more INCLUSIVE, rather than EXCLUSIVE. I’ll add an asterisk for those that have DEFINITELY been found to not be a villain. Obviously there are some SPOILERS here. So if you haven’t read the book/series yet, don’t read that section. ********SPOILERThis post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rules****** ELANTRIS · Ahan · Dakhor Monks o Dilaf · Hrathen · Telrii · Wyrn MISTBORN SERIES 1 AND 2 · The Lord Ruler- FE · Marsh- HoA · Ruin: MB · Straff Venture- WoA · Zane- WoA · Bloody Tan- AoL · The Set- Wax and Wayne Series o Edwarn Ladrian/ “Suit” o Telsin Ladrian/ “Lady Sequence” o Miles “Hundred Lives” Dagouter · Trell- MB: Wax and Wayne Series o Red-eyed Faceless Immortals (Kandra) of Trell · Paalm/ “Bleeder”- Wax and Wayne Series WARBREAKER · Bluefingers · Denth · Susebron IV* · Vasher* STORMLIGHT ARCHIVES · Autonomy/ Bavadin - Has not been confirmed. · The Diagram o Taravangian o Graves · The Ghostbloods o Tyn- WoR o Iyatil- WoR o Mraize- WoR o Kabsal- WoK · Moelach- WoR · Nergaoul- WoR · Nale/Nalan · Odium / Rayse · Sadeas · The Sons of Honor o Amaram · Szeth/ The Assassin in White · Voidbringers
  4. Once upon a time on a local RP board, a Sanderfan concocted a villainous character named Nighthound. Nighthound was so depraved, so sadistic, so universally despised, that the players of the RP took to repeating the sentence "And then Nighthound died" to themselves just to cope. Eventually other sadistic characters were concocted, and the tradition was expanded into a full list. The ATTD list, we called it--short for "And Then They Died." Ladies and gentlemen, this is your chance to get in on this fine tradition. In this thread we will assemble the absolute worst villains from the world of fiction, the villains who are so awful, so horrifically devious, that the reader can do nothing but hope and pray for the page that spells this character's untimely demise. We will assemble a list, so all may desire these villains' deaths as strongly as you do. I'll start by listing a character from The Algebraist, which I am currently reading. I'm not far into the book, but already I can tell the the Archimandrite Luceferous, warrior priest of the Starveling Cult of Leseum9IV, is a worthy addition. Six pages into the novel, during the Archimandrite's introduction scene, we learn that the Archimandrite had the severed head of a rebel leader named Stinausin kept alive by technological means, and then hung from the ceiling in his quarters to be used as a punchball whenever Luseferous is in a foul mood. View this passage describing the situation to see my case for Luseferous' entrance to the ATTD List. Your turn! Who are the absolute worst villains in your opinion? Remember to mark major spoilers, and to have fun... or as much fun is possible, with company like these afoot.
  5. I rather hope people don't complain that I'm...errr...complaining...but anyways. On to the show. We all know that Brandon's books (particularly his Cosmere books, I can't address his other books, but I mainly want to talk about epic fantasy anyways) have strong and polarizing female characters. This is wonderful, women like Vin, Jasnah, Shai, and Siri are fine characters, and yes, Shallan is alright too, although she isn't personally my favorite. But, these strong characters are...well...all on the side of "good". It's funny. since, that's what I have a problem with. All the women (generally speaking) are on the side of good. Most of the villains (particularly the major ones) are men/male, and while it might seem odd, I have a bit of a problem with this. It might be due to genre, but I would like to see an intriguing female villain, or even a super-powered one...just because, I can't exactly remember when a female was the "big(ger) bad" of an epic fantasy novel (think Ruin sized, I guess). A part of me finds this...unnerving, strange as that may sound. All I really want to see, though, is a well-written/powerful/cool female villain. So, a few topics of discussion for you guys: 1. Do you feel there's a lack of (well-written/powerful) female villains in epic fantasy, and if so, what do you think contributes to this. (Perhaps I'm not reading the right stuff?) 2. Is this perhaps linked to audience expectations? Why can't women be evil (and "strong") when men can be? 3. Finally, in the Cosmere novels (this is why this post is marked for spoilers) do you think their may be a problem that there really are few (I can only think of that Mistborn-chick in Finale Empire at the moment) female villains? Yes, this what got me thinking about this topic in the first place, and since Brandon often seems to like reversals, I'm a little surprised this is the case... Yes, I kind of realize this topic makes me into a super-feminist weirdo, but yeah. Also, if this needs to be moved, that's fine. I wasn't exactly sure where to put it...