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Found 5 results

  1. I have been wanting to have this discussion for sometime. It’s a sensitive subject , but I think it’s a worthy discussion. What do u think Brandon is trying to convey ? I see two possibilities ? A legacy option and a philosophical option . legacy option : light eyes are the descendants of the KR . Since the KR were the leaders during the desolation this makes sense . U must keep in mind there are eye colors we don’t have IRL : light yellow, light orange , light green. Horn eaters have no lighteyes so we can infer they had no KR . I have heard rumors that Horneaters have listener blood . If this is true then that’s probably why they have no KR. And maybe explains why they can eat shells with their teeth and see Spren. Anyways this doesn’t stop them for trying to get a shardblade . Which I will go into my next point . Philosophical option: Roshar is a fantasy world . The races in Roshar don’t match up. With the Races we have IRL. So every culture seems to have ignorant predjudices . IRL we have racial predjudice , and religious predjudice . Even caste systems like in Japan. So I think Brandon wanted to create a unique predjudice , one that he could use in his narrative to oppress people, and not offend anyone . I think racism is pure ignorance. I think Brandon wanted us to look at it and go well that’s a stupid reason to think u are better than somebody . The Horneaters come down and fight trying to get. A shardblade . I think it’s because they want to have a path to becoming a light eyes , even if they won’t admit their true motives. so what do u guys think about light eyes and Darkeyes ? What viewpoint do you have ? What was Brandon trying to convey. To us ?
  2. I have a question. (Obviously) but me and my brother have been having a debate about who would win in a fight; Kaladin Stormblessed, or Eragon Shadeslayer. Obviously Eragon is stronger in magic, but Kadin is a Windrunner... sort of. So anyway, who do you think would win?
  3. First this will most likely contain SPOILERS for BOTH STORMLIGHT BOOKS! So, Adolin is among the most skilled swordfighters we have met in the Cosmere. I thought it would be fun to debate how he would do against other skilled swordfighters, like Lan Mandragoran, Aragorn, Lothar, you name it. For the sake of discussion, Adolin has no Shardplate, and his opponents have swords that can block Shardblades. So, which fantasy swordsmen could beat Adolin in a duel? Didcuss!
  4. Kaladin vs. Wax and Wayne; who would win? Assume that Kaladin has a pouch of infused spheres and has sworn two oaths. Let's say that he only has a regular spear, no Shardblades. Syl is still there, but she can't turn into a Blade. Wax and Wayne have a reasonable, but finite, amount of bullets and metals and Feruchemy stores. The way I see it, Kaladin has more power, but he'll run out of Stormlight before W&W run out of metals if he does anything other than keep it in for strength. Feel free to tweak the rules a bit if you feel like it! I'm most interested in your thoughts and speculation!
  5. Warning: Mistborn and Words of Radiance spoilers. Ladies and gentlemen, sticks and stones of all ages! Welcome to the Cosmere Colosseum, the topic channel where we debate as to the martial skills of characters from Brandon Sanderson's work. For our first ever episode, I chose a pair of combatants whose power is unmatched on their respective worlds--Szeth-son-son-Vallano and Rashek, the Lord Ruler of the Final Empire. I believe these two have been matched in fan debates before, but not recently. It's time for a fair poll to determine which of these two legendary fighters will survive their confrontation. As a refresher: Szeth-son-son-Vallano is equipped with Jezrien's Honorblade, a weapon with all the destructive finesse of the average Shardblade combined with the trait of granting the powers of the Windrunners to its wielder. Szeth is an extremely skilled and cunning fighter, trained in Lashing, swordsplay, and the Shin martial art of kammar. The Lord Ruler is the Sliver of Infinity himself, a Mistborn and full Feruchemist whose extreme power led to his worship as a deity on Scadrial. He is capable of Compounding every metal, and has had centuries to perfect his awesome skill. Following in the footsteps of EMTrevor with his amazing Monster Melee thread, I will be writing a brief description of the battle once enough votes have come in. Who will prevail? Cast your votes on the poll above!