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Found 2 results

  1. [Insert writeup here Probably something to do with the honorspren...yes yes... hmmm... them arguing over if they should bond? yeah, yeah. that'd work. something like that...someone speaks up, and is locked away. that's how it should end, with someone being locked away. does being locked away even make any canonical sense? I'm not really sure, but it's not like it has to be anyways, probably something like that...maybe some yelling...or. no yelling? maybe I should ask someone else... But some sorta...Honorspren council arguing, then someone gets too loud and gets locked away. all the other Spren realize that they need to stay quiet. oh, this would be pretty good as an opener with a fake "[Name] was a Rebel Honor Spren" ...yeah yeah, I'll save it for next time] Welcome to: Long Game 81: Lasting Integrity I will hopefully be the GM for this game. The IM will be [insert IM here]. Signups will end at 3PM PST on...Thursday, October 21st. Pending changing work schedule. And player count. The game will begin shortly after that, and rollover will be at 3 maybe. The setting is very minimal, don't expect a lot in terms of writeups. PLEASE note the activity filter and the removal mechanic. Rules, though they can also be found in Doc Form Player List Spectators Pinch Hitters Quicklinks someone let me know if i'm missing something
  2. Day 4 - Bumbwebee's Cwevew Weeting Chartreuse Penguin was killed. They were a 17th Sharder on the Children of Adonalsium Someone was attacked and survived. Ashyn was blown up! IMPORTANT CHANGE: Due to some minor issues with balance, we debated between releasing Odium or locking Honor down to the Rosharan system. We have decided on the former, due to the worldhopping orders locked in place after the night ended, and that it therefore wouldn't be far to send Honor to the Rosharan system. Therefore, Odium is now released and can attack any player. This day will end on Monday, 11 Jan at 9 am MST. Player List 1. Amber Vulture - (Creative Cook) 2. Amethyst Scorpion - Mort (Deathspren) 3. Azure Mouse - Tenth of the Dusk/Kaikoa (Bounty Hunter) 4. Charcoal Hyena - Soren (Hobbyist (Poet)) 5. Chartreuse Penguin - (Bumblebee) 17th Sharder 6. Coral Swan - Enoras (Prophetic) 7. Cream Tuatara - (Prophetic) 8. Fuchsia Ostrich - Konion (Unlucky orphan) 9. Indigo Weasel - Iadhain 'the Weasel' Ramer (Kleptomaniac ) 10. Ivory Dragonfly - Eris (Decisive) 11. Magenta Albatross - Relas (Distracted) 12. Mauve Crocodile - Siena Ashao (Unlucky)Forger 13. Melon Dingo - Niru Drash (Insane-Egomaniac-Scholar) 14. Mint Heron - Nihalin (Hobbyist)Original Prudence 15. Onyx Flamingo - (Excitable) 16. Opal Lion - Remy (Hobbyist) 17. Oxblood Beagle - Lady Orchid (Gossip)Endowment 18. Pearl Chameleon - (Compulsive Gambler) 19. Plum Rhinoceros - Solemnheart (Returned-Amnesiac-Scholar) 20. Quartz Zebra - Sophos (Bad Stormwarden) 21. Saffron Iguana - Vatorr Maj (Tinker) 22. Sage Kangaroo - Arleoxtai Ashvtet (Gossip) 23. Sapphire Elephant - Al (Drunk) 24. Scarlet Octopus - () 25. Taupe Gecko - Aurora (Bad Human)Elantrian 26. Turquoise Gorilla - () 27. Violet Axolotl - Sir Brockett (Elderly)