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Found 1 result

  1. I wasn't sure which forum I should put this in, as its purpose is comedic. But whatever. Something special about the 17th Shard is the reputation levels (AKA these stupid ranks) They range from everywhere from Worldbringer to Worldhopper. From Darkeyes to Lighteyes. From Wyrn the King to So 1337 Hoid Can't Compete. But one question remains. How on Nalthis do you get these storming titles? What do you do? Well, stop here, my friends. For here is the ever-handy instruction guide, HOW TO GET UPVOTES. There are three definitive steps. First, STEP 1: GET AN ACCOUNT This step is fairly simple. First, you get an account. To do this, you need to fill in all your information, like your email, name, social security number, Twitter password, birthday, artistic license, criminal record, kill count, etc. Then you need a name for yourself. Not your real name or your true name, not even the name you use in Dungeons and Dragons. You need to get a name for yourself on the Shard. Let's go with something about.....Brandon'sBiggestFan36? Sure. That will work. So, congratulations! You have an account and a sweet name, and now introduce yourself to the invigorating world of the Shard! You can do this in multiple ways. Introduce yourself in the aptly named forum "Introduce Yourself!". Make a theory for everyone to stew over. (Or immediately smack down with ancient evidence they have on hand. "Ah ha! That's were you're wrong! In WoB, passage 14, sub-section 7, paragraph 5, sentence 8, Brandon specifically states......" - @Overstorm) Or just show yourself in the ever helpful Community forum. You'll get a few upvotes to start you on your journey down the Yellow Brick Road, then you're off! STEP 2: GAIN UPVOTES So there are multiple ways you can do this. Enough to make sub-points about them. A. YOU'RE AN ADMIN OR IMPORTANT PERSON Admins are the superheroes of the Shard. If you're an admin like @Chaos or @Mestiv, you post something awesome all the time and you gather a fanbase or a club or something, then you're gaining 20 upvotes every post. If you're not an admin or a moderator, then you're probably @PeterAhlstrom who only needs to post a sentence to get about 50 upvotes in one fell swoop. B. YOU'RE AN ALL-STAR If you get a lot of upvotes, faster than Hoid can eat his Szechuan noodles, then you are one of the all-stars of the Shardworld. A prime example is @Calderis, who, frankly, last time I checked, was confused about why he gathered so many upvotes so quickly. (Hey, if I'm wrong, then feel free to persecute me, @Calderis) Otherwise, you're part of the "Show your face in your profile pic" group. (Ex.: @Mestiv @Left @PlanetReelo and until recently @Argent and others) The reason these people get a bunch of upvotes is because they have the guts to display their faces to a bunch of people they don't even know. (The exception is the topic "What Do You Look Like?" which is a face gallery.) C. YOU POST THEORIES Theories are a gold mine of upvotes. Not only are they philosophical, they just are pretty interesting over all. Then you go, "Wow. That was pretty intriguing!" Then you press that up arrow. @Yata is a good example of this. D. YOU HAVE AN ONGOING TOPIC In a vain, self-advertising move we'll use our own as an example. You make a topic that allows you to post regularly, like a blog. Such like, "Entertainment Reviews(and Debate)", a link which can be found in the signature below. Be sure to hit that upvote button and follow it! But if you have a topic like that, you get a fair amount. STEP 3: WAIT Sometimes you have to be patient. With us, our Entertainment topic isn't all that popular and we don't get many upvotes. But we endure, and it pays off. (And just in case you're wondering, that was not an attempt to guilt trip people into reading our topic) For most, this tends to be the most common way to gain upvotes. But we adventure on! This concludes our guide, HOW TO GET UPVOTES. Thank you for wasting your time to read this.