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Found 9 results

  1. So I read that skyward was originally meant to be Cosmere and it made me wonder , what about the non shardic planets ? Khriss says they can't be visited due to lack of perpendicularities and I guess they don't have any magic systems either. But they would be free of the chaos and conflicts shards bring. SEL, Scadrial, Threnody, Ashyn, braize and roshar have been ravaged by it. The worlds under autonomy or her avatars suffer from isolationism , I guess. Nalthis is the only Shardworld that hasn't seen major conflicts and even it is quite backward for some reason. We don't know enough about Yolen to speculate. So now the normal worlds , Hmm , they have had 10,000 yrs of peace ( by peace I mean lack of Shardic conflicts , not no normal wars ) and many have good climes . The Drominad system alone has 3 of them. There are dozens more. I believe not all of them are claimed by autonomy's avatars or the unknown Shards. So could one of the non Shardic worlds , develop space travel before or at the same time as the shard worlds. They could rely on normal technologies like ours instead of investivure based ones. It might even be an advantage. Like they could have nukes , lasers , nanites , chemical and biological weapons and stuff . At first they might depend completely on normal tech , then after contact with the shardworlds they could integrate investiture based tech into their conventional ones . The shardworlds might neglect to do that since they might think thier tech is superior to conventional ones and make a surprised Pikachu face when they are subjected to nuclear bombardment from orbit. Hell maybe they could even create strains of lethal disease resistant to investivure based healing after they learn about Realistic theory. Hmmmmm something to think of. But I guess without FTL , they won't go too far. Unless they steal or buy or reverse engineer Scadrial tech. There are dozens more. I wonder if any one of them could eventually rival a shardworld. Whatchu think ?
  2. So we know that humans nearly succeeded in overrunning the Galaxy three times but were always defeated or atleast beaten to a tie. Now we know the delvers were behind the defeat in the second war. But what happened in the third and the first ?? I'm willing to believe delvers first arose during the first war and ended it. But the third war ??? It seems unlikely that humans would carry out the same mistakes and cuna doesn't mention any major delver attacks . Compared to the Superiority ,Humans also seemingly have vastly superior technology ( see the irony ) Mbot is atleast 3 centuries old and he's still far more advanced than the aliens. Sure the outlawing of AI probably stunted alien tech. But it still doesn't explain why the aliens have such inferior holographic tech , Even After three centuries and even when holographic programming is a popular profession among the aliens as spensa learns from morriamur and the kitsen. The technological disparity is also focused on in Defending Elysium. And the delvers hate all life so I don't see why humanity would have suffered worse than the aliens. Even if they had , the technological disparity would have bridged the gap. It's also mentioned that they almost won in the third war as well , but in the end they lost so soundly as to be made into pets or being forced into preserves. How ??? I have one theory. I think it's cause humans lacked political unity. When FTL travel was opened to humans. I think it wasn't one pan global political organization which took to space but rather different nations which did. The aliens with thier suppression of dissidents were able to gain political unity , but humanity didn't and remained divided. I guess they split up even more as human colonies on other planets declared thier Independence and tried to start thier own colonies. Maybe during the human wars , they weren't just fighting the aliens but each other as well. The divisions could be based on race , original earth nationality , culture , language, religion ( or lack of it ), different political ideologies, different policies regarding delvers or due to interbreeding with other species. ( We have some clues that this might be what happened with the UrDail ) So what do you think ?
  3. So one thing I've been thinking about recently is whether it would be possible to refine cadmium and bendalloy using Final Empire levels of technology. Chromium wouldn't be possible-- apparently it requires an electric arc furnace to extract pure chromium from the ore-- which means nicrosil would also be impossible. But cadmium is usually found as a byproduct of zinc refining, which the FE obviously must have had. And bendalloy (Wood's metal in our world) is an alloy of cadmium and several very common metals: lead, tin and bismuth. Bismuth was known as early as the late-1600s, leading me to believe that the slightly-more-advanced-than-expected metallurgy of the FE could have known about and refined it. Knowledge of these metals would almost certainly be suppressed by TLR and the Steel Ministry, and the fear of heavy metal poisoning through recklessly experimenting with different percentages would have discouraged anyone but an extremely eccentric (and wealthy) Mistborn with an absolute ton of aluminum from messing with it. But I think it might have at least been possible to produce back then. Am I missing something?
  4. technology

    When the Lopen is visiting the wounded soldier in Chapter 121, he shows him how to open a bottle of beer one handed. I didn't think twice about this the first time though, but on my reread: why would Roshar have metal bottlecaps? How long has that been a thing for us?
  5. Hi guys! I'm really curious about the mobiles that everyone uses. It seems like a phone, only more sturdier and with more features. Anyone have any theories as to what it really is? I know it has some kind of screen and that it could attach to your arm or shoulder, but what else do we know about them?
  6. cosmere

    My apologies if this has been asked and answered before, but how is there such a drastic difference on how fast technology advances on different shardworlds? Scadrial, for example, has seen leaps and bounds in technology since the fall of the final empire- whereas Roshar is roughly medieval in both its technology and social structure?
  7. So, we know that ettmetal/harmonium can be used to replicate Allomantic abilities (engines using Steelpushing to move turbines, primer cube/grenade Wax and co charged with Allomantic steel, Allomantic cadmium and Allomantic bendalloy). While all those abilities are external Allomantic and we don't know how would internal work (for example, how would tin work with allomantic grenade?), perhaps they could be used also with feruchemy. Thus, we could make machines which could use Allomancy and Feruchemy (and perhaps Hemalurgy) since sentient machines would have a soul. Now, let's leave all the "hey, Metallic Arts golems/Terminators etc" and focus on other uses. How could we use the fact that machines could use Allomancy and Feruchemy? My first idea is computers using Feruchemical copper to store data. I think it could be faster than traditional methods. What else we could do with such technology?
  8. I'm trying to put together a couple pieces about how much Harmony has been involved in Wayne's life and the demons that haunt him. Here are the pieces I'm fitting together at the moment: 1: Wayne killed the parents of a child many years ago. Wayne turns himself in to Wax following this and is unable to touch guns again afterwards without shaking. Initially I thought this may have been to build an aversion to guns, but I'm looking at it in light of the compassion Wayne now has for the child. 2: Wayne visits the child on a monthly basis to give her money, but also to reinforce the guilt he feels over the parents death. Wayne or Harmony don't want that pain to dissipate. Though it seems clear that Wayne is able to deal with the pain, it still hurts him. 3: Wayne meets the daughter of a scientist at the party when Wayne was impersonating another scientist who destroyed the woman's father's life. This resonated with Wayne and sparked an emotional connection between him and the woman since she reminds him of the daughter of the parents he killed. 4: At the end of the book, Wayne intends to invest in the daughter's research, which will push science forward. 5: Harmony has expressed an intent to have society progress technologically faster than it currently is. This feels to fall perfectly in line with that goal. 6: Harmony has already stated (through MeLaan) that He puts the pain where it can be handled (referring to Wax, but this feels like a general rule). No one of these steps feels particularly like Harmony is involved with Wayne and yet when looking at the whole picture, it seems likely to me that Harmony decided that the guilt of creating an orphan and never being able to make up for it was a pain Wayne could bear and he uses this to cause Wayne to invest in technological advancement with the money that he never spent from Alloy of Law. If someone would like to fill in the gaps with the direct quotes that these ideas are pulling from, or challenge the theory, I'd love to hear it.
  9. To be very honest, at the first moments I encountered with hemalurgy in the mistborn trilogy I didn't really like it, basically due to its gruesome nature, its inefficiency, and its primitiveness. To me, there are 3 main problems with hemalurgy: Law of Hemalurgic Decay (Look it up if you have no idea what it is) Contact with moving blood (Killing most ex-Allomancers/Feruchemists while it is not really necessary) Large, clunky spikes that not only changes one's physiology, but also created a weakness that is lethal to receivers of hemalurgic spikes These are the reasons why I think that the first generation of hemalurgy very inefficient, and made me thinking. Could we use needles instead of spikes? Feruchemy actually needs bigger pieces of metal to store more investiture; however, I do not think that it's the case for hemalurgy. The spike only contains a fragment of stolen Spiritweb, and is ripped out and embedded in the recipient, thus stapling the ability directly into their sDNA(from coppermind wiki). In fact, Spook only had the tip of a broken sword, but still works perfectly. It (kinda) proves that all it takes is a piece of metal of that kind. Furthermore, with better forging(the metal-shaping skill in real life not the one on Sel) or even nano-tech, we can totally make needle so thin and so small that when it passes through the giver of alomancy it won't do much harm; and as it will pierce through the body, we can just aim for a micro-vein, and fulfil the moving-blood requirement. At this stage, problem 2 is solved.(I know it solves problem 3 as well but I will discuss it in the following paragraphs.) Remember problem 1? I want 99.9999999999999999999% of original power kept, so we have to do it fast. How? Isn't it apparent? Iron/Steel+ Duralumin. Or Nicrosil, if all our mistborns are gone, which is sad. However, it's kinda imprecise. And hemalurgy requires certain precision. I want almost all of investiture and put in the best position of spiritual web and gives out the best outcome. So we can use kinda needle gun propelled by air or magnetism, but that's not what I have in mind. We can have a kind of double deck "bed" which is actually a hemalurgic-transference operation device. The giver lay on the upper deck, the recipient lay on the lower deck. At the top, we have a needle ejection unit that is powerful yet precise in power, that it is strong enough to pierce through the giver but weak enough to stay within the recipient, and will adjust with different givers' and recipients' body thickness and density. Then, at the side, some sort of scan that shows the exact position of organs(hearts, ribs, which are crucial for hemalurgy) and veins that it should pass through to cause minimal effect, which I'm sure we probably have that now in our real world(OR A SHARDLESS WORLD LOL). Basically, that's that. Maybe with some computer to adjust and monitor things, but doesn't make much of a difference. Problem 1: Solved Problem 2: Solved Problem 3: Solved (As the "spikes" now are small and deep within one's body, it shouldn't alter much of one's physiology, and it would be harder to extract them. I suppose now you guys are drooling for this. Hell, the whole process is so fast and efficient, it might just be like taking a flu shot. And poor allomancers who can't afford much metal to burn can just sell their allomancy to richer ones. "Sir, please lay here" the nurse said "And sir, please lay here" *The two of them lay on separate vertical decks "Sir, you are giver your Pewter Allomancy to the gentleman below, correct?" "Yes ma'am" "And you are receiving Pewter Allomancy?" "Yep, please shoot" "Now please lay on the decks calmly and have minimal movements." [Psssst] "Alright, the procedure is done." the nurse re-enters the room. "Give me some pewter" "Oh I still have a vial, take it" "Thanks" [gulps] "Ohhhh it feels awesome" "Just keep check on your reserve" "Thanks again..." [The recipient holds a dented door-knob he tears out from the door] "Opps." He turns to the giver "I'll wire the remaining payments to your account tomorrow" "It's a pleasure doing business with you" "Likewise" Like that. Hemalurgy extra: Remember that needle gun? Or pushing the needles with duralumin? It would be a non lethal way to take away someone's allomancy during a fight, or as a punishment. Just sayin' P.S. I'm not 100% sure about using the word investiture, cause you know guys, its definition is still quite vague, but I apologize in advance if I cause any confusion. Just infer the meaning by yourselves. P.P.S. And let's hope that Harmony won't be a dick and storm with those people