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Found 583 results

  1. From the album The Stormlight Artchive

    © conjchamberlain

  2. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    Renarin is the literal sweetest boy on Roshar.
  3. From the album SA Fanart by FelCandy

    Just another phone doodle of Szeth! Realized I havent drawn him all that much.
  4. From the album The Stormlight Artchive

    The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it?
  5. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    Adolin Kholin and Kaladin Stormblessed? HELL YES.
  6. Welcome to PART FIVE of the Overlady Reads Oathbringer! It's the home stretch people! After this mammoth series of covering all of Oathbringer (Did you guys know Oathbringer is like... really long?), we've finally reached the end. Considering Part Five is the shortest Part of the book, you can't be THAT surprised that it's our longest video. A lot happens in Part Five, and there's a lot to talk about. What's your favourite part of Oathbringer Part Five? This is such a huge spectacle of an ending, I can't imagine anyone DOESN'T have a favourite moment of it all. We really hope you've enjoyed this recap of Oathbringer and do not worry, we have plenty of videos in the chamber before RoW and plenty once it's out.
  7. So, I was rereading Oathbringer to get ready for RoW. And this came up. When Stormfather is talking about the Heralds and how they left one of there own behind when they abandoned the Oathpact, Dalinar immediately says Taln like he knew which one it was specifically. But its only a few paragraphs later where he realizes the Madman calling himself Taln really was him. So how did he know which one it was? I feel like it must have been something in WoR I missed or was it something else? As far as I can tell nothing about what happened to Taln is known or in the scripture so how did Dalinar immediately know? Am I forgetting something aboutfrom WoR or a WoB? Thanks for any clarification
  8. So the Listener songs say thay Spren betrayed them for humans. But why ? I mean I see why emotion Spren which are basically analogues to the animal kingdom would like humans better. But why would higher sapiant civilizated Spren do that ? They are attracted to concepts like honor , lies/truth , love of novelty , justice , etc. The Parshendi are just as good as humans there. From the povs we have seen that Eshonsi was as honorable as kal and that Venli is a Willshaper at the first ideal . We have met other parshendi who were just as complex as humans. So what does that listener song mean ?
  9. I thought I had taught myself better. I honestly believed that I was done writing dumb wishful fantasies about my favorite characters. Harry Potter killing Voldemort in the most gruesome way my seven-year-old mind could concoct? Those days are behind me. An extended backstory for Breath of the Wild? Begone, thought. One would think that by now I would know better than to write something about the Knights Radiant, Mistborns, Wax n' Wayne duo, ReForgers, Elantrians, and the like teaming up on Odium to defeat him. One would think. And yet, here I am, unable to help myself. So this is probably going to take several posts to make, but that's fine. I've convinced myself that posting irregularly would help ease my conscience. If y'all think this is all just really childish and stupid, then that's fine by me. Heck, I think this is all just really childish and stupid. But I'm doing it anyway. Here it is: “So let me get this straight.” Waxillium said. “This is the Well of Ascension?” It was a little underwhelming. “Well,” he could understand. What he was looking at was probably the most well-like thing he had seen for awhile. “Ascension?” Not so much. “I can understand your confusion.” The man who called himself the Survivor said. Less a man, that was, and more a spirit. He certainly did match the descriptions given in Lestibournes’s texts, however. “Ruin’s power was moved from here, and therefore seems a little lackluster. However, it still works as a Perpendicularity to the Cognitive realm; for up to two people, I believe.” Wayne nudged Wax in the shoulder. “What’s your imaginary friend saying?” Wax turned to the Survivor. “I’m afraid my friend has no direct means of contacting you. What should I tell him…?” “Tell him that you two must take this to the cognitive realm, head to Roshar, and defeat Odium.” Waxillium frowned. “That seems very… specific.” “It is a specific battle that you are fighting now, Waxillium Ladrian.” The Survivor said. “I’m afraid that if Odium retrieves any more Shards that he may become unstoppable.” “I still don’t understand what’s happening.” Wax replied. “There is only so much I can describe.” The Survivor said. “Just head to Roshar. It might already be too late.” Waxillium nodded. “Alright, then.” “Um, excuse me?” Wayne nudged Wax again. “You can’t just make decisions for me, Wax.” “I thought you said you didn’t like making decisions.” “Well, I don’t, but you can’t make my decisions without my knowing about what you’re even deciding me to do!” Wayne pled. “Besides, I need to know what hat to take. Lucky hat or fedora?” “Lucky hat, most definitely.” The Survivor said. Wax frowned. “What…?” “Hats are very helpful. Especially lucky ones.” Wax turned to Wayne. “Well, according the the rusting Survivor himself, you should take your lucky hat.” “Lucky hat it is!” Wayne plopped on the headwear. “When’re we going?” Suddenly, from the caves that Waxillium had entered to get here, a man barreled towards them. “I found it! I found it, I found it, I found it!” “What the—” Wax stuttered. The man shoved Waxillium out of the way as he ran. “Move, fools! Allomancer Jak has come to claim his Birthright!” “Excuse me?” The man shoved Wayne out of the way, as well, who immediately scowled and grabbed for him, stumbling towards the Well as he missed. The man leaped into the Well, thrusting his arms upwards like some kind of priest. The Survivor scowled. “Get that man out of there before the Perpendicularity—” The Well burst alight, and the man fell over into the gaseous pool. Wayne was not over his mistreatment just yet, however, and leapt into the pool of light after him. “Wayne, wait!” Wax yelled, but was too late. The light of the pool began to fade, and with it the hopes of a successful mission. Wax found himself staring into the Well, empty despite the two personages that had been inside it just moments before. “What in the name of the Lord Ruler just happened?” The Survivor demanded. Wax shuddered on the ledge of the Well. “I think… I think that you might be stuck with the wrong allomancer for awhile.” His best friend, Wayne, had just sealed the fate of the Cosmere, by taking Allomancer Jak with him to defeat a god.
  10. So as we know lerasium is a metal anyone can burnt by anyone turning them into super mistborn . So does they apply to non humans as well ? Could Koloss or kandra become mistborn ? Could the Parshendi ? The Dysian Aimians or the other one. Also is it hard to take those beads offworld. Like due to the connection with preservation and Scadrial. Hoid managed it but maybe only by burning it. As an aside , would it have been harder for Elend to leave Scadrial compared to say Marasi ? If that is possible then how is it that Hoid is the only one to steal it. We know that there most probably were 16 beads of Lerasium , so the fate of four beads are still unknown. Shouldn't odium , autonomy, the Ire , my hypothesized Nalthian secret society or Cultivation have tried or be trying to steal it too. Or have they already stolen it already??? Perhaps TLR had his hands full fighting away these would be Mistborn for a millennia or so . Using Ruin as a guarddog as well. Also , suppose a kandra were to become mistborn. Would it's death be the end of the line ? Could hemalurgy be used on these Hemalurgic constructs ? Koloss can have children so I guess they would inherit allomancy So would singers but what about Dysian Aimians ? Like suppose the Dysian Aimians consumed one. Perhaps they would rather alloy it into 16 smaller pieces each granting a misting ability. So that some of the cremlings could riot or sooth someone to an extreme degree in alethkar while others would leech someone in aimia. Also what would happen if say a horse or a giraffe had consumed one. Could animals become mistborn too ??? Oooooooo what if a Chasmfiend were to consume one ??? I mean yeah I guess they would require metals and some amount of cognition but still ..... Could u use hemalurgy to steal from them ? And could Spren consume them ? Is that possible in the cognitive realm. They use investiture to make children so perhaps they could throw a bead into the clay too. Perhaps most Spren couldn't do it , saturated with Honor , cultivation and Odium as they are but thise Soren which still mostly use the original ambient investiture of Roshar ? If they were to bond to someone would the shared spiritweb lead to the surgebinder becoming a mistborn or Misting ???
  11. These Rhythm of Previews episodes keep getting longer, but I think after Chapter 14, this is very justified. There is just so much to unpack on this one chapter! I suppose it's not particularly surprising these episodes are longer and longer. This book is just so full of things. Enjoy! You can find all of the preview chapters, our discussions on 17S, and Brandon's annotations of them here: Here's our Rhythm of Previews playlist! Want a recap of Stormlight Archive? We're doing a series of articles on catching people up! The sweet animated wallpaper is from, the Spanish fan site. It's awesome! They have one for Words of Radiance as well! The thumbnail image is by Michael Whelan, and is the full spread of the US cover of Rhythm of War. 00:00 Introductions and Annotation 4:26 Epigraph 10:02 Chapter 14 If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  12. This question basically related to whether it would be easier for a surgebinder with access to stormlight or a bloodmaker with plenty of health stored up to get absolutely jacked or in totally insane mundane shape by lifting weights or going on runs at top speed while healing or burning stormlight. Like, could they heal the body as fast as they break it down and, assuming they have adequate nutrition, just get in insane shape, or does the stormlight heal their body is such a way that the fast recovery time can't be used to just like, get a month's worth of lifting in a day without strain?
  13. Welcome to the Overlady Reads Oathbringer, Part Three! This part covers the siege of Kholinar, the siege of the Rift and the siege on our minds from Lucy's theories. Watch as we slowly descend into crab filled madness as we uncover more of Roshar's mysteries. We definitely talk about Hoids story in this, don't you worry. I can absolutely 100% guarantee that we definitely talk about Hoids version of the Girl Who Looked Up. That definitely happened and you can enjoy us talking about it. What's your favourite Hoid story? Let us know in the comments down below!
  14. So when I first read the books I pictured shardblades as these thin and long crystalline blades that elegantly cut through everything. As for shardplate I always pictured it as this bulky interlocking medieval armor, but instead glowing with constant stormlight. how did you guys picture them when you first read the books?
  15. Hello friends! Here’s my cosmere artwork. My dream is that Brandon will hear these haha. I’m new to the 17th shard, hopefully there are others here who can appreciate what I’ve done here. I love TSA, these songs are sort of Pop/electro Music I made while rereading tWoK. All original lyrics and music. I put a lot of work into them, what’s your favorite of the three? If people like em I wanna do more let me know.
  16. Okay, so hear me out. Would fuelling Allomancy with Stormlight unveil new powers we've never seen before? Here's my logic. A fabrial uses a Spren (a fragment of Honor/Cultivation) as a key to determine what the Fabrial will do. That key is then refined by the metal used to make the cage of the fabrial. Then you power it with Stormlight to give the Spren fuel to power the Fabrial's effect. So with that in mind, let's compare that to Allomancy. The metals are keys that refine what the "preservationspren" (big airquotes there) produces as an effect. Due to the Connection to the Allomancer, the effect is emitted from their location in the realms. Obviously the big difference here is scale. One spren is infinitely less powerful than the entire Shard of Preservation. But the general analogy holds, right? A piece of Investiture filtered by metal that consumes a fuel source to produce an effect. So, then. If there was a Radiant who was also a Mistborn, and they sucked in Stormlight, could they then "burn" the Stormlight like how Vin consumes the Mists? Assuming that this is possible, what would the effect(s) be? Personally I think the Radiant Spren would be the determining factor here; Each one would act like a different "alloy" like the various Atium alloys, filtering the output. It might also be possible to still burn a metal while forcing Stormlight to come through, but that probably requires a LOT more hacking than just consuming Stormlight as a fuel like burning the mists. Now back to Fabrials, speaking of the mists. If it were possible to contain the mists inside a gemstone, could you use that to power "allomantic fabrials" kind of like Ettmetal? Using different spren powered by the mists to create allomantic effects? Hmm... Well I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this...
  17. I saw an interesting vlog, can’t remember the vlogger’s name, but he put out the thought that Mraize might be Kelsier of Mistborn...blew my mind. It’s probably way off, but interesting nonetheless. Gave a couple of reasons by tying Kelsier to Hoid our favorite world hopper. What do you think? By the way I’m new here and to the Cosmere. I came here through Sanderson’s contributions to the Wheel of Time series and now I’m hooked.
  18. Hey y'all, Wildcard again. I'm practicing my game vfx skills for my portfolio and I thought Spren would be a perfect subject to make if anyone had suggestions if their favorites. It doesn't have to be a spren, but a magic effect like a seon, or the goop in elantris/soul stamp.
  19. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    Syl is THE cutest being on Roshar.
  20. Welcome to The Overlady Reads Part Two of Oathbringer! We're here to talk about all the things in Oathbringer Part Two to remind you of what happened in the leadup to Rhythm of War. This week we talk about the fun that is Part Two of Oathbringer and all it's fun slice of lifeness. We discuss the letters written to Hoid by Shards and our lightning fast opinion on the Moash chapters. Remember all those Bridge Four chapters we got? We talk about those too! Also, remember Shallan and Dalinar? We talk about those as well! If it's in Part Two, we talk about it! Cause we're talking about Oathbringer Part Two! We probably forget some stuff but I'm sure it was important. So let us know what your favourite parts of Part Two were and enjoy:
  21. From the album All Spren with Descriptions

    So much gray, red, and blue. Purple and green are underrepresented.
  22. From the album All Spren with Descriptions

    Much harder to tell what they are without color.. so many orbs, ribbons, and smoke