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Found 583 results

  1. Think about it, Brandon has set himself up for a Vorin book series. The current sequence goes like this. WoK - WoR - O - RoW Book 5 would make it symmetrical!!! WoK - WoR - O - RoW - KoW It just makes sense!!!
  2. Welcome to the Overlady Reads Rhythm of War Part Three!!! As with the other weeks, this is a spoiler warning for Rhythm of War Part Three. Do not click this unless you have finished Rhythm of War Part Three, it will be spoiled for you!!! This part is pretty miserable for Kaladin and Navani. Kaladin is having to deal with being trapped in the occupied Urithiru whilst Navani is having to deal with the nefarious Raboniel. Who is great by the way, how great is Raboniel? We get some good flashbacks in this part, with a bit of drama from Venli and Eshonia. Venli's story continues as she discovers Rlain still lives and starts making her first steps down her Radiant path. Let us know down below your favourite parts of Rhythm of War Part Three below!
  3. Did the Reshi king, who has been biologically female, but was touchy about being called king and not queen, transform into a biological male after bonding a spren a being able to heal to a (male) spiritual ideal, having apparently previously been trans, or did I just imagine that? Is there another interpretation?
  4. A small team of modders, myself included, are working to bring the Stormlight Archive to Crusader Kings 3. We've been working hard, though this is a massive undertaking. This post will go over what we currently have and some of what we plan of doing. This is currently what of the map we have actually made. Furthermore, we have some historic characters ingame: These aren't the only ones, but they serve as some good examples. Furthermore, on the character front, we have the dna of multiple characters done: Dalinar's Family: Gavilar's Family: Bridge 4: Heralds: In order: Jezrien, Shalash, Taln, Nale, Ishar, Kalak, Battar, Vedel, Pailiah, Chana An last and not least: Taranvangian Vorinism: Vorinism and the Alethi culture are currently the only ones ingame. That will change. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO JOIN THE PROJECT OR OBSERVE PROGRESS: Once on the server, post on general what you can or want to help with on the general channel.
  5. After finding out what Ishar is doing to the spren, Stormfather said this: I just want to see how he looks in Cognitive. Maybe he visits Lasting Integrity within a week or so and we see him from Adolin or Shallan's POV.
  6. Hi guys, Just wanted to share my video discussion on Rhythm of War! It was a fun discussion and it would be great to know what you guys think of our choices!
  7. As a remote sensing scientist I like to think about color and visualizations. In case you didn't know, all the stuff around us reflects different wavelengths of light differently based on the materials its made of. This extends outside the normal visible spectrum of light! For example, most plants are green because they reflect green light, but if the human eye could see into the near infrared, plants would be that color, because they reflect several times as much of that radiation as they do green. Something cool we can think about now that we know investiture that is associated with a specific shard has a specific wavelength / color is how to visualize things powered by that light. Mixing two colors/lights to get something new is actually super interesting, and using any three colors / unique investiture flavors, we could have a full color image! On Roshar, we'd have blue from Honor, Green from Cultivation, and purple/void? from Odium. If we wanted to visualize it for our eyes we could shift the colors to the three we use most, RGB -> Cultivation to red, Honor ->green, Odium -> blue, and make some cool false color composite images. In real life this lets us know something about the structure, because it tells us what is absorbed and what is reflected. Many bugs and flowers are reflective to UV radiation in unique and beautiful ways, for them to attract different mates. Same with platypuses (Not for attracting mates (That we know yet), just cool colors!). I think it was mentioned that voidlight and Odium have been part of the Rosharan system so long that it has become incorporated into the ecology there. Likely this is referring to Roshar becoming invested by Odium, maybe Odium has a perpendicularity now or something. Anyway I thought this was kind of neat.
  8. TL;DR: ALL of Investiture in the cosmere seems to be, like Stormlight or Voidlight, composed of unique vibrations or pulses. And so, like Stormlight and Voidlight - can it all somehow be combined and/or inverted? I had something of a revelation today, while writing gay fic of all things, and I thought I would share and try to get other peoples' thoughts. Because I might have noticed a connection, but I'm definitely not smart enough to figure out what it means, lol. So, one of Navani's biggest breakthroughs in understanding the various forms of Light on Roshar was realising that Stormlight, Voidlight, Lifelight etc are not just light, not liquid, but sound. Vibration. This allowed her to combine the lights with Raboniel, and it also allowed her to discover its opposite. A large breakthrough for understanding Investiture on Roshar. Except that this is not the only kind of Investiture in the Cosmere we've seen that has vibration as a core part of its nature. Allomancy. Allomancy gives off allomantic pulses to seekers who are burning bronze. Allomancy gives off DISTINCT allomantic pulses, as we saw in the scene where Marsh shows Vin how to use it in The Final Empire. Each metal, when burned, gives off a distinct and unique vibration. Something that can be used to determine a pulling/pushing metal, to determine which specific metal is being burned, and even if it's being flared. The power at the Well of Ascension also pulsed, and so did the 'mist spirit'. Allomancy, as Investiture, also has a unique vibration attached to each source. In Warbreaker, Breaths require sound to activate - they require a carefully, clearly spoken Commands in order to Awaken. They also grant a holder perfect pitch. The Iridescent Tones form a core part of the Nalthis belief system. While not as explicit as in Mistborn, Investiture here also has a clear vibrational component. In Elantris, seons pulse when they speak, and their aons glow. Raoden explains and understands accessing the Dor via drawing different shapes (aons) through which the power can access the physical realm from where it is trapped in the cognitive realm. However, he notes that his books on the topic describe the process via 'pulse length and frequency', which he doesn't understand, but, in the context of all Investiture having a unique vibration to it, makes sense to me. Do I have any idea what this means in real-terms for the cosmere going forwards, and the potential applications of this knowledge in terms of combining, inverting, or altering different forms of Investiture, but this is why I'm posting it here for you smart people to engage with and give me the answers.
  9. After RoW, we now get confirmation that spren/Voidspren can be killed by various means. The discovery of Navani-Reboniel's hybrid Light and anti-Investiture probed a new window to destroy embodiments of creations which is concerning but at the same time provides an opportunity to be explored more. However, the methods have been subjected to both sides and now its a race of distributing these Anti-Lights in form of armament in battlefield. However, we are forgetting that there are some other ways to kill spren as well, which excludes breaking of oaths because that was something done from mutual acceptance. I'm gonna list them down including something we've forgotten since Oathbringer: Using Anti-Voidlight We all know anti-voidlight destroys the immortal essence of Voidspren and prevents them from being reborn again. Gavilar had it way before Everstorm, something having gotten from Braize. I don't know how he got it from there or who gave him but clearly his plans included to hurt Odium since he wanted to bring back desolations- which means clearly someone else knew about it, perhaps one of the Fused and contacted him just the way Venli was contacted by Ulium? Anyway, we know anti-voidlight could be a great weapon for Radiant faction. Using Anti-Stormlight Just like Anti-Voidlight, Anti-Stormlight destroys Radiant spren i.e completely renders them incapable of forming again even in Cognitive Realm. This is worrying since the apparatus and instructions have been already sent to Kholinar by Reboniel to produce more amount of this violent Light. It also shows that when a spren is killed, The knight feels terrible pain as if their soul is being ripped. If sprens start dying, there would be perhaps some spren would be willing to bond back to them but the soul-trauma received would push them into a catatonic state. Which is even more concerning when it comes to usage of Anti-Stormlight.... But there are two more methods of killing spren which was shown: Bringing them to Physical Realm This is terrible. This left me tittering in corner of my eyes despite being a Biotechnologist myself. But I think bringing Spren back to Physical Realm in their full bodies kills them as we saw at Ishar's warcamp. So...a Bondsmith can possibly bring any kind of spren to Physical Realm and they'll die as they are not Connecting, without Intent. I believe this could be applied for Voidspren as well but this is a terrible method and we have only three Bondsmits- Dalinar, Navani and Ishar, and one of them is bound to Tower, one of them would perhaps not do such a thing and another is a raving lunatic. Almighty know what might happen to poor spren. Which brings us to the last method we all are forgetting- Kaladin killing a Voidspren in Kholinar using Syldagger During raiding Kholinar palace, Kaladin summoned Syl as a dagger and used it to pin one of the Voidspren that was able to cut it. The spren screamed and seemed to rip into a thousand pieces until it faded into nothingness. Syl experienced a terrible feeling for doing it but surely they killed a spren in some uncanny manner we don't know. I have no idea why it wasn't discussed further or Kaladin never mentioned it again and we just jumped around it. I don't know if it is possible only for Kaladin and Syl or other Radiants as well but this must be looked into. So I guess these methods are known to us which can be used to kill spren which is an important aspect of war. The question is, if these methods could be applicable for powerful sprens like Unmade or Godsprens as well which could be very concerning because usage of these methods on either sides would result in catastrophic consequence. I would specially like to discuss more about Kaladin killing the spren since it hasn't been discussed.
  10. Welcome, one and all, to the OVERLADY READS RHYTHM OF WAR, PART ONE!! For all thinking of watching, THIS VIDEO SPOILS ALL OF RHYTHM OF WAR PART ONE. How did we read Rhythm of War Part One you might ask? Well, we read the wonderful Tor preview chapters, found here: Now, please stop reading if you have not read Rhythm of War Part One. Time to join me and Lucy as we go on another KALADIN SUFFER TRAIN and WATCH AS KALADIN SUFFERS SOME MORE BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT STORMLIGHT IS. KALADIN SUFFERING. We also talk about Navani who is GREAT and Shallan who is WONDERFUL and Venli who is surrounded by MORE INTERESTING CHARACTERS. Let's go on this journey together, let us know your favourite parts of Rhythm of War Part One and what theories you have for the rest of the book!
  11. I, as many here, were wondering how Cord managed to find enough Stormlight infused gemstones to power up the armor. Could she "talk" or "ask" the sprens to infuse gemstones on their own will?
  12. From the album The Stormlight Artchive

  13. Newish reader to Brandon Sanderson here! In just a month, I've sped through Mistborn Era 1 + Way of Kings (just finished an hour ago!) and what a wild ride! As I was reading, I immediately noticed a few very striking similarities between Mistborn and Stormlight, from a plot, character, and literary structure perspective. What do you all make of this? Is Brandon just a more formulaic storyteller? Does this hint at broader themes in the cosmere? In what ways do you think the plots will diverge? Here's what I've found so far: Setting + Society - Set in a "modern" time juxtaposed against an ancient history that has lost - Society likely equivalent to 15th -17th century western civilization (pre industrial) - Class system based on bloodlines (skaa vs darkeyes) - Strong religious organizations / influence (Ministries vs. Vorin) that are later de-legitimized - Scholars questioning religion and history (Sazed vs. Jasnah) -- they are the ones to discover the truth Villans + Mystery - Mysterious, pre-historical enemy that is known only as an abstraction, that is later revealed to be an unexpected twist (the Deepness vs. the Voidbringers / the Desolation) - Said mysterious enemy's return is imminent and the world is in vast danger - Lost or old texts that serve as clues to unravel the mystery (Alendi's journal vs. The Way of Kings and all the books Jasnah / Shallan read) - An almighty force for good that has disappeared (Preservation vs. Almighty) - Magic system that is related directly to physical objects and natural resources (metals vs gems) - Monsters that are revealed to be descendants or related to humans (Koloss and Kandra vs Parshendi?...making a guess on the Parshendi) Themes - Central characters struggling with what it means to be a "good leader" (Elend vs Kalladin) - "Good" characters and leaders being defined by upholding honor and maintaining trust - Hope as an empowering force to save characters Really curious to hear what everyone thinks! It did strike me a bit, reading through way of kings immediately after mistborn. It felt like I was playing the next generation of Pokemon games -- same overall template and predictable, but different enough that it's fun and entertaining. I'm curious to hear if anyone thinks it's something more -- do all these similarities have something to do with the broader Cosmere mythology?
  14. We are so happy to announce the coming of The Stormpod (A Stormlight Archive Podcast) Shawn Q; a veteran of Mr. Sanderson's work, and Jack; a newcomer to the Cosmere, dive deep into the world of Roshar starting with The Way of Kings. Shawn and Jack's background as avid D&D/RPG players and GMs give them a unique eye and perspective on the Epic Fantasy story of Voidbringers and Knight Radiants. They will follow the Codes and not spoil anything past the Chapters they are covering each episode. We would love to collaborate with any Cosmere fans out there, whether it be through sharing Fan art, guest appearances on the show, or any other way under the three moons of Roshar. On Wednesday November 4th, the first 3 episode are available anywhere you listen to podcasts. Come and reread the series with us or get someone new into it. Life Before Death, Strength before weakness, Journey before Destination
  15. Welcome to the Overlady & Overlord take the Knights Radiant quiz! After many many requests we make this video, we thought we'd finally sit down and do the Knights Radiant quiz! But this time, with a twist! Though it's not much of a twist, it's the exact same thing that Brandon did with his friend Dan where they took the test for each other and compared it to actual results. We didn't know when we'd release this video so we thought, screw it, we'd make it a Halloween video, Happy Halloween! We really enjoyed making this and hope you enjoyed! Let us know down below what Order you got and how you think your answers compared to ours. Don't worry, we will be back to talking about books next week. We have a certain Arcanum that requires Unbounding before Rhythm of War comes out....
  16. So, there are several magic systems that are considered canon, though they've not yet really been in a canon, published work. I wanted to list them out and see if anyone else knew of any more. I'm going to sort them into, basically, canon and made a cameo, canon but not in anything published, and probably canon but not confirmed. Canon with a Cameo -Yolish Lightweaving: made an appearance in the Stormlight books when Hoid used Lightweaving and needed Shallan's assistance (assuming that instance wasn't him using a different form of Lightweaving) -Aethers: smaller cameo in Stormlight, as a pinkish crystal and as a blood/oil like substance on some clothing Canon but no Published Appearances (both mentioned in WoBs and in the Bridge 4 chapters of Dragonsteel that were released on Brandon's website) -Tzai Blows -Microkinesis Quasi-canon -Disease magic of Ashyn: this one seems to depend on Brandon getting the magic system figured out and finding time for Silence Divine -Kite magic: mentioned by Brandon as the magic in a potential YA book, where Hoid’s apprentice needs to learn the magic Are there any I'm missing? Edit: Edited to add the kite magic
  17. Welcome to the Overlady Reads... Or more accurately, the Overlady has Read! This episode is a little different to the usual. Since Oathbringer Part 5 took so much longer to record than our previous episodes, we were E X H A U S T E D when we got finished soooo we decided to record the Oathbringer reactions/RoW predictions separately. This was extra fun since I got to lay out my theories too! Now enjoy as we touch on topics like family, friendships, emotions and baby murder! Let us know what you guys want to see in RoW (We're so close now!) and what YOUR personal theories are in the comments down below! We mention that we were recording our AU episode right after this (We didn't know which order we were going to release them in) so the AU episode will be coming soon (Not next week though, we have a EVEN DIFFERENTER video coming next week) so BE PREPARED FOR HOT TAKES ON ARCANUM UNBOUNDED. See you next week!
  18. From the album The Stormlight Artchive

  19. From the album The Stormlight Artchive

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