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Found 2 results

  1. So, from the information we currently have on Dawnshard from the released prologue makes it seem that Rysn and Lopen will be at the helm of the journey to Aimia. Until recently, they had something in common, disability. Rysn lost use of her legs in the Reshi Isles in Words of Radiance, Lopen was one-handed till he became a Radiant. Despite Lopen's injuries being much older he never viewed himself as a cripple and constantly cracked one-armed Herdazian jokes. Rysn, on the other hand, started seeing herself differently after the incident, to the point that Renarin couldn't heal her with Regrowth. There could be another journey that the characters make, Lopen might teach Rysn to view herself differently, possibly enough for her to deal or maybe even enough for her to heal.
  2. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR EDGEDANCER AND WORDS OF RADIANCE ! So. About Renaren's healed eyes and epilepsy. In words of radiance Renaren tells Kaladin that his episodes started in childhood. I imagine that his eyesight's also been poor since then. Then he can surgebind. Behold; he is healed! Still slightly autistic though. In edgedancer the orphanage only keep disabled children, since the stump can't heal them and there is nothing wrong with them! They are born blind or with downs, that's the way they are made. =Nothing to heal. So Renaren's autism is not healed since it's not a wound or a fault with the body. That's the way he is. How come then that Renaren's other preexisting conditions are healed by his stormlight? Kaladins scar did not heal, and that's way newer than Renaren's eyes and epilepsy, and a prime example of a wound that should be healed by stormlight. Hmmmmm......