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Found 449 results

  1. From the album Stormlight Archive Character Designs

    This is my design for Syl. I based her hair off of a cloud, because I think it makes her silhouette stand out and it also ties her to the Stormfather, and by extension of that, Honor. I'll post a ref later of her expressions because I like the idea of the cloud changing with her mood.
  2. I have been thinking a lot recently about the future of the Cosmere, 20-30 or so real-life years from now when we are deep into Era 4 Mistborn, Space Age Cosmere type stuff. The most interesting thing to me being, what are some of the future implications of the magic that we see right now, and how will the magic / tech we see right now evolve in the future? Allow me to explain. - The Ones Above from Sixth of the Dusk as an example of an obscured technology/application of magic. In Sixth, the Ones Above traveled to the planet through interstellar space - this is already unusual for the Cosmere as we know it, as far as worldhopping goes. We then see this unidentified civilization or group use technology to achieve magic-centric results (In this case, a translation device that can also search for Aviar.) -This is it could be a variety of planets - For example, this could be fabrial technology from Roshar, or an evolution of the medallion tech from Scadrial, or it could be a pure technology invention from somewhere like Taldain. ([1] [2]) What we do know, is that the Ones Above are in fact a group we have met before. ([1] [2] [3]) - Breaths from Nalthis can be used to give objects sentience, even objects that were never alive in the first place (the classic example of Nightblood, a Type IV Awakened entity.) This could, as others have postulated, lead to the creation of a computer that is truly alive. How would an Awakened computer differ from an AI construct, physically, spiritually, and in the cognitive realm? - Stormlight Archive occurs relatively early in the timeline of the Cosmere, and we know from this wob that "It's technically possible to make [shardblades] from other magic systems). We have demonstrable evidence of this in the case of the shardblades of Nalthian origin, but this is a good indication of other things as well. Could a Seon, perhaps, become a shardblade? (Hint: the answer appears to be yes (wob)). - We haven't even started on the Sleepless, who are "not confined to Roshar" ([1] [2]) and "will have a major role in Era 4" (3). My theory for them is that the Sleepless will be used as some sort of instantaneous communication network in the physical realm, for spaceships and such. If that theory holds true, I think it lends support that the Ones Above are, in fact, Rosharan. So, I want to hear your theories on what seemingly innocuous thing in the Cosmere will have bigger implications in the Space Age Era. Put on your aluminum foil hat and just start typing. Thanks for reading!
  3. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    Can't believe how long it's been since I last got around to fleshing out my basket full of axehound sketches! I guess it's just one of the side effects of struggling with tar pit of depression, plans getting shelved for longer than intended. Anyway, this is another design for axehound where I really push for cuteness and pet-me vibe while still keeping the carapaces.
  4. I just thought of something, a Radiant's Shardblade and Shardplate come from the same Spren, so would something happen if someone manages to own the Shardblade and Shardplate who belonged to the same Radiant before they abandoned them? Like would it be easier to resurrect the Spren or something?
  5. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    The greater skyeel family! Can't tell if it's a happy family or not, but definitely a hardcore one. Are skyeel eggs edible? Yes. If you can get your hands on one... and still keep said hands attached.
  6. We all know that Nightblood is a heavily Invested object. I had the thought that it would be interesting if he was used as a Hemelurgic spike, but then I dismissed the thought due to the aforementioned Investment. However, he is sheathed in an aluminum sheath. I was just wondering if it was possible to use his sheath as an aluminum spike to rob someone of their powers. Aluminum "removes all powers" and I remember reading a WoB that says Hemelurgy doesn't always kill the subject. Iirc Hemelurgy also works anywhere in the cosmere so long as you have the knowledge of spike placement and the Intent. I admit I don't understand aluminum or its hemelurgical abilities very well. Thoughts? I hope this inspires some discussion! If there are any WoB you know to refute or support please share!
  7. Hello everybody! Big fan of Brandon here. I’ve read all of his Mistborn stuff (including short stories and novellas), a little bit of Elantris, the first 50 pages of Warbreaker, and I’m halfway through Words of Radiance, already having read The Way of Kings. I’m really interested in the Cosmere as a whole and the Worldhoppers. Oh, and in case you hadn’t realized, the bubbles are a lie.
  8. So I have a weird thought - Brandon Sanderson has a way of foreshadowing things in strange ways. In fact, he has said that one of the reasons he likes Lift as a character is cause he is able to make her say weird things which character turn out to be foreshadowing of things in her own unique manner. As I was re-reading Oathbringer, Lopen struck me as a similar type of character. Often in Words of Radiance and in Oathbringer, he refers to himself as "The Lopen". He also seems to multiply cousins just when Kaladin seemed to need them. In the oathbringer, when training Bridge four to be squires - he lashes himself to the ground and then coaxes the ground by saying, "Don’t worry, dear one. The Lopen is vast enough to be possessed by many, many forces, both terrestrial and celestial! I must soar to the air, for if I were to remain only on the ground, surely my growing magnitude would cause the land to crack and break". Call this wishful thinking or conspiracy theories - but I really do think that there is more to Lopen than we know to date. After all the Herdazians are not completely understood by the Alethi (example, Rock - correction Rock is a Horneater, my mistake) Think any of this thinking makes sense or is it too far fetched?
  9. Would it be possible for Vasher or Hoid to Awaken Shardplate? Would it improve it or would it get resisted?
  10. One of the many long-awaited reveals that we expect to see in Rythyms of War is the consistency of living Shardplate. Just as a little context info, Shardplate's most straightforward use is that of deflecting blows from Shardblades. This is not the only use of Shardplate, however; the incredibly heavy armor grants the user increased strength and increased dexterity. Shardplate users are notable for their ability to hold Shardhammers--incredibly heavy hammers that no normal person could lift--and Shardbows-- which have an incredibly heavy drawback weight. This, as well as the fact that they can leap the chasms between plateaus on the Shattered Plains, and scale incredibly sheer cliffsides. Most shardbearers would agree that they would choose Shardplate over Shardblade every time (except possibly Adolin because he's awesome, but whatever). This seems to coincide with the fact that Radiants get their living Shardblades before they get their living Shardplates. This leads to the million-broam question: What is living Shardplate made of? I might have an answer. It's out of the question that it might be made of a spren, as you'll only hear the screaming of the dead spren when you wield a Shardblade, not wearing a Shardplate. This makes sense, because most Radiants will only bond one spren (there are exceptions, but not many). So what else could the Plates be made of? There are a few possibilities, but in my opinion, the most likely consistency of Shardplate is that of pure stormlight. It makes so much sense! Stormlight grants Radiants increased strength and dexterity when they breath it in. What else grants people strength and dexterity? Shardplate. If that seems like more of a coincidence than proof, then get this: Stormlight is required to make Shardplates regrow. In order to mend the Plates, they must be fed the same energy that powers the Radiants. Without stormlight, the Plates will also lose their power, becoming dead weight and ridding the Plate wearer of their increased power and speed. If this is true, then not only would the power of a bondsmith uniting the realms be a kind of turning-point for living shardplates, but we might also have a guess at what living Shardplate can do: Heal the wearer. Radiants can heal themselves by breathing in stormlight. If the Shardplates are made of stormlight, then would they even have to consciously heal themselves, or would it just happen automatically? But hey that's just a theory: A COSMERE theory. Thanks for reading!
  11. So I was going through this forum and instantly ran out of stuff to do. As you can imagine, I was a little ticked off, so I decided to make a thing. Hopefully it doesn't go to crap in an instant. It's like a lot of those stories; the one's where someone posts a sentence, and then the next person posts the next sentence, and so on. Everyone's played it before. "The Longest Thread (Misadventures)" is probably the best example of this. I decided to go a little niche, however, and we're confined to two main characters as of right now. These two characters-- the Knight Radiant and the Mistborn-- are dueling each other for the sixteen shards they've managed to capture and enslave. Our job is to narrate what tactics and attacks they use against the other. Here're the rules: 1. You must remain within the general rules of the Sanderson's series's. The Mistborn can run out of metals, the Radiant can run out of stormlight, and neither of them can summon black holes by snapping the spirit web and burn out the cosmere. Y'know, basic stuff like that. 2. You can only narrate one character at a time. When you narrate that character, you can give them 1 action and 1 bit of dialogue. For example: "The Mistborn burns tin. 'Prepare to die, Radiant!'" If the Mistborn burns atium, though, then the next person to post something must say what the Mistborn sees. 3. No killing the Radiant or the Mistborn! If someone breaks this rule and kills one off, then do yourself a solid and bring them back to life with a free action. 4. If you want to have another character from another series join the fray (they have to be from the cosmere, and can't be any character in particular; just an embodiment of the magic system, like a ReForger, but not Shai), then notify me. 5. We're assuming the Mistborn begins with all their metals, and the Radiant can do basically any surge and is full on stormlight. 6. Ping me if you have any questions or would like to suggest a rule change. I'll start, breaking my own rules and narrating them both: The Mistborn burns tin. "Prepare to die, Radiant." The Radiant casts a half lashing and levitates. "The only one dying here is you."
  12. Just in case y'all didn't hear, Brandon Sanderson is randomly choosing three people to give an early signing of Stormlight 4 to! You just need to enter your name into a sweepstakes found on this website! I've already entered and crossing my fingers! Edit: Now that it's the second, I'm afraid that this was all just an April Fool's Prank.
  13. Hi! i would like to know the history origin and goals of hoid. Thank You!
  14. Haven't seen a lot of speculation on truthwatcher abilities, but I was wondering what people thought 'real' truthwatchers would be able to do ? Currently I reckon they can see the whole spectrum, instead of being able to manipulate it, as in, they can see x-rays and ultraviolet and things. And maybe hear through walls in some way ? More of a seeing interpretation of the wavey surge than an actively changing one. I also think they would be able to see (in some way) through the other realms, maybe cognitively for telling truths ? Or spiritually for futuresight, but undecided on whether that's an odium thing or just a more secret truthwatcher thing.
  15. I have a kind of obsession with Hoid. (As I'm sure many of us cosmere fans do) And I have a lot of crazy theories about him. And some of them morphed into this short story. (Spoilered for Mistborn and Stormlight) (And I apologize for the bolded text. I can't figure out how to unbold it)
  16. This episode, we're talking about the Shin! Who are they? They *invaded* Roshar? The Stone Shamans? Well, there's stuff we know, but also even more we don't... We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Ben (Overlord Jebus), and Grace (thegatorgirl)! Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected] If you like our content, support us on Patreon:
  17. Hello everyone! I just joined the forum and I thought I'd share an image I made a little while ago of Kaladin leaping across a chasm at the end of WoK! Thank you!
  18. In WoK, before we know that Jasnah is a radiant, whenever Jasnah uses her Soulcaster, one of the gems had a chance to break (I think the smoakstone broke twice). Knowing that the Soulcaster was only a replication of a fabrial, why did the gemstones crack?
  19. I have a crazy fridge theory about our Stalker Musician and Guitar. Now it's generally thought that the Musician is Hoid, and we know that Hoid has a love for musical instruments (at least in the Stormlight Archives). first he uses a flute that he is very fond of which he gives to Kaladin. Then next we see him he has a Guitar that seems to have more than one player. I subject that Hoid either got or has the guitar in White Sand, the very one we see in fact, took it with him on his Cosmere Grand Tour before eventually managing to awake it on Nalthis. I also believe that by the end of Part 3, that Guitar and Musician will have a role to play. But we shall see.
  20. So while this could be nothing, I was looking through some discussions about stormlight 4 and I started to connect some dots. While it is not confirmed, a lot of the fandom- and myself- believe Hesina, Kaladin's mother, to be originally from Kharbranth. If this is true, we known from the end of Oathbringer that all those who were born in Kharbranth and their spouses will be spared from Odium. We also know that Odium is bound by his word and so he must follow this deal he struck with Taravangian. While I've seen quite a few people saying this deal will end up being bad for Taravangian and that Odium ultimately got the better deal, I think this deal is what will bring about Odium's downfall, not Taravangian's. Now I should say this having any sort of possibility weighs heavily on Hesina being born in Kharbranth, but under the assumption that she is then this means that Lirin is spared by association. And yet, even with this deal potentially protecting him, much of the fanbase believes Lirin will die in Stormlight 4. This is where I think Odium trips himself up. If Lirin were to die as a result of Odium- so be singers, listeners, or corrupted spren- the deal between Odium and Taravangian will immediately become void. And while we don't necessarily know what happens when a shard's word is broken, it is my personal headcanon that a big part of the process for Honor being shattered was that he in some way broke his word. While obviously this has a lot holes in it, I just wanted to point it out as I've been seeing a lot of people talking about the Kharbranth deal and whether or not Lirin will die in the next book.
  21. Hi all, this is my first post, so I hope I’m doing this correctly! I’ve been re-reading stormlight (3rd time through) and spending a lot of time on the wikis and forums and q&a transcriptions trying to wrap my mind around all the cosmere level things. So my thoughts today went along theses lines: Tanavast/honor split off a part of his investiture and creates the stormfather intentionally. The nightwatcher is an analogous entity from cultivation (wyndle also refers to either cultivation or the nightwatcher as mother). All the spren of the radiant orders exist on sort of a spectrum between honor and cultivation. We are told there can only be up to 3 bondsmiths, and this limitation presumably comes because there are only 3 spren who can create a bondsmith, the stormfather is the first, most of us assume the nightwatcher is the second (although I’m not sure if this is confirmed), and a third “sibling” who appears to be a big RAFO. We also know tanavast and the vessel of cultivation (I don’t believe we know her name?) were romantically involved. So my question is twofold, one specific to Roshar and a more general extrapolation. Generally speaking, can a shard holding vessel/vessels reproduce (physically, cognitively, spiritually, magically?) and what effects would this have on a physical child from the union and on the power/investiture of the shard/s? More specifically did honor and cultivation have a physical child and if they did how is that child different because of their investiture/does the child get some of the shard power? Or did they create a 3rd mega-spren analogous to the stormfather & nightwatcher but containing part of them both?
  22. In the oathbringer epigraphs, as well as other parts of stormlight, a book called the Mythica is mentioned, which compiles facts and legends about the Unmade from all over Roshar. It's written by someone called Hessi. It seems to me that this seems quite similar to Hesiod and his Theogony, which compiles the different myths on the different greek gods (as well sd the various minor gods and river nymphs, etc.). What's more, this wouldn't be the first time Brandon referenced real life with his naming. For example, lister's oil, mentioned in the Way of Kings by Kaladin as an effective antiseptic, is likely a reference to Joseph Lister, who developed antiseptics in real life. Hessi and Hesiod also have similar sounding names, for what it's worth. So am I onto something, or am I just going on a tangent?
  23. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Happy New Year, folks! Let's get hyped about Stormlight 4!
  24. I love Chulls! Chulls are my favorite! Who else loves chulls? Seeing realistic Chulls who actually move and live is one of the things I am looking forward to most about a posable Stormlight Archive adaptation. And so, I propose that we proactively name the first ever Chull to appear on screen. My suggestion is Charley Chullington. What are your ideas? P.S. An honorable mention to Chully McChullface, the first ever Chull to appear in Escape from the Shatterd Planes, the V.R. Experience. But this Thread is specifically in honor of the first Chull of the hypothetical show or movie.