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Found 449 results

  1. (yes, the thread title is a pun) After reading WoR, I decided to take Shallan's new chapter symbol (Pattern) and chart it into a knitting pattern, because I like doing fandom-inspired knitting projects and because a circular symbol with six-sided rotational symmetry is just asking to be put on a hat (and then I'll be a symbolhead!). (this repeats six times, knit in the round, like pieces of a pie -- the point at the top is the center of the symbol) I am in the process of test-knitting this now, I'm hoping to have it finished before I go to Brandon's signing on the 21st.
  2. so i was rereading war breaker, and on page 207 siri has just found out that Susebron was of a child like nature, anyway, she points to a letter and says that is is called shash... thought id share that to the forum as i found nothing else about this and thought it helped to show the close similarities of the stormlight archive and warbreaker.
  3. This is another version with Syl added (made her bigger to keep the balance with the symbolhead) I really like to do a different character cast for each book... Time will see =) I'll try harder in the years to come. Full resolution (3000x1793): [X]
  4. theory

    This theory is a simple one. Unlike the other orders of Knights Radiant, the Skybreakers never abandoned their oaths and disbanded. They have remained active, albeit covertly, under the control of Nalan. Firstly, I want to present evidence that one of the orders of Radiants never disbanded, at least entirely. This epigraph makes it quite apparent to me that one of the orders of Radiants stuck around for quite some time. Nalan offers Szeth a place in their ranks, and Helaran was apparently attempting to join them. It seems evident to me that for whatever reason, the Skybreakers refused to abandon their Blades and their oaths to stick around. As one final piece of evidence, I'd like to look at the spren. First, I'll establish the type of spren the Skybreakers were bonded to. Given Nalan's penchant for laws and one of the divine attributes of the Skybreakers being "just" this makes me fairly certain that the highspren belong to the Skybreakers. Now, lets look at who Jasnah goes to see for information while she is in Shadesmar. Why would she go to see the highspren? While I'm sure that they are knowledgeable, would not the spren of other orders be better? Why not see the spren of the Willshapers or the Elsecallers, her own spren? They are associated with knowledge and wisdom, surely they would be better equipped? But here, Pattern provides a clue. The answer is clear. She went to the highspren because they are the only spren who survived the Recreance because the Skybreakers did not abandon their oaths. They are the only ones who were alive during the Desolations.
  5. Hi everybody, so now that Words of Radiance is out and im guessing everybody on here has already read it i wanted to make a thread about the third installment of the series. There was so much in the second book, Ghostbloods, epic fight scenes, the meeting between major characters and their growth as individuals, so much new info and hints of things to come. I just wanted to know what you are most looking forward to in the next book personally im looking forward to, Szeths past and his progress in the Skybreakers. Hoid and his road trip with Jasnah. The secret societies and their numerous plots. Axies and his various and inconvenient incarcerations. Finding out what that damnation code means!! The Unmade Kaladin finally bringing a girl home to meet his parents and the reunion between him Roshone and Laral. The whole point of this thread is just what you want and what you suspect will happen in the next book
  6. He RAFO'd me, which I expected, but he explained that the reason he had to RAFO it was because he doesn't want to build anticipation or expectations about the heralds yet, since they won't really be heavily featured until the 2nd set of 5 books. That's a paraphrase obviously, but it's the essence of what he was trying to convey.
  7. theory

    I have always pondered at the Kingdom of Jah Keved. The rest of the Silver Kingdoms have obvious remnants. Alethkar was Alethela, Shinovar was Shin Kak Nish, Makabakam and Sela Tales shattered into smaller kingdoms. All of the kingdoms of modern times however are still populated by the same race of people that once lived there when it as a Silver Kingdom. There are still Natans in the Unclaimed Hills, still Selay men in Marabethia. There has been some overlapping, such as the Purelakers, who are of Reshi and Selay descent, but as a whole, people have stayed put. But Jah Keved seems to deviate. Although they control roughly the area of the kingdom of Valhav, they are very much like the Alethi. They have much the same appearance, tall, tan and dark haired. Their culture is similarly focused on war. They share the same religion, have a similar system of government, and even speak languages that are very similar. In fact, they don't seem to have any truly distinguishing characteristics like the other races do. Only one little tiny bit, the red hair (athough an argument can be made for violet eyes). So the Vedens themselves did not initially have the red hair. It is from the Unkalaki. Then, Rock tells of how his people came to the Horneater Peaks. This is fascinating (including an obvious Hoid cameo), but a small line at the beginning caught my attention. So, with those two pieces of evidence, I'd like to submit a theory. The Vedens are not one of the races of the Silver Kingdoms. They are a mixture, the quote says as much, of the Alethi and the Unkalaki, who were once the true rulers of the Kingdom of Valhav. After the Silver Kingdoms fell, the Alethi went to Valhav and conquered it, driving its true people up into the mountains, where they took refuge. The Alethi who conquered Valhav eventually set up their own kingdom and named Jah Keved. They eventually interbred with the Unkalaki, creating a kingdom very similar to Alethkar, but with a few oddities. If you need any more evidence, look at the name. Perhaps it is circumstantial, but the very name Unkalaki contains the name of a Herald within it. Seems like a good sign to me.
  8. I think the duel excerpt shows us Adolin's evolution and challenge. It is theorized that a form of the Thrill is of Odium. I imagine the fight for Adolin's soul going on in the duel. He is being tempted by Odium's influence, but is starting to see another way. In tWoK Dalinar moves from feeling an unholy Thrill to fighting while regretting the necessity. Is Adolin going through the same evolution? Dalinar at the Tower: Adolin in the duel: What do people think? Is Adolin's behavior in the duel influenced by Odium? Is he being tempted? Is the sudden fading of the Thrill due to another, more Honorable influence? What does he mean when he says that "he'd never before felt like this"?
  9. Looks like Brandon and Tor will have some promotional giveaways of a Szeth cutout for his WoR Tour! Only 1000 of the giveaways, but apparently each one will have a code that can be entered into on some special website that will have special bonus contents and giveaways! has a post with more details Good luck to all those who attend the Tour!
  10. I'm pretty new to this, so forgive any errors or lapses in information. I don't think anyone else has done this, but if they have I apologize. When I first got into the theororizing/wild speculation side of the way of kings, I found this ars arcanum to be very helpful, if incomplete. So using mainly the information found here I updated the ars arcanum. I added Order and Surge names, as well as known members. I didn't include any order/surge/herald thumbnails, though, as I don't have any of those images on hand. I also made the document in excel, but I can't upload the document itself, so I'll just use pictures instead. If I made any mistakes or omissions, let me know!
  11. Question as in the title. Amaram's first name is also nowhere mentioned, I think. It's not important to the Cosmere ;-) but I'm just curious. Maybe we can ask Brandon Sanderson to post a list of highprinces and other important people with full names sometimes. It would be a nice thing for the wiki.
  12. It's been stated that, at least for the first five books it is likely that the Prologues will all be featured on the same night, but from Different POVs. I've been hitting the books and I think I've put together a few super tight and accurate timelines for the events in these future chapters for some of our favorite characters. Dalinar: -Dalinar meets with Gavilar pre treaty signing. Gavilar tells him to follow the codes. Dalinar makes a face when he turns away and starts pounding a goblet of purple. -Dalinar keeps drinking -Dalinar continues to drink. Eventually calling for the Parshendi to bring their drums and start the merriment. -Elhokar tried to calm down his uncle while his wife sniggers -Few more cups of purple wine -Dalinar passes out -Dalinar is awoken and told that Gavilar has been assassinated Well, I know it looks impressive but it really didn't take too much work. You just have to put in the time and do the work. Onto my next one, and this one took A LOT of timeline scouring so I hope you appreciate it. Kaladin -Kaladin studies all day -Kaladin helps his mom and Tien clean up some crem -I'm sure they eat dinner or something? -The Stormblessed family turns it in early that night What POV for Assassination Day are you looking forward to?
  13. So I actually came to this forum and found 17th shard originally while looking for a place to hear a Podcast about The Way of Kings. I'd assumed based on how amazing it is that there would be an audio geek out record talking about all of our favorite characters and bringing up theories and the like. I've listened to the ShardKeepers and ShardCasts, and at first they were too high level for me (until I became more entrenched in the forums), but now I've found that I want something more Stormlight Archive focused. I love Mistborn (all 4), I think Elantris and Emperor's soul are great, I think Warbreaker is good. But I LOVE The Way of Kings. It's probably my favorite book. I'd love there to be a podcast specifically dedicated to the Stormlight Archive (and of course we'd talk about whatever big Brandon Stuff is currently coming out as well) Is there anyone out there interested in putting together a SA Podcast? I'd love to participate, but I know there's no way I'll have the time or ability to edit a podcast. I have a full time job and a 4 month old baby so my time is limited, would someone be willing to put in some time for this? I think it would be fun to talk about my favorite characters, what I look forward to, have themed episodes and the like. Talkshoe could even be an option as it's quick and easy (tho the audio quality can sometimes suck). I know it's almost last minute to put out before Words of Radiance because at the very least we'd probably want and introductory episode, one dedicated to anticipating WoR then some mid-read eps or post WoR eps all in a short amount of time. But, I think it's something worth putting out there to see if there is any interest. Anyone have podcasting experience? Any interest? If we can get something going the forums would be a great place to coordinated getting everyone on skype or Google Hangouts or whatever program is most convenient.
  14. So, as Brandon said in the Worldbuilders Write-a-thon, Hoid does "something interesting" in the fifth Stormlight book. I personally, with no evidence whatsoever, think that this will relate to a Yolen magic system, that we haven't seen at all yet. Any other speculations?
  15. The following sections seem interesting together. Jasnah seems to have had an interesting history about which we get only glimpses. When Jasnah kills the four thieves (tWoK chapter 36): Chapter 1, WoR Jasnah loses her poise at the thought of being beholden to a man? Does it seem like being sold into slavery to her? Prologue, WoR Is Amaram one of the men she has a negative history with? Maybe Kaladin is not the only one who has seen his dark side.
  16. Yes, I know that Kurkistan figured this all out and posted the solution years ago. But I still have questions, and I'm not smart enough to understand what he wrote anyway. 1. What was the not quite the sun, not quite the moon thing in the sky that Shallan drew? Heaven? The sun for real? 2. How can there be air in the cognitive realm? I could see that your body in the physical realm needs to breathe, but why is air not a bead in the cognitive realm? If we think about the air in the cognitive realm, do we create a cognitive realm of the first cognitive realm? Is there air in the cognitive realm's cognitive realm? 3. Physical location correspond to locations in the cognitive realm. Jasnah can grab the palace bead when she is in the palace. But the beads go flying around. In the physical realm the relative locations of the objects that correspond can't be changing similarly. Do the locations not have to correspond? Do the beads find their way back to where they're supposed to be? Are there spren janitors that put them back where they belong? But the Palace bead should encompass countless other beads to match up. When it is a little bead itself, how can it be in the corresponding location? Have some beads gotten put in remote places relative to their physical neighbors? Help!
  17. I'm new, obviously so I don't know if someone hasn't already discussed this but I'll bring it up anyways; what are the chances of Wit(Hoid) being a herald? I feel like he is the only person in the SA who knows what is going on and he has been everywhere (world singer) and anywhere. He would have had years, thousands of them to learn and travel. He knows from experience but masks it with humor. And the end is a give away I feel like, him knowing where to be, what to look for and what would happen at that moment. This is just a theory and I haven't brushed up my reading on it recently but what do you think? p.s. If someone has already started this thread let me know!
  18. I should say hello first to everyone. So hello. I wonder whether Lirin will be proud or disappointed of what All has become. Will he scolded or support. Also, why does Kal fear seeing his father more than anything in his world?
  19. Alright, before I start, I'll warn you guys that this theory has almost no evidence behind it at all. It just has that "Brandon Sanderson plot twist" feeling to it. We know that Kabsal was a Ghostblood. However, he was also very good at playing the part of an ardent. In fact, the only time we saw his true nature was when he began to rage about how beaten-down the ardentia was. He claimed that the ardents had become property to the Brightlords, and that people ignored them. This leads me to believe that Kabsal really was an ardent, and wasn't just pretending to be one. Then, there was a strange event at one of Elkohar's feasts that seems to be mostly forgotten in this forum. An ardent belonging to Brightlord Hatham approached Dalinar with this message: "Just as Hatham wishes his partner in negotiations to know of his goodwill, I wish you to know of our goodwill toward you, Brightlord." I got the feeling that the "we" in this statement wasn't referring to the ardent and Hatham, who has been a minor character so far. Instead, I connected it to another organization we know has connections to the ardentia: the Ghostbloods. I feel that the most likely motivation for a secret organization of ardents, especially considering Kabsal's monologue, is the reinstitution of the Heirocracy. Any thoughts on this almost totally baseless theory? =)
  20. Summary: An ongoing compilation of small fics featuring Shallan Davar and Renarin Kholin and a blossoming relationship between them. Takes place post-WoK. This story can be found in multiple places: Archive Of Our Own, Fanfiction.Net, and Tumblr. Click the names to read on the platform of your choice! (I would recommend reading on tumblr, because there you can see the art that Botanica Xu was kind enough to draw for me. Seriously like the best thing ever. She's awesome. Her cosmere art is incredible.)
  21. Please note: this theory is currently REDACTED due to steelhunt. Once certain info comes into the public domain I will unredact. If you have a steelhunt code already and want to discuss redacted areas privately, I am very happy to do so This is mostly building on Isomere's theory: The Tanavallah: a Surgebinders Guide to Harmonics: { } Please note a lot of this is my speculation, and getting thoughts down, please do add comments/refutations. SURGEBINDING Ok so here is the adaptation on the table at the back of WoK that Isomere put together: (LINK) Here is Isomere's original version: (LINK) And here is my adaptation. Working heavily off the table found on the Coppermind about the Ten Essences: (LINK) Blanks are currently unguessed. Where it says 'see note' this is due to redaction IMAGE PARTLY REDACTED EDIT: Thanks to a number of fantastic comments, I've had a good rethink and have changed the table from the one here {LINK} to the one here (also shown below): {LINK} The table has been developed thanks to discussion and analysis of Brandon's readings. The large circles represent the Order of the Knights Radiants where the small represent the Surges. The numbers on the picture correspond to the table (PARTLY REDACTED) below also provided for reference {LINK}: Main Changes and notes: General: Which parts are physical/cognitive Honor/Cultivation are up for debate, although I'm leaning towards top Honor, bottom Cultivation. Number 1: We know that the top right 2 surges (for 1) are Gravity and Pressure but not which way round (corresponding to the Windrunners. {LINK} I think Gravity and Pressure are correctly assigned as pressure works better with Smoke than gravity. Number 2: Smoke & pressure > Dust. Seems to make sense. WoB is that Dustbringers ARE an order of the radiants. [ Signing 2 at about 27 mnutes ; thanks to Miyabi for pointing out]. The dustbringers are theorised to COMBUST items which also suggests heat, whereas light is used elsewhere in the table. {LINK} Number 3: Brightcallers are a theorised potential Order. This is the only place I can see them. It may be this order that can 'control the sunlight' by manipulating heat? Number 4: Redacted Number 5: Growth, Light, plants. Number 6: Working on the assumption this is where Shallan fits in. (Shalash/Shallan ties are well documented (creativity etc) importance of Blood, etc). Memory may be an extrapolation of light and sight abilities, and we know about the soulcasting. We know that lightweaving makes an appearance in SA {'lightweaving'} . WeiryWriter noted the following: "Lightweaver was a possible title for Shallan's book and there was a uncited quote ...that Shallan would have three apprenticeships, Jasnah, someone, and Hoid who we know uses lightweaving." So it looks light Lighweavers fits well here, and means Light is attached to 5 and 6, which makes sense. Complementing quotes can be found by searching for 'lightweaver' here: {LINK} Number 7: Jashan hints at the end of WoK that she has a different combination of surges than Shallan, and given they both share the ability to Soulcast it makes sense that Jasnah is here. The reason I've put her here and NOT 5 is that Jasnah is 'bad with organics' i.e. life forms, plants. Seems odd she would fit in 5. That hints that transportation is between 7 and 8. Number 9: We have been told travel is one of the surges{'surges'} and Miyabi has stated Stonewards can travel, although I haven't seen the quote, her statement is here: {LINK}. It is certainly speculated due to the Stoneward suddenly appearing in Dalinar's vision. We know that regrowth was combined in a fabrial using topaz and helidor and we have seen the order of stonewards use such a fabrial. This originally led me to suspect growth was between orders 9 and 10 however Moogle pointed out the gemstones could be there to Target bone and flesh, which makes more sense in the overall structure. Also, if growth was a Stoneward power they would not need to use a fabrial. {LINK} Number 10: We have confirmation that Order 10 is the Skybreakers. As Gravity manipulation would give the ability to fly, Travel is probably not a Skybreaker Surge and so must be between 8 and 9. { LINK - Search for Glyphs } Double eye: I've been thinking about the double-eye symbolism and it would make sense if the two pupils represented the merging of Honor and Cultivation. The double pupil (see image below correspond to the Flesh and Plants orders (5 and 10). This would suggest that order 10 (men) is part of Honor and order 5 (Plants) is part of Cultivation. Also, note the links between orders (big circles). 5 and 10 are linked. 4 and 6 are linked to 5 (Cultivation) 1 and 9 are linked to 10 (Honor) 1 and 4 and 9 and 6 are linked; suggesting the counterpoints for Honor and Cultivation respectively? 2,3,7, and 8 are linked to the central point of the diagram, i.e. between 5 and 10, an equal mix of Honor and Cultivation. I am coming to the view that the top half is more Honor, and the bottom half more Cultivation. Cultivation: Plants, Blood, Crystal {Loving, Learned, Creative, Healing, Giving, Honest} Honor: Men, Air, Stone {Protecting, Dependable, Pious, Leading, Resourceful, Guiding} Equal mix: Metal, Oil, Smoke, Fire {Just, Confident, Brave, Obedient, Wise, Careful, Resolute, Builder} VOIDBINDING I've gone through the Theoryland archives and dug out the items from the following articles that I think are interesting to this discussion as they pertain to Voidbinding; (Keywords: Surges, surgebinding, voidbinding, shardblades.) Also included are some WoK Quotes We have also seen, in addition to the tables above, the table dubbed the ‘table of dissonance’: ( LINK ) It follows a similar layout to the double-eye of the Radiants and each of the surges (or voids, as I shall call them) is represented as a de-symmetrised version of the surge on the normal table; indicating, it seems, some sort of twisting of the surge. Voidbinding is mentioned in WoK as having to do with trying to predict the future – that would suggest some manipulation of time, which is why I believe time is one of the voids. We also know that there are 3 main over-arching magic systems: Surgebinding, voidbindings, and a third which is related to fabrials: Q:You have told us there are more than 30 magical systems on Roshar. I am assuming there are 10 surgebindings and 10 voidbindings. Do the next 10 belong to another such classification? If yes, can you give us the name for it. A: Fabrials are part of it. Now, we know Szeth has similar abilities to Kaladin, a potential Windrunner, however: Q:Does SzethsonsonVallano's Surgebinding require HonorSpren like Kaladin's? A: No, it does not. (Hm....) Gold star to you. Q:Is there a link with the fact that we know that Szeth is truthless and the fact that Honorspren are what cause Surgebinding? Is there a connection there? A:There may be. I won't say. That's a RAFO. Szeth isn't actually in an order of Knights Radiant. Something different is happening with Szeth that people have already begun to guess. And Kaladin isn't yet a Knight Radiant, but the powers he uses are those of the Windrunners, one of the orders of the Knights Radiant. Szeth is using the same power set. The symbol stamped into the front of the first hardcover represents the Windrunners because of Kaladin's awakening as a Windrunner. Also because of Szeth, but mostly because of Kaladin We know that glyphs can be written in many pictoral forms. In the surge table, they’re written to style as a sword (WoB), in the table of dissonance as (speculated) an animal, but the last quote suggests they represent the same overall glyph. Additionally, we know that Szeth is using the same power set but is not using Radiant-powers. And, we know that there are 3 sets of 10 powers; surges, voids and something relating to fabrials. I hypothesise that voidbinding voids correspond to surgebinding surges, except for the manner in which one obtains these powers (spren-bond versus other means, possibly relating to Szeth’s oathstone). Therefore, if predicting the future is a voidbind (as is alluded to in WoK), some manipulation of time is also a surge. There may also be Void orders - Ghostbloods maybe? There’s also an interesting extrapolation to do with Shardblades. Syl has stated that she prefers Dalinar once he gave up ‘that thing he carried’ (his shardblade) Also, we know that the Radiants abandoned their blades and Taravangian says to Szeth: “that monstrosity of a shardblade you carry” Q: Was Syl’s appearance and behavior caused by Kaladin giving up his shardblade? A: It was a major fundamental factor in what happened between them. So it seems that honorspren/ radiant-binding spren have some aversion to shardblades for some reason; this may be why Szeth does not surgebind, but voidbinds? We also know that he is not allowed to give up his blade which ties in to this theory. This theory is slightly complicated by the fact that we are told: Q: Is there a functional/structural difference between modern-day Shardplate and the stuff the Radiants wore? Did the Radiants have to use infused gems to keep their suits going or could they just 'breathe in' Stormlight and feed the suit off of their 'inhaled' reserves? A: Something is different. You will find out what. Q:Is there any ramifications to the holder of a shard blade for using a blade in a manner that it wasn't intended? A:Depends on the type of Shardblade. (You have seen three different kinds in TWoK.) For most, no. For some, most certainly. So we cannot be sure if this is Syl’s aversion to all shardblades or just one type. However, 3 types of shardblade could correspond to the 3 types of magic; Honorspren might only like honorblades, regular shardblades might be part of the fabrial set and Szeth’s ‘monstrosity’ might be some kind of voidblade. Also, on the point of voidbinding, we know from Navani’s notebook translation { Link to wiki, search for Navanis Notebook } that fabrials are powered by trapped spren (you could say, a spren Bonded to a gemstone). Surgebinding required bonding to spren, but what about voidbinding? Szeth is the most likely potential voidbinder we have seen, and the only similar item I can think of is his oathstone. Some kind of oath, perhaps, secured in an item is necessary to gain voidbinding powers? Q: With Szeth, the Assassin in White, is he tied to the [Oath]stone or is it a genetic thing or is it kind of like a spren? A: RAFO Q:What did Szeth do to become a Truthless, and is there anything else involved in being a Truthless that we haven't seen?" A: Szeth was perceived as betraying his people in a fundamental way, and you will learn more about that when his book comes along. Q:Is Szeth bound to a spren? A: No. He's not. Q: Was Vallano, Szeth's grandfather, also a Truthless? And if not, what did he do to disgrace the Shin? A: No, Vallano was not Truthless. Szeth was a very respected member of his society, once. There are clues to what happened in his story, but you won't hear it in full until he gets his book. (Which will include his flashbacks.) Q: Is Kaladin naturally stronger than Szeth in using Stormlight? Szeth can only hold onto it for a few minutes, but Kaladin has been shown to hold onto it for much longer. Or does it have to do with Kaladin having a spren? A: Ah, so you all noticed that, did you. Glad you did. I have like a dozen things I nearly posted here, but all of them spoil a scene in Words of Radiance. So I'll just zip it for now. Voidbinding and Surgebindings probably have their own set of limitations. Surgebindings may be more powerful but perhaps voidbing can be done to anyone, via an oath-bond, or perhaps it has more far-reaching applications. Apologies for the ramblings!
  22. So I don't know if this means anything or if anyone else has touched on this, but Kalad, the name attached to the secret army referred to as Kalad's Phantoms in Warbreaker is a shortened version of Kaladin's name, the prmary character in The Stormlight Archive. Now since the events of Warbreaker supposedly happened before the Stormlight Archive, that isn't actually provable at this moment. So could Kaladin somehow end up on Nalthis and be a part of its history? Or could someone from his bridge crew or someone else inspired by him become a worldhopper and end up on Nalthis, using Kaladin's name or a variation of it to uphold his inspiration?
  23. Is Talenel the Herald of Honor? If so, he shows up in Kaladin's story, and Kaladin has Honorspren. IF this is correct, then perhaps each Herald will show him or herself in each book. I know it's holey, but maybe?
  24. Hello, guys! I just made my account today, been meaning to do it for months. Anyway, I read the article that TOR put up where Branmdon Sanderson annouced the Words of Radiance title (who here didn't read it lol) and I learned a lot of other cool stuff, like Szeth having his own book and so on. So the first book belonged to Kaladin, the second will be Shallan's, the third will be Szeth and the fifth will be Dalinar's. So who do you guys want the fourth to belong to? I personally would love to see a book for Navani. I love her, she's awesome and I have a soft spot for tech inventors. But i believe it could also belong to Adolin. Ibelieve these two are the most likely (I would like it to be Navani's). But i think a book for Tarvangian would be pretty cool too. And he's old, so theose flashbacks could go pretty deep and far back. Sio, again, my question is: who would you like the fourth book to brlong to?