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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, so I have recently been spending a fair amount of time thinking about spren weapons and the limits of their adaptability. Some known facts for consideration at the start: Spren weapons can take on a multitude of forms (Sword, spear, long knife, shield, and of a course a fork) Spren weapons are cognitive entities manifest in the physical realm with the following properties. They can cut through physical matter with little to no resistance, affecting the matter in the physical realm (i.e. cutting a convenient hidey hole to wait out a high storm or digging a latrine). They can block other spren weapons They can be blocked by shardplate (which seems to be another physical manifestation of a cognitive realm entity, or assemblage of cognitive realm entities). When they cut through a sentient being, they sever part of that beings connection to the spiritual realm, and if they cut through the beings spine, they sever the connection to the spiritual realm completely resulting in death (and the windows to the soul also turn into puffs of smoke) Some important preliminary considerations: When spren weapons change shape, is there some sort of conservation of mass that takes place? I.e. is there a limit to the volume that a spren weapon can occupy before it looses it's funcitonality? Does the inherent power of the spren blade change with the shape of the weapon (i.e. does a 40 ft long spear, with low density due to its mass being spread out into a large volume affect the object in the physical and cognitive realms with as much potential for change, as say a 1 ft long 1/64" diameter shard needle would (which would be far, far denser than the spear)? Is there an upper limit and a lower limit to the size that a spren weapon can take on? (i.e. could you use a microscopic spren weapon to sever the nucleus of an atom, or could you use a 200 foot long 40 foot wide at the head spatula with spikes to smite an entire enemy battalion?) How far away from the KR could the spren maintain it's manifestation as a weapon? (Could you with a powerful spyglass, and a spren arrow, take out an enemy fused from 300 yards like Teleb's arrow shot at Dalinar). If there are limits to the size of the spren weapon, can a KR use stormlight to increase the mass of their spren weapon to allow for larger more powerful spren weapons? Do spren weapons need to be based on in-world objects? (i.e. does there have be a cognitive pattern for a spren to be based on?) Can spren weapons have moving parts? (i.e. could you have a pair of spren garden shears, where the spren is both handles, the joining screw and the blades of the shears, or can a spren weapon only be a more unitary whole? It seems to me that a spren weapon mimicking a spear is comprised of at least 2 separate parts that make up the whole of the spear (the haft and the blade) so it seems logical to assume that spren weapons can be multi-part in design). All the preliminaries out of the way here is the fun speculation part: Spren Arrow: Imagine if you will, a suitably stormlight powered knight, with a shard bow and a never ending quiver of the same spren arrow. Convenient that the fused can all be taken down by a shot to the heart (there is wisdom in Bon Jovi). One KR so equipped, and also wearing unlashable shardplate could easily take out a legion of flying fused. Spren Cage of Death: Ok, so depending on if you can create more substantive matter for your spren weapon or not by feeding of Stormlight, here is another possibility. A KR, without access to shardplate, could conceivable instruct their spren to become a ball, shaped kind of like a land mine (with lots of sharp projecting bits), that would fully encapsulate said KR. This being done, a small eye slit is left in said ball so that the knight radiant can see and possibly some more holes to work their lashings. Then, like in Kaladin's fight with fused in Kholinar, cross purpose gravitational lashings are used to create motion and spin, and then the KR rotating spinning death ball crashes through a whole phalanx of the fused that can change their carapace). End of phalanx. Spren Kusarigama (or Ninja chain sickle): Imagine if you will, an edgedance gliding through a crowded formation of enemy fused, spinning like a freaking top, wielding a Kusarigame (that awesome weapon from Martial Arts movies that is a stick, attached to a chain which is attached to a sickle). Sounds like a gemheart breaker to me, of course this edgedancer would probably also need to be wearing shardplate. Death Needle: Say you have a KR with an uncanny ability to see (like a truthwatcher), looking at an enemy general 200 yards away. Why, just point your hand truthwatcher and have your spren death needle course the 600 ft of distance in the time it took you to think about it, to shatter that poor beast's gemheart. Tripwire: Say you need to capture an enemy, why not have your friendly neighborhood lightweaver paint herself into a corner where the target is known to frequent. As she sees said target approaching, she, with the speed of thought, sends out a razor sharp trip wire across the target's path and after the target's spiritual connection to his/her legs is severed, changes her spren weapon into an an anvil to comically knock said target out with. I could do this all day, but sadly I have to work. Looking forward to your ideas on pushing the envelope of what spren weapons could do.