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Found 4 results

  1. I read an almost essay length answer about speed feruchemy a while ago, which covered a well written theory on how speed worked. They said it was slowing down the time it took to perform actions (speed=distance├Ětime). When bleeder uses speed, she's seen as a blur Of course we know another thing that makes speed look like a blur. Bendalloy bubbles. I propose that speed slows down the time it takes to complete actions by essentially erecting a miniature bendalloy bubble around the user (and specifically the user) that's intensity varies with the amount of speed being tapped from the steelmind and a cadium bubble when the user is filling. admittedly the cadium bit is less solid as it doesn't slow time for the user but makes them seem as if they are 'moving through molasses' but the first part holds. Lemme know what you all think! If I can find it I'll link the original paper in the message somewhere. store a percentage of,the shorter period of time.
  2. So speed is a measurement of distance over time. Take 1 regular person and 1 steel Ferring, put them against each other in a 50 meter dash. Obviously the Steelrunner will win, but why? They won because they got a faster time, not because they traveled more distance. In that scenario the distance is 50 meters for both people. That doesn't change. The only thing that changes is the time it takes them. Steelrunners store personal time. on the flip side, I cannot picture in my head how someone would store distance, but idk I could be convinced. I am guessing there is someone smarter than me that can tell me why I am wrong about this
  3. Some thoughts on tapping speed for a full feruchemist. How does increased/decreased speed work? Do the electrons in your nerves move quicker/slower? Does your reference to time change? Do you perceive time at the same speed and react faster, or does it feel like relativity where you pass more time than those around you? I was rereading WOA and got to the part where Sazed is filling several metalminds, and I was thinking, isn't there a better way? He's feeble, numb, can't see well, etc for an extended period of time. Why not store up some speed, then rapidly fill your metalminds, so you only have to deal with this for a couple minutes? If your perception of time follows relativity, then this still feels like a long time filling your metalminds, but at least you aren't vulnerable to outside attacks (such as disease) for as long.
  4. I'm confused by how Bleeder could use Feruchemical Steel to shoot a bunch of people at Winsting Innate's auction. Sure, she'd be fast enough to run around the room and shoot at the criminals, but the gun wouldn't be mechanically able to fire, cock again, and fire again five times in the space of a second. I was really surprised when I read that. How did she do it? Did she have a bunch of guns? Does your steel speed extend to the stuff you're touching/using? Was it just a mistake?