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Found 2 results

  1. Faleast was puzzled by this place. He had come seeking power, but there were clear gaps of understanding among the populace. For starters, why was there this temple in the middle of Nebrask? He had found no such record of such a place, and yet there were several maps guiding them there. Why? He resolved to explore this sanctum further. Down into the depths, he found plenty of chalk, but still no answers. He was trying to examine a curious mural, when someone sprang up behind him. He swore, but was not fast enough. The keepers of this universe were dissatisfied, and he would be their next victim. Ashbringer was killed. He was a Rithmatist. Item Supply: Player List: This Day will end on February 17th at 8 PM CST.
  2. TJ was searching for the promised land. With his map, he was trying to locate a defensible location with plenty of items. Following the trail inscribed on it, he found an ancient temple, that predated all the Rithmatists. Along with a host of items, there, in the center of the room was a vigilant Shadowblaze, keeping watch over his home. He uttered a prayer of thanks to the Master. Unfortunately, in his reverence, he did not notice the Forgotten creeping behind him with a knife. TJ had reached the promised land, and would go no further. A Respected Madman was searching for the promised land. He didn't believe in this war anymore. Forgotten, Rithmatist, what did it matter? He just wanted a warm bed and a warm meal. It didn't matter to him who was in charge. And so, he was gathering supplies. In the midst of this all out war, he would need as many Bribes as he could muster. He took one last look at the Camp, and counting his supplies, he decided he had enough. He sneaked away under the cover of darkness that night. He had reached the promised land, and would go no further. The Forgotten were searching for the promised land. They wanted a world free from Nebrask, free from the Rithmatists, free from the shackles that had confined them for so long. They had already suffered two casualties on this mission, but they would do whatever it took. They had finally started their coup, and no band of Rithmatists would stand in their way. They had reached the promised land, and they would go further. TJ Shade has died. He was a Rithmatist. STINK has completed his win condition, and has left the Camp. He was the Thief. Camp Supply: Player List: This Day will end at 8 PM CST on February 11th.