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Found 104 results

  1. Welcome to Mid-Range game 40! It takes place about five years before the events of Skyward. A group of Disputers have decided it is time to change the Defiant culture with a little defiance of their own. Rules doc, for better formatting Alignments: Defiant Defense Force - Your job is normally to aid in the effort of battling Krell, but a new threat has risen in the cavern depths that demands your attention. A small number of Disputers - an eccentric counter-culture movement - aim to cripple the DDF. You must stop them before it threatens the survival of the entire Defiant League. The DDF wins when all the Disputers have been arrested or killed. Disputers - Defiant culture has gone too far. The jingoistic teachings are indoctrinating the citizens, and often leading them straight to their deaths. You are members of the DDF who are tired of seeing your friends killed because they feel it is their obligation. While you understand and sympathize with the fight against the Krell, you believe there is a better way. You believe now is the time to start the change and stop the hero-worship of the DDF and First Citizens. The Disputers win when they reach parity with, or out number the DDF members. The Disputers have access to a kill every cycle. Any member can use their role action to submit the kill. General Rules: 48-hour cycles, day/night combined No vote minimum to make an arrest PMs are closed, unless player possesses a radio To create a PM, message the GM with the target. If it is a valid target, the GM will open the communication line at the end of the turn. (See Radio item for further) One role action and one item action per cycle Roles: Items: When a player is arrested or killed, all items are taken back to the quartermaster to be available for purchase. Chits will be distributed randomly among those involved in the arrest or death. Sign-ups will close at 10 p.m. PST on Sunday, February 16. @Devotary of Spontaneity is the IM this game! Player List Quick Links Rule Clarifications and Updates
  2. Cuna is living proof Winzik lied. Winzik claimed that Spensa killed Cuna at the end of Starsight. Spensa actually hid them so that the people Winzik sent after them couldn’t find them. The fact that Cuna is alive should prove to the people of the Superiority that Winzik is a liar with twisted intentions. I think that either Winzik will once again send people to kill them or the story will reach the people.
  3. From the album 3D Skyward Stuff

    I recently read through Skyward/Starsight and decided to make some of the ships that are in it. Here's the Poco.
  4. From the album Cosmere stuffs

    It's the best fren! On a cake! Yes, I know she doesn't have eyes. Don't kill me.
  5. From the album Cosmere stuffs

    This is my message to all those who claim that guys can't do artsy stuff like cake decorating.
  6. From the album Crocheted Doomslug

    My crocheted and posable version of Doomslug. I'm considering adding googly eyes, but I'm not sure yet!
  7. From the album Crocheted Doomslug

    My crocheted and posable version of Doomslug. I'm considering adding googly eyes, but I'm not sure yet!
  8. From the album Skyward Lego

    M-Bot, in Lego form! I've been working on this in bits and pieces (literally) ever since I read Skyward. Finished it about a month ago, and it's taken me this long to get around to taking some decent photos of it and uploading it here. I used Ben McSweeney's illustrations from Skyward as reference. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, though I wish I had a curved cockpit windshield in my collection-- I had to make do with the straight windshield piece you see here. Anyways, more angles on this model below. Angled top view: Angled top, wings forward (yes, they move): Rear: Side, angled: Profile (just pretend those two black stands aren't there): Front: Bottom (note the light-lance and acclivity ring ): And yes, the acclivity ring moves (though its range of motion is nowhere near what's described in the book): Spensa in the cockpit, control sphere in the right hand, throttle in the left (I almost mixed that up ): And one last picture of Spensa and M-Bot, to top it all off:

    © September 2019 Zath. That's me. I made this. No stealin', okay?

  9. Does anyone know when Skyward 3 is predicted to come out?
  10. So I was rereading a thread where somebody asked why Spensa heard stars and Jorgen heard slugs. I answered that it’s because Spensa never cared for Detritus and longed to explore the sky and beyond the debris field, while Jorgen saw Detritus as his home and as he told Gran Gran, he didn’t want to escape it - he wanted to protect it. The fact that this mindset causes him to hear Taynix implies that the Taynix are the key to saving Detritus. Thoughts?
  11. skyward

    I have chosen call sign Chortle. It is this because I laugh ALOT especially in inappropriate moments so I am called chortle. What us y'alls call signs?
  12. Something my siblings and I came up with. Just imagine... Cobb as a yoga instructor. "Alright, today you cadets are gonna practice warrior poses 'til your scudding legs fall off." "Kimmalyn, you call that a downward dog?" "The krell are gonna eat you alive if you go into battle with this much tension!" There. 10 seconds of your life that you'll never get back.
  13. I realize it isn’t cosmetic but I have questions. Also I haven’t read starsight so even though my question doesn’t have spoiler potential I just want to be careful. I think it’s a silly question, but what color is the cadets pin and what color is the pilots pin. It mentions that they are different colors, but I can't remember which is which. Can you remind me?
  14. How did M-Bot not notice that Doomslug was hyperjumping to move around when he has such sensitive and powerful short range sensors-?
  15. Hey there Sharders! Bearer here. I just wanted to make a thread for the Saint. I mean, as the Saint always said, 'If you have a good Idea, speak it, or forever hold your peice.' This thread is for sharders to make as the Saint always said sayings.
  16. I recently watched one of Brandon Sandersons livestreams in which one of the questions was if he put reference to other media in his books and for the most part the answer was no, but the exception was the 1956 film Forbidden Planet starring Leslie Nielson in which an advanced race called the Krell was wiped out under unknown circumstances. which I think is so cool because this is one of my top fave movies of all time and it's a really cool reference. For those who do not know, and who do not care about spoilers, I will share two clips from the film and we can discus both this book and the film if you want, or just the book. But I had a bit of a fangirl moment as soon as I read the name Krell so I just had to share it. The first clip does not talk about the Krell but the second one does.
  17. Towards the end of Chapter 18 of Skyward, Spensa tells M-Bot a story about a writer who woke up one day only to discover that his shadow had vanished. With the passage of time, the shadow eventually came back. The shadow explained to its master that it traveled the world and had "come to understand men." In fact, the shadow understood men better than its master and had seen evil in the hearts of the men of the land. The shadow soon persuaded its master to switch places with it so it could show him the world. Unfortunately, the shadow would never let him go free. Instead, the shadow married a princess and became wealthy while the real man wasted away. Due to her cytonic abilities, Spensa feels like she is the shadow in this story which is reinforced by the kitsen's name for people with cytonic abilities, 'shadow-walkers' (chapter 17). We learn the kitsen had cytonics, or shadow-walkers, among them but their people did not trust them. Eventually the shadow-walkers left the kitsen homeworld effectively stranding the kitsen for centuries until the Superiority made contact (chapter 20). Prediction: Spensa will have to face the difficult decision of somehow giving up her cytonic abilities or leaving the humans for good. I don't know how that will work out but while she's a shadow-walker, she won't be trusted and perhaps she won't even trust herself. So many possibilities though. Who knows what will happen? I can't wait for the next book!
  18. There was only one... But now there are 2!
  19. Here's a video of a little game I made based on Starsight. It's kind of like Asteroids, and it's not meant to be very textually accurate, just reminiscent of Starsight elements. (The ship, of course, is M-Bot.) Starsight.mp4
  20. Here is a new and improved version of a game I recently posted, now with a light-lance included! Here's a video of the gameplay. Not very high quality video, but it works. starsight2.mp4
  21. Today Brandon replied to some Reddit threads about his 2020 plans after he finishes Rhythm of War, and talked about the timeline for The Lost Metal! Hooray details, hooray Brandon being transparent with us. Please note that these aren't surefire things, and this is the "perfect world" sort of scenario. First up: looks like Rhythm of War is taking a week or so longer than planned, with its turn in date now being July 10th (it was originally July 1st). The Stormlight novella, which will part of The Way of Kings leatherbound kickstarter tiers, will be up next. Brandon plans to write it mid-July to mid-August, beta read it late August, and then do revisions in early October. Lastly, the copyedit done mid-October, to get to people a month before Rhythm of War. To me this is a pretty tight timeline, and Brandon does admit things can slide and he'll try to be up-front about it. The novella may not be called Wandersail, as that is the ship's name, but this novella doesn't have to do with Hoid's story in The Way of Kings. Later in the year, he will work on Skyward 3, then with the goal to begin The Lost Metal, the fourth Mistborn Era 2 story, on January 1st, 2021. After that, it's the fourth and final Skyward book, with a target for starting on Stormlight 5 the following January. Also, Brandon wants to fit in a "quick draft" of Songs of the Dead (formerly Death by Pizza), and probably will push back a revision of The Apocalypse Guard a bit later. So, you know, I'd say that after Rhythm of War finishes, fitting in a novella, Skyward 3, Lost Metal, Skyward 4, that's pretty productive for the time in-between Stormlights. That doesn't even include any of the other projects, like Apocalypse Guard, Songs of the Dead, Alcatraz 6, or whatever else that might pop up. Sounds good to me. In case you missed it: Brandon posted a large blog post on The Way of Kings leatherbound Kickstarter, which has updated tiers from what we previously reported. The Kickstarter goes live July 7th!
  22. When Brade tested her weapon inside the delver maze I got the impression that she actually pressed a button in her cockpit to use it. This means that the Superiority have a way to broadcast cytonic hyperspace coordinates. Presumably the weaponised version was using a lot more power than the version that they use for the taynix, and it was a wide broadcast rather than a narrow one. I'm going to further presume that something about artificially putting the coordinates in the taynixs mind is what causes it to scream when they enter the nowhere. Further to this, I'm going to presume that the method of hyperspace was basically the same for the original crew of the Defiant, except that the engine crew was responsible for giving the taynix the coordinates rather than using a computer of some sort. I think that the Superiority learning how to "program" a taynix would have been what allowed them to win the second galactic war and that part of the reason a third war started was an attempt to stop the Superiority from using the technology, due to the danger it posed to the galaxy. If any of this is even remotely close, than I think that book 3 will see the population of Detritus being evacuated to ReDawn by Alanik on a captured Superiority battlecruiser using the taynix colony that Jorgen found.
  23. Hey all. When I am bored I sometimes get around to programming things. I'm not cool like that, and I don't know any of those languages. But I DO use Scratch. For those, who don't know, Scratch makes coding really basic with "blocks" of coding. Anyways, hopefully one day I'll get around to the real thing. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I made a kind of inaccurate Skyward game--ah, let's say game inspired by Skyward. You are flying M-Bot who is for some reason letting you access only his destructors and nothing else, and you are a pilot who urgently wants to destroy all the asteroids in some asteroid belt until your shield goes down. Get to work. This is it. I do plan to make more interesting Sanderson-based games in the future. Currently I'm trying to work out the mechanics of Surgebinding, though that's proving very hard. It's a good thing I like a good challenge.
  24. I'm not a great poet, but I did this for school. (Spensa's viewpoint As if Spensa would write an ode.) Doomslug, my love for you is beyond measure Your beautiful blue hue is always in my mind Your mysterious speed is only used when I’m blind Your company is what keeps me sane Without you I would fall to my emotional pain M-bot’s fascination with mushrooms makes me worried But with you by my side we can keep him satisfied Doomslug whatever would I do if you died? But I would rather not think about that As long as you repeat after me all negative thoughts can scat
  25. From the album Cosmic Tales Painting

    Spensa blasts into the world of these readers.