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Found 148 results

  1. I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier. Nale is a Skybreaker of the fifth Oath. If the Skybreakers get Plate as part of their Radiant progression, Nale should have a nice shiny set of living Shardplate.
  2. We saw when Dalinar bonded the Stormfather that he would not have a shard blade. I wonder whether this is the case for all Bondsmiths, and whether it applies to shardplate as well. Presumably a bondsmith could still wear shardplate without any issues. Also, I always got the impression that the Stormfather refused to be his blade out of pride, is there anything actually stopping the Stormfather from becoming his shardblade? Presumably, if Dalinar could be persuasive enough then the Stormfather may be convinced to become his blade. Feel free to correct me wherever I may be wrong. I welcome your input.
  3. I'm sure this has been postulated before in various forms but I can't find exactly where to post this crazy theory. Apologies if this is the wrong place. I'll be brief. Theory: Shardplate is grown or extruded just like parshendi armor. It, like carapace armor, is a second skin. Postulated: Existing shardplate retains its basic decorations and structure while conforming to its bearer even if not we'll documented in drawings/paintings. Fact: Shardblades not from current Knights radiant are only MOSTLY dead. Corollary 1: Shardplate is still connected to Knights radiant of the past who are only MOSTLY dead. Corollary 2: those undead Knights radiant did not slam their Shardblades into the ground abandoning them, seeing as their shardplate still works. Corollary 3: The spren/Shardblades of the undead radiants are out there somewhere in the cognitive thus accounting for the missing Shardblades. OK just wanted to log this theory somewhere.
  4. I was reading this other thread about the strength of Shardplate, then it dawned on me, the real topic here. Can Shardplate fly? Dalinar's vision showed a healing Radiant order in flight. I think focusing on strength is useful and entertaining but in the end pointless. Brandon Sanderson will make a character just as strong as the needs of his narrative. Investiture is malleable with resonances and differing Knights being near one another and when you add Investiture from other worlds, anything is possible, just not likely for the plot, but possible sure. I'm sure most of his WoBs are answered with that in mind. Possible, just not likely. What I really want, nay, need to know is if KR Shardplate can FLY! Any KR, likely with the needs of the novel and the acts of the Archive, every Knight will need to fly. I'm almost sure of it, but maybe we won't see it until most Radiants are on oath 5 and in Book 6 after the big in-world time break. I can't wait to read Lift's book when she is 23 or 24 but still believes herself 10. It will be hilarious. Can someone ask this when he is on tour? Will advanced oathed Knights Radiant have flying Shardplate? Not the Gravitation surge Windrunners use to make gravity change, well maybe so, not sure about specifics. I can just imagine it. Several squadrons of Shardplated knights in airborn combat formation, extra long Shardspears in hand battling the Fused. That will surely change established tactics with a 3 Dimensional battlefield.
  5. From the album My Stormlight Artwork

    A concept piece of what a shardplate helm might look like if a full radiant was wearing it.
  6. What are shardblades made of? I found interesting things relating to shard-things in the stormlight books and they are weird to say the least. The first interesting thing is that they are lighter than it seems they should be, and that is usually the first that comes to mind. My theory is that shard-things are made of alluminum because 1. it is too-light and 2. kaladin has tried to lash shardplate or blade and he cant affect it, the same way that allomantic pushes and pulls (along with emotional allomancy) cant affect alluminum or something covered in alluminum. my third reason is that either syl or pattern replied to their respective radiant that they "were limited" to the metal that makes up shardblades and plate because it "has a special connection to the bond". Alluminum has done weird things to magic systems for some reason. I would like to year all of your thoughts
  7. Someday I'll get around to organising and dumping all my artfiles. I think the concept behind this came into being after seeing re-runs of the cartoon series Xiaolin Showdown on TV, and the stylised opening titles inspired me. It makes a good desktop background. FULL SIZE: Featuring: 1. Perpetual left swipe 2. Highprince of projection 3. Totally spy 4. Demon crabgirl 5. Vorin fundie 6. Machiavelli grandpa Some notes I wanted to add: I have no idea what Pattern's blade form is like (other than glowing red designs) since he changes shape in every sword appearance. But Shardblades appear out of mist so I assumed Pattern sort of went blurry on the edges and phased into swordform. Taravangian's rock isn't really a cool weapon, but I didn't want to put Szeth in there because Szeth is not actually on the "doing bad things" side anymore. I wanted each "villain" to be the enemy or the opposite of the "heroes" piece, as Amaram is to Kaladin. Szeth didn't really fit there and the most appropriate named person I could think of for Shallan was the guy who pretty much killed a quarter of Jah Keved. I tried to keep the heights and sizes canonically proportional, but Shallan is around 20-25cm (8-10") shorter than Kaladin and so should be at his chin-level if I was being accurate. I upsized her (maybe she's standing on a box like they use when filming kissing scenes?) to make the heights slope evenly But Eshonai really is a 215cm (7') giant who towers over all the human characters when she's in Shardplate. I always imagined Amaram to look like the Alethi model illustration in the fashion folio from WoR. And his uniform is a similar design to the Kholin officer one, but in green with rectangular shoulder patches and yellow and white piping. He also has flash cufflinks and cravat stickpin.
  8. Could someone explain how shardplate exists? I don't think that it is a spren but must be something in the cognitive realm. Also how do you think Zahels Nightblood would stand against the Plate?
  9. From the album Way of Kings Sketches

    I did this in the space of 2 days, completely freehand, combining multiple different shardplate ideas into this.
  10. My theory is fairly simple, (so you should have very few problems tearing it down ). Basically, here is the issue. The Radiants did not all have light blue eyes. Only the Windrunners did, because their Gemstone was sapphire. Since Kaladin's eyes turn blue when he Surgebinds, it stands to reason that Radiants of other orders will have their eyes turn the color of there order. So Why does dead Shardplate, from any order, turn it's wearer's eyes blue? The only instance of this that we've actually seen is with Moash, and while it's possible that his armor was Windrunner armor, it seems unlikely that every single darkeyes to take hold of dead plate happened to obtain Windrunner armor (this is assuming that there is some truth in the legends). So, my suggestion is this: the only reason Moash's eyes slowly began to turn blue is because that is what he though would happen. We know that dead Shardplate is somewhat Invested, since it is "charged" by gemstones. So, Moash, or anybody wearing dead Shardplate, would have some investiture to utilize. Everybody at the moment thinks of Shardbearers as lighteyes, and so Moash is slowly using that investiture to turn himself into one. As would anybody else in dead plate. Ideas?
  11. stormlight archive

    How is shardplate that is completely destroyed, renewed?
  12. Hi everyone, I am hoping that I can get some help filling in this chart with either facts or educated guesses or wild speculative guesses. Corrections are also welcome. This post assumes that related but lesser spren become shardplate (e.g. Syl’s cousins, the wind spren, become Windrunner shardplate). However, the comments about Jasnah and Dalinar have me wondering. Note 1, does the following refer to Jasnah's potential shardplate? That makes it sound like Cryptics are her shardplate? I am sure this is not right but would love other explanations. Note 2, doe the following refer to Dalinar's shardplate? If so, are these lightspren? Is there some sort of non-evil stormlight spren? Is this the same light as: Channeling my inner Pattern, both truth and lies in response to this would be appreciated.
  13. If we were to follow the idea that Shardplate consists of lesser Spren (windspren for windrunners, creationspren for Lightweavers, gloryspren for Bondsmiths), Sja-anat's ability to corrupt becomes far more dangerous than imagined. Maybe her ability, by corrupting the Spren, result in a Surgebinder not being able to summon their Shardplate (as she has now influenced them). We know that hungerspren don't get corrupted, (and they don't seem to be the kind of Spren that could make Shardplate). We do see gloryspren, creationspren, lifespren and many others corrupted by Sja-anat's influence. This could be just one aspect of her ability, and if the theory that that is the manner in which Shardplate is made, she seems even more dangerous than previously thought. The ability to remove the KRs defence leaves them in harms way. I do realise that their are other types of Spren which are affected by her abilities, maybe these are for different reasons than mentioned above. What do you guys think?
  14. Hello everybody, I'm new around here, but here goes: During Dalinar's first vision where he brings Queen Fen in, Dalinar takes the place of one of the two radiants in the vision. He and windrunner radiant are on their way to save the village from the midnight essence attack. Dalinar decides to do some probing and tells the windrunner that he's having trouble summoning and dismissing his Shardplate, to which the windrunner replies, "Talk to Harkaylain, or your spren." So who is Harkaylain, and why would he/she know about fixing malfunctioning shardplate? Harkaylain was also mentioned in this vision in WoK as someone who is predicting a desolation (and seems to have a knack for getting desolation timing right).
  15. From the album The Doodlestorm Cometh

    A shardplate doodle I did recently- not sure why I chose green...
  16. From the album Shardplate Renders

    Mood lighing
  17. Ok, friends, I apologize if this has already been discussed before. I searched for a post about it and couldn't find one, so I figured I'd open the discussion if it doesn't already exist. I've been noticing what I feel to be a quiet trend going on in the Cosmere - Silver. I would like your opinions on what this could mean or if i'm just plain crazy. Silver is not always in a meaningful spot within the Cosmere (clothing, decor, etc)... but when it does appear in a meaningful role, it seems to work the same way throughout the Cosmere. Considering how often Silver makes an appearance, it seems apparent that the metal is present on all of the cosmere worlds... some of those worlds seem to have discovered its very special uses and effects. Just to name a few key examples of silver making notable appearances within the Cosmere: Nalthis - Nightblood's sheath. To contain Nightblood's immense powers and abilities, he is kept within a silver sheath. When Nightblood is even slightly released from this sheath, his power is also released and he influences his surroundings. Like taking the cap off of something that kept him "bottled" up. Threnody - Silence Montane's dagger. Silver (weapons/dust) is the only thing on Threnody known to touch/harm/ward against shades... hence Silence's silver dagger. Silver can even heal a whither wound that has recently been caused by a shade. Silver on Threnody is widely known and coveted because of its effectiveness against shades. This is important because shades are, presumably, connected to/from/part of the spiritual realm. And yet silver is the one known defense that can touch/fight/resist them without ill effect. Scadrial - Electrum. I've always wondered why silver itself wasn't technically an allomantic metal... it seems like it should be. It does, however, show up in the Silver+Gold alloy known as Electrum. As near as I can tell, Electrum is the only metal of the 16 metals that is powerful enough to neutralize a God Metal (Atium) in another allomancer. "Thank you, Silver... because without you, Gold alone would only let me see my possible past self. With you, however, I can see all of my future selves - disabling Atium's advantage for its user. Whew!" Silver saves the day again! Roshar - Shardplate, shardblades, (and half-shards?). The shardplate(s) and shardblades of Roshar are repeatedly referred to as silver. Let's start with a few quotes. WoK Prologue mentioned Szeth's honorblade: "Szeth turned and continued on his way, slippered feet falling on the soft red rug. The Shardblade, as always, glistened silver and clean." ... and before that, the WoK Prelude mentioned shardplate itself: "Juxtaposed between them were others in gleaming plate armor. One group walked past, four men in their ragged tanned skins or shoddy leather joining a powerful figure in beautiful silver plate, amazingly intricate. Such a contrast." Along with many MANY other examples and quotes throughout WoK and WoR that (other than paint and ornamentation) repeatedly refer to Shardplate and shardblades as silver or "silvery metal." Crazy questions: In keeping with this silver theory here, is this what spren become when they transform into shardblades? they imitate/become silver? Could this be why shardblades can block/hit other shardblades and yet cut through everything else as if it wasn't even there? When the Vedens manufactured "half-shards," were they made of silver? Shallan encountered a keyhole at the Oathgate (at the end of WoR) that was "made of the same stuff" as a shardblade, as she put it. It doesn't seem implied that a spren had transformed into said keyhole... but rather unlike shardblades, no spren was involved. I theorize that no spren is necessary for this "stuff" (silver?) to exist in the physical realm. Therefore, the keyhole could possibly be made of simple silver. It's possible that the Vedens have managed to create their half-shards simply by discovering the proper metal to use when forging them. 1.) Have some Veden smiths forge shields of silver. 2.) Power the shield with infused gemstones (just like shardplate). 3.) and VIOLA! ...Half-Shard? ... Crazy crazy questions bouncing around my head. At any rate, one thing that seems certain to me is that silver is very special within the cosmere. It's possible that its effects and influence span across all three realms at once! I'm not saying that everything described as "silver" or "silvery" has some profound meaning behind it... but there might just be a bit of a cosmere-sized trend here. To me, if there really is a trend, it seems that silver can "counter" powers within the cosmere. Like shielding nightblood, touching/harming shades, mixing with gold to allow an allomancer to negate the effects of atium, stopping/blocking a shardblade's attack, etc... If anyone in the Cosmere knows what's going on, it's Hoid... and even he keeps a silver sword handy. "Wit picked his way through the groups of attendants, holding a cup of wine in one hand, silver sword belted at his side." "Wit sat on a raised stool at the end of the bridge leading onto the island. Wit actually dressed as a lighteyes should—he wore a stiff black uniform, silver sword at his waist." Seems like Hoid knows something about the benefits and usefulness of silver that we don't. Can you guys think of anymore examples? ...or am I crazy? What does silver mean to the Cosmere?
  18. Not a theory this time! We have several instances where dalinar ponders the wisdom of only having shardplate and blade for people who are warriors. Particularly when he decides to dig a latrine instead of meeting up with navani. Let's just assume that we're working with some dead spren blades and plate to avoid any of the ethical obligations revolving around being a radiant. What kinds of jobs do you think could be made easier/safer with the use of a full set of shards? Do you work anywhere that could really use a set of shards? My first instinct was mining (not a long journey, i know) purely for the potential protection from cave-ins and the precision of a shardblade for sampling or testinng areas of rock for excavation. What dangerous work, and why?
  19. I started sketching a few months back and just had to try and do something about how much the Stormlight Archive was making my head explode with happy goodness. I didn't intend for this to be any specific shardbearer but i hope this crude presentation of a little piece of my imagination finds some traction in your own.

    © ©RyuriaLtan

  20. From the album Way of Kings Short Film

    I met Brandon recently and decided to give him this remastered poster as a gift on canvas. This is now ultra HD, with the 'Linil' glyph stylised properly (Thanks to 17th Shard member BlackYeti for pointing that out), with a less distracting sky and several other small improvements. Enjoy!
  21. Would a Mistborn wearing Shardplate be able to do allomancy, or would its investiture bubble interfere with its effects?
  22. Would Shardplate be immune to steelpush and ironpull and protect its user from having his emotions rioted or soothed?
  23. So far the best use of "living" shardplate is in the chapter Starfall where we see a windrunner dismiss their helm seamlessly, and it has a glow to it unlike any "dead" shardplate. The major theory on this is that the shardplate is each intellectual Spren's cousin spren gathered and used as armor wind spren for Honorspren, etc. However I think that the Radiant's themselves are the source of the shardplate. It could be another layer of skin as it were, an attempt by their bodies to make themselves less porous and give the leaking Stormlight a place to be held in. The reason I think it's a new magical skin is because it regrows when fed Stormlight. Wouldn't the dead wind spren inhabiting said plate be unable to regrow once the bond is broken? It is Another effect of the symbiotic bond between the spren and their Knights. Thus giving the knights another means of protection while ensuring that their knights always have a source of Stormlight. It's something I haven't found a specific thread on yet.
  24. So while reading through Way of Kings again, I devised two theories, and would love some input: Thought number 1: Spren make up shardblades once the surgebinders have said the right words. In Dalinar's visions, the Radiants also have plate, but Szeth has said he can't wear plate or it will effect his powers. I believe, once more words have been said, the Spren will also be able to make up plate, eventually uniting man with Spren. Thought number 2: During an interlude chapter in The Way of Kings, we find out that spren, once measured and written down, cannot change that measurement. What if, someone, during the day of Recreance, the spren that made up the knghts Radiants Plate and Blades were somehow measured, freezing them in their current state. The Knights Radiants could no longer hear or interact with their spren, probably even suffering from touching them, as Kaladin would suffer touching a shardblade, and this is why the abandoned them. Also, now frozen, regular men could use them. If this is true, I am thinking a major plot of the series will be to rescue these spren. To find where they have been recorded, and erase that, freeing all trapped spren in the Plates and Blades, perhaps allowing even more members to join the Knights Radiant.