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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all, I have a theory about Kaladin which is in part derived from the information we know in secret project 4, and mistborn era 2 which pertains to his role in Stormlight 5. Spoilers be ahead I know Brandon doesn't like allegory but the idea is that the story of Fleet is an allegory for Kaladin's battle with depression. To summarize, Fleet is racing against the storm. He starts in Alethcar, races to the mountains staying only slightly ahead of the storm and then has a period of relative ease in the race across Azir. Then he hits the mountains of Shinovar but he's spent and tired. He's always staying just a step ahead of the storm at this point as he feels it wearing down on him. But he finally makes it over the mountains and hits the planes of Shinovar with the storm, now a trickle behind him. But it does take him in the end, he's beaten by the race and the storm and he does die. But as Wit says at the end, "So in that land of dirt and soil, our hero stopped the storm itself, and while the rain came down like tears, our Fleet refused to end this race. His body dead but not his will, within those winds his soul did rise. It blew upon the day's last song to win the race and claim the dawn. Past the sea and past the waves, our Fleet no longer lost his breath. Forever strong, forever fast, forever free to race the wind." This story is told by Wit but Wit tells it as if it's Kaladin telling the story and Wit tells Kaladin that it IS his story. "I know most stories, only the names change" Drawing the parallel, we know that Kaladin has always struggled with some degree of depression. He was born in Alethcar, but eventually made his way to as a slave to the Shattered Planes where he nearly took his own life at the chasm. I think that was his first mountain. Then through the next couple of books, he has nothing quite so grim, though he's definitely still fighting depression throughout. I think was represents the mountains of Shinovar would be his story throughout RoW. Beaten, broken, spent, and tired of everything. He has his depression eating at him from all sides but his will alone is what keeps him going. We know that Stormlight 5 will take place in parts of Shinovar. I believe that Kaladin will die in Stormlight 5. But from Secret Project 4, we know that Sigzil when he first see's Wit, he think's it's Kaladin. So that means that Kaladin is in a different form and it's dead (completely). I think that even though Kaladin will die, I think he'll either become a herald, or he'll become a cognitive shadow, but I don't think that Kaladin will pass beyond the cognitive realm.
  2. Based on what was reviled in sun lit man here is my best guess at Nomad's story post RoW. 1. The unite dawnshard is found and hoid convinces Sigzil to take it up and take it off world. 2. The dawnshard alters both his and his Spren's spirit web this unlocks new powers but brings the torment. 3. He gives up the dawn shard 4. The night brigade starts hunting him. 5. Nomad loses faith in his ideals as a result his Spren dies. 6. The event of sun lit man If I missed anything or you have a alternative time line let's discuss.
  3. Nomad/Sigzil said his oaths "ended." Not that he broke them, but that they ended. Perhaps this means that it became logically impossible for him to protect people without harming them more. For instance, perhaps a deal was made with Odium that he would not destroy Roshar as long as the Radiants wouldn't protect the people of Roshar. In that scenario, protecting people would be breaking your oaths to protect them. That could explain why Auxiliary says he is dead, but isn't an ordinary deadeyes. Then again, a lot of things could explain that. Spren didn't become deadeyes when their Knights broke oaths before the Recreance. So much is changing, and maybe something else will stop there from being deadeyes again. What do you think?
  4. After reading the released chapters of Secret Project 4, something that struck me as interesting was how Auxiliary, an apparently dead spren, was bonded to Nomad and called itself a Knight and him a Squire. While it is most likely this is just a personal quirk of his, it reminded me of how in Rhythm Of War, during adolin's trial, Maya seems to swear the First Ideal during her defence of Adolin. With Maya being a deadeyes, our current definition of a "dead" spren, I am interested if in some way these are two similar cases of a "reverse" nahel bond between a spren and a human with the spren being the one having sworn the oaths.