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Found 2 results

  1. I was reading Mistborn Prime and didnt make the connection until I read one line, but I think Sebruki was lifted straight out of Mistborn Prime and put in Shadows for Silence These lines are what made me think this: "Rosela had explained that after their mother’s death, Sebruki had decided that it was her job to take care of the house, and she did so with surprising skill. " "Kathin looked over the room. The floor was indeed a slight bit cleaner where she had scrubbed it, dark wood-lichen scrubbed away, but the change was barely noticeable. It looked like she had done the back wall as well, brushing it so hard that she had scarred the wood. There is something seriously wrong with this child, Kathin thought" In MP sebruki only lost one parent but she doesnt talk a whole lot and spends most of her time cleaning--most notably scrubbing the floors and walls. Sound familiar?
  2. So I was reading the Orem Library Signing on December 6 post and I came across this quote from zaz678: Assuming that Iyatil is actually the person Brandon is talking about and that she is a worldhopper then there is a high chance that we have seen her before somewhere. Now looking at what Brandon said about her not being from the same planet that her parents are from I can only think of how the people of Threnody had a history of migration and that some left the "homeland" or "fallen world" and moved to another continent. What if this "fallen world" was actually another planet? If all my ramblings are true and Iyatil is from Threndoy then there are only 2 people I can think of that could be her: Silence and Sebruki. Both are quite short (even though Sebruki is like 8 I think Brandon mentions that she is quite short anyway) I think Sebruki is a better match since she was really quite and deadly even as a child. So any thoughts? Also I don't know how to use quotes from other posts so can someone please tell me how to do that?