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Found 81 results

  1. Here we will be listing the official sample chapters and linking to our discussion threads for each. There may be some changes to these from previous readings. For general info, see here: Sample Chapters Prologue and Ch. 1 - Audiobook Prologue / Audiobook Ch. 1 - Discussion Chapters 2 and 3 - Audiobook Ch. 2 / Audiobook Ch. 3 - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapters 4 and 5 - Audiobook Ch. 4 / Audiobook Ch. 5 - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 6 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 7 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 8 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 9 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 10 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 11 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 12 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 13 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 14 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 15 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 16 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 17 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 18 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Chapter 19 - Audiobook - Discussion - Brandon's Annotation Syl Interlude (found in Brandon's newsletter, no public posting) - Discussion
  2. Update 7/13: Tonight Brandon put out Stormlight 4 Update #9 which says much of what we say here, elaborating that Isaac and Peter have "months" of work left to do on the book. He also said the Stormlight novella's title will be announced tomorrow, and there's a livestream Thursday. He reiterated plans we've reported here: Songs of the Dead revision this week, then after, Skyward 3, and Lost Metal starting January 1. After that, then it's Stormlight 5 time, which will be roughly the halfway point of the cosmere. Last night, Brandon finished his work on Rhythm of War, the fourth Stormlight Archive novel. On a screenshot saying "The End," you can see the word count is 459,629 words, which is a bit longer than Oathbringer's 454,000 words. Brandon shared in a Facebook comment that there are 112 chapters, plus interludes, and the prologue and epilogue. Brandon also said in his post that though the book releases in full on November (specifically, November 17th), preview chapters are coming before then. His tweet says "preview chapters soon." Hooray! Now, in previous news posts, some commenters have asked why they can't just read the ebook of this next week, so I thought I'd explain some things to the best of my ability as to what is happening next for the book. Please, anyone in the comments who know more than I do, comment away, I'd love to know more! Though Brandon is done, there's a lot more work to be done from people on Brandon's team as well as Tor. First up will be typesetting the Word document to look like an actual book. Then there's proofreading that needs to be done. There are Tor proofreaders, Peter (Brandon's assistant), but also there is a "gamma read" which is a proofread pass to a bit of a wider set of people, similar to the beta read. These books are really long, and even with so many eyes on the book, there are still typos in the final result. This is a super important phase. Nowadays, with Dragonsteel Entertainment being a reasonably big operation, Brandon doesn't need to micromanage this step, and Peter can deal with this. So while Brandon is done, the text isn't quite done yet. What else? Well, we need the art to all be finalized. I'm not exactly sure when the art needs to be turned in, but with every Stormlight book, there's tons of in-world art. Art takes a long time. I imagine plenty has been started already, but it might not be done quite yet. After all, we still don't have the US cover art. But I imagine the sheer weight of interior art takes a long time. Next up, there's the audiobook. Over half of Starsight's sales were audiobooks, if I recall correctly, so this is likely a large fraction of the audience. Oathbringer's audiobook is 55 hours, 5 minutes. I have to imagine actually recording it, doing multiple takes of sections, and editing it takes a very long time to record these mammoth audiobooks. Coming off editing Shardcast taking triple to quadruple the time for me to edit those, I have to believe the audiobooks are a huge undertaking. Of course, the audiobook can be recorded once the text is finalized, and once the art is done, printing can begin. You might still ask why you can't read the book after the text is finished. That's a fair question! But it occurred to me: the New York Times Bestseller list is a huge deal for advertising a book. From my understanding, you want to release all the editions of the book at the same time so they all count to the bestseller list. It would be a bad look to have the fourth Stormlight book not be a #1 bestseller. So, there are some important economic and industry reasons why we can't read it immediately. It sucks, but it is what it is. I know the wait has been brutal, but this is actually very fast for us to get the book out by November, and lots of people are putting in a lot of effort to get it to you. Still, we'll get preview chapters soon, which will be great! In Brandon's recent newsletter, he released a brand-new chapter of Rhythm of War, and if you sign up for the newsletter, it'll be sent to you! You can discuss it in our Rhythm of War spoiler board! Article image: the Gollancz cover of Rhythm of War, by Sam Green.
  3. News time! The UK cover for Rhythm of War, the fourth Stormlight Archive book, has been revealed. What do you think of it? I'm told by Ben (a fan of the UK covers) that generally UK covers don't depict any particular scene but more are trying to convey an idea. I'm not sure how much analysis we can get out of this one. What are your thoughts on the cover? Brandon also linked to Waterstones's page on Rhythm of War, which explained how you can preorder a signed copy of the book. Neat! In other news, JordanCon is all online this year for obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on. JordanCon is doing a few livestreams, and one in particular is happening tomorrow, April 17th, with Dragonsteel's Isaac and Kara. They are going to discuss the Kickstarter for The Way of Kings leatherbound and goodies within it. It will happen from 3pm-4pm Eastern time. (EDIT: there used to be a Zoom link for this but it appears the link was removed. I'm told there will be a livestream on YouTube.) Isaac is also going to be on, the Spanish cosmere fansite, this Saturday. We don't have a lot of details quite yet as that's a very new announcement, but you can check information on their Instagram. Lastly, we did a big overhaul on our 17th Shard rules, including a new, extensive Code of Conduct and more. Check it out! Here's the full cover art:
  4. This episode, we discuss our Rhythm of War (now the confirmed title of Stormlight 4) predictions! Or at least, we recap where our characters last were, and go through our hopes for each character one by one. We don't really know what the soul of this book will be. So hopefully you find this one enjoyable? We have Eric (Chaos), Alyx (FeatherWriter), Shannon (Grey), and Matt (Comatose)! Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected] If you like our content, support us on Patreon:
  5. It’s official folks - Stormlight Four has an confirmed title! First announced by Tor then retweeted by Brandon, the newest edition to the Stormlight saga has been confirmed to be named Rhythm of War. Brandon floated this as the tentative title back in February 2019 during the initial outlining of the book, and it appears it stuck firm. Like with previous Stormlight novels, Rhythm of War will also reflect the title of an in-world text. Brandon has confirmed that this text will not be written by human hand, which fits nicely with a Venli focused book. Will we see another piece from our spotlight character, like in Oathbringer? Or maybe we’ll see some historical singer writings? Like always, RAFO. Here’s what Brandon has to say about it: Along with a title confirmation, we’ve been given a sneak peak at what may end up being the end page art of either Rhythm of War or Stormlight Five. This gorgeous piece by Donato Giancola, depicts Talenelat’Elin, Herald of War, and has been described by Isaac Stewart, Brandon’s art director, as striking “...the right balance between realism and symbolism, and gives us a heroic, yet tormented, version of this beloved Herald.” This painting is the first in what seems to be a full set of Herald portraits, with multiple other pieces currently in the works. According to Issac, which Herald’s end up in each book will be depended on who best fits the novel’s theme and which artwork pairs well together. Isaac explains: Last, (but not least!) Tor's post has also confirmed that Michael Whelan will be designing, what we all know will be, a stunning art piece for the cover of the American edition of Rhythm of War. Many keen eyed fan’s have been quick to notice the symmetry in the book abbreviations - WoK, WoR, OB, RoW - and speculation has begun about whether Stormlight Five’s title will follow the same pattern and be KoW. Think this might be the case? Put your comments or title predictions in the comments below!
  6. i feel like there's a lot of loose ends we're not going to see wrapped up because of the one year gap. Sure, we'll have the aftermath, and they might be summed up in a memory or dialogue, but it's not the same as being there as it happens. Seeing the expressions on their faces, so to speak. The thing reaction shots I was really looking forward to seeing was what happens after Jasnah finds Ash and Taln. What Ash's reaction to waking up in (I assumeh) Urithiru is. What Jasnah has to say to her. How Jasnah breaks the news to Dalinar & co that she has two Heralds in custody, would they like to interview them? (Would they recognize them? Some of them saw Ash and Taln during the battle, but it was pretty busy and there was evil mood lighting).