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Found 46 results

  1. Welcome to the Overlady Reads Rhythm of War Part Two!! So Rhythm of War is finally out for you all to read and we're back at it again with our one week, one part video series! This week, we discuss the events of Part Two and we jump STRAIGHT INTO SPOILERS so if you haven't read Rhythm of War Part Two, TURN BACK NOW Okay, now that the plebs are gone, let's get on with the show! Join us as we discuss the super happy fun times in Shadesmar and the BATTLE FOR URITHIRU. Shallan and Adolin go on a fun little adventure to find the spy in their midst whilst journeying to Lasting Integrity. We also get some nice downtime with Kaladin and friends before IT ALL GOES TO HELL AND THERE'S A HUGE BATTLE FOR THE TOWER. DAMN THIS PART HITS HARD! And, of course, you can't have a video talking about Rhythm of War Part Two without mentioning FOUR NEW SHARDS. FOUR. NEW. SHARDS. Let's just say, we take a while to actually talk about the chapters... Let us know down below your favourite parts of Rhythm of War Part Two!
  2. There is a theme that keeps coming up often enough that I'm starting to think its a clue as to the fate of the Cosmere, and the motivation of Adonalsium. The heralds are immortal beings that have minds, that have been "corrupted" by madnesses unique to each of them. At first I thought this was tied to their torture on Braize in between desolations, but I think it's also been hinted at that more than just the torture is wracking their minds. The immortality itself means their memories have disappeared into oblivion, which has contributed to the destruction of their identity as well: Kelek's Note: It's not just the heralds. A lot of immortal beings are tired of life. Secret History: I think Zahel is wrong. I think that cognitive shadows are the soul or contain the soul. The spren thing comes up a lot in RoW, but I think its wrong, if only because we see that the spren become more human-like over time rather than the other way around. Investiture becoming conscious and making decisions; it feels like spontaneous life from power, sort of Cosmere abiogenesis. I think that there are some more clues about this with Ishar's experiments trying to bring them into the physical realm. Also, is Ishar one of the five scholars? Something dark is going on there, maybe Ishar is the bad guy for the back 5? Anyway, more issues with immortality: Through Mistborn through era 2: Elantris Bringing it all back around: In RoW we get the BEST vision that Dalinar has ever sent to anyone, and I think this gives us a clue as to the meta-theme of the cosmere: This is the real deal. Somehow Dalinar used connection to allow a conversation between Tien's REAL soul with Kaladin. I think this has major implications for "Journey before Destination" - that connection is formed on the journey, and that it is possible to revisit those moments through connection. And Tien somehow influenced the world to get this object back to him. I have no idea how. Fortune maybe? The message is here: So what is the implication for the greater cosmere, history and direction? i laid it out kind of in a previous post I think these all point to a risk of immortality / immortality being a double edged sword, as a theme in the Cosmere. Even Adonalsium is hinted to have known about, and perhaps even had some part in their own shattering. I actually think this is the inspiration behind the Iriali religion. Dawnshard: So what is Odium's Endgame? I think with Odi-vangian we are going to see something interesting - Odium wants to preserve ALL life through making them immortal. I think this will end up being very anti-"Life before Death, Journey before Destination, Strength before Weakness". He wants to SAVE US ALL. To do it he will still likely want to destroy all other shards to be the last one standing. I think it might be interesting to see the endgame be the right to die (and go to the Beyond), versus the right to immortality but as a slave/servant/underling of the only god, Odium.
  3. Can we talk about her? Because her character was easily one of the most amazing things in the entire book. I can't say I like her, as in I like Kaladin, or Adolin or any of my favourite characters. But she was an example of how to make a character you don't necessarily like, or whose opinions you share, but who's still a great character. I found her unnerving, terrifying, but fascinating and so very complicated. Her relationship with Navani was so well written, and in parts I found it ... predictable where this would lead to (I expected a Rosharan equivalent to the atomic bomb and I guess the potential for that is still there) but the journey to that point, all the small discoveries, the experiments, the talks, Raboniel's hope, her motivation, her grief and her end - that could probably be one of my favourite arcs of the entire book, the series even. Also her lies and "betrayals" ... it all made sense. Had the positions be reversed Navani would have done the same thing, and she did kill her in the end, after all. This character and all she stands for is so telling for the grander conflict - that's not merely between good and evil with humans and singers/Fused as good and evil, but much more complicated. I'm almost sad she died, because that was so good. So good.
  4. So I was re-reading that really sad Lift interlude in RoW and was curious about one line. Pattern is measuring her height and she exclaims, "That's almost a full inch since last time." I don't know exactly how often Lift is checking her height but this feels regular. So it looks like Lift is growing really fast. Almost as if Cultivation's gift is fading. Hmmm, when have we seen that before. Looks like Cultivation is back to pruning. We know Cultivation loves setting things up for events far in the future. I think this interlude is setting Lift up for a major role in KoWT (Stormlight 5 if you haven't seen the reflection theory). From here it's mostly speculation for major roles Lift could play in the next book. One idea is that she could go with Kaladin and Szeth traveling to Shinovar. We've seen Lift and Szeth before and that was really fun. She could also end up being Dalinar's champion. It would be interesting to see Dalinar struggle with not being able to fight Odium himself. Also, we've seen that Lift has some strange power in the Odium visions back in Oathbringer. So what do you think? Will Lift be a main character in Stormlight 5? Will Dalinar actually end up being his own champion or will his stepping-down arc continue?
  5. After RoW, we now get confirmation that spren/Voidspren can be killed by various means. The discovery of Navani-Reboniel's hybrid Light and anti-Investiture probed a new window to destroy embodiments of creations which is concerning but at the same time provides an opportunity to be explored more. However, the methods have been subjected to both sides and now its a race of distributing these Anti-Lights in form of armament in battlefield. However, we are forgetting that there are some other ways to kill spren as well, which excludes breaking of oaths because that was something done from mutual acceptance. I'm gonna list them down including something we've forgotten since Oathbringer: Using Anti-Voidlight We all know anti-voidlight destroys the immortal essence of Voidspren and prevents them from being reborn again. Gavilar had it way before Everstorm, something having gotten from Braize. I don't know how he got it from there or who gave him but clearly his plans included to hurt Odium since he wanted to bring back desolations- which means clearly someone else knew about it, perhaps one of the Fused and contacted him just the way Venli was contacted by Ulium? Anyway, we know anti-voidlight could be a great weapon for Radiant faction. Using Anti-Stormlight Just like Anti-Voidlight, Anti-Stormlight destroys Radiant spren i.e completely renders them incapable of forming again even in Cognitive Realm. This is worrying since the apparatus and instructions have been already sent to Kholinar by Reboniel to produce more amount of this violent Light. It also shows that when a spren is killed, The knight feels terrible pain as if their soul is being ripped. If sprens start dying, there would be perhaps some spren would be willing to bond back to them but the soul-trauma received would push them into a catatonic state. Which is even more concerning when it comes to usage of Anti-Stormlight.... But there are two more methods of killing spren which was shown: Bringing them to Physical Realm This is terrible. This left me tittering in corner of my eyes despite being a Biotechnologist myself. But I think bringing Spren back to Physical Realm in their full bodies kills them as we saw at Ishar's warcamp. So...a Bondsmith can possibly bring any kind of spren to Physical Realm and they'll die as they are not Connecting, without Intent. I believe this could be applied for Voidspren as well but this is a terrible method and we have only three Bondsmits- Dalinar, Navani and Ishar, and one of them is bound to Tower, one of them would perhaps not do such a thing and another is a raving lunatic. Almighty know what might happen to poor spren. Which brings us to the last method we all are forgetting- Kaladin killing a Voidspren in Kholinar using Syldagger During raiding Kholinar palace, Kaladin summoned Syl as a dagger and used it to pin one of the Voidspren that was able to cut it. The spren screamed and seemed to rip into a thousand pieces until it faded into nothingness. Syl experienced a terrible feeling for doing it but surely they killed a spren in some uncanny manner we don't know. I have no idea why it wasn't discussed further or Kaladin never mentioned it again and we just jumped around it. I don't know if it is possible only for Kaladin and Syl or other Radiants as well but this must be looked into. So I guess these methods are known to us which can be used to kill spren which is an important aspect of war. The question is, if these methods could be applicable for powerful sprens like Unmade or Godsprens as well which could be very concerning because usage of these methods on either sides would result in catastrophic consequence. I would specially like to discuss more about Kaladin killing the spren since it hasn't been discussed.
  6. Spoilers for part five of Rhythm of War. So Cultivation intentionally placed Taravangian to take up Odium. She mentioned wanting him to be able to control the shard. My question is, can he? He seems to be just a more dangerous version of Rayse at this point. He has the same goals but he's smarter and a better planner. Is this what Cultivation wanted, and does that make her a villain? The way I see it there are three possibilities: 1: Cultivation messed up big time. She thought Taravangian could control the shard, but actually he's totally in it's power. He's Rayse again only smarter, and she just screwed the cosmere unless the radiants can stop him. This is probably the most likely 2: This was Cultivation's plan all along. She didn't have a problem with Odium's intent to dominate the cosmere, just with Rayse's personal desire to kill her. She either wants or is indifferent to Odium taking over and getting rid of the other shards. This could make her the ultimate villain of the stormlight archive, and is what I'm personally rooting for. 3: We have only seen 5d of the 6d chess Cultivation is playing. Her plans don't stop with Taravangian taking up Odium. Her end goal is to trap him in som e way Rayse never could have been trapped, possibly by having Dalinar take up Honor and/or by sacrificing herself and having lift take up her shard. This also seems pretty likely, but it's my personal least favorite outcome. What does everyone think? Did I miss any major possibilities?
  7. [Spoilers All] This started on Reddit, but since I've discovered this incredible site, I thought I'd bring it over here. Apologies if I'm doing this wrong, etc. Strongly appreciate corrections and feedback; I am only so realmatically aware :-) In a nutshell: I am starting to see the goals of a lot of the non-Shardic players in the Cosmere as: searching for a way to transport Investiture between Shardworlds. This is particularly apparent in The Ghostbloods. In Rhythm of War, I read Mraize's statement to Shallan as this: the goal of the Ghostbloods is to assure the persistence of Kelsier's Cognitive Shadow. As Kelek says, the persistence of a Cog requires Investiture. And it makes sense that Kel doesn't have much access to that. For a Cog to access Investiture, it needs any one of the following: -granted it directly by a Shard -on a Shardworld where lots of free investiture is available -on a Shardworld with investiture accessible, and sufficiently Connected to that world to access it -brought Investiture from such a source to it Our boi The Survivor comes up short on all counts: Kel could get some Investiture from the Shard(s) on Scadrial. But this seems unlikely. On the one hand, there's Harmony's growing tendency towards inaction in general; and on the other, I don't know if Sazed would Invest in our psychotic little Survivebro even if he could. He is on Scadrial. The amount of available Investiture there is simply very small - not even as a Mistborn. And as we learned in Secret History, he can't just wander off a-worldhoppin'. Either because the Investiture he has is too Connected to Scadrial to leave, or because he doesn't have enough to overcome this problem; I'm not sure. And a mechanism for bringing free Investiture from one Shardworld to another, has, I believe, not yet been discovered. Therefore, Kelsier would be content to find any of the following: -a way to get himself to Roshar. -a way to get himself to another Shardworld - Nalthis, Sel, Taldain (tho probably not Threnody), and also then access the local manifestation of Investiture. -a way to get free Investiture from any of those places to Scadrial. Has anyone else done this? Not quite. There are only two Cogs that I can think of, who we know were able to worldhop: Vasher and Shashara. From WoB I believe we know that this exact predicament is what caused Vasher to leave Nalthis for Roshar. But I expect it was a lot easier for Vasher to worldhop. He started off very Invested. A Returned with a Divine Breath, naturally Fifth Heightening... however you want to phrase it: Gruff Bae had a lot of Investiture. And as we know from Peacegiver's Treasure, he was definitely no stranger to acquiring more - Nor was Shashara, which we know from the fat stacks she expended in the creation of Nightblood. How is Kelsier going about this? I think he tried several things, one after another. I expect that he created the Bands Of Morning as a scientific experiment attempting to acces more of Scadrial's Investiture. Obviously it didn't work. It wouldn't surprise me if he tried to contact another Shard seeking, uhm, "sponsorship." (Giv avatar plz). This might well be related to all the Trelagist stuff on Scadrial. Whatever, and however - it seems it didn't work. We know from Mraize's Mancave Of Miracles that the Ghostbloods have been to many worlds. And they have brought back from them many Investiture-related objects, including white sand (Taldain), aviars (First of the Sun), and seons (Sel). Clearly nothing has solved the puzzle. We've also seen several ferruchemists offworld. It wouldn't surprise me if some of these are Ghostbloods. Metalminds allow for direct experimentation with the storing of Identity, Connection, and Investiture (Aluminum, Duralumin, and Nicrosil) on other worlds. These Terris people truly are cosmerenauts. However, he Kel hasn't figured out a way for him to Connect to one of these places sufficiently to access their Investiture; or he has, but not in a way that is strong enough to let him survive the trip to it. His work on Roshar - and his interests in Kalak especially - show that he is interested in the free investiture of Stormlight. This leads me to believe that he has concluded that he cannot get Investiture where he is, nor can he get to a better source of Investiture; he needs to bring the Investiture to him. What would the Realmatic effects of this be? #1 - it would give Cognitive Shadows on any Shardworld access to the life-persisting Investiture of the other worlds. Lots of Light = lots of shadows (heyooo). #2 - it would let forms of Investiture manipulation here be powered with Investiture from there. Which means intergalactic arbitrage opportunities for power - practically speaking, allowing merchants the opportunity to elevate themselves to positions of rulership, even interplanetarily so. #3 - probably tons of Realmatic things that I cannot even fathom. Who wouldn't want Kelsier to succeed? #1 - possibly, some or all Shards, as this would threaten their hegemonies over their planets specifically, and over the Cosmere as a whole #2 - every other group who wants to get this technology for themselves - so just rivals for power. This might include The Set, The Sons of Honor, who knows what. #3 - any noninterventionist group, I would think, would object to such a cosmic realignment of power. So I doubt Frost and his 17ers are all about this. Probably not the Sleepless either. Okay, that's how I read this. Am I entirely offbase? Whaddya guys think? -silver
  8. Rhythm of War is out, and it sure has some sweet, sweet things in it, so I had to do a video talking about my top ten crazy things that happened in the book. Please note this video has MASSIVE spoilers in it for Rhythm of War, so finish the book first before watching! Put your comments below on your list of crazy things. I couldn't get everything I wanted here, because of course, I had to be Vorin about this and have exactly ten things. If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum:
  9. So, seems like Moash is now blind: "But he couldn't see them. No matter how much Stormlight he was given, his eyes didn't recover. He was blind" Why do you think this happened?
  10. In RoW chapter 54, we see Renarin 'summoning' a vision which depicts the following: Dalinar standing tall wearing stark-white Shardplate, pierced with a black arrow. Odium is a window of yellow-white light breaking into smaller and smaller pieces, into infinity. Dalinar's 'sword' is facing the wrong direction, not fighting Odium. Odium cannot predict anyone's future who are close to Renarin. I'll start in reverse order, From Oathrbinger itself, Odium as noted by Taravangian has a black fissure in his future seeing sanctum which is Renarin and those who stay nearby him are also shrouded by this. I think Sja-anat knew 'enlightening' Glys would grant her to 'take a secret' from Odium. His biggest secret- His destruction. Dalinar is a Radiant without Shardblade but his 'sword' here could be his champion i.e as we know, himself. But its pointed in wrong direction which could imply that either Dalinar loses in contest of Champion and surrenders his soul to our new Odium, fighting wrong battles in Cosmere or maybe even though Dalinar wins, this current bargain will grant him only endless feuds as Everstorm-Fused-Regals keep coming back and the war goes on. I believe until and unless a loophole is discovered in this bargain, neither sides would gain anything. The second one is vital I believe. Earlier I thought it was Big T's Nightblood-plunging ascension but the vision shows 'Odium' breaking into smaller pieces 'into infinity'- Splintering. Bondsmith may not have blades but they can have Shardplates as Stormfather had mentioned in Oathbringer. It means Dalinar might swear his 4th Ideal in book 5...and then there's the black arrow thing. Could this be that anti-Voidlight/Stormlight which was used to kill Phendorana by Vyre? If so, then clearly El has a knife and this arrow could mean someone striking Radiants with their own invention. If we sum it up, I think the contest of champions is bound to fail and KRs have to find another way to sneak around Odium and Splinter him. Maybe they could reassemble Honor but that seems very farfetched and we don't know Cultivation's true motives yet as she can see future 'better'. Her involvement is also vital because so far she has been strangely neutral to both sides, granting Dalinar and Taravengian their paths. Reforming Oathpact also seems like a temporary solution and until and unless Kaladin-Szeth kidnap Ishar from Shinovar and haul him to get more insight about what the heck it was in first place, we can't be sure if that's even a perfect solution. There's also whole BAM thing which disrupted 'Roshar'. What do you all think about Renarin's vision in accordance to Contest of Champions and end of war?
  11. As of Chapter 116, we've been introduced to the Epigraph writer - a Fused by the name of El. El has no rhythms and no title, though Lezian notes that "They gave your title to another, you know. A human." Just what was that title? I was hoping we could compile a list of possibilities, even if some are significantly less likely than others. Blackthorn Son of Thorns He Who Quiets Stormblessed Voice of Lights
  12. So, something that felt a tad bit off to me during my readthrough was Adolin's character in this book. I still can't quite figure out why, but- In RoW, it shows us Adolin, who seems to be finally free of his father's expectations. My question is...where did that come from? In the past books did he feel....insignificant? or unworthy? or....I can't find the right word, but did he feel like he kept needing to prove himself? Prove that he was the Blackthorn's son and was as good as his father? He seemed to always be okay with doing his own thing in the books- even ashamed of Dalinar in the beginning. My other thing is- I know that there's (er...jokes? Speculation? ...Fanfiction? :P) about Adolin being Odiums champion, and Adolin becoming a Knight Radiant, but it kind of made me think. In Oathbringer he admits to killing Sadeas, and he isn't sad about it- he felt it needed to be done, and was glad Sadeas was gone, right? This (first of all) isn't exactly following the "Journey before Destination" to me. This reminds me more of Moash, and how Moash killed Elhokar - Yes, for revenge,- but he also convinced himself that it was for the best. Adolin killed Sadead because he knew that Sadeas would be coming after them again and again, but there definitely was revenge in there too. I guess... I guess I've rambled a bit. Just had some thoughts on Adolin and...thought to share? hm?
  13. Rhythm of War is OUT! We hope you've been enjoying it. This is our first Rhythm of War Shardcast, and it does NOT have full book spoilers, just through Part Two. Honestly, we don't really talk about anything other than the Part Two epigraphs, so as long as you've read those, you are ready for this! Please no full book spoilers in the comments! And if you've read the book, well, you know why we are talking about this first. We have a big cast today! We are excited to blab about new stuff! We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), David (Windrunner), Alyx (Feather), and Ben (Overlord Jebus)! Next week will have TWO full book reactions episodes, with different cast members sharing their thoughts on the book. So you have some time to complete the book! Thumbnail art, of course, is the Rhythm of War cover by Michael Whelan. If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  14. DO IT! POUR IT ALL OUT HERE. Earlier I thought this 'Voidbringer' would come around but now, uh, no way I would see that happening anytime. But the way he talks about plans to Odium, something is really unsettling about him. Anyway hate him with Damnation's name. This man can only be redeemed in form of death.
  15. If you're reading that is because it is midnight Eastern time on November 17th, which means Rhythm of War is out! Well, at least digitally, in some time zones, probably! It's always a little weird when ebooks get released. Regardless, this is where we have decided as a website (and Discord server) that full book spoilers are now allowed in the designated spoiler area on the forums, the spoiler channels on Discord, and the Coppermind. Please check out our Rhythm of War and Dawnshard Spoiler Policy topic. If you'd like to liveblog your reactions on the forums, we have topics for each part of the book, where you can post your reactions just for a single part, without being spoiled for later portions of the book: Part One Reactions, Part Two Reactions, Part Three Reactions, Part Four Reactions. Of course, when you finish, we also have a Full Book Reactions topic. Feel free to make your own topics (but keep spoilers out of topic titles), and to help out, we have introduced [Support] and [Discuss] topic tags that you may use. Sometimes when you post a thread, you’d like some in-depth discussion, getting into the meat of the topic, maybe even constructive criticism. Other times, though, you’re just wanting to express excitement about an idea (or disliking a thing) without having to get into the weeds of disagreement and cross-examination. Both are valid and important types of conversations! But it can be hard to tell sometimes what a poster’s intentions are, so now you have these [Support] and [Discuss] tags at your disposal. Please note we have dedicated RoW Character Discussion and RoW Lore, Cosmere, and Mechanics boards too, so please book character-specific discussion and mechanics discussions in those boards. Hopefully that, along with the [Support] and [Discuss] tags, make it much easier than Oathbringer's release to keep track of topics you're interested in. On our Discord server, you may use either #row-spoilers or #row-magic-mechanics for full book discussion. As you read you may also use #tagged-spoilers-only for live reactions, but you'll need to spoiler flag what specific chapter or part you're on. The #shardcast channel may also have spoilers when we create content for the book. Check out Rhythm of War and Dawnshard Spoiler Policy for more details. Lastly, full book information could be on the Coppermind now, so I wouldn't check out Recent Changes in the next few days. We'll get articles that could possibly have spoilers with a spoiler flag on the top. However, the previous book summary pages (The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer) won't have spoilers for new stuff at all. Still waiting on your book? We feel you there! Check our sample chapter index, which has all the chapters of Part One linked, along with Brandon's annotations. If you haven't checked out those out, you can now and get a head start by the time your book arrives. And, if you're feeling a bit out of the loop with Roshar, check out our primer series that is Rhythm of War spoiler-free, which should hopefully catch you up on things for the new book! We also have this sweet map of Roshar that has spoilers up through Oathbringer, but won't have Rhythm of War spoilers for a while, which might help you recall things! Enjoy the book! We hope you'll join us for discussion. We'll have a new Shardcast with Rhythm of War content (but not full book spoilers) on Wednesday, so stay tuned for that!
  16. Welcome, one and all, to the OVERLADY READS RHYTHM OF WAR, PART ONE!! For all thinking of watching, THIS VIDEO SPOILS ALL OF RHYTHM OF WAR PART ONE. How did we read Rhythm of War Part One you might ask? Well, we read the wonderful Tor preview chapters, found here: Now, please stop reading if you have not read Rhythm of War Part One. Time to join me and Lucy as we go on another KALADIN SUFFER TRAIN and WATCH AS KALADIN SUFFERS SOME MORE BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT STORMLIGHT IS. KALADIN SUFFERING. We also talk about Navani who is GREAT and Shallan who is WONDERFUL and Venli who is surrounded by MORE INTERESTING CHARACTERS. Let's go on this journey together, let us know your favourite parts of Rhythm of War Part One and what theories you have for the rest of the book!
  17. I just finished reading chapters 1-19 and had a google doc going as I went along for questions/theories that popped up, as well as reactions. I'm gonna post them in the hidden comments for discussion (also hidden for length) Disclaimer: I'm not 100% well-versed in the intricacies of Connection, Investiture, etc. so please correct me if I have some of the terminology or schematics wrong! Second Disclaimer: I've only read chapters 1-19 so can discussion just stick to those chapters? First spoiler is questions, second is theories/predictions, third is reactions. Sorry in advance for the length! I edited down the veritable word vomit from the google doc into this. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts/reactions too! I'm not going into any other RoW threads for risk of further spoilers but I just can't wait three days for more discussion. Third Disclaimer: None of these theories are hills that I would die on so PLEASE feel free to shoot holes in them. Happy reading!
  18. I received an email from my preorder that a link will be sent out 24 hours before the online Release Party. It will be at 6pm Mountain Time. Who else is planning on watching the release party live?
  19. Hi everyone! Eric with 17th Shard here, and I'm here to talk to you about Rhythm of War, by Brandon Sanderson, the fourth novel in The Stormlight Archive. This review is completely spoiler free! There will be no spoilers for the preview chapters, or other cosmere stuff, so if you haven't read anything about Rhythm of War, this won't have any information other than some non-spoilery info Brandon has discussed about the structure of the book. Of course, all of us at 17th Shard are mega-fans, so you can take us with a grain of salt that, yeah, we really like Brandon books and his writing style. But if we didn't like a thing, we'd tell you, and that'd hold some weight. So, in this review, these are my opinions here, but you'll hear from all our other staff members about the book soon enough, too! If you'd prefer to watch a video instead, check out our video review! So let's talk about Rhythm of War! This book is the longest of the Stormlight books, even longer than Oathbringer! Overall, this works really well. I didn't think Oathbringer had fluff, but this book is even leaner. It's just that the world of Roshar is so big, and the number of characters is so big, that there's a lot to do in this. Plus, stuff happens! A lot of stuff happens in this book, and it will really surprise you in many ways. Rhythm of War has some absolutely killer moments. There will be joy. There will be a lot of pain and suffering, too. I think a lot of people will tear up on more than a few occasions. Character Character is a massive focus in Rhythm of War, moreso than Words of Radiance and Oathbringer. This book is a character study for several of our characters, and the character moments are the best moments in the entire novel. Mental health and struggling with mental health takes center stage in the book, and it personally affected me more than it has in the series. As someone who struggles with depression, this book spoke to me fantastically. Now, this might be controversial in the book, because the mental health stuff could be hard to read for some. It gets deep, and it gets dark, darker than Brandon has taken characters before. That might turn you off of the book. And there may be readers who don't find characters dealing with their mental health to be important, and yeah, this book might not be for you. I think it was done really well, I think it really spoke to me, and I think mental health is always a good thing to thoroughly explore in books to continue to destigmatize it. There are tons of characters in The Stormlight Archive, and as always, Brandon has to juggle a lot of different characters and plotlines. I've always felt Brandon deals with this well, with some characters getting less in some books but more in the next, and that continues in Rhythm of War. It focuses on the right characters for the book, but we still see from all of our main gang of protagonists, and they are all important. There is a main character who gets less viewpoints than others, but there is another character who really comes into their own here, which was lovely. There are new characters, too. One new character is one I can't wait to talk to you about, because they really steal the show. We also see more viewpoints of characters we didn't see as much as we should have before, and it's lovely to see more from these more minor characters be fleshed out. Plot I can't really tell you too much about the plot, honestly. But this book doesn't go where you'd expect. After Oathbringer I didn't really know where the story would go, but... I didn't quite expect this, I don't think you'll expect it either! It is really cool and awesome, as you'd expect from Brandon. There are three groups of characters and after Part One they do split up. Some of these interweave a bit, others don't. It's more that Way of Kings vibe, where in that book, we had Shallan in Parts One and Three and Dalinar/Adolin in Parts Two and Four. Rhythm of War is like that in many way with its three groups, and only one of the groups is in all five parts, with the other two alternating after Part One. But each plotline is engaging, and they all get extremely intense. This book will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat. Now, The Way of Kings is not my favorite Stormlight book. Words of Radiance and Oathbringer had plot structures I more preferred, and the endings of those books, where absolutely everything comes together, man... that just really speaks to me, and I love that so much. Rhythm of War has a great Brandon Avalanche. The highs are REALLY high, but it's not going to be like the ending of Oathbringer where everything comes together. So I liked the ending less so than Words of Radiance and Oathbringer, but I know there are people who thought this was the best Stormlight book, with the best ending. I think it may come down to how character focused you are. I'm more plot based, so I liked it a bit less, but I think this structure is done better than it was in The Way of Kings. There's a ton of awesome here and it's really cool. I quite enjoyed the plot and the ending, it's just the different plot structure Brandon went for here was not as in line to my personal preference. You may well be different! I do want to say, though, that where the book is meant to have a big impact, Rhythm of War absolutely executes incredibly. There was a moment that confirmed something I figured, but the way it was portrayed makes it easily one of the best and memorable scenes in the book. When there's suffering, you feel it, and when there's a "hell yeah" moment, it's just the best. Probably one of the weaker parts is the flashbacks. There are both Eshonai and Venli flashbacks, and it's cool, but it's nothing as impactful as Dalinar's flashbacks were. But I mean, Dalinar's were so good and so impactful for the main story, and we just can't have every flashback sequence be as awesome as those. But if I had to get a criticism, it may be these flashbacks. They are fine, but not incredible. This book has a one year time jump from the end of Oathbringer, which is different for the series thus far. All the other books have happened immediately after the previous novel. So how'd this go with this one? The time jump worked pretty well for me. I felt like we've gotten enough hints of what happened in the interim that it was fine. The time jump allowed the world and characters to progress, and sets the stage for the real action that's happening in this book, and I think made the plot better. Lore and Worldbuilding Let's talk about the lore and worldbuilding of the book. Every Stormlight book has tons of worldbuilding. Remember Oathbringer, where it widened the world so much? Rhythm of War expands things way further than I ever could have imagined. I don't think you'll expect where the book ends up, because some of the things we learn are so crazy, I don't know how you'd guess them. The door is open for so many more things by the end of this book. It's insane. We are all going to have so much to talk about once you're all done with this. I didn't think a Stormlight book could expand the world more than Oathbringer did, but this one sure as storms does. The connections to the greater cosmere increase in this book, even more than Oathbringer had. This might be controversial. Brandon has said in some comments on the Part One chapters (which you can read for free) that Brandon is phasing things more to "things are intersecting more in the cosmere" now, which is a bit different than how he's done things before. It's hard for me to comment on this effectively, because I am so deep into the cosmere books, but I don't think references to other cosmere books ruin your enjoyment of Stormlight if you are a Stormlight-only reader. It's more, "hey, there are some things that are mysteries in world to our characters, but you can learn more by reading some other books if you want." It is less subtle here, so I do think pretty soon Stormlight-only readers may want to start reading the other books. That said, if you're already deep in the cosmere, all of this is JUICY! It is so, so good. Final Thoughts Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There are some of the best moments in the series here. Its very character based, but also expands on the lore a lot. It's just for me, I like the ending of Oathbringer so much, and though the Sanderlanche is awesome as you'd expect, I just like the Oathbringer and Words of Radiance style of book more. So for me, Rhythm of War is not my favorite Stormlight book, but I think it's really excellent! I imagine this will be a lot of people's favorite, of the four books. Maybe the worst part of the book is just the wait till book five. If you didn't know, The Stormlight Archive is ten books but split into two five book arcs, and Brandon has always said book five will have a big climax for our cast of the first half. After Rhythm of War, yeah, I really need book five now, please! But of course, I want book five to be as good as can be, and I can only imagine what it's like going through this massive 470k book for several drafts. I understand Brandon needs a bit of a break from Stormlight, and I do want Skyward sequel and that final Wax and Wayne book. So I'll wait! This book has tons to tide people over to through the wait for book five. And for the cosmere fandom, there's going to be plenty to talk about. We'll definitely have spoilery reactions on our podcast, Shardcast, and I can't wait to talk to you about it all!
  20. On this episode of Rhythm of Previews, we're onto chapter 17, and since I didn't watch or edit it, I have no idea what happens, but since I'm writing the description and posting this, I am contractually obligated to say it's awesome! Thanks to Alyx (Feather) for editing this while I have a very busy week! You can find all of the preview chapters, our discussions on 17S, and Brandon's annotations of them here: Here's our Rhythm of Previews playlist! Want a recap of Stormlight Archive? We're doing a series of articles on catching people up! The sweet animated wallpaper is from, the Spanish fan site. It's awesome! They have ones for Words of Radiance and Rhythm of War as well! The thumbnail image is by Michael Whelan, and is the full spread of the US cover of Rhythm of War. If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  21. First post! I have a tin-foil hat theory for Adolin. There are a few assumptions I make: Adolin will revive Maya in ROW Adolin will be come a radiant in ROW Both of these are obviously up in the air though the first seems to be the natural progression for those two characters. The second is highly debated, Adolin is the one main character thus far without radiant powers and many (including myself) like this about him and think it adds to his character and to the books as a whole. As I think about his character arc however I do think that when he resurrects Maya, which to me is almost a done deal at some point, he will naturally become a radiant bonded to Maya. This just seems more likely than the other option, that he resurrects Maya, they shake hands, and go their separate ways. Ok now that I've established that lets get to the good stuff. Adolin doesn't come off as an Edgedancer to me. Sure he does care about the "little" guy, he knows the names of his troops and can develop camaraderie with anyone regardless of station, but it really seems to be more as a result of his natural leadership than any overt level of compassion he has. I am interested to hear others thoughts but as I think about which order fits him most naturally, the Willshapers come to mind. I am sure that my knowledge of the Willshapers is not complete but here are a few things that this order exemplifies to me: Adventurous - Adolin has this, though I wouldn't say he has a Wanderlust as Eshonai clearly did. Fashionable/unique - the Willshapers are described as the most varied of the orders, often not matching each-other and having their own fashion and lifestyle preferences. I am not saying that because Adolin is the most fashionable character on Roshar he must be a Willshaper, but it doesn't hurt Leaders/inspirers - This is probably my main point, I know that the Windrunners are the warrior-leaders and the Bondsmiths are the like spiritual leaders or something, but I am talking more about the leader who inspires a people through their philosophy or through knowledge of their ancestors or through just representing the cultural ideal. Think like Elon Musk or Vince Lombardi or President Roosevelt. ( I am american I have american role models :)) These are people who inspire not just because they are in charge or have a following, but because they change how people think and represent a better ideal (Musk - entreprenuership, Lombardi - leadership, grit, toughness, Roosevelt - courage, ingenuity, leadership) I think if anyone in ROW fits this description its Adolin, everyone loves him and its because of what he represents, he is the leader/inspirer of the future of the Alethi. Ok so thats all I got. I also think itd be super sick for Adolin to ride into battle on Gallant, leap off with Mayablade in hand, punch the ground, and have like 100 spikes of stone stab out and decimate an army a la Dragonball Z. I know that a natural disagreement to this is that Maya is clearly a Dead-eye Cultivation Spren. I postulate that this isnt a huge deal. There are many "new" things happening in The stormlight Archive, Dalinar can create a perpendicularity as a Bondsmith, Sja-Anat can influence larger spren like Oathgate Spren, A Reacher has bonded a Parshendi, I am sure there are more examples. Obviously reviving a Dead-eye is a "new" thing. Who is to say that when Maya is revived by Adolin, her "spirit-web" or whatever is altered by Adolins pre-dispositions, he is most suited for bonding a Reacher, so she is transformed by his influence into a Reacher when she re-awakens. Just saying, bla bla Connection, Bla Bla Spiritual Web, yada yada Identity, Brandon could make it happen if he really wanted. So that's my thoughts. I am interested to se if anyone else has thought about this and if they agree that Adolin should be a Willshaper. When I am right you must all bow. Thank you
  22. Welcome to the Overlady Reads... Or more accurately, the Overlady has Read! This episode is a little different to the usual. Since Oathbringer Part 5 took so much longer to record than our previous episodes, we were E X H A U S T E D when we got finished soooo we decided to record the Oathbringer reactions/RoW predictions separately. This was extra fun since I got to lay out my theories too! Now enjoy as we touch on topics like family, friendships, emotions and baby murder! Let us know what you guys want to see in RoW (We're so close now!) and what YOUR personal theories are in the comments down below! We mention that we were recording our AU episode right after this (We didn't know which order we were going to release them in) so the AU episode will be coming soon (Not next week though, we have a EVEN DIFFERENTER video coming next week) so BE PREPARED FOR HOT TAKES ON ARCANUM UNBOUNDED. See you next week!
  23. In this chapter of Rhythm of War, we see Kaladin be Kaladin, and we get a very interesting conversation with Kaladin and an old favorite. Producer Ghost Eric also joins near the end (no longer disembodied) to talk a bit too! You can find all of the preview chapters, our discussions on 17S, and Brandon's annotations of them here: Here's our Rhythm of Previews playlist! Want a recap of Stormlight Archive? We're doing a series of articles on catching people up! The sweet animated wallpaper is from, the Spanish fan site. It's awesome! They have one for Words of Radiance as well! The thumbnail image is by Michael Whelan, and is the full spread of the US cover of Rhythm of War. 00:00 Introduction and Ch 14 Annotation 2:44 Epigraph 8:30 Chapter 15 48:15 Eric crashes the party If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  24. So, finally I and some of my friends have received full set of armour and various weapons made of, guess what? Aluminum. I have written a letter to Hoid, he will soon figure out how to get us in Roshar. We have slabs of Aluminum too, Dalinar will decide what to do with that. We will also visit Urithiru and interview many favorite characters. But we will not sway from our original purpose, smacking Odium right in the face. Please feel free to share what y'all want to do us there in Roshar, a cup of tea with Stormfather perhaps??