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Found 5 results

  1. With so many of us who've gotten into it, I'm surprised this wasn't a thing! I suppose because most of the fans I know were on Discord and we all liveblogged there. Anyway - let's tag spoilers past season one, perhaps, as I know we have a bunch of people currently making their way through. Season 3 spoilers:
  2. Hi, I did have a look around for a similar thread to try and see if anybody is asking the same question before posting this. Knowing this community there are probably 10 I have not been able to find. I am a huge fan of Sanderson and the Cosmere, I have read every Cosmere most multiple times book but I have been MIA from this community for a while and I know the next Wax and Wayne will be coming soon and I really need to refresh on the Cosmere. Can anybody recommend any Cosmere Podcasts where they delve into worlds, characters, investiture, theories and WOB's? I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  3. Brandon was a guest on The Legendarium podcast last week discussing The Truth by Terry Pratchett, as well as other Discworld novels. Check it out! It’s always really interesting listening to him talk about other authors’ works. What are some other podcasts he’s appeared on?
  4. So we already have a thread dedicated to the ever awesome Welcome to Night Vale~ The thought occurred to me, then, how about a thread dedicated to all the other amazing podcasts waiting out there in the digital ether? I'd like to share my kind of recommendations, if it'd be cool with y'all- Lore: A horror podcast dedicated to discovering the truth behind classic folktales and urban legends... and finding that maybe, just maybe, the truth is scarier than fiction. The Myths & Legends Podcast: It's like the above, but for classic myths and legends. The Thrilling Adventure Hour Podcast: A throwback to the radio serials of yesteryear, starring wonderful comedians like Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt and Keegan-Michael Key and other amazing comic talents, this is an anthology comedy series dedicated to affectionately parodying sci-fi westerns, noir stories, horror, fairy tales and the like. It's awesome and awesomely funny, can't recommend it enough. My Favourite Murder: Two very funny women discuss, well, their favourite murders. Alice isn't Dead: From the same creators behind Welcome to Night Vale comes a wonderful sister show that's actually scarier than its elder sibling. Harmontown: Any Rick & Morty or Community fans here? Dan Harmon's an interesting fella, gotta say. What do you guys think?
  5. So I actually came to this forum and found 17th shard originally while looking for a place to hear a Podcast about The Way of Kings. I'd assumed based on how amazing it is that there would be an audio geek out record talking about all of our favorite characters and bringing up theories and the like. I've listened to the ShardKeepers and ShardCasts, and at first they were too high level for me (until I became more entrenched in the forums), but now I've found that I want something more Stormlight Archive focused. I love Mistborn (all 4), I think Elantris and Emperor's soul are great, I think Warbreaker is good. But I LOVE The Way of Kings. It's probably my favorite book. I'd love there to be a podcast specifically dedicated to the Stormlight Archive (and of course we'd talk about whatever big Brandon Stuff is currently coming out as well) Is there anyone out there interested in putting together a SA Podcast? I'd love to participate, but I know there's no way I'll have the time or ability to edit a podcast. I have a full time job and a 4 month old baby so my time is limited, would someone be willing to put in some time for this? I think it would be fun to talk about my favorite characters, what I look forward to, have themed episodes and the like. Talkshoe could even be an option as it's quick and easy (tho the audio quality can sometimes suck). I know it's almost last minute to put out before Words of Radiance because at the very least we'd probably want and introductory episode, one dedicated to anticipating WoR then some mid-read eps or post WoR eps all in a short amount of time. But, I think it's something worth putting out there to see if there is any interest. Anyone have podcasting experience? Any interest? If we can get something going the forums would be a great place to coordinated getting everyone on skype or Google Hangouts or whatever program is most convenient.