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Found 7 results

  1. Newish reader to Brandon Sanderson here! In just a month, I've sped through Mistborn Era 1 + Way of Kings (just finished an hour ago!) and what a wild ride! As I was reading, I immediately noticed a few very striking similarities between Mistborn and Stormlight, from a plot, character, and literary structure perspective. What do you all make of this? Is Brandon just a more formulaic storyteller? Does this hint at broader themes in the cosmere? In what ways do you think the plots will diverge? Here's what I've found so far: Setting + Society - Set in a "modern" time juxtaposed against an ancient history that has lost - Society likely equivalent to 15th -17th century western civilization (pre industrial) - Class system based on bloodlines (skaa vs darkeyes) - Strong religious organizations / influence (Ministries vs. Vorin) that are later de-legitimized - Scholars questioning religion and history (Sazed vs. Jasnah) -- they are the ones to discover the truth Villans + Mystery - Mysterious, pre-historical enemy that is known only as an abstraction, that is later revealed to be an unexpected twist (the Deepness vs. the Voidbringers / the Desolation) - Said mysterious enemy's return is imminent and the world is in vast danger - Lost or old texts that serve as clues to unravel the mystery (Alendi's journal vs. The Way of Kings and all the books Jasnah / Shallan read) - An almighty force for good that has disappeared (Preservation vs. Almighty) - Magic system that is related directly to physical objects and natural resources (metals vs gems) - Monsters that are revealed to be descendants or related to humans (Koloss and Kandra vs Parshendi?...making a guess on the Parshendi) Themes - Central characters struggling with what it means to be a "good leader" (Elend vs Kalladin) - "Good" characters and leaders being defined by upholding honor and maintaining trust - Hope as an empowering force to save characters Really curious to hear what everyone thinks! It did strike me a bit, reading through way of kings immediately after mistborn. It felt like I was playing the next generation of Pokemon games -- same overall template and predictable, but different enough that it's fun and entertaining. I'm curious to hear if anyone thinks it's something more -- do all these similarities have something to do with the broader Cosmere mythology?
  2. plot

    What are we waiting for?
  3. The car pulled off the dirt road and onto a freeway and it began picking up speed. Pretty soon it’s pushing 80mph. @ShadowLord_Lith @Sherlock Holmes
  4. Okay, first off, this thread will make a lot more sense if you read my theory that it's based off. However, I will provide a basic explanation here. My theory is that Hoid was the mastermind behind the Shattering. We also know that he was offered a Shard, and refused it. Now, here's the question. If he decided to shatter Adonalsium but refused a Shard, there are only a few possibilities as to his motives. This would say that it wasn't for power unless he had a change of heart between the Shattering and the time he was offered a Shard. So, what was his motive? Could Adonalsium have seemed threatening to him in a way we don't understand? What do you guys think?
  5. I have this idea. I have no idea whether it will work, or whether it's been done before. Basically, I tell a story purely through the perspectives of a few characters that have their own social media profiles. I'll probably start with maybe 3-4 characters on one media platform, but I may well expand if it proves popular. I have a few ideas with plot and setting, but I'll leave that for when I actually start the project. Any help would be welcome, or general support, or even reasons it might not work in advance so I can fix all those big issues before I ever reach them. Any questions?
  6. I am writing a fantasy novel, but have found myself unable to focus on most of the plot, except where the primary romance is concerned. I want the romance to be felt and profound, but it's not the primary plot of the novel. How do I keep it from overwhelming everything else? How do I get myself back to the main plot?
  7. Okay am I the only one here who thinks this whole Helaran killed by Kaladin is a little too convenient..... Well. It just seems to me that Helaran dying on a battle field only six months after his father ordered his death by assassination a little to coincidental seems to me that whoever it was that died in that battle at Kaladins hands may not perhaps be Helaran and that may perhap turn up in next book right around the time that Shallan figures out that Kaladin was the one who killed the shard barer. More than likely he will show up to help convince her to work more closely with the ghostblood... It's a legit theory I mean the only eviadance that we have that Helaran is dead after all is what his shard blade which he wielded once years ago and the fact the dead guy had red hair... I doubt the ghostbloods would leave a tool like a shard blade to be used by only one person and as for the hair colour the dispute took place on a boarder near the horneater mountain ranges where everyone's hair is red. Also who else would have enough influence to convince her brothers to leave there home and go to uruthiru without an argument or a fight. I think Helaran is alive and I think he's going to turn into a major pain in the chull... Just saying.