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Found 4 results

  1. So what exactly was the worldhopping trading network like on Scadrial? Back before Kelsier destroyed the pits? Like what would they have traded, who did the trading, how did they do it, how often did they do it. how many people were aware of it (besides the Lord Ruler), was there some kind of base or market next to the Perpendicularity in the Cognitive Realm? General questions like that. Feel free to just speculate.
  2. When the final rebellion happens, TLR is really dismissive of it, acting like it's no threat at all - even when Marsh and Vin attack him, he doesn't take them very seriously, ranting at Marsh rather than just killing him (which he could have done super-fast, given that he can Push and Pull metals in the body). But by that point, Kelsier had already destroyed the Pits, and apparently the Steel Ministry had learned that (at least, Kelsier thinks the executions when he died were in response). Since TLR needs atium to survive, why isn't he frightened when he finds out the Pits are destroyed? That's basically cut off his source of immortality (even though Kelsier didn't know that when he did it). At the very least, that should be a hint to him that this rebellion is something special. I guess he isn't totally panicked because he knows the Well is refilling in about two years, and he probably intended to use the Well to give himself more sustainable immortality, but it should still be a big clue this isn't just a bunch of criminals or another small-scale peasant rebellion.
  3. So, from what I can piece together... The god metals result from a body breaking apart from the sheer power of a Shard, and they form the following: Gas/Spirit Aspect - The willpower and consciousness of the holder, able to be anywhere the atmosphere can spread. Liquid/Cognitive Aspect - The subconscious and full skill potential of the holder, absorbed easier than water into a human. Solid/Physical Aspect - The limited, but usable raw material of the holder, in handy bead form. The ways each of these replenish are rather interesting. The Well of Ascension, for instance. (Please, don't be shy about goofs or overreaching speculation - if I'm wrong, I'm wrong) Magnetic North itself, right? And it was a plug on top of Ruin's spirit aspect, hence Ruin's body had to dribble out through the ground. Why did Preservation collect as a liquid and Ruin as a solid? Why are beads of lerasium bare and atium inside large geodes? Did Preservation merge with the planet's crust? My theory, yes. The geodes are a protective layer against mutual annihilation of both elements. A magnetic north lerasium well and magnetic south atium well don't quite make sense, as Ruin's mind would not be trapped by the Well. But this may have been the original balance of the planet. The whole thing has so many what-ifs and RAFOs it can make your head spin. But this raises the curious possibility of what the south polers may have been doing when faced with the scientific curiosity of a world where the north and south poles may have both been on the opposite side of the planet.
  4. Just doing a big reread starting with Mistborn and noticed something weird. How come Kelsier only left them 6 beads of Atium? Shouldn't he have gotten heaps when he went through and destroyed the Pits of Hathsin? Or did destroying the crystals break the Atium?