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Found 6 results

  1. While thinking a lot about Spren lately, it’s got me wondering if there’s not some applicable truths to the real world about Spren (and cognitive shadows) being shaped/influenced by the perception of others. I have heard a quote or two that go something like “people will often live up or down to what your expectations are of them”. The idea being that if we raise our expectations of others then we will likely interact differently with them, which in turn motivates them to live up to that expectation. Or it could go the other way. This seems pretty similar to the way that expectations, perception, etc. help to influence and shape how Spren and Cognitive Shadows behave, think, and likely feel. In a larger sense, if more and more people hold the same beliefs or expectations about someone, does that have a similar effect as it would with Spren? If this is a real thing, is it also proportional and affected by quantity? Let me know what you think or if you have other interesting thoughts on the universe
  2. Let's say you Awaken a Lifeless. Then you show it a picture of a particular person and Command the Lifeless to believe that it is that person. Then you give it an Unsealed Goldmind and let it tap healing. Would the Lifeless's physical aspect change to match the picture of the person you showed to it?
  3. Will Nightblood attempt to absorb the Investiture of any Shard, or only of those his bearer percieves as evil?
  4. So I know that realmatic theory has its inspiration in Plato's Phaedrus but I am really interested in the inspiration behind the interpenetration of the cognitive and the physical realms. For example: Does anyone know where Brandon might have gotten inspiration for the idea that perception affects the structures of reality? It seems so similar to something you'd read in Michel Foucault's work on the gaze and how perception is reality-producing. I looked up "Brandon Sanderson and postmodernism" but the only thing that came up was something Brandon posted about deconstructing the fantasy genre.
  5. Taravangian is seen as a bit slow, and politically dense (or at least apathetic). He wears regal robes of white and orange. He is often accompanied by a tall, stern, imposing figure, particularly when in public, who might often be seen to subtly whisper guidance to his king, or even overtly obstruct the king if he is going off message, making some excuse for the kings sudden withdrawl. In his first scene he is cast with a (grand)fatherly air, next to a princess that is taller than him and has long black braided hair. My question: Is Taravangian short and portly? Because I'm scared that I'm not recognising him by obvious descriptive cues, as in my minds eye he looks like this: