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Found 56 results

  1. Despite the fact that the alleystorm seems to be an accepted part of the alleyverse, I can't seem find much information on it. I'll start by listing what I know: The alleystorm was summoned during the seven day war by a singer in conjunction with an alleyspren. The storm (or, potentially, storms) follows a path that eventually reaches everywhere on the alleyplanet. The storm provides stormlight and recharges sand (and potentially other sources of investiture), but does not have the intensity of a highstorm (or even an everstorm) Now, some thoughts. First off, the highstorm is of Honor. The everstorm is of Odium. Because both of these are on Roshar, neither can be powering the alleystorm. So what is? Presumably, it relates to the alleyspren, but there doesn't seem to be much information on them either. Given that the two other storms we've seen are hosted by shards, it would make sense for this one to be hosted by a Shard as well. However, it doesn't seem like there are any people in the alleyverse who would be candidates for Shardhood. It may be that the alleystorm is controlled by the alleyspren, and whatever powers it is mostly left alone. Secondly, highstorms are incredible destructive forces. Everstorms are also destructive, if a bit less so. However, the alleyplanet doesn't really show any signs of becoming like Roshar in flora or fauna, so I will assume that the alleystorm is significantly less destructive. (At least, in the populated areas. Maybe there's a place where the alleystorms are as strong as highstorms on Roshar.) For similar reasons, I will also assume that they don't drop crem. This would mean that they are more like a thunderstorm here on Earth (not even a strong one, if they come every week). Lastly, the alleystorm recharges stormlight. As stated above, the alleystorms could not be of Honor, as Honor is on Roshar. This means that whatever powers the alleystorms could potentially power any magic system that relied on gathered investiture (such as sand mastery). This seems like an interesting outgrowth of the weirdness of the alleyverse, and potentially has many applications. If anybody knows anything about the alleystorm that conflicts or confirms what I have here, please let me know! If you have any ideas, please post them. The alleystorm is a part of the alleyverse that really needs more defining.
  2. In the early afternoon, a tall Azish man placed a table and two chairs in the corner of the Old Ward. Next to this arrangement, a large handmade sign advertised, in carefully scribed letters: Tell Your Story. Underneath, a smaller type read, Looking for stories of people throughout Alleyverse history, young and old. Seven Day War veterans welcome. At first, he was ignored. But a few people sat opposite the man, and with some prompting they began to share their life. Stories of heroism. Loss. Great courage and great sacrifice. Stories of the war. As word spread, the line soon spooled around the corner of the alley, with people coming from every part of the city. Stacks of notes filled the space around the desk, and a few discarded papers rose and fell among the people like confetti. As some of you are aware, over the past two months a few of us have been developing a wiki for the Alleyverse. It's come a long way: as of now it contains every event and location during Era 0 and 1, barring a few of the larger threads like SDW and the Training Ground. 75 threads of content summarized into 59 pages of description. If you're confused about what happened with the split of the Ghostbloods, you've got a place to go. But it's hardly complete, and there's one major thing we're missing: characters. Characters make and break an RP, and I roughly estimate that the number of them is steadily approaching 100. And while we could go through and fill out everyone's page with their character bio, it would be missing a significant portion of the history of that character. The bios aren't up to date - they don't include character arcs, weapons, gifts, guilds, or involvement with key events. Summarizing people (especially people who have been around for a significant period) without including that information would be sorely under-appreciating the 'coolness' of some of the characters. We don't need character sheets - we need campaign journals. What's the solution? We could comb through every thread a second time and catalog every character. But that would be painstakingly difficult - arcs would be spread over multiple threads, mingle together, and have large gaps between posts. It would require a lot of time to do that. But there's a better idea: Get other people to do the work for you We're going to ask you for help. You know your characters better than anyone. You know what threads you were involved in, what guilds you're affiliated with, which plotlines and events you influenced. Did you help to change the course of the War? You'll remember that key moment in your character's life. If everyone sends in summaries of what they did, that can speed up our turnover significantly. We'll know what to look for, and we'll do a better job of representing your character. Let me get to the point. If each person with a character could post or PM me with the following information, that would assist us greatly. What we need for each character: Complete character bio (if it's not on Archer's list) History: every major event they were involved in. Side plots as well if you can remember. Major character developments and changes, and when they happened. Key relationships with other characters. Guild and group affiliations Key weapons, where you got them, and what happened to them (especially for early Era 1 characters) I'm aware this is a lot of work, but it saves us a lot of time comparatively. If you have multiple characters, a description of each of them (not just your current one - deceased, abandoned or secondary characters as well) would be invaluable. Thank you. - The Alleyverse Wiki Staff
  3. I've noticed that we don't really have any good NPCs, so... I made some. Eve: Noah: Enora: The Historian (MacThorenston): Mira (Sorana): All these characters are free for anyone to interact with, and I would like this to be a place we can have a list of them.
  4. The Long War Welcome, all, to the Alleyverse Lore Project- a mission to fill in the gaps of the RP with written history and lore. This first project will (I hope) cover the events of the Long War, a 16+ year conflict between the Black Crusade and the forces of Chaos. The hope is that the finished work could help inspire new characters and roleplayers, giving them hooks and story ideas to carry to the rest of the Alleyverse. How differently would your Twinborn act if they had lived through the brutal Siege of Bassopolis, where the mighty Phoenix destroyed half the city battling a Helldrake? What if your Radiant was a reformed cultist, worshiping the Dark Powers before bonding a spren and escaping from the southern wasteland? What if your master swordsman had won their Shards by campaigning with the Black Crusade? Primarily, though, this project aims to produce stories and legends for the Alleyverse, through expanding every guild’s history in the 16 years of war. So, without further ado- I give you the starting point for the Long War: The Winter Siege, when the foul Death Guard battled the Black Crusade for months in the frozen streets of Newcago. Our first goal is to flesh out both armies involved in the conflict- their leaders, their history, and their culture. We’ll also determine the significance of the battle, and how it affected the balance of the Long War. No Warhammer 40k knowledge is necessary. Remember, anyone can pitch in. This is a collaborative project, after all- I’m not the insane dictator secretly ruling from the shadows. The only requirement is that we stay on topic Now- let’s do this. The Black Crusade
  5. Hi all! It's me. My friend @MoHaam refuses to log onto the shard (for some reason. I have tried every day to bring him back on) And has quit the RP, he has, however given me permission to put his character up for adoption, If anyone wants to adopt his character, comment here. Anyone that for some reason or another won't be on the shard for a period of time can choose to put their character up for adoption. Here's MoHaam's character, I have asked him about any additions and this is what he told to write:
  6. Here's the link: It's still severely lacking, and I mostly worked on my characters on the character page, but since this is a wiki, you guys are free to edit in stuff however you want. We can use this thread for discussion regarding the thread too
  7. I've started venturing in the Alleyverse, and have read the four threads that make up the main plot. What other things should I (or any newcomer) read to be up-to date in what's going on in the Alleyverse?
  8. Hey Everyone! Just going to post a clear and simple guide to tell how to create threads, why to create threads, and which threads to join. Here we go: THREAD CREATION: Creating a thread goes like this. First, Decide what you want the alleyverse thread to be, the main three are: Guild, Location and Discussion: Guild: Character RP is allowed, but does not always happen. (See threads: TUBA, Canton of Combat, People you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley) Location: This is specifically an RP thread. Set in one location. If someone posts in character in a location thread. They can't post with the same character in another location thread without first leaving the location, characters can't be in two places at once. (See threads: Waystop, Devaan's training ground, Tomb of the forgotten) Discussion: There is NO RP CHARACTER RP in these threads. (See threads: Alleyverse characters, Alleymemes) Now you know the main three thread types, here's how you make them: A GUILD thread is made by creating the thread, choosing the title (usually the name of the guild) and tagging the thread with the "guild" tag. You then type out the introduction post (usually a summary of the guild, and how to join) and letting others join the guild! Pretty simple! A LOCATION thread is a little more complex. First, create the thread, then title it what the place is called (EG: Elendel Basin) and tag it with these tags: First, tag it with "RP" Then, tag it with "Location" Then, tag it with whatever era the location is in. At the time of this post that would be "era 2" Then, tag it with it's plot relevancy. One of three: "Main plot", "Side Plot", or Character development "CD" Then make a post with your character (or an NPC that you have written for the location) and give a brief overview of the location. A DISCUSSION thread isn't that hard. all you have to do is title it, then tag it with "discussion" and "OOC" (Out of character). Then post an overview of the thread, and discuss! JOINING A THREAD: Joining a guild thread works by simply talking with people either in or out of character. Joining a location thread involves having your character exit the previous location thread, then arrive on the thread. Joining a discussion thread is just by discussing with people. On the thread. thats it. FINAL THOUGHTS: I would like anyone who has made existing threads to tag them with this criteria, it will help differentiate the threads. if anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, just post here and I'll respond ASAP.
  9. A simple but fun concept, what do you think your character's song or leitmotif would be? Or if you can't think of anything for now, you could also just describe the song and I could try to find one for you Characters and their themes (contact me if you want to be removed from the list or change the song):
  10. Planning thread for era 2 planning
  11. We have a wiki for the Alleyverse. Check it out, make an account, be sure to contribute. This is the link to the wiki. Voidus is creator and head admin. Shout out to him for all he does for the Alleyverse!
  12. So, there are often new members joining up. People can get confused, so I am here to help! If you want to join, you have two choices: 1. PM @Archer with a character 2. Post your character on our coming-soon character thread and we will help work out the bugs. Then, post in one of the RP Topics. The current ones are Devaan's Training Ground, Shattered Oaths, The Alleyway Bar, The Newcago Court, and Divided We Fall. If you want, you can also post in CDS (Character Development Scenes) to get started. Be sure to read up on the Rules of Warfare, and also request an invite to the PM. Once you're all set, you can start RPing! Or join a guild! Or both. If you have any questions or concerns, PM Mraize, Kidpen, Voidus, or Archer. Or me! And welcome!
  13. The Ghostbloods would like to announce that with recent break through with Chromium Feruchemy, we are able to accurately* allow you, yes you, to see your own future and where you need to be next**, via the Spiritual Realm! We ask you to place your hands on the Chromium ball and tap the Unkeyed storage. Possible side effects but are not limited to nausea, vomiting, insomnia, dizziness, stupor, memory loss, hearing voices, insanity, and not understanding why one needs to be in that particular place at said time. These side effect grow more severe and apparent the more one taps this ball. Customers served {4} *we can not guarantee when your future will happen, though it will likely occur between one and thirty days (foresight past seven days is quite rare), we can only say that it 75-95% possible to occur (This is because not all of Renarin's visions were correct.), one's actions can increase or decrease the likelyhood of one obtaining their future **similar to what Hoid does with Fortune ***only about 5% are afflicted with the physical and mental side effects , 80% are afflicted with the condition of not understanding why one needs to be in that particular place or time., and 15% are not affected in any shape or form.
  14. For all worldhoppers out there. Come and get some invested jewelry. First selection: Awakened Earring: First Personal Assistant. Name: Corin Abilities: An extra sense. While wearing this, it will provide any information known to it about the area you are in up to ten feet in any direction. It remembers questions and has a sense of humor. Metal: Aluminum (For more human personality) Tin (For its sense of your surroundings.) Cost: While active, it will feed on 25% of your all your senses until you take it off. Look: Just an aluminum tin stud with a bent back. Infinity Gauntlet: In honor of Avengers: Infinity War, this one is on special sale. Abilities: When fingers are snapped, half of all living things within a five-foot radius crumble to dust. Metal: Unknown Cost: Feeds on the wearer like Nightblood. Be ready to remove from package. Drawbacks: Besides the cost, invested objects are resistant to the Infinity Gauntlet's effects. Look: See Image. Note: The gems are normal. Copper: The memory maker. Can store memories and retrieve them for the wearer like any coppermind. Acts like a personal assistant and automatically restores clarity and organization. Look: Just a copper stud of the same design as Corin. Cost: Stores all of your memories as well. There are no secrets to the Professor. Name: Professor Metal: Copper Sold. Any takers? If there is a better place to post this for Alley Verse members, let me know.
  15. These are the Alleyverse elections. We are electing somebody to be our mayor of the Alleyvillage. They will be elected and everyone will have to do what they say, except Voidus, because he literally created the universe. If you create the universe, you kinda transcend this kinda stuff. Also, he's a mod, so he has that going for him. That's not to say he can't be elected, just that it would be redundant. So, the way it works is through a democommunicapitelectocollegsyste system, which is completely original. The way it works is that there are three parties, the pro hemalurgic party, the anti hemalurgic party, and the indifferent party. These are separate from guilds. To become a candidate, this is all you have to do: 1. Be nominated by someone else. 2. Accept that nomination. Name the party you plan to run for. Then I'll make a poll for it. This is definitely not a joke and should be take completely seriously. Nominations: Anti Hemalurgic: @Archer @AonEne Pro Hemalurgic: @ElephantEarwax Indifferent: @Gancho Libre @The Forgetful Archivist
  16. Would you guys in the RP be supportive of establishing a monetary system in the RP? If so, what do you think it should look like?
  17. This is the poll for the official Alleyvillage leader.
  18. 31. Silva* 32. Amalek* 33. Jackson son of nun* In this discussion, if you are willing to participate in it, requires one to explain why they chose the person above in the poll. Please explain why they are the most powerful. This will also help determine the order of the powerfulest** characters, I do not mean to hurt feelings and such but to satisfy curiosity. As such is said, I hope that you vote honestly and not for yourself. Votes are made public so that we can know if you did such a thing. Please note that I will be using 17th Sharder usernames rather than their character names for ease as well as people who are not as familiar with the characters. Some questions to answer or consider. Is it because they have the most Investiture? Are they the most dangerous? Are the the most secretive or have the most to hide? Do they have knowledge of events(Future, present or past) that they otherwise should not know? *If these numbers are your vote please comment them ** A word that I just made, literally right now. Because why write most powerful when you can be lazy.
  19. I know that several people have asked, and Voidus is working on getting it for us, but this is my way of getting them to do it. Put all of our support into a single thread so that they can see the need.
  20. In the beginning, there were the universes. Every possible one existed separate and apart form the others. Nothing connected them except for the primordial vacuum that they floated in. This vacuum is known as the Void. It is impossible for mortals to understand the Void in its true essence. To attempt a description, I will use the metaphor that I was told once. The Void is like the alleyway between buildings, but on a inter-cosmic scale. The universes are like different buildings in a city, and the Void is like the Alleyway in between the two buildings. There was a being who resided inside of the Void. His name is Voidus. similarly to the Void, it is impossible to understand his true form, but to try to understand him, I will use a quote from a very helpful member of the reptilian royalty. He stated that "A Voidus is pages upon pages of Epic profiles, It is a spike in the back in a dark alley. It is a slowpoke with a horriffic crab monster parasitically attached to its tail. It is, to put it simply... the void that is in all of us." Voidus wanted one thing, to be able to push the bounds of knowledge, and sell cookies while he was at it. So he used his ability to maneuver around universes to found an organization that would accomplish these goals. They would push the bounds of the most complicated and elegant of sciences, Hemalugy, and sell the spikes in cookies. The trick was actually getting people to buy their products. The members of this organization were the People you wouldn't want to meet in a Dark Alley. The people who would stab you in the back with a spike. Those who were connected with Voidus. Who shared his purpose, his drive. They played to their advantages, selling cookies in the backs of dark alleys. This was the foundation of the organization modernly known as the Dark Alley, known as the DA for short. To accomplish their second goal, Voidus realized that they would need a base of operations. To do this, he set up labs on the various worlds, because communication was impossible between the universes for anyone that wasn't a cosmic being. Unfortunately, these labs kept on rediscovering the wheel. They would make the same discoveries, once one on Earth discovered something, one on Nalthis would discover the same thing a week later. He realized that they needed a way to communicate, to share ideas for the progression of science. To accomplish this he founded the allies. He took some of the essence of every single universe, and wrapped around a single spike that he had stabbed through a random universe, to spike out its cosmic stability. He inserted the spike into the void, and stabbed it into it. This new found place, where bits of all the universe were connected, became the alleys. They became the shortcuts between buildings in the cosmic city. This was to be the Head Quarters of the Dark Alley. The World Spike was ahemalurgic spike that literally holds the alleyverse together. It was placed by Voidus in the beginning. To help prevent accidents, <REDACTED FOR SECURITY REASONS*>. Visually, the Alleys looked like an endless plane of alleys cutting through a city of empty buildings. Truly infinite, they followed no logical order, shifting and moving themselves to create the shortest path to what ever place a person needed. Its important to note, that the alleys are not under our control. As members of the DA, Voidus lets us manipulate the alleys to better achieve our mission. People who aren't members of the alleys don't have access to their spacial warping abilities. They aren't able to move the alleys like we can. The allies were connected to the different universes through their allies. Anything that was perceived to be a Dark Alley in the multiverse, could be used to teleport into any part of the allies by a denizen of the dark allies. To cover his creation from the rest of the multiverse, Voidus created a more physical representation of the alleys. If the Alleys were the cognitive realm, subject to the perception of Voidus, or whoever needed to use them and was granted power by voidus, this was the physical realm. Subject to the physical laws of earth and the cosmere and randland (these were the universes closest to the alleyverse) it was what most would consider the normal part of the alleyverse. It was built using the alleys as a base, a foundation, which were built using the world spike. People eventually found out about the allies. This physical plane was where they could safely reside. (for non denizens, the allies posed a danger. without cognitive manipulation it was nearly impossible to avoid the hordes of eldritch horrors that populated this plane.) On this physical plane, people gathered into guilds, each one with a goal. Many guilds rose to oppose the DA, but they eventually fell as they weren't strong enough. Other guilds survived for many years. Then, the plague struck. This was known as the plague of inactivity. It destroyed many guilds, most of their members left, either to join the infected, or to escape its horrible effects. The DA was able to survive, because of the Allies, and the fact that it could always retreat to its original labs on various worlds. It was the only guild left in the wreckage. Eventually, activity returned to the Alleyverse. With new guilds such as the Canton of Combat, TUBA, the Ghostbloods, the Liebrary, among others. you can see this modern history of the Alleys by reading various records. *Please note that the defenses of the world spike have been written and recorded, and when the RP reaches a point where they are necessary to reveal, the DA will provide a description with timestamps to show when they were finalized.
  21. Rules the Guild Wars Tournament and match ups below. The Tournament will be renewed every month to ensure that guilds don't earn the reputation of being the worst. The Guild War Tournament is a duel of Honor and Valor, no deaths will be occurring. There is another tournament going on at the same time. This is the Challenge of Champions Tournament. This tournament is to see who is the best at fighting, this will renew every month as well. To participate Challenge of Champions one will need to sign up here via quote. We high advise Rp when participating in any duel or tournament. Important Note: Separate RP Threads will be made and tagged with the name of GuildWars: GuildvGuild. Ex. GuildWars: DAvGB Rules: Guild Matchup:
  23. I have some questions, and am going to address them, but first. I am going to take on a project, I am going to become The Architect of the Alleyverse. I am going to create something similar to the national mall in D.C. where there are buildings from each organization (DA/LA/TUBA/GB/Liebrary/Bakeries/New Arena). If each group could respond with what type of building they would like that would speed this up. I am not sure the program I will use to create it, but it will be made. Now on to the questioning. With the recent revelations in the alleyverse, I am going to adress all of the members of the guilds that were involved. 1. Why were there so many people that joined the DA and then switched or were unloyal? 2. Why do you oppose or support the DA or foin the LA? (Not propaganda about why it exists, why you believe in it.) 3. When did you choose to join the fight for any side or switch sides? 4. Why be so closed door on your dealings within the LA/TUBA? 5. To the people that switched, why did you switch sides? When you see this please tag people and bring them in, I do not wish to tag 20 people in a single post, but I will tag a few, becasue I feel that this should be made public for all Sharders and Ally[ers]. @Archer @The Forgetful Archivist @MacThorstenson @Mraize I will now answer my questions so this is not an interrigation. 1. I cannot say for sure, but I believe it may be associated with the eccentricities of the DA, and the hemalurgy. 2. I support the DA because it is freedom. We choose what we want to do, and do it. I choose give out cookies, after the first to join, and to trick new members out of their souls, and I respect those who oppose me. 3. I chose to join the DA when I found it, in the intro threads. 4. I cannot answer this, as I was not a part of it. 5. I cannot answer this either. And last, to make everyone feel welcome, some Certified NON-Hemalurgic cookies as refreshments.
  24. So after making the rules of warfare and the guide to alley combat, we need some moderators to judge the outcomes of duels and assassinations. there are three types of moderators, they all shoul Non-bias: people who join this type must cut off all ties to any guilds involved with the alley-verse, they can judge all fights and make some important rules decisions, at least SOME experience with the alley-verse is required Bias: people who join this can still be affiliated with guilds, but cannot moderate actions between any guild that you are in. for example, lets say @LopenTheTwoArmedHerdazian wants to become a bias moderator, he cannot moderate a fight between the DA and the LA because he is part of the DA, but CAN moderate a fight between tCoC and the ghostbloods, because he is not affiliated with either guild. Rep's: each guild can nominate 1 or 2 members to be a rep, they can still fight, but they can't moderate, they (along with the leaders of each guild) help make decisions on the alley-wars rules, record deaths (who is dead, and who has been revived) and assassinations. Non-bias people are non-combatants, therefore they cannot kill or be killed. Bias people and reps can be killed, but that will not stop them from being able to moderate.
  25. It has come to my attention that, with all of the drama going on in the present, we are in need of a justice system, where we can try and punish any troublemakers who disregard the laws of the Alleyverse. If this is better suited for the Guilds forum, just tell me. Here is how it will work: One person will come to this thread demanding justice. The other will try to defend themselves. Then, a chosen group (some who are affiliated with the defendant, some affiliated with the prosecutor, and one who knows neither) will vote. If there are any suggestions for this system, please say them!