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Found 5 results

  1. This game is simple, if you possessed Szeth's oathstone, when he was a truthless, what would you order him to do? You can't set him free, order him to kill himself, or take his... WoR spoilers: but everything else is fair game.
  2. So I was rereading the first chapter of WoK, where Szeth killed Gavilar. According to the chapter, before Szeth even tried to kill him, he noticed a Makabaki man with a pale crescent shaped mark on his cheek talking to a Parshendi, if I remember correctly. This, of course, is Darkness, or Darkness tried to kill Lift because she was using powers that "could return the Desolations to this world," and in Ym's case, he didn't show mercy, even though Ym had spent most of his life doing good by giving poor people shoes. And Gavilar who is kind of a mix between both of their cases. He was trying to/could return the Desolations, (Lift), but he still had somewhat good intentions, (Ym). So I believe that Szeth's real employer was not the Parshendi, but Darkness, or Darkness was influencing the Parshendi to send Szeth after Gavilar. Also, this is probably just a coincidence, but the name Darkness may have a connection with Gavilar's black sphere. So, am I correct, or partly? If so, (or not), please comment. Thanks!
  3. There is probably a post on this topic. This however is a specific theory. In WoK, as Taravangian is showing seth around, he thinks: At first glance, this means that Szeth's sense of Honor makes him decide to stay his hand. However, what if it means that the oathstone is a splinter or bounded to a splinter of the shard Honor. Thoughts? Upvotes?
  4. When I ordered my 10th Anniversary Elantris book, I decided to ask a question that has been bothering me ever since I read TWoK. Why would the Parshendi order the assassination of King Gavilar just after they signed a treaty? Yes yes, I know that there is an in-book explanation that Gavilar shared with the Parshendi leaders that he was basically trying to bring the Parshendi gods back and they didn't want that. So I used this opportunity to directly ask Brandon what has been nagging at me: Who was holding Szeth's oathstone when he was ordered to assasinate King Gavilar? Immediately after I submitted my order, I started worrying that I didn't word it right and that I might get back the answer of "Parshendi". In the end, I did not get the answer that I wanted, because I did not get an answer. I received a big ol' R.A.F.O., which is bittersweet. Basically what this tells me is that what is told to us in the book, might not be what actually happened. Was a Kandra impersonating one of the Parshendi leaders? If so, why? Sharders, theorize!
  5. I am not sure this thought was posted elsewhere, hope I'm not repeating it. Some of this could be a stretch but theories nonetheless Is it possible that Szeth-son-son-Vallano's spren is bound or imprisoned in his oathstone? And is that why Shin consider stone sacred because spren are imprisoned in it. The fact that there is no stone in Shinovar could be the reason why there are no spren and this could imply that they have no access to Shadesmar, and hence no storms (besides the fact that they have a mountain range protecting them). Is this why they had to exile Szeth as they couldn't risk him exposing Shinovar to Shadesmar... Moreover, Szeth is the Truthless, is his truth bound in stone? is his spren TruthSpren? Does Szeth become free when he finds his words or his 'oath' as a Radiant?