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Found 313 results

  1. So we're at the end of Oathbringer, and Ash and Taln are collapsing on the ground because Jezrien died. And just before she passes out, Ash sees that Jasnah has their pictures. Except... how is that supposed to work, physically? Jasnah is standing in front of the Heralds and looking from them to Hoid's drawings. So the pictures should be on the side of the paper facing Jasnah. Ash shouldn't be able to see anything except the back of the paper. Is Jasnah contorted in some weird position? Is she helpfully holding out the pictures in the other direction just in case anyone wants to see? Is the paper really thin, and the ink bled through? Or is it just a plothole?
  2. So as I was re-reading oathbringer I noticed some weird stuff about Jasnah. From this I'm thinking that while Jasnah was still young (maybe 3-4 because Navini said somewhere that when she was really young she was already super smart--also remember that a year there is around 500 days so a 4 year old there would be roughly 6 here) she bonded Ivory, probably only saying the first ideal. Gavilar noticed and that's what got him started with the whole 'bringing back honor and radiants' stuff. Someone else noticed, maybe Navini and thought she was crazy, so she put her in the asylum. But I'm a little confused why nobody would remember it. Seems like something people would remember. Tell me what you guys think about it. And yes I know that this will probably all be answered in Jasnah's book, but that's still like 8 years off.
  3. The various races of humans in roshar have several odd traits. For example: Herdazian rock like fingernails, thaylen eyebrows, horn eater bones, aimian's abilities to change, the blue tinted skin of the people hoid told the story about, alethi hair, shin eyes, etc. Some nations dont have light eyes. I have two theories as to why this might be. The first is that soulcaster savants children might have modified genetic heritage. The second theory is that the decendants of different orders of radiant gained different traits. While on the honor spren ship, one of the honor spren said that until the fifth ideal, if kaladin died, syl would survive. Is it possible that the spren at the fifth ideal become interlinked more fully to the radiant to the point it changes genetic heritage? Is the body focus the thing changed by the spren bond? (I am aware that khriss believes the body focus to be a philosophical interpretation) Which spren could be associated with each race? I will make a spread sheet to help illustrate this,
  4. I've seen a lot of references discussing Azure referencing the time she used the "white on black" idiom. I must've missed it reading the book. Can anyone point me to what chapter this was in?
  5. What do you need to capture Unmade in perfect gem? Do you need Bonsmith or just any KR who understands it? Coppermind confused me with this, from Unmade page: But from Re-Shepir page:
  6. I haven't seen this posted anywhere else, yet, so if it has been, please let me know. So I've been thinking a lot about this recently, and I'm not sure if I've stumbled across something incredibly mundane, or perhaps game-changing when it comes to Roshar, Shardblades, Spren, and the Cosmere at large. I am, of course, speaking about Glys. More specifically his form as a shardblade. When Renarin shows Adolin his Glysblade for the first time, it is described as having a rippled look to the metal, and it's shape is similar to that of a katana. "He took a deep breath, then stretched his hand to the side and summoned a long glowing Shardblade. Thin, with almost no crossguard, it had waving folds to the metal, like it had been forged." In real life, those ripples come from the forging process of folding and re-folding the metal multiple times. I'm wondering if Glys's nature as being Sja-Anat's "son", the fact that he is a corrupted Truthwatcher Spren, is why his blade looks like it was forged, instead of the typical smooth look most Shardblades have. I could be on to nothing with this, but it seems to me that Glys would be considered "co-opted investiture", and that perhaps in metallic form, corrupted investiture would appear like two different metals forged into one, i.e. the ripple effect. ETA - Quote from the book
  7. From the album Oathbringer Scenes

    I got inspired by the scene where Dalinar goes to face the Thrill created such a strong visual in my mind that I had to recreate it! I hope you guys enjoy!
  8. We know that It is possible to bond an unmade. Re-shephir showed us this withs Shallan as well as Yelig-nar and Aesudan Kholin and Amaram. (Unless I am wrong) Do we know how the unmade correlate to surges? I want to know which surges you could get from bonding Sja-anat, I guess this part is speculation. If you can get surges by bonding. If not surges what would you get?
  9. Why was Hoid named the Bearer of the First Gem? What is the First Gem? Is it part of the weapon they used to shatter Adonalsium? Perhaps they captured investitures of Adolnasium with, say 16 gems, and Hoid actually held the first, being the first to go near the omnipotent being to give the first strike?
  10. From the album General SA Art

    This is one scene I really wanted to depict! Perhaps I’ve never said before, but Szeth is my fav other than Dalinar in OB =)
  11. From the album General SA Art

    I really grew to love Lift after reading Edgedancer and Oathbringer =)
  12. Preface: I just realized that I have made 99 posts on the Shard and I want to make #100 count. I've spent the last few minutes or so (which is a long time for me) trying to figure out what would be appropriate. On my first day as a member of the Shard, I was reading an interesting thread about The Iriali and the long trial and decided to insert my two cents. I had a good idea about the name of the Shard that the Iriali call "The One." No one ever responded to my post, and the thread died (my post is still the last one). I have wanted to create a new thread about it for a while now, but I never got around to it. So for post #100, I decided to dust off this old theory and try again! The Theory: The basic story of the One is this: There was a single great entity that knew everything but had experienced nothing It broke apart it many pieces, becoming the people known as the Iriali The Iriali were destined to live on 7 different worlds (great speculation on this in the thread I linked above) After the 7th world, they would reunite to reform The One (which we assume is a Shard) So the question is, which Shard is The One? In the thread linked above, there was some interesting speculation on this, but I feel like everyone is missing a glaring, obvious clue. How has Brandon named all of the Shards so far? It's based off of their capital "I" Intent driving motivation. What is the Shard's purpose? Why does it do what it does? This purpose drives all of the Shard's actions and it's reflected in the name of the Shard. So let's ignore all the (super interesting) speculation about which worlds the Iriali have gone to, and which they will go to next. These questions are just distractions. The relevant question is WHY. Why do they travel between worlds? Why did The One break itself apart? The answer: to experience. It knew everything but experienced nothing, so it broke apart and forced its people to travel from world to world in the Cosmere. The purpose is to gain experience. The Shard is called Experience Closing: Ok, that was a lot to type and took longer than I expected. Now that I'm done, I fully expect someone to pop in with a WoB totally disproving my whole theory. That, or for someone to say "duhhhhh, why do you think no one talks about this? It's like having a theory about water being wet." Anyway this is my 100th post and I'm sticking to it! Thanks to everyone at the Shard for enabling my Sanderson addiction! P.S. Wasn't sure if this should be on the OB board or in Cosmere Theories, so admins feel free to move
  13. Is Azure’s blade actually a shardblade? It doesn’t seem to act normal, due to the nature that it is unable to be dismissed and it’s strange size. I’ve come to think that it’s an awakened sword, due to Azure being Vivenna. If it is awakened, what command do you think it has? Is it sentient?
  14. I recently listened to the Shardcast on Resonances and was wondering due to the mixing of Odious Investiture with the Nahel bond if Renarin and/or Venli would have a different Resonance than other Truthwatchers or Willshaperes?
  15. From the album The Girl who Looked Up

    I really wanted to paint Syl high up, carefree as ever. This tested my skills with some perspective and depth. The original composition I had is super bad- I got a lot of help online! I also tried a new way to choose my colors and it turned into a full-blown painting instead of the lined drawing I had planned. Overall I'm happy for where I'm at on my art journey. But I won't forget what will be my most important step.
  16. If dalinar does ascend to a new shard Unity from the remains of honor, I want it to be an incomplete ascension. Kelsier's ascension was incomplete because he didn't have a physical body. What if dalinar can ascend physically and spiritually but not cognitively, because all that investiture became the new spren. So he doesn't get the ingrained understanding of the universe that comes with a shard, but he also gets to keep his personality. he can't creat new spren or new orders of radiants, but he can super charge the radiant that already exist. His awareness can permeate all of roshar but he can't mentally interact with it. Or something to this effect. I want this to happen because we already have an ascension from a main character, another one played straight would be boring.
  17. So I was doing an Oathbringer reread and when I got to the part where Dalinar went to meet the Nightwatcher I recognized his guide Felt. Felt was in WOR as a scout for Dalinars expedition and I am pretty sure I saw a WOB a few years back that the same Felt was in Mistborn working as a scout for Elend. If I Remember correctly that implies that Felt either survived the Mistborn trilogy and subsequently learned how to worldhop or he left because things were getting crazy. This seems to imply theres a lot more to him than meets the eye. He tells Dalinar that he tried to meet the nightwatcher but that he was to foreign and that Dalinar is "less foreign". Was he obliquely referring to his worldhopping? Why did he look for the nightwatcher at all? Why is he sticking around Dalinar? Is he aware of Vasher/Zahel? I got nothing so pile up anything you can come up with.
  18. I'm not sure how much of a spoiler this is, but better safe than sorry. I would love to hear what you guys think about this because I think it might be plausible.
  19. Hail Sharders I was recently rereading Way of Kings when I reached chapter 36 (pg 650) in the bit of text underneath the chapter title it says this: "Taking the Dawnshard, known to bind any creature voidish or mortal, he crawled up the steps crafted for Heralds, ten strides apiece, toward the grand temple above." Noting that it says the Dawnshard could bind any creature voidish or mortal, could we not say that it could imprison an Unmade? In Oathbringer, Dalinar takes the ruby known as Honor's Drop and uses it to imprison the Thrill. Could it be possible that the Dawnshards were perfectly it gems? Meant to bond foes of either side? This is just a theory, and I'm unsure if this is what Brandon entails, but I find it rather interesting.
  20. So, I've only read Oathbringer once and I'm still a little confused. Oathbringer spoilers follow.
  21. We're back with more Oathbringer discussion, and this time, we have a spicy topic: Sja-anat and Voidbinding. There's obviously heavy Oathbringer spoilers here (with some minor discussion from Hero of Ages), so be warned. We're here to talk about the Unmade, corrupted spren, Voidbinding, and more--though maybe we end up confusing ourselves more than anything. We record these in advance, so we talk about the "news" of the new Secret Project. Brandon recently said that it is not cosmere, so our speculation is all worthless. But, I thought some Hemalurgy puns (nailed it) were funny, so I kept that in. Today we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), David (Windrunner), and Alyx (FeatherWriter). Also starring in today's episode is my inconsistent pronounciation of Sja-anat, so I'm sure none of you will be triggered by that, right? Right?
  22. When I was reading through Oathbringer, I made notes about some of the weird stuff that was mentioned. Stuff that's probably foreshadowing. Stuff that might be foreshadowing. Stuff that just seems a bit weird. Mysterious singing, ethereal smoky get the idea. All page references refer to the hardcover page number. Anyway, here's my list of some weird things that were mentioned and what (if anything) I think they mean. Very often I don't have a clue, or at least not a good one. If I'd a clear explanation, it probably wouldn't have qualified as a curiosity in the first place! The following are roughly in the order that they appear throughout the book. Without further ado: 1) When talking to Kaladin about his family, Syl mentions a mysterious voice: Is this a reference to Tien? They're talking about his family, so it seems plausible, but I'm not sure why she'd mention it if so. Reminding Kaladin of things that depress him isn't something she generally does. But I don't know what other voice she'd be referring to. It's also another mention of music ("a song like tapped crystal, distant yet demanding"), which might mean nothing but which, as I note below, seems to play a pretty big background role in the Stormlight Archive. 2) Urithiru is weird: I think we can agree that Urithiru probably wasn't built along strange, twisted curves in order to fool invaders. It doesn't seem like the sort of place that would be attacked by anyone ever. How would you get your army there? It's not like Odium's forces could have used the Oathgates, and they don't have all that many Fused who can fly. There's also a line earlier about how there's more air circulating than there should be, though I didn't copy that one down because at the time I chalked it up to clever engineering. The second of the two quotes above indicate that more is going on than meets the eye, though -- no amount of clever engineering would make temperatures higher at Urithiru than on other similar peaks. The weird thing, though, is that this all seems to be happening without Stormlight. Urithiru's been uninhabited for ages, and it's too high up for most highstorms. If it were ancient fabrial tech...that still takes Stormlight, right? Soulcasting does, at least. So how is the place staying warm? Something weird is going on. 3) Dalinar sees a strange shadow-world: Later on the Stormfather claims that he made this in-between place, but the description sounds familiar to me. I can't place it, but I feel like we've seen this place somewhere before. Why would the Stormfather bother to create an in-between world, anyway? 4) Something is different about the Fused's lashings: So why didn't the Fused lash Moash? They can clearly lash people, since Moash himself got lashed upwards during the fight in the same scene and Kaladin later got lashed sideways. Seems strange that they'd choose to carry him rather than lash him. It's not like they're worried about running out of power, either. Later on, we see that the flying Fused use their lashings pretty profligately. I don't have a quote, but there's a scene where one of the Fused hovers while reading a book, apparently just because he/she can. Also, the Fused in Shadesmar are flying about willy-nilly despite Investiture apparently being more difficult to get there. In fact, I don't think we've ever seen a Fused run out of juice. Something's clearly different here. 5) Lopen looks under rocks for some strange reason: Now this could just be an instance of Lopen being weird, but it's hand-waved off a little too blithely for that to be the case. Lopen might be different, but he's not the sort of different that does things for no reason. Maybe he's supposed to be humoring his spren? Syl might want to look under rocks just to see what's beneath them, so that could be it. The scene in question is a pretty touching Bridge Four moment. It seems strange to call out Lopen for behaving bizarrely unless there's some ulterior motive behind it. He's never done anything that seemingly nonsensical before. 6) Odium and his spren appear Shin: Now supposedly Odium came to Roshar along with the humans, so it's not terribly surprising if he and his look like those original humans. But if that's the case, what happened to make everyone else appear non-Shin? We know a few races interbred with the Parshendi, but that shouldn't have given a homogeneous appearance to every non-Shin person on Roshar. Again, something is strange here, either with what happened or with what we've been told. It's also worth noting that stone is clearly associated with Odium and his spren. Where Syl flies about, Odium's spren clearly walk on stone, as seen in the quote above. The Thunderclasts rise up out of stone. This might give a new interpretation to the Shin refusal to walk on stone and Szeth's belief that Urithiru was formed of stone unhallowed. Do the Shin revere/worship Odium? It seems a bit weird -- they're basically pacifists, after all -- but not entirely implausible. Still, they can't really be directly allied with Odium, either. If they were, Odium could've had all the Honorblades by the time of the battle for Thaylen city, since Shinovar isn't all that distant when one's emissaries can fly. Then again, maybe he does have them already and just didn't want to risk them in the battle? 7) Some spren are changed by Sja-Anat, some are not: What explains this? Are hungerspren more of Odium so Sja-Anat doesn't feel the need to corrupt them? Were hungerspren corrupted en masse during some previous Desolation, so that all the present-day "normal" hungerspren are actually the corrupted form of some prior version? There probably isn't enough information to tell what's going on yet, but maybe someone has ideas. 8) Hoid. Strange as always: First, Pattern says Wit feels like "one of us." It's not clear whether "one of us" means a Lightweaver, a Radiant, a Cryptic, a spren, or something else. He also plays around with Shallan's lightweaving/Stormlight in a way that (if I understand correctly) shouldn't be possible: Maybe he's just drawing it from her spheres, but considering that he needed her help to get the lightweaving going in the first place, it seems a bit strange. He's piggybacking off of her somehow. I'm not going to try to guess how, but it's worth noting, perhaps, as a thing he can do. 9) More weirdness with Shallan's lightweaving. Kaladin's shash brand doesn't stay covered up like it's supposed to: Later, Kaladin checks to see that the gem Shallan tied the illusion to still has Stormlight, and it does, so it's not like he sucked it up without realizing it. Kaladin couldn't get rid of his brand in Words of Radiance, and now Shallan can't cover it up for long, either. I get that the WoR thing is due to Stormlight healing, but that shouldn't mess with Shallan's illusion, I wouldn't think. 10) There's some weird humming/singing going around in Alethkar: First, we've got one of the revelers humming in what I take to be a manner similar to Pattern, then later we've got the queen singing a song that Kaladin almost recognizes. I'm not really sure what to make of these, but given the apparent importance of music to the Stormlight Archives so far, I think it's worth noting. 11) Syl freaks out after killing a spren: I'm not sure why she's so upset about killing a spren, honestly. She doesn't have any problem killing humans or Parshendi. She was even protecting Elhokar's baby from the red spren, so she should be happy. Maybe it's because she's a spren herself? But then, she mentions that honorspren hunt at least some types of spren, so that doesn't seem like the answer, either. Again, something doesn't quite add up here. 12) Sja-Anat mentions a son that Shallan could apparently ask for advice: So at first I thought she might have Renarin's spren, but this doesn't work because Renarin isn't even anywhere near Shallan at the time, so she certainly can't stop and ask Glys for advice on whether to use the Oathgate even if she were likely to trust a corrupted Radiant spren anyway, which seems doubtful. So who or what could Sja-Anat be referring to? It has to be someone nearby and who Shallan would find trustworthy. 13) Winespren: sometimes rare, sometimes common: I know it's mentioned that some spren are more location-dependent than others, but why is this the case? I could see it if one country tended to drink a lot more alcohol than its neighbors, but from what I can tell, people all over Roshar are drinking a lot of alcohol. So why would the winespren only hang out in just one spot? 14) Syl's memory doesn't come back at all when she returns to the Cognitive Realm: Maybe I don't quite get what's going on, but since she had to leave most of her memory behind when she left the Shadesmar, I'd have thought that she'd have gotten her memory back when she returned to Shadesmar. Instead it looks like she's going to continue getting it back piece by piece, as Kaladin progresses with his Oaths. From a meta perspective, I get that there are probably narrative reasons to keep her (and thus the main characters) in the dark for a long while yet. But it's still not what I'd expected. 15) Syl doesn't want to enter the lighthouse: This might just be that she doesn't like to be confined, which is established more explicitly later, but I wonder if there isn't something more to it. Pattern goes in and happily starts poking around, so it can't be anything that repels spren in general. 16) Chapter 103: This is Dalinar's dream/vision of Nohadon where he goes grocery shopping. It's pretty weird. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a dream or if it's supposed to be magical. It doesn't quite seem like either one -- too coherent for a dream, but too incoherent to be a vision. 17) Odium's word versus Preservation's: Mistborn original trilogy spoilers: So anyway, that's my big list of "weird Oathbringer stuff" that might or might not be worth talking about. If there's anything I missed -- and there almost certainly is -- feel free to point it out.
  23. So could Nightblood kill a shard if it can cut through all three realms? Also would the Odium dagger Moash uses be on the same level as Nightblood?
  25. - NO MATING! - Adolin's safehouse in Kholinar being... his tailor. - "Monstrous terrors from the mythological past, enemies of all that was right and good. Destroyers who had laid waste to civilization countless times. They were playing cards" - Every time Kaladin accepts a challenge just for his Stormlight to run off is funny to me for some reason. - Shallan's conversation with Hoid.