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Found 1 result

  1. They had been so close. Yesterday, he practically tasted the victory . Steel had been a momentary inconvenience - it was annoying to have lost someone of his skill, but he had been foolish. Rand had been sure to make no such careless mistakes. But some damned fool person had prevented him from that final plunge of the knife the previous day, and it had cost him everything. He'd played innocent, but no-one believed him. Rand watched as a small tiny Strawman jumped up onto a table and quickly snuck their way in between the small collection of people trying to interrogate him. Rand ignored the group - clearly, nothing he said there would make any difference at this point. Maybe the Strawman could offer him something more. In a group this small, even a single Strawman could make all the difference. The Strawman moved right up to him, from where he'd been backed into a corner with little hope of escape. It lifted a hand, and reached in through a hole in the top of it's head. Something to rescue me with? The creature pulled a thin stiletto blade out from inside its hollow interior. Then it stabbed Randuir through the chest. Plans upon plans, all crumbling to dust. Rand softly let out a sigh - he'd been so careful... Then his eyes slipped close, and he collapsed to the floor. Do you know that feeling of déjà vu? When you could have sworn something that you see you've seen before? That was how those left felt that night. Like the night before, they all went to bed, but were too terrified to sleep a wink. Like the night before, one tried to prepare a defense for themselves, knowing the futility of it. Like the night before, one went from door to door, trying to find an exit that would open in order to escape this nightmare. One sat, not as content as the night before, but still scheming away. And one aimed to see if their gambit could possibly save them from death for one more night. And, when regrouped the next morning, they were all quite surprised that they hadn't lost another member of their party. Yet. Randuir was lynched! They were a Black Shadow! Vote Count: Rand(5): CadCom, Maill, Joe, Kidpen, Strawman CadCom(1): Rand Player List:Steeldancer - Awakened SteelXinoehp - ThaerbArk1002 - Katie the KolossElandera - Turquoise-Bellied Alligator (TBA)Randuir - inCadCom - Ch. Aracter TBAAlvron - Izzy DedyetLumgol - N'NairimKidpen - Buffy the Black Shadow SlayerDevotary - HohelinMaill - M'MalilRathmaskalSart - SartJoe - Jeo