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Found 11 results

  1. Notani N Quisitor, Murder Hornet Trainer and Comically Large Sunglasses Enthusiast, was extremely infuriated. The majority of the others had turned to him, despite The Lord Ruler’s assurance that Notani was loyal. And he was! Obviously he was, as The Lord Ruler said it! It was so! He just didn’t understand. Well, reasoning couldn’t hurt. “Why, then.” He said to the bunch. “Why must you kill me, when I’ve been proven loyal? Do you want me to remove my hood?” “No!” one of them said. “That’s against the code!” Another answered Notani’s question. “Your name. It’s extremely obvious.” Notani gaped in disbelief. “But it says it right there! Not an Inquisitor! It is obvious indeed! But not for what you’re thinking!” If Notani could see the figure, he would have narrowed his eyes at their sneer. “Only an Inquisitor would try that tactic.”, they said. “But The Lord Ruler himself confirmed me as loyal!” “Loyal to whom? The Inquisitors? We have no proof of his allegiance.” Notani shook his head in sadness. The arguments were there, but they were wrong. It was a pity he had left behind his murder hornets in their nest. He wanted to sic them on the mob. He adjusted his sunglasses, their huge rims extending his hood out like that green wrinkly creature from that comic book of his youth. “Well then, if us Obligators are going to lose this war, you might as well get on with it quickly.” The mob obliged. * * * Narrator: The scene is set: Gloomy Kredik Shaw, spiraling up through swirling mists of darkness. Death hangs in the air, a nasty stench. Ominous, yet sad, music plays. Music: Bu Ba Bu DUUUUUUMMMM!!!!!! Narrator: And there's our hero! Murder Mystery Case Solver Extraordinaire!!! Put your hands together for... SOMEBODY F. INQUISITIVE!!!! *canned applause* Somebody F. Inquisitive: *stoops around Kredik Shaw. Holds magnifying glass against the blood stains.* Well I darn say there's been an Inquisitor around these parts! Narrator: Yes, I believe we know that. *canned laughter* Somebody F. Inquisitive: It's a peculiar scent, one that can only belong to one person! I know just who it is. Music: Ba DUM Narrator: Our brave detective saunters off to find the others, but doesn't make it. *canned gasps* *swoosh noise* Music: *sad noises* *trombone fail noise* Inquisitor: *Laughs* Somebody F. Inquisitive: *Falls over.* OUCH! Narrator (sadly): And thus is the end of our detective, felled by a cowardly knife in the dark. Thanks for watching, folks. *canned applause* * * * The night was silent after Notani and Somebody's deaths, save for a few scurrying rats and footsteps. Vapor strode for a tall spire at the corner of Kredik Shaw, as previously planned. The other two were waiting for her. "Is it done?" Jester asked, referencing Somebody's death. "Yes." was her reply. It had been easy. The poor fool hadn't bothered to run. Jester nodded, and the both of them turned to the third member of their group, a strange creature who called himself Vigor. He was not from Scadrial, and had not been extremely active in their quest, but it had been enough. The creature nodded, signaling his approval. The three turned, parting ways to finish the job, for good. The Imperium was theirs. Vapor dispatched Nardaf, sending the poor obligator across his own room. He would live, but uncomfortably. Sometimes that was more fun that killing anyway. Jester was to bully Noorden, sending him far away never to return. Vigor, on his way back to the Perpendicularity, would capture Flamel and take them with him. But there was one more thing Vapor and Jester had to do. It was a new dawn in the Imperium, and they had to pay dear old Rashek a visit. * * * TJ Shade- or rather, The Lord Ruler, Rashek. TJ Shade was just an alias- was panicking. His plans were falling apart by the minute, every discovery of allegiance being slayed in the dark. He feared for the worst, and yet at the same time knew he himself would be safe- perhaps 'the worst' was simply loss of respect. With every passing second Rashek grew more nervous, however ridiculous that was. Where were they? Finally, the door banged open, revealing two hooded figures. They didn't stay that way for long, throwing back the hoods to reveal Vapor and Jester, grins on their spiked faces. Rashek groaned, annoyed at the missed opportunity. "Who was the third?" he whispered. Vapor laughed. "Vigor, the poor thing. Didn't know what he had gotten himself into." Rashek growled. Not even an Inquisitor, brought to their side! Jester stepped forward. "Lord Ruler, we are your servants. Just because you picked the losing side of this war to back doesn't change that now that it's over. I, for one, am glad you still live to rule." Now Vapor advanced. "But, that doesn't mean we're annoyed." She paused. "Very annoyed." Rashek laughed. "A threat, is it?" He released a powerful wave of soothing, sending the two Inquisitors to their knees. "No, you can do nothing against me. Remember that. Recall this moment, if you ever feel further defiance, and remember how easy it would be for me to end your lives. Destroy your existence." He released them, and they gasped, but regained their footing. "Very well." said Vapor. "Master. But the Inquisitors rule the Imperium now. You can't change that." "No." Rashek admitted. "With the war over, it is fine. Rule the Obligators as you will. Leave me now." Jester gave a nod, and they left. Rashek sighed, then slid down in his throne. Indeed, the Imperium had a new secondary ruling force. It was a new dawn, one that would not shine as brightly as he wanted. The Inquisitors were capable, but brutal. But at least, in the end, it was over. And Rashek still lived. That, more than anything, was mankind's greatest blessing. Danex was lynched! He was an Obligator! Somebody from Sel was killed! He was an Obligator of the Canton of Resource! Vote Count: Danex (2): Sart, JesterLavorre Elandera (0): TJ Shade The Inquisitors have won! That is the end of MR46: A Broken Imperium! I thank you all for playing. I greatly enjoyed GMing for y'all, and will run games in the future. Thanks for making my first enjoyable! Player List: GM Notes: Congrats to @Gears, @Vapor, @Ookla the Sprinkle (Jester), and @Elandera/@Amanuensis for winning the game! Recognition to @TJ Shade for being an excellent Lord Ruler Special congrats to @Gears for staying alive after being roleblocked C1. Well done in your first elim game! Much thanks to @Ookla the Channelknight (Fadran) for stepping in for @Mist, @Sart for stepping in for @The Happy Obligator, and especially @Elandera for stepping in for @Amanuensis as an elim under pressure at lylo. Thank you guys so much! My PM folder for this game had 98 messages, which is 9 more than the entirety of the rest of my inbox. @Quinn0928 and @Gears's PM had 840 messages when Gears died, which- unanimously according to veteran memories- is the longest 1-on-1 PM in the history of SE The Dead Doc reached a grand total of 91 pages! Read it if you dare! I'd recommend it, of course. There's some gems in there Doc Links: Master Spreadsheet The Cognitive Realm: Dead Doc The Inquisition: Elim Doc Kredik Shaw: Lord Ruler Doc Once again a big thank you to all who participated, pinch-hit, and spectated! It truly was enjoyable to GM.
  2. Luthadel was not a very nice place to dwell in during the twilight hours. Homeless skaa hid in alleyways, the mist roamed the darker areas of the streets, and ash mixed with dust to blow throughout the city. The red ethereal glow of the sun as it sank made the atmosphere of the streets dark and dim. In all this, the Inquisitor watched. The Inquisitor was the perfect servant: Threatening. Imposing. Perfectly obedient. The Lord Ruler was very pleased in his creations, especially the Inquisitors. And this Inquisitor was on a specific mission. He had been told of the situation. A skaa had rebelled in the fields, fleeing from his working duty and running. He had switly been caught by the Lord Ruler’s mercenaries. The Final Empire could have no deserters. The skaa had refused to work. And so the perfect intimidation was sent forth: The Inquisitor. Normally a simple thing such as a stubborn skaa wouldn’t cause the Lord Ruler to take such measures, but the matter was… unique tonight. The Inquisitor approached the field he had been designated to go, and entered a small structure set up to the side, where the skaa was being kept. The Inquisitor had hoped to find the skaa alone and secure, but instead found the skaa- who was tied securely around a chair- surrounded by Obligators. Three of them. As expected. The Inquisitor growled, a low sound in his throat. The Obligators were the Lord Ruler’s lesser servants, those not created with power or metal, but purley human. They were inferior and believed themselves to be superior, a trait that was more than irritating. The lead Obligator smiled. “Greetings, O Spiked One.” The title sounded mocking coming from the Obligator’s mouth. “Were you coming to apprehend the prisoner? As you can see, the Canton of Orthodoxy has already taken care of the situation. You may depart.” The Obligator nearly smirked, and the Inquisitor grew more vapid with every word, though he had been warned of the possibility. The Inquisitor spoke in his gravely scratchy voice. “I can see that, Obligator. I will be on my way.” The Inquisitor turned, but reached in his cloak and grasped the handles of two glass daggers. As he exited the building, he casually flicked his hand backwards and flung the weapons. He didn’t need to look back to know their marks. One flew straight towards the lead Obligator and sunk true, piercing his heart and killing him instantly. The other stabbed straight through the skaa rebel’s eye. After all, the Final Empire could have no deserters. The other two Obligators present gasped at the sudden appearance of death in the small room, and quickly stood to flee, surly to inform the other Canton members of the occurrence. But that was perfectly fine. The Inquisitors and Obligators had never been friends, and their struggle for ultimate control over the doings of the Imperium had never been more prevalent. It had only been a matter of time before the struggle broke into something more. That time was now. The Inquisitor smiled, and whispered to himself, “Let the war begin.” He pushed a coin onto the ground and flung himself up into the night, up towards the spindly towers of Kredik Shaw. Welcome to MR 46: A Broken Imperium! I will be the GM, @Lotus will be the Co-GM, and @someone will be the IM, which I'll edit in once I'm notified who that will be. @Bearer of all agonies, @Chasmgoat, @Somebody from Sel, here are the signups for the next game Below is the ruleset, but it's also here in doc format. Factions: Faction-Specific Roles: Non-Faction Specific Roles: No player will have more than one role of these roles. Basic Details: Signups will end in a bit less than a week on Friday, November 13, at 1 pm PST. This will be the normal rollover time, with new cycles starting roughly an hour later, at around 2 pm PST. Player List: Spectators: Quicklinks:
  3. Mr. Goat trotted down the road, relieved the others had let off his back a tad. He didn't want to be unlawfully slain, not this late in the Imperium War. He couldn't say much about anyone but himself, which was understandable for a perfectly normal Obligator. Behind him, the ground tremored. He didn't think much of it. Nothing could damper Mr. Goat's mood, not much that is. A brutal inside war in the Ministry? Piece of happy cake! Just don't anyone think of going for his secret bread stash behind the pallets on the third street left of Kredik Shaw. That would not end well for anyone. The tremors were joined by voices. Hushed yells, screaming "Goat! Goat! GOAT! GOAT!" Mr. Goat realized they were coming for him, and his trotting turned to a gallop, then a sprint. He remembered the other chases, when he wasn't being chased. A single thing always was clear. The mob always caught up. The same was true now. The universe had a place for Mr. Goat, but it was not here. * * * Whysper dozed against a wall, dreaming of being elected to a canton, officially, finally. They didn't know which one they truly wanted. Inquisition was interesting, but now came with an unfortunate label. Finance and Resource were.. boring. Orthodoxy was classic, perhaps dull. But... the promotion! The forsaken haunted shadow that had plagued many in the past month flickered. Whysper never got that promotion. Chasmgoat has been lynched! They were an Obligator! Whysper has been killed! They were an Obligator! Vote Count: Chasmgoat (2): TJ Shade, Somebody from Sel Amanuensis (1): JesterLavorre, Whysper, Chasmgoat Kings_way (1): Sart Cycle Nine has begun! The cycle will end in 48 hours on Tuesday, December 1st, at 1pm PST. PMs are down. Players are allowed one non-GM PM message per cycle. If you use this to create a PM, remember to include myself, Lotus, and Devotary. The lynch has a one vote minimum, with tied votes being randomly decided. Amanuensis has been replaced by @Elandera. Many thanks to them! Player List:
  4. Bearer sat in the corner, bearing the knowledge of his death. He didn’t know why he had been singled out. He was just a new recruit to the Imperium, hailing from a noble house not too far from Kredik Shaw. He was loyal! When Bearer signed up for the Ministry he didn’t expect an inner war, much less one that would occur in his death. Bearer felt inside himself, at his metal reserves. They might give him freedom, if it came to that. He wasn’t sure if he would fight for his life. There were so many others. As he sat contemplating this, one of those others- one that he didn’t recognize- slipped past and covertly dropped something. Leaning over, Bearer found a metal vial! He quizzically looked up at the figure walking away, but they did not look back. Feeling excited, Bearer downed the shavings and felt a new reserve appear within himself. A new metal? Incredible! Just then, the mob gathered around him, appearing out of the shadows in an instant. Bearer jumped to his feet and burned the new metal he had been given, hoping it was something of preservation. His reserves vanished, every last one of them. Bearer gasped in surprise, then fell to his knees. He had been tricked, well and truly. He didn’t even try to stop the mob as they closed in. * * * Sedra swiftly walked pointedly away from the site of Bearer's death. She hadn't been thrilled with the decision, and had shook her head in disgust when he had been revealed to be an Obligator. And had simply stormed off when empty metal vials were found on his person. Besides, if might be smarter to be away from the others. She was sure some knew of her cantononical allegiance, and didn't want to be targeted for it. Of course, if she had been spotted leaving this might not go super well, but she couldn't afford to worry about that. ~~Swoosh~~ Sedra stopped, halting in the middle of the street. Had that been an Inquisitor, come to slay her in the midst of her thoughts? She drew her dagger and stood in a stance poising her ready to leap any direction. A knife hurled out of a nearby alleyway. Sedra lunged to the side, but was not fast enough. It pierced her side, sending her to the ground in a heap. The figure she had seen earlier strode past, but leaned down to wrench the knife from her dying body. With her last breath, Sedra heard the words spoken by the creature. "Say hello to Runern for me." Then the figure was gone, and so was Sedra. Bearer of all agonies/Ookla the Tortured was lynched! He was an Obligator and a Mistborn! Quinn0928 was killed! She was an Obligator and a member of the Canton of Inquisition! Vote Count: Bearer of all agonies/Ookla the Tortured (3): Danex, TJ Shade, Whysper Whysper (1): Bearer of all agonies/Ookla the Tortured Cycle Eight has begun! The cycle will end in 48 hours on Sunday, November 29th, at 1pm PST. PM's are DOWN! This means that all players can send one PM per cycle, effective immediately. This does not count GM PMs. Creating a new PM counts, however. If you do this, make sure to include myself (Ookla's Dice), Devotary (Ookla the Hypodecadal) and Lotus. The lynch has a one vote minimum, with ties resulting in RNG deciding between tied parties. The following player is receiving a warning for inactivity: @Amanuensis. If they do not post this cycle they will be replaced. Player List:
  5. Kriti sat on a ledge overlooking the Imperium, contemplating the others. For some reason they had turned to her after Runern's death- as if she was educated enough in Scadrain politics to know about specific customs! The Ghostbloods had given her an annoyingly small amount of information. It looks like she might suffer for it, if they could find her here. Footsteps sounded behind her, and she knew she was dead. The decision among them wasn't unanimous, but it was enough. She turned. "You'll pay for your misdeeds." She told them. "I am not the Inquisitor you seek." The hooded man in front chuckled. "That's what they all say. I am not the one who will pay." Kriti died that day. The mob's streak did as well. Ghanderflaffle was lynched! She was an Obligator! Vote Count: Ghanderflaffle (4): TJ Shade, Kings_way, Quinn0928, Somebody from Sel Bearer of all agonies (1): Danex Vapor (1): Sart Cycle Seven has begun! It will end in roughly 48 hours on Friday, November 27th, at 1pm PST. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! PMs are still open! Kindly include our GM crew of myself, Lotus, and Devotary in any new PMs. The lynch has a one vote minimum. Tied lynches will result in a decision by RNG. The following players are receiving an inactivity warning: @Whysper, @Channelknight Fadran, and @Chasmgoat. If they do not post this cycle I will look for a replacement. Player List:
  6. Runern Evo was many things, but he was not immortal. He ran from Death, but with each passing day, it came ever closer. The wolves circled, closing in on their prey, and he could only dodge their gnashing fangs for so long. On the first day, he was simply ignored. Other targets were more appealing, and the streets ran red with the blood of those randomly chosen to die by fate and the whim of the mob. On the second day, attention abruptly came his way with the advent of a message chain. With a knock at the door and a delivered letter, Death laid a skeletal hand on his shoulder. 'You are mine', Death whispered with a voice fainter than the wind. 'With this chain I end your life.' With a gilded tongue and a malleable mob, he managed to live for another moment. One more day. He always needed just one more day. Pretty words and connected friends saved him for the final time, and Death pulled out its scythe. He knew, in that moment, that it was over. The web of lies he’d depended on, the network of implications he’d fostered, all gone. Snapped with the death of the one who might be his misdirection. His only ally turned against him. The jig was up, the game was over. He finally saw his Death waiting for him, watching as he fumbled for excuses. Death’s cold, cruel laughter echoed in his mind as he finally accepted his inevitable demise. There was no escape. There was no reprieve. His last hopes dwindled down to nothing. This time, the knife struck true. No defense was offered. None was asked for. Death’s hand moved from his shoulder to his neck. As the mob surrounded him for the final time, Death tightened its grip on his throat. It hurt, for a moment, then faded. Everything faded. He was gone. * * * Connie bravely walked down Luthadel's dim streets, hooded head high, not slouching. She had kept her canton successfully hidden- which was probably a good thing, considering it had the potential to look incriminating- but anyone who thought that was wrong. Just because she didn't swell in offices sorting stacks of documents didn't mean she wasn't loyal to the true power of the Imperium. The other Obligators might be stuffy, but the Inquisitors were notoriously violent. She knew she had to appear confident and well-connected. So far, it had worked- the mob hadn't gone after her. Not that they had made overwhelmingly successful decisions- Runern, Connie felt, was a lucky find- but her own death wouldn't help anything. On the contrary, Connie was one of few who could stop another from taking action. The intimidation brought by her canton was useful. Connie rounded the corner, but came face to face with a monster. The Inquisitor before her laughed. "Your life be coming to an end here, Obligator." Connie narrowed her eyes. "That's is coming to an end, you mean. Grammar is important, even for an ugly brute like yourself." Then she turned and ran. She knew she couldn't fight the creature. She knew she probably couldn't escape. But if she was going to die, she might as well correct it first. The Inquisitor growled and took off behind her, steel-pushing on a nearby wall and leaping off the ground. The Inquisitor slammed into Connie from behind, and because of the dagger it had been holding she was killed instantly, just as Connie had figured. The Inquisitor rolled and landed in a crouch, then took off into the night like Death itself. Gears has been lynched! He was a Spiked Inquisitor! Condensation has been killed! She was an Obligator of the Canton of Inquisition! Vote Count: Gears (8): Quinn0928, Danex, Somebody from Sel, TJ Shade, Vapor, JesterLavorre, Ghanderflaffle, Sart Cycle Six has begun! The cycle will end in 48 hours on Wednesday, November 25th, at 1pm PST. PM's are still open! Please include myself, Lotus, and Devotary in any new PMs created. The lynch has a one vote minimum, with tied lynches resulting in a random decision between tied parties. Gears wrote his death RP! Go give him his deserved upvotes! Player List:
  7. Runern Evo was an interesting person. Every day, there were new challenges. Every day, he was forced to live again. Runern Evo was a lucky person. The first time: He lived. The second time: He lived again. Runern dodged the mob's attention every day. Runern Evo was a frantic person. Runern Evo was hopefully a fast person. Today, the mob chased him. He ran with all he had, but the fury of their faces shone even through the hoods. They had yet to find an Inquisitor in their numbers. They were as frantic as he. Desperate to catch the one who had evaded them all this time. He had tried to reason. They hadn't listened. Runern Evo... was an annoyed person. The mob caught up. Runern knew it was inevitable, he was not athletic enough to outlast them for long. He slowed to a stop and turned to the group. The ganged up against him, roughly pushing him against the wall. "We have you now, finally." Runern Evo was a silent person. He said nothing. The person holding him against the wall drew a dagger and stabbed at Runern. He fell to the ground and the mob stalked off. Runern Evo... died. Wait. The knife... had not been lethal. Even now, he could tell. Missing his vitals. Wounding, but not killing, Runern. He stood up, weakly, and limped off. He'd face them later. He couldn't feign death long. But he now knew what he was. It had been clear from the beginning. Runern Evo... was a survivor. * * * Bateaux stood on his balcony, whistling a happy tune. He felt him and the others were making progress finding the imposters among them. Life was good! He was very whimsical. Why align oneself with a Canton when you could help them all? Why stay next to a certain group, why follow a specific hooded figure, why do anything? Bateaux liked his balcony, he liked his home, and he liked his tune. Why not? Alas, the sun was rising. It soon would be time to return to work, and continue figuring out who was impersonating what Bateaux represented. A knock sounded on his door. It was fairly early in the morning, who could that be? He walked briskly over, skipping a tad. Bateaux opening the door was the last thing he did. The horrifying creature before him made quick work of him, and Bateaux fell to the ground. Still smiling. What was life without death, anyway? Gears was lynched, but survived! Ventyl was killed! He was an Obligator! Vote Count: Gears (5): Danex, TJ Shade, Ventyl, Somebody from Sel, Quinn0928 Quinn0928 (1): Vapor Cycle Five has begun! It will end in 48 hours on Monday, November 23, at 1pm PST. PMs are still open! Please include myself, Lotus, and Devotary in any PMs you may create. The lynch has a one vote minimum, with tied lynches being randomly decided. The following players are receiving an inactivity warning: @Amanuensis, @JesterLavorre, @Bearer of all agonies. I did not put in place an official filter, though I will look for replacement players if you don't post this cycle. Player List:
  8. Reading, forced again to stalk the streets at night, glanced side to side, very worried. He before had thought himself only at risk of an Inquisitorial attack, but now the mob was after him. He couldn't fathom why. He had already been attacked! In what world was he an Inquisitor? "This one, apparently" He said aloud. Curse this place to the ends of the earth! While he loved the work he did in the Ministry, the ashfalls and suspicion was too much. He still didn't want to die, though. He rounded the corner, approaching his apartment. but standing in front of the building was a group of figures, hooded and menacing. Several sported knives. "There he is!" Cried one of them. The group surged forward as one. Reading twisted vigorously and sprinted back the way he had come, not thinking about hornets, or legos, or anything but getting out of there. But he didn't pay attention enough, and ran straight into a dead end. "Please." He stammered to the group, making a last-ditch attempt at survival. "I'm on your side. I'm not even the Lord Ruler! Please!" The figure up front reared back their foot and kicked Reading in the ribs. "We don't care if you really are. Your death will provide insight on the others. If you're truly loyal, you'd want to help us purge the Inquisitor's grasp from the Imperium. Your death does this." Reading closed his eyes. So that was what he was. A sacrifice for the 'greater good.' The knife fell expertly and quickly. A final mercy, perhaps, letting Reading exit life painlessly. * * * Faleast wasn't exactly welcomed home with open arms. Scadrial was a complicated planet. When he'd been alive - the normal way - it had been over 300 years after the streets under his feet had been made. AraRaash knew the city of Luthadel well, of course, but it was as alien as Braize to him. So he got lost. Mentally and physically. There wasn't any sense in the proceedings of the day, and these strange alleyways were not the kind he was used to. It was almost like - A coin shot through his chest. He whirled, dropping to the ground to see the Inquisitor standing over him. 'How'd he get here so fast?' Whatever. He hadn't found any Mistings anyway. Faleast stopped tapping Gold, letting the internal wound seal while blood flowed. And then AraRaash's consiousness stirred. 'Faleast, you can't die here, not when the Inquisitor has' - As if on cue, the spiked overlord took a doubletake, looking at something he couldn't see. Then the figure reached an arm out. And a twisted spike shot out of Faleast's chest. 'Well', Faleast thought as his Shadow was ripped away from the kandra's body. 'This does complicate things'. Shard of Reading was lynched! He was an Obligator! Ashbringer has been killed! He was an Obligator! Vote Count: Shard of Reading (4): Quinn0928, Ashbringer, Gears, Condensation Channelknight Fadran (3): Danex, Shard of Reading, Kings_way Danex (2): Sart, Ventyl, Channelknight Fadran Gears (2): TJ Shade, Whysper Quinn0928 (1): Ghanderflaffle Cycle Four has begun! It will end in 48 hours, on Saturday, November 21, at 1pm PST. PMs are still open. Group PMs are disallowed. Please include Lotus, Devotary, and I in any PMs created. Ash wrote his own death RP! Go upvote his efforts The lynch has a one vote minimum. Tied lynches will result in a decision by RNG. Player List:
  9. Turtle sprinted through Luthadel as fast as she could muster, dodging people and weaving through alleyways faster than that Fused from the Diagram could have. She was pretty Sneaky, but only slunk through the dark just long enough to make a run for it. The others probably would have found her sooner or later anyway. She had attracted quite the crowd over the past few days. It had been pretty funny to mess with the secret envelopes, but no one seemed to believe her when she claimed it was a prank. The Steel Ministry did have a reputation for order- perhaps the mob behind didn’t care whether she was Obligator or Inquisitor, as long as they removed a stipulation in their working clock of a government. They were wrong, of course. About Turtle’s malicious intent. She just liked a good joke. On and on she ran, and soon her heart began to pound faster. Her legs grew weaker. Running was not her strong suit. She was more of the espionage type, the kind of person who would sneak behind you and yell ‘BOO!’ rather than run circles around your head. (Though if she could manage it, Turtle would admit to it being quite entertaining.) But now was not the time to dream up fantasies of pranks. Turtle knew that the mob would catch her sooner or later. There were too many of them. In a last ditch attempt at survival, she summoned her inner sneakiness and dove into the alley off to her right. With any luck, they’d run right past her. Panting softly in the shadows, Turtle looked out into the main street, eyes wide with fear. She hoped with everything she had that the hooded figures in pursuit would blaze past in their fury, not noticing her escape. Oh, what she would give for a second chance. But no. As the group rounded the corner, Turtle knew her fate. She began to weep softly into her cloak. If only they knew. The one in the front spoke. “This is what comes from confusion, Inquisitor. The depletion of your numbers. Power returned to the true masterminds of the Imperium.” They drew a knife and plunged it into Turtle’s side. With her last breath, Turtle spoke: “No. Confusion... brings... mistake. Your… mistake…” She slumped to the side, leaving the group distraught at another failure. * * * Kesilen's glasses fell down their nose. I really should get a new pair of sunglasses, Kesilen thought. They hadn't had time to find the local glasses stores since arriving on Scadrial, but there were plenty of people with sunglasses walking around here, so they must exist. As they walked down the street, Kesilen saw several people with large, dark sunglasses walk out of a building. Kesilen stepped in, hoping that it might be a glasses shop. Theroom was empty except for a rack of hooded cloaks and a display full of sunglasses, but there was a pounding noise coming from a door to the back. Kesilen opened the door, meaning to ask the owner of the store how much the glasses cost. Instead, they saw a table with one person lying on top of another and a man hitting a spike through the top person into the bottom one. The man looked up, and Kesilen saw that he had large spikes where his eyes should have been. An inquisitor. Kesilen turned to run, but the people who had left the building earlier, who they now knew must have been Inquisitors, came in through the front door, leaving them with nowhere to go. Shattered glasses, then a dead body, fell to the floor. eltruT was lynched! She was an Obligator. Flyingbooks42 was killed! They were also an Obligator. Vote Count: eltruT (12): Gears, Danex, Ghanderflaffle, Shard of Reading, Flyingbooks42, Quinn0928, Bearer of all agonies, Somebody from Sel, Whysper, Chasmgoat, Ashbringer, TJ Shade Gears (1): Sart Danex (0): Ventyl Ghanderflaffle (1): JesterLavorre Ventyl (1): Amanuensis Quinn0928 (1): eltruT Cycle Three is underway! This cycle will end in 48 hours, on Thursday, November 19th, at 1pm PST. Yes, Danex and Ash, I copied the vote count from this cycle's prewritten post for the vote count and forgot to change it. This only tells you this vote manip action wasn't sent in in the last 2 seconds of the cycle, so I'm clarifying... FlyingBooks42 wrote their own death RP! Upvote them PMs are still open! Remember to include myself, Lotus, and Devotary in any PM you make. The lynch has a one vote minimum. Tied lynches will be decided by RNG You guys talk a lot. Player List:
  10. Illwei stood defiantly against the rain, tattooed face wet with the tears from above. She was standing over a cliffside, knowing exactly who was coming. There was little point in resisting, not when she had nothing to hide. Illwei regretted dying so soon, and for reasons so small. Her skills as a result devoted to her Canton were wasted. But she stood, expression never faulting, knowing that this was what The Lord Ruler must have wanted for her. At the very least, her death would provide insight on who truly were the violent Inquisitors. She heard the other approach behind her. She said nothing at their jeers, their call of 'Inquisitor!', but stood firm in her firmness. Finally, Illwei felt a knife point from behind slide in her back. she didn't even wince at the pain. As her last act, she flung off her hood, turned, and showed herself for what she really was. An Obligator. The others behind stirred. And Illwei jumped, taking the knife- still in her back- with her. Off the cliffside. A final choice, plummeting her to the rocks below. * * * Reading stepped purposefully down the narrow streets, staying away from the shadowed areas darkened by the shadows of the buildings. It already was dim because of the setting sun- a fact Reading already found annoying, the last thing he wanted was to be caught alone in the dark- and he hurried towards his home. Feeling especially paranoid, he opened a flap on his backpack and let out a hornet, specially trained for reconnaissance. It was to fly around the area and warn him of anyone hiding where he himself could not see them. It was one of the only ways to improve his chance of survival- not that he expected to be attacked, but it never hurt to be careful, especially now. As the sun set further into the horizon, the sky only got darker, and Reading only grew more frightened. He felt his life hanging in the balance. Every skittering rat stopped him still. He adjusted his sunglasses. Where was the hornet? As an extra precaution, Reading scattered lego pieces in front of him as he walked. He soon ran out, and was forced to carry on alone. Soon, he would reach his apartment. Then he would be safe. Not soon enough. The hornet zipped back, significantly faster than Reading had ever seen it fly before, heading right for Reading’s chest. He jumped back in surprise, but the hornet wasn’t aiming to strike Reading. Out of the gloom, a single coin shot directly at Reading’s chest. He hardly had time to let out a scream. He closed his eyes. But felt no pain, nor loss of consciousness. He cracked an eye open just soon enough to see a cloaked figure leaping away into the night. Glancing down at the ground before him, he saw his hornet, bug guts sprayed against the pavement, a single coin implanted in its side. The hornet had saved his life, deflecting and intercepting the coin just enough. Before sprinting away, Reading scooped up the coin and wiped it clean on his coat. After tonight, it was his best luck charm. He spared a single glance at his loyal insect friend, then finally let out a breath. He had survived. He had survived. Illwei has been lynched! She was an Obligator of the Canton of Orthodoxy. Shard of Reading was attacked, but survived! Vote count: Illwei (2): TJ Shade, eltruT, Bearer of all agonies Amanuensis (2): Ventyl, Whysper Bearer of all agonies (1): Somebody from Sel Vapor (1): Illwei Cycle Two has begun! It will end in 48 hours, on Tuesday November 17th (RoW!!!) at 1 pm PST I have a new appreciation for GMs. PM's are open. Group PM's are not allowed. Include myself, Lotus, and Devotary in any PM's made. The lynch has a 1 vote minimum. Tied lynches will be randomly decided. The Happy Obligator has informed me they have to step out. I don't have a pinch hitter for them, but I will soon. The Lord Ruler has aligned with a faction. Let the Games Begin! Player List:
  11. Darius Lorian, Obligator of the glorious Steel Ministry and a member of the Canton of Orthodoxy, wore a brown cloak that covered his face in shadow. It was a tactful clothing choice, as he could roam the streets of Luthadel without the general public shying away from his eye tattoos naming him an open follower of the Lord Ruler. Darius wondered why Obligators such as himself had that effect on people in the Lord Ruler’s own kingdom. They were the proclaimers of justice! Darius had no specific motive on this day for this walk, he merely couldn’t handle work inside the Ministry to be a constant. Darius Lorian liked his breaks. As he moved down the gloomy streets, he noticed a brief shadow appear on the wall beside him. Darius turned to see if a small animal was what was there, or if it was something else. As he turned, he saw that it was not a small animal, but instead a large figure in a hood like his own. Though the hood covered the finer details of the face in shadow, Darius could see the two spikes driven through the figure’s eyes. Darius let out a squeak and jumped back, but quickly regained his composure. The Canton of Inquisition was not always a welcome sight. Hardly ever, in fact. Especially now, with rumors of a struggle breaking out between the Cantons. He stammered out a greeting, making sure not to offend the creature. “Lord Inquisitor, sir, what brings you to me?” The Inquisitor chose to stay true to its reputation and was silent, but gestured to a nearby alley way. Darius did not hesitate to comply with the thing’s wishes, whatever was in store for him there couldn’t be worse than disobedience to a Steel Inquisitor. As soon as they were out of sight from the common people, the Inquisitor wasted no time in extracting a dagger from inside its cloak and stabbing it into Darius’s chest. He gasped and collapsed onto his knees, blood flowing onto the dirt ground. Only now did the Inquisitor speak, and Darius had to struggle to hear the words through his anguish. “Times are changing. The Cantons cannot work together for long. Inquisition will reign.” Darius closed his eyes. He could feel the life seeping out of him. The Inquisitor bent down to be sure that Darius heard his final words: “You are only the beginning of sorrows, a symbol to the others. Many more Obligators will fall. The Final Empire will belong to the Canton of Inquisition, as it should have been from the beginning.” The Inquisitor left Darius lying in his own blood, wondering what he could have possibly done to deserve such a fate. Darius Lorain has died! He was an Obligator of the Canton of Orthodoxy! Cycle One has begun! The cycle will end in approximately 48 hours, on Sunday, November 15th at 1 pm PST. The following cycle will begin soon thereafter. Darius Lorian was an NPC for the sake of flavor in the writeup, and has no influence on distribution or wincons. PMs are open. Group PMs are not allowed. Include myself, Lotus, and Devotary in any PMs made. The lynch has a one vote minimum. Tied lynches will be randomly decided. If you did not receive your PM, message me and that will quickly be fixed. Important: The signups thread got a little cluttered with unnecessary posts, and I don't want that kind of thing to affect the game and those who may not want to participate in them. I would request that straight RPing, other random conversations, and things like that which are unrelated to the game be strictly in PMs. For the thread's sake and for the other players' sake, please respect this guideline. Thank you. Player List: