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Found 1,219 results

  1. Kelsier's in Fortnite.
  2. As we prepare for our Hero of Ages episodes for the Worldhoppers Podcast, I'd like to ask for some fun lore, like I have before, about Hero of Ages, with no Cosmere (including Era 2 and SH) spoilers. I'm saving the ones I've gotten about that for our secret history episode when we can discuss all those secrets freely, but it will be a while until that happens.
  3. so I have not read Era two yet, but I know that there is a metal that allows to slow down time for you, or faster. whichever one works, but say if you get a store of loads and loads of said metal, then used duralumin with it, so you end up in the future.
  4. I’m still hoping one of the mods can reopen my old tarot thread in Mistborn. Until then... Please be aware that most of these cards were made four years ago. These cards are hypothetical tarot deck from Era 3 Mistborn: The Fool: Retaining it’s name from pre-Catascande Scadrial, it represents beginnings. Hence the Lord Mistborn heading from the World of Ash to the Anteverdant one. The Sovereign/The Fullborn (The Magician): This card was called the Mistborn in pre-Catascande Scadrial. Post-Catascande gave it the name Fullborn, and it has slowly transitioned toward being called the Sovereign. It represents Power and Manipulation. The Sovereign points to the four suits (Bands, Medallions, Spears and Metals or Spikes) representing his mastery of them. As the card becomes more strongly identified with The Sovereign, some interpreters have begun pairing it with the Survivor and creating unique meanings based upon the drawing of both cards. This has yet to become widely accepted, however. (If you know the RL history of this card you should know why Kelsier is so perfect for it.) The Misting (the Priestess): This card retains its name from pre-Catascande Scadrial. It represents Intuition and Secrecy. It is unclear when the cards began displaying Beldre, wife of the Lord Mistborn, but she is the most common portrait in modern tarot decks. (Do you have any idea how hard it is to substitute Lunar imagery because Scadrial doesn’t have a moon? Literally all I remember from making this card.) The Lady (The Empress): Also known as the High Lady. There is no mystery to Lady Alriane’s place on this card; her many discourses on a woman’s role in society have made her the perfect depiction of Feminity, represented by this card. The Lord Ruler (The Emperor): Pre-Catascande this card’s upright and reversed meanings were switched. Skaa readers traditionally swapped the meanings and today that is the accepted interpretation. It represents Domination and Authority. (Considering Scadrial’s history it made more sense for the meaning to be reversed.) The Obligator (The Hierophant): The Last Obligator adorns this card, as quickly became customary after the Catascande. This card represents Tradition and Government. The Lovers: Another card that retains its name, the Imperial pair represent Love. The Hound/The Guardian (The Chariot): Featuring the Guardian, the Hound card represents Determination and Self-restraint. Indications are that this card may have always featured a large dog of some sort. Strength: The Strength card is often misunderstood, as it does not refer to physical strength. Rather, it represents Integrity. The Kandra (The Hermit): Custom has it that this card features OreSeur, the Kandra who served the Survivor. It represents Introspection and Isolation. Fortune (Wheel of Fortune): Unsurprisingly, this card represents luck. Death/Ironeyes (Justice): Once known as the Inquisitor, this card was often referred to as ‘Death’ by both nobles and Skaa. So it’s not all that surprising that it became associated with Ironeyes. This card can be paired with The Survivor to create a unique trump pair known as The Brothers. In readings the two cards are said to symbolize familial relationships. Note that the Sovereign cannot pair with Ironeyes. As with the Lord Ruler, Skaa traditionally reversed the meanings of this card. However, this tradition has faded due to the card’s association with Ironeyes, who is viewed as a more just figure (albeit a terrifying one.) This card represents Law. Sacrifice (The Hanged Man): The Sacrifice card is an old one and it represents Insight. The Survivor (Death): This card has a fascinating history. The earliest versions call it Death, and it portrayed the Deepness. Pre-Catascande Nobles called this card the Deepness and portrayed it traditionally with dark swirls. Skaa were not taught religion in the Final Empire, so when the game made its way to them they - rather ironically - began referring to the card as The Mist. When the cards began being used for divination, this one came to represent Change. The Survivor quickly became associated with the Mists and no one can deny that he was - and is - a tremendous force of change. So it’s rather understandable that he became associated with this card. (In case anyone is confused: RL Tarot Decks have a Justice and Death card. Scadrians call the former Death and the latter the Survivor.)
  5. The gay male protagonist. Bane of mainstream literature. But things are better now™. *sigh* LGBT literature is still very much- actually hold that thought. The existence of that term alone shows the problem: that LGBT literature is a separate thing from straight literature. We rarely have fantasy, mystery or sci-fi whose main character happens to be gay, we have gay fiction which happens to have a fantasy, mystery or sci-fi setting, rarely. Mostly it's just romance. Written by women. *sigh* It's mostly erotica, basically not even aimed at the same gender. There are gay authors: Adam Silvera, TJ Klune, Will Walton, Benjamin Alire Sáenz,... well-known LGBT authors. Special thanks to Richard Morgan who finally wrote a non-romance with a gay male character as the main protagonist. Also Robin Hobb. Gay characters are almost never the main protagonist in the mainstream literature. Gay literature is still a niche genre and generally not taken to be a part of mainstream literature. When gay characters do appear in the mainstream and they're not badly written, they're usually secondary characters or at most, the deuteragonist. These authors are then treated like the bastion of LGBT literature and everyone else would remember their example for the next ten years as completion of the required dosage of gayness they can handle on their reading list. They will then cite these books everytime some poor sod mentions we need more representation, "wasn't that one book from 5 years ago with that one gay character (who probably dies later on) enough?" And these authors too, even after all this time, are in the minority compared to those who simply ignore that gay people exist. These are the books most likely to have a lot of romantic subplots. Love triangles, ahoy! "But we need romance in our books!" "Why do we need to have a gay character?" "what does it add to the character?" Female gay characters are, of course, fine. I mean there's also less gay female characters because it's not as daring and "female lead" is still something that can be used to sort books but at least people aren't directly opposed to them. Gay male characters on the other hand are an insult and a threat to masculinity everywhere *long exhale* So we have Ranette and Drehy filling the quota of gay characters in the Cosmere and they're tertiary characters. So far, we have maybe-promises from the author regarding gay characters in the future. On a completely unrelated note, how many love triangles have we had in the Cosmere so far again? This post is my anger and this post is my logic: Also check out this comment by @The Awakened Salad which addresses the question of why a character would "need" to be gay:
  6. If you could have the ability to burn one Allomantic metal and control over one surge, what would they be and what would the name of your new Misting/Radiant hybrid be?
  7. So uhh, we’re all aware of Sanderson’s latest announcement, and it was really surprising. What are everyone’s thoughts?
  8. This is a charcoal drawing I did of a Steel Inquisitor a couple years ago. The camera quality and lighting aren't that great, and the face looks a little strange, but I tried. If you're wondering, yes, the Steel Alphabet tattoos, as well as the signature do decode into something. I'll let you figure that out for yourself though. With regards, Ap
  9. From the album ScadrianScripts

    AlloyofLaw.otf, AlloyofLaw Bold.otf (or, if you prefer TrueType: AlloyofLaw.ttf, AlloyofLaw Bold.ttf) AlloyofLaw_README.txt, AlloyofLaw_Bold_README.txt This image shows the quote "I am, unfortunately, the Hero of Ages", the first line of the Words of Founding, in two different font styles. The first uses the "print" style allomantic symbols from the Alloy of Law (Era 2 Mistborn), while the second uses the older style symbols from the Final Empire (Era 1 Mistborn). These are both referred to as the Steel Alphabet, or the Allomantic Alphabet. Attached above are the font files I used to make this image - I've implemented it as a single font named "AlloyofLaw", with the Era 2 symbols as the default "Regular" style and the Era 1 symbols as the "Bold" style. Once both files are installed, switching between the styles is as simple as bolding and unbolding the text! The Words of Founding were presumably originally written in the old Era 1 steel alphabet symbols. Reprinted, abridged copies of this text are mentioned in the Era 2 novels. I imagine there exist many different versions which have been published at different points Post-Catacendre; some probably use the old symbols for an "old-fashioned" feel, while others probably use the modern symbols. This is what I envisioned when creating these fonts - two different font styles using the Alloy of Law era alphabet conventions. I hope you enjoy! More details: The page for the Badali jewelry customizable steel alphabet ring gives a complete transliteration of these symbols to the Latin alphabet; Isaac Stewart has stated "From the beginning, I built the symbols to also be an alphabet. ... The rings are the first chance to use it." Peter Ahlstrom has also mentioned "The alphabet used in Alloy of Law is just a different font of the same alphabet as used in the Final Empire." My take on the very slight differences between this transliteration and those in Ben McSweeney's Inquisitor artwork from Mistborn Adventure Game (transliteration by Valkynphyre here) is that the Inquisitor transliteration is from an older religious text from pre-Era 1 Mistborn, while the Badali transliteration is accurate for the alphabet during Era 1 and Era 2. My fonts here use the Badali transliteration; I've made a different font for the Inquisitor transliteration style. One slight difference between my "Bold" font (which uses the Era 1 symbols with the Badali transliteration) and the steel alphabet as used in Era 1 is using a moved dot to differentiate between the vowels I and E, and O and U. Isaac Stewart mentions and Peter Ahlstrom elaborates on how this is a recent innovation as of the Alloy of Law. These fonts contain two lookup tables: liga - four subtables to: (1) - substitute the name of a metal or a direction for its corresponding symbol (must be spelled in allcaps: IRON, STEEL, TIN, PEWTER, ZINC, BRASS, COPPER, BRONZE, CADMIUM, BENDALLOY, GOLD, ELECTRUM, CHROMIUM, NICROSIL, ALUMINUM, ALUMINIUM, DURALUMIN, DURALUMINIUM, ATIUM, MALATIUM, LERASIUM, ETTMETAL, HARMONIUM, WEST, NORTHWEST, NORTH, NORTHEAST, EAST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTH, SOUTHWEST) (2) - display any double letters as a single letter (3) - display the numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 256, and 4096 as the corresponding symbol. kern - pairwise class-based kerning values The 24 basic symbols were downloaded from the Coppermind wiki in SVG format - these SVGs were created by user Paleo (from Isaac Stewart's original artwork). I created the punctuation included in these fonts by extrapolating from the period and comma that appear in Ben McSweeney's Inquisitor artwork. If using MS Word, once you create a new document, type some text, and set the font to "AlloyofLaw," you must also highlight the text, expand Word's "Font" section at the top (or press Ctrl+D), and navigate to the "Advanced" tab. Here you must select the checkbox "Kerning for fonts" under the "Character Spacing" section. Under the "OpenType Features" section select "all" from the drop-down menu labeled "Ligatures," and select the checkbox "Use Contextual Alternates." I wish Word didn't make this so convoluted. If you want to mess around with these fonts in FontForge, here are the SFD files: AlloyofLaw.sfd, AlloyofLaw Bold.sfd

    © The Steel Alphabet symbols are copyright of Brandon Sanderson and Dragonsteel Entertainment. In compliance with fanart policy, these fonts cannot be used for commercial purposes.

  10. I'm putting this here 'cause the other thread I found about it was closed to new comments. I reread Rhythm of War recently, and I was reading on the Coppermind about Nale, and there's a section of his abilities titled "Lawman". As I've always been interested seeing what Radiant order other cosmere characters would belong to if they could (Wayne being an odd Edgedancer, Rashek being an okay but not great Skybreaker, Spensa likely being a Dustbringer, etc.), I started thinking about Wax. Wax's chosen calling is to uphold the law, especially in the Roughs, where he tells Granite Joe "You might not need Elendel's laws, but that doesn't mean you don't need any laws at all." Later on in Shadows of Self, he breaks up a protest blocking Tindwyl Promenade, and when one of the beleaguered constables expresses empathy with the strikers, Wax says, "Whatever their grievances, it doesn't give them the right to block an important thoroughfare." The more I read, the more certain I become that Wax is most definitely a Skybreaker. The final thing that pushed it over the top is when he's contemplating the differences between lawkeeping in the Roughs and lawkeeping in Elendel, and he thinks to himself, "Out in the Roughs he hadn't just enforced the law; he'd interpreted it, revised it when needed. He had been the law." That more than anything struck me once I thought about the oaths of the Skybreakers. The Fifth Ideal of the Skybreakers is to become the law. Now that I think about it, It seems that Wax's Second Ideal would've been the standard "I swear to seek justice", his Third Ideal might've been reached when he decided to begin his career as a lawman with "I swear to bring to justice those that break the law", his Fourth Ideal might be "I swear to hunt down my uncle Edwarn and thwart his plot to take over the Basin", and finally reach the Fifth Ideal, where he becomes the law, which he seems to have achieved out in the Roughs but not in Elendel. In the other thread about this, there were people saying that Wax is too willing to bend the rules to qualify as a Skybreakers, and to that I say, Nale and his Skybreakers in modern times are not the be all and end all of Skybreakers. The Skybreakers in modern times follow the law unquestioningly, but that's largely a result of Nale having his empathy tortured out of him on Braize, and not being sure of his own morality, so he seeks morality in the legal codes of others. But we're given a glimpse in RoW of a time when Nale says, "The law cannot be moral, but you can be moral as you create the law." This seems to align much more with Wax's philosophy, and Nale's insistence on Skybreakers following an external code might be why no Skybreaker has achieved the Fifth Ideal in centuries, as the Fifth Ideal seems to about recognizing the mistakes the law can make and being willing to change it to uphold justice. Wax seeks to do good in the world by enforcing the law, but he's willing to change the law or bend the rules when the rules are unjust, and remember that Nale, and also the Skybreakers, in the old days was associated with the attributes just and confident, and Szeth, when he swears the Second Ideal, swears to seek justice, not follow the law. Windrunners, meanwhile, are associated with the attributes protecting and leading, which don't fit Wax quite as well as the attributes of the Skybreakers. And if you think about it, Wax is feared and held in awe by most people, similar to how Nale is by Ulim, Venli, Lift, and so many others on Roshar, but Wax isn't looked up to as a protector and inspiration in the same way Kaladin is. Wax isn't a person who inspires you to follow him, but is very much a person who will hunt you down if you break the law. While I do think Windrunners and Skybreakers are very similar in motivation and both good fits for Wax, I think the main difference is that Skybreakers seek to do good within the law, while the Windrunners aren't as concerned with the law and would prefer to do what they think is right. As such, given that Wax tries to better the world by upholding the law and bringing justice to those that break it, I think he is most solidly a Skybreaker, likely one able to achieve the Fifth Ideal.
  11. So I'm rereading Bands of Mourning, and I got to the part where Allik explains to Wax that, according to his religion that worships Metalborn, he has to use a different title to refer to Wax every time. I always found this a little excessive, but this time I had a thought. What if Kelsier made that a feature of his new religion in Southern Scadrial just to see if he could? It seems like a suitably Kelsier thing to do with a new religion.
  12. So I was going through this forum and instantly ran out of stuff to do. As you can imagine, I was a little ticked off, so I decided to make a thing. Hopefully it doesn't go to crap in an instant. It's like a lot of those stories; the one's where someone posts a sentence, and then the next person posts the next sentence, and so on. Everyone's played it before. "The Longest Thread (Misadventures)" is probably the best example of this. I decided to go a little niche, however, and we're confined to two main characters as of right now. These two characters-- the Knight Radiant and the Mistborn-- are dueling each other for the sixteen shards they've managed to capture and enslave. Our job is to narrate what tactics and attacks they use against the other. Here're the rules: 1. You must remain within the general rules of the Sanderson's series's. The Mistborn can run out of metals, the Radiant can run out of stormlight, and neither of them can summon black holes by snapping the spirit web and burn out the cosmere. Y'know, basic stuff like that. 2. You can only narrate one character at a time. When you narrate that character, you can give them 1 action and 1 bit of dialogue. For example: "The Mistborn burns tin. 'Prepare to die, Radiant!'" If the Mistborn burns atium, though, then the next person to post something must say what the Mistborn sees. 3. No killing the Radiant or the Mistborn! If someone breaks this rule and kills one off, then do yourself a solid and bring them back to life with a free action. 4. If you want to have another character from another series join the fray (they have to be from the cosmere, and can't be any character in particular; just an embodiment of the magic system, like a ReForger, but not Shai), then notify me. 5. We're assuming the Mistborn begins with all their metals, and the Radiant can do basically any surge and is full on stormlight. 6. Ping me if you have any questions or would like to suggest a rule change. I'll start, breaking my own rules and narrating them both: The Mistborn burns tin. "Prepare to die, Radiant." The Radiant casts a half lashing and levitates. "The only one dying here is you."
  13. From the album Painted Mistborn Minis

    I recently finished painting the mini’s for the Mistborn House War board game and it’s expansion, The Siege of Luthadel. These were a lot of fun to paint and I’m very happy with how they turned out. Enjoy!
  14. Thinking of practical uses of Scadrial investiture and while watching tv led to a thought and link it if it’s been discussed, but if one wanted to travel to deep space with little to no resources and not have to wait couldn’t they burn cadmium and become onboard life support during space travel?
  15. From the album Painted Mistborn Minis

    I recently finished painting the mini’s for the Mistborn House War board game and it’s expansion, The Siege of Luthadel. These were a lot of fun to paint and I’m very happy with how they turned out. Enjoy!
  16. From the album Painted Mistborn Minis

    I recently finished painting the mini’s for the Mistborn House War board game and it’s expansion, The Siege of Luthadel. These were a lot of fun to paint and I’m very happy with how they turned out. Enjoy!
  17. From the album Painted Mistborn Minis

    I recently finished painting the mini’s for the Mistborn House War board game and it’s expansion, The Siege of Luthadel. These were a lot of fun to paint and I’m very happy with how they turned out. Enjoy!
  18. From the album Painted Mistborn Minis

    I recently finished painting the mini’s for the Mistborn House War board game and it’s expansion, The Siege of Luthadel. These were a lot of fun to paint and I’m very happy with how they turned out. Enjoy!
  19. From the album Painted Mistborn Minis

    I recently finished painting the mini’s for the Mistborn House War board game and it’s expansion, The Siege of Luthadel. These were a lot of fun to paint and I’m very happy with how they turned out. Enjoy!
  20. This is how I think Marsh and Kell’s reunion went. Note: this is intended to be part of DatS. Centuries ago: Kelsier: Marsh! Marsh: Kelsier?! (Brothers hugging) Marsh: You’re alive?! Kelsier: I think so. Kelsier: There are differing philosophies. Marsh: I’m really glad to see you, Kell. Kelsier: Me too, big brother. Still Hugging Marsh: ... Marsh: You can stop hugging me now. Kelsier: No, I can’t. Kelsier: This isn’t a hug. I’m holding on for dear life. Marsh: (steps back) Kelsier (falling): HEY! Marsh: I thought you were joking? Kelsier (on ground): I have a spike through one eye. Kelsier: My vision is a mess and I have no depth perception. Kelsier: ... Can you please help me up now? This comic seems to mostly involve making fun of Kelsier and his shenanigans. It’s fun.
  21. I've released another major update - see here! Original post: I haven't posted in this subforum before, so I thought I'd mention it here. I've been working on a game/physics demonstration that implements the physics of Allomancy. You can find a longer description (and a lot more pictures and videos) at the full post here: Let me know what you think!
  22. From the album Mistwraith

    I found this miniature by Asgard Rising and got some serious Mistwraith vibes so I printed it, painted it, and covered it in thermoplastic mixed with ink, and called it good. I was attempting a speed paint, it only took about half an hour, and while I'm happy with how it turned out I would love to revisit it again in the future, if anyone has any ideas on how to make it cooler I'd love to hear them!
  23. From the album ScadrianScripts

    SteelAlphabet Inquisition.otf SteelAlphabet Inquisition.ttf SteelAlphabet Inquisition README.txt This image is the quote "Though You Strike Out Their Eyes, They Shall See the Hearts of Men" created using the above font, which is a version of the Steel Alphabet of Scadrial (The quote is from artwork by Ben McSweeney). The script is in a style used by the Canton of Inquisition during the Final Empire (though this particular writing style may not be strictly cosmere-canon, as it comes from the Mistborn Adventure Game). A wealth of information on the Steel Alphabet can be found at the Coppermind here. I was inspired to make this font after first encountering this fabulous font created by 17thShard user Claincy. If you prefer their font, then by all means use it! It is very similar to mine. So why did I make this font? Well, BenMcSweeney (Inkthinker) created this fantastic piece of artwork for the Mistborn Adventure Game, and as you can see, the script runs together much more closely than in Claincy's font (you can see the translation decoded by user Valkynphyre in this post). The overall feel is that of an illustrated manuscript that's probably been around for quite some time, which is the main reason I suspect the style to be archaic as of the events of Mistborn. Anyway, consider my font just a stylistic variant - "Inquisition" style as opposed to the "Final Empire" style of Claincy's. Note: internally, my font is named "SteelAlphabet" with the "Inquisition" font style sublabel. Claincy's font shares the same name but has the "Aligned" font style sublabel. When both fonts are installed, they will be categorized as different styles of the same font (the same way bold or italics work). In a document editor like MS Word or LibreOffice Writer, only one entry for "SteelAlphabet" shows up in the list of fonts, and "Inquisition" or "Aligned" can then be selected for the font style. The font style selection is normally accessed in a popout window. In Word, this is the advanced font options menu available at the bottom right of the "Font" section of the top toolbar (or with the hotkey Ctrl+D). In Writer, this is accessed by opening the "Format" drop-down menu from the top toolbar, then selecting "Character." Technical Details: The basic letter assignments are those shown on the Coppermind page linked above, with the following modifications. In the process of transliterating the text of McSweeney's Inquisitor artwork, I noticed the following spelling rules, which are automatically applied by the font: -O and U are undifferentiated; both are Pewter -E and I are undifferentiated; both are Tin -Doubled letters are reduced to a single glyph (both consonants and vowels) -EI and IE are replaced by one Tin glyph (counts as double letter) -OU and OUGH (silent GH) are replaced by one Pewter glyph (counts as double letter) -The name of a metal is replaced by its glyph (preferably an illustrated drop-capital, but I don't have the artistic skill to create these, sadly) -Hard C is replaced by K -Soft C is replaced by S (the one instance of C/CH for soft C is probably a typo) -Hard CH is replaced by K, but soft CH is a distinct glyph -SH is a usually a distinct glyph (the one instance of SH as two glyphs is probably a typo) -PH is replaced by F This font contains four lookup tables: calt (1) - substitutes S for soft C liga - four subtables to: (1) - substitute THO for THOUGH (2) - substitute the name of a metal or a direction for its corresponding symbol (must be spelled in allcaps: IRON, STEEL, TIN, PEWTER, ZINC, BRASS, COPPER, BRONZE, CADMIUM, BENDALLOY, GOLD, ELECTRUM, CHROMIUM, NICROSIL, ALUMINUM, ALUMINIUM, DURALUMIN, DURALUMINIUM, ATIUM, MALATIUM, LERASIUM, ETTMETAL, HARMONIUM, WEST, NORTHWEST, NORTH, NORTHEAST, EAST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTH, SOUTHWEST) (3) - display any double letters as a single letter (I and E are the same, O and U, are the same, CK becomes K, PH becomes F, CH becomes Tesh, SH becomes Esh) (4) - display the numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 256, and 4096 as the corresponding symbol. calt (2) - substitutes K for hard CH kern - pairwise class-based kerning values The mapping of the Steel Alphabet symbols to Latin was decoded by 17thShard user Valkynphyre. The 24 basic symbols were downloaded from the Coppermind wiki in SVG format - these SVGs were created by user Paleo. In Ben McSweeney's Inquisitor artwork, a period and a comma appear. These were recreated by me, and used as inspiration for the rest of the punctuation included in this font. Additionally, the Kredik Shaw symbol was recreated by me from its appearance in McSweeney's Inquisitor piece. The kerning values in the font are designed to mimic those in that same artwork. The standard Allomantic symbols are assigned to the standard Latin alphabet (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz). Harmony's symbol is assigned to & (no reason besides its use here), while the Kredik Shaw symbol is assigned to # (completely arbitrarily). Two additional letters are present in the Steel Alphabet that do not exist in the Latin alphabet: SH and CH. SH has been assigned to the Unicode "Esh" U+0283, and CH to "Tesh" U+02A7, which are both part of the International Phonetic Alphabet Unicode range. Note than in McSweeney's artwork, the line spacing is deliberately extra narrow, such that the descenders of one line overlap with the ascenders of the line below it. This font is set up so that the glyphs extend slightly above and below the defined max and min height, in order to replicate this behavior. However, in MS Word, line spacing of "single" will automatically adjust to avoid this overlap. Setting line spacing to "exact" instead will replicate the overlap behavior - BUT Word will NOT display it! The overlap will show up when saved as a PDF or printed, but the onscreen display cuts off the overlapping portion of the letters. Other programs, such as LibreOffice Writer, should display the overlap correctly onscreen using the default single line spacing. Another small note about the artwork - the quote used for this gallery image is actually the one place in the artwork that "SH" (in "shall') is spelled with "S" and "H" instead of the special "SH" symbol. I think it's a typo? Anyway, the image I have created uses the "SH" symbol instead, so it does not exactly match McSweeney's text. If you want to play around with the font in FontForge, here is the SFD file: SteelAlphabet Inquisition.sfd
  24. A little while ago I had a teacher who, as one of our directives, had us create a personal Fool card. And I decided mine would be Spook. I had so much fun I decided to create the whole deck, and now that I'm seven cards in I'm going to start posting them. I'm doing it here because there are spoilers for all the Mistborn books except, maybe, Secret History. The idea of the cards is that they are a deck from Scadrial's modern day. So this is an in world deck, with some cards changing names, others having meanings reversed, or switching meanings. So the minor arcana are: Bands, Medallions, Spears, Metals, instead of Cups, Coins, Swords and Wands. Page, Knight, Queen, King become Skaa, Lady, Lord, Mistborn. All lunar symbolism is gone, as Scadrial doesn't have a moon. More specific examples will come up as I get to the individual cards. Each card will get its own post so I can discuss the process of each piece. I'll also post the different WIPs. Please feel free to let me know what you think! If the major arcana works out well I will continue to the minor arcana.
  25. Greetings, people of the Shard! Some of you may not remember me; I haven't been active for a while, and back then I used a different name (long story). I've been quiet for the last couple years because I went back to school, and I've been focusing on my studies. But they were fun studies. I've been learning to make games. And the final project for one of my classes was a game jam. And the theme was just vague enough that I used it as an excuse to finally prototype a Mistborn game, built around Allomancy. I know a couple of people have already done something like this, but this is my take on it. A few notes: Being a game jam project, this entire game was built in under 48 hours. As a result, it's a little rough. It should definitely be viewed as a prototype demo, not a real game. The physics of allomancy had to be simplified a little. You can't modulate the strength of your pushes and pulls. The magnitude of the force is always the same. When you push/pull on a metal object, it does not apply force to both the object and Magno. It just compares the object's mass with Magno's mass, and applies force to whichever is lighter. When a smaller metal object is pressed against the floor or a wall, it does not realistically 'acquire' the mass of the floor or wall. I.e. you cannot launch yourself into the air by standing on a small metal object. (But you can with large ones!) The game is only available for Windows at this time. Sorry. I might continue to iterate on this prototype. If I do, all of the issues listed here will eventually be dealt with. I hope you like it! (Here's the complete playthrough video.) 2021-04-26 12-21-04.mp4