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Found 1,219 results

  1. Hi all! I have never joined a forum and I might be doing this wrong. Forgive me if this is the wrong section to post this but I am desperate and clueless. I have for some time been trying to locate the symbol for Raysium (god metal for Odium). Please point me to the right place to look, as I desperately want Raysium as a tattoo. Thank you all in advance for the help! Daniel
  2. Question for all you fans out there. If you could have 1 action scene and 1 dialogue or character moment from Mistborn: the Final Empire to be made into live action what would it be? An example of an action scene would be Kelsier fighting the Haze killers when he breaks into keep venture. An example of a character moment would be Kelsier first training Vin, or the moment they outline their plan to overthrow the Lord Ruler. I'm a filmmaker and have been pondering how I would bring some of these scenes to life in my head for years now. Would love to know what everyone else would want to see if they could only get a scene or two.
  3. I read that the different books of Mistborn Era 1 should all have different forms of the Steel Alphabet for their chapter titles. But this confuses me, as my copies all use the same script for them all. Was the different script usage only something that was added in the Leatherbounds? Or was it in older copies and my copies are just bad or something?
  4. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    This challenge again! Characters are: Lift (Stormlight Archive) Vasher (Warbreaker) Szeth (Stormlight Archive) Kelsier (Mistborn) Marsh (Mistborn) Raboniel (Stormlight Archive) (I was so pumped when drawing Kelsier & Marsh together xD Also Raboniel's lab goggles, they're just my personal quirk, not canon though.) Lift (in Azish robes) wanting more pancakes!
  5. So yeah, I finally had some free time again, and since @Eri and @Honorless expressed interest in an expanded font last time, I decided to finally do it. Link to download the font: Some things to note: · I’ve named the font Astalsi, after one of the religions Sazed mentions that heavily involves science, which I thought worked with the sci-fi aesthetic I was going for with this version of the alphabet. · Not all characters are included; only letters, numbers, and a few others. · I used the Coppermind page on the Steel Alphabet to check which symbol goes with which letter/number, except for the letter C, where a recent remark from Isaac Stewart contradicts the Coppermind page. · For some symbols not included in the original steel alphabet, such as commas and periods, I just reinterpreted those symbols in the style of the rest of the typeface. There is no reason to assume that this is what these symbols would look like in-world—it’s not even clear if they exist at all—but since there is (as far as I’m aware) no canonical information on Scadrian interpunction, I thought this would be the best thing to do. · The Steel Alphabet includes several characters that are used to denote a combination of two letters, namely SH and CH. I have included these as ligatures, so if you use the font with ligatures enabled, these letter combinations are displayed as the proper single Steel Alphabet glyphs. · I have also used ligatures for numbers. The Steel Alphabet has glyphs for numbers up to and including 16, as well as 256 and 4096, so if you want to use numbers in this font properly, 18 for example would be typed as 162, which would appear as the symbols for 16 and 2. I’d recommend using this fantastic tool by @Paleo:, as the Scadrian numerical system gets kinda complicated. · There is no Q in the Steel Alphabet, use KW instead. · There’s no C either, I’ve assigned it the same character as K, but if you want to use a C to represent an S sound, you might be better off using an S. · This was my first time making a font, so there may be problems. I think that’s all, if there’s anything else you have questions about, feel free to ask!
  6. Spoilers: Mistborn 1-3, Secret History, and Mistborn 6. Enjoy!
  7. So something that keeps popping up, at least for me, is how often Wax seems to find crowded places or tight spaces a bit uncomfortable. He mentions a few times that he finds parties packed with people suffocating or words to that effect. He also prefers wide open spaces like the Roughs, where you can see all around and genuinely seems better in those places. In other instances it doesn't come up because he seems to be focused on a task at hand, rather than on all the people around him. For the sake of argument I will say that I think most people don't like being in tight spaces or the thought of being crushed, obviously and I find a large open room with tons of people in it (barring some exceptions) to be intimidating or otherwise uncomfortable. People with actual claustrophobia would you say this fits? Or can you have mild symptoms without being actually claustrophobic? Let me know your thoughts
  8. We're bringing The Children of Preservation back on development. Check it out!
  9. From the album Szeth Facepalm's Mistborn Artz!

    Looking for a beautiful vacation? Come to Scadrial! Its red sun and constantly falling ash are sure to impress. And you can always feel safe knowing that the inquisitors are watching! Sorry i was to lazy to color the sky in heh
  10. From the album Szeth Facepalm's Mistborn Artz!

    I know this is technically not art but memes are art and anyone who says otherwise is simply uncultured and incorrect. So it technically is art. :D
  11. I know it's not even close to Valentine's Day, but I don't want to wait until February to post this. Please forgive me? Happy early/late Mistborn Valentine's!!
  12. BIG SECRET HISTORY SPOILERS AND BASICALLY EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE COSMERE!!!! (but I think the RoW section is still the best place for it) I didn't know what to title this, because I don't want to spoil anything for anyone scrolling past, but the real title is, "Why is everyone hating on Kelsier?" I guess I am still sorting out my feelings and recovering from the shock of discovering that Kelsier was Thaidakar weeks after reading it, so basically I don't know what I think. However, I don't think that Kelsier is that bad of a person. I think he was at his worst during book 1, and only got better throughout that book, and through SH. All the shardcast people keep saying how much they hate Kelsier, or they like him as a character, but think he could easily be the main villain of the Cosmere. I love shardcast, I disagree with them on this point. I don't think that the Ghostbloods are doing good things. Killing people isn't good, but in Cosmere books killing lots of people doesn't make them a villain (Dalinar, Vin, to name a few). Starting (or joining) the Ghostbloods feels like a very Kelsier thing to do, but I feel like he is not a bad person. Who saved Scadrial from the Ire and Ruin? Who saved the southern Scadrians after Sazed totally screwed them over? Kelsier. I don't know. What do you guys think? Is Kell good or bad, especially considering that he is freaking Thaidakar? Maybe you guys can help me sort out my thoughts and feelings.
  13. Hi everyone! I started reading the Cosmere in January and absolutely DEVOURED Mistborn, then Elantris, Shadows for Silence, and Sixth of the Dusk. I’m currently about halfway through Words of Radiance so please just let me know if the answer to my question is somehow a spoiler for Stormlight or any of the other stuff I haven’t read yet and that’ll be suitable for me. ANYWAY here’s my question: When do we learn that “The Soveriegn”, who was originally implied to be The Lord Ruler in BoM is Kelsier? Is it just something I completely didn’t pick up on when I read BoM? Like it makes so much sense now that I know it especially considering the spearhead twist but was it said in a book or is it a WoB thing? I spoiled myself on the topic reading the coppermind a few minutes ago and now that it’s been so long since I read Bands I just don’t remember it well enough to know if it’s something I missed. I also read Secret History and as far as I remember it ended with the explicit implication (explication?) that Kelsier was still doing stuff that would tie in to Era 2 and beyond but nothing specific. Sorry this is kinda scattered but I need to know if it’s something I missed while reading or if there’s just more Mistborn content out there I simply haven’t read yet and need to get to before The Lost Metal comes out? Also this is my first post on this site and as I keep reading and expand my knowledge of the cosmere and therefore fear spoilers less and less I look forward to interacting with this community more and more :^)
  14. Tried uploading this a while back but it still reads as "pending" on my end. Weird. This scene made me cry, so I had to draw it. <3

    © Characters belong to Brandon Sanderson. Art is unofficial and belongs to Natalie Rodgers.

  15. Hey guys , now I know the value of criticism. I know that we all can't see eye to eye on everything but every now and then you stumble on somethings that are so ridiculously arrogant and errorgant that... Well I found this review on the final empire and I just..Huh you know what just read it and find out what I mean by clicking on the link. Try not to fantasize about punching this guy/gal , I challenge you I found this review and I'm astounded at how someone could possibly misunderstand a book to such a great extent . I mean seriously it's clear the person hasn't even read the book halfway . Then you have ppl I the comments dissing stormlight too. I thought I would share it so that we could all be united in cringing and blinking at the presumptuous and Errorgant assumptions and stupid misunderstandings. Maybe we can bash our heads too . That girl/boy said that the plot was a classic case of good vs evil. I mean she just completely ignored kelsiers grey actions . Half the reason Marsh exists is to point that out. He ignored and elend as well. But ok that was an understandable mistake but then she says hey Mr. Great author how come those ppl live in ash and don't have lung cancer ? Where are the dead seas ? It began to chafe at me and then he basically says and get this , that the author tries his best to make us believe Alendi and tlr are actually different ppl from the beginning !!!!! Seriously , who would ever think that. I and I'm sure all of us were sure Alendi was tlr , that the power had corrupted him. It just proves he/she didn't even read it until Vin finds alendis journal , forget the ending. She barely even mentions the magic systems . God she/he was so arrogant and presumptuous. She doesn't even understand Vin , I mean seriously ??? I left a very angry review pointing out it was obvious he hadn't even read half of the book and that all the plot holes are explained in detail in the third book. She just hid the comment. I mean just wow. Don't go around writing negative reviews unless you have actually finished reading a book. Also don't even bother thinking of reading a book if you are already obviously biased against it
  16. I Drew a Chimera from Shadows of self
  17. No, that’s not a typo. 3 yr. old Kelsier doesn’t spell very well, though he’s rather skilled for his age. This is the uncolored version of the cover of the children’s book I’m making for my children.
  18. Let's say the Leecher has an insane amount of chromium ingested, would they be able to drain Nightblood quicker than Nightblood could kill them? My guess is yes because theoretically you'd only have to release a certain number of breaths worth of investiture before the metal loses sapience. Unless every bit of investiture Nightblood has drained since it was created has been stored within the sword, at which point I think the Leecher is done for lol. Especially since a certain event in RoW (No spoilers). But I see no indication of that since the sword is always "hungry." Similarly what would a Nicroburst do to Nightblood? Flaring all of it's Investiture so it uses it in a single burst I feel would kill everything around the sword in a huge radius, possibly planet killing. Kind of a crazy thought.
  19. OK, so one of the main plot points is that 16% of people affected by the mists Snap and that shows that the whole event is intentional. Except that a percent is 1/100 and the use of percents is inherently tied to the fact that we use base 10. 16% is just 16/100. And we know from other sources that Scadrians use a hexadecimal number system. In this base, 0.16 (16% or 16/100) would be 0.28F5C28F6… or roughly 0.29, or 29% (by "29" I mean 2*16+9, ie 41.). I know, Mistborn is an old book, and written before Brandon had tons of consultants, and it also depicts red leaves photosynthesizing using red sunlight, but maybe let's try to find some explanation anyway. Like, maybe they used hexadecimal for natural numbers but base-10 for the fractional part, because they learned decimal fractions from another culture… this mix would make fractions interesting. By "interesting" I mean "probably weirdly complicated and inconvenient", so I guess modern Scadrial uses 16 for everything, or maye 10 for everything (Harmony wanted to make it worldhopper-friendly) and the base-16 is like Roman numerals for us - old, official, nice for dates and such but not used for actual maths. However, if they still use base-16, and have money denominations like 4 and 8 of something… I'd really like to see a worldhopper trying to get accustomed to this. Or maybe the percents are not our percents, but pre-Catacendre Scadrians used "percent" to mean 1/128 and used those a lot. This could work too, I guess.
  20. So, recently was thinking back on Brandon's description of the Ghostbloods while talking with the 17th shard. To summarize very very briefly, Brandon mentioned that the people drawn to Kelsier's organization are very cut throat and competitive (much like their leader). However, those that Kelsier handpicks or directly oversea tend to be more along the lines of what we saw in era 1. So, A thought I had was that the organization draws people more innately like Kelsier. Yet, the ones he prefers to serve under him are more like his old crew in that they serve as the brakes to his acceleration. As we saw a lot in the first mistborn book Dox, Ham, Breeze, and Clubs all worked hard to curtail some of Kelsier's worst traits. Now given Kelsier's obvious comfort with his own insanity and his egotism I think he is doubtful to try and work very hard to change that. So instead he essentially hires people out to be his own conscience. Particularly given his natural inclination to like innately good people even while not being one himself. Afterword Thank you to those who read this. Kind of random but I guess I am feeling the withdrawal of cosmere content and wanted to voice some thoughts. If you have comments, contradictions, or just wish to talk more I encourage you to comment. Hope you all have a great day, night, etc. Just keep in mind, "There's always another secret."
  21. Well, after RoW, Radiants now 1. Have experience fighting enemies who can drain their investiture. 2. Some of them have living shardplate, which is shown to regenerate quickly upon taking damage. 3. Have a lot more combat experience. 4. Have better showings of regeneration. (Kaladin repeatedly healing from stabs to the spine for a long time before running low on stormlight) We have not, however, seen: 1. Stonewards in combat. 2. Exact details about the difference between living and dead shardplate. So, has reading RoW changed anyone's mind about the battle between Radiants and Mistborn? Which Twinborn matchups can the Radiants now win? How many Radiants to kill a Fullborn?
  22. Hi all my husband got me into Brandon Sanderson, knew there was a good reason I married him! Looking forward to chatting on all things cosmere.
  23. I know there is already a thread on the Mistborn Movie cast, but I didn’t see one on the Stormlight Archive. This is where we can speculate on the cast of the Stormlight Archive Movie.
  24. SPOILERS for MISTBORN: SECRET HISTORY and OATHBRINGER and a little bit WARBREAKER Well, that’s my theoretical ramblings. I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts! p.s. I’ve no clue if my idea is original. I thought about looking through the threads to see if anyone was already discussing it, but there’s SO many threads. Any tips for finding discussions quickly on the 17th shard?
  25. Hello everyone, hope this post finds you all well. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience playing the mistborn tabletop game? I've been trying to convince my players to run it myself and I'm curious how smooth the game plays for new players. Setting aside for the most part I am more focused on mechanics. Of course those who've read it are welcome to comment as well. I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum. Somehow fan works didn't quite seem right.