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  1. There's always another secret.. Ok, so TLM shows that Kel is lying to someone regarding him still having allomancy. Either the ghostbloods or Harmony: Ghostbloods he said he couldn't use allomancy to get back in time to help. Harmony he thought and talked about no longer having allomancy. It makes sense it would be harder to con a god associated to the magic system which makes me think it's worth considering. If anyone could it would be Kel. TLM shows its possible to: Hide things from a Shard, in this instance another Shard or God metal was involved. At the least it shows its possible, there could be other means? Use investiture from another Shard to fuel a different magic system. Makes me wonder if using unkeyed Dor to fuel allomancy would hide its use from Harmony? Rewrite past.. what if Kel used a soulstamp to rewrite his past to not being capable of allomancy. Yes, I understand there's timeframes and such involved but we don't know when he knew about this and when he lost or gained allomancy. There's a lot of information missing, but I'm thinking TLM gives us pieces of the puzzle to maybe figure it out.? Would a soulstamp be hidden from Harmony? A very clever one? If so, it would allow Kel to "lie" to Harmony. Not just lie, but also deceive via his thoughts. And as we know, Harmony can hear thoughts via Preservations power which I'm guessing Kel knows about. I could be wrong and I agree it's the less likely theory but.. that's what's making me think I'm onto something, Mr S throwing me curve balls all the time. So what do you think, is it possible for Kel to decieve Harmony in this way? Or is Harmony aware and playing his own game maybe? Is this another secret?
  2. I’m a nerd who loves all things magic system and recently gotten into the Cosmere. I specialize in Mistborn, but I’m looking forward to exploring everything Sanderson has to offer
  3. Hello hello hello! I don't know how many people know this, but there's a Mistborn RPG? Mistborn Adventure Game It's super cool. I haven't done anything with it yet, but I really want to. However, there's also an additional book you can get that's based on Alloy of Law and general Era 2 stuff. Alloy of Law Book Inside of this second one is a bunch of stuff for Twinborn, including some other names for them! We know that Wax is a Crasher, but did you know that Wayne is a Constant? And Miles Hundredlives is known as a Timeless? There's a bunch of names, so here they are! Feruchemical Table Allomancy Table Allomancy, Feruchemy, Name Tin, Tin, Eagle Eye Tin, Steel, Catcher Tin, Copper, Monitor Tin, Zinc, Quickwit Tin, Chromium, Keeneye Pewter, Pewter, Hefter Pewter, Steel, Sprinter Pewter, Zinc, Sooner Pewter, Chromium, Scrapper Pewter, Gold, Bruteblood Pewter, Cadmuim, Marathoner Iron, Pewter, Scaler Iron, Iron, Deader (They're well known for squishing themselves dead) Iron, Steel, Guardian Iron, Zinc, Navigator Iron, Gold, Stalwart Steel, Tin, Sharpshooter Steel, Iron, Crasher Steel, Steel, Swift Steel, Aluminum, Shroud Steel, Duralumin, Bigshot Steel, Chromium, Luckshot Steel, Cadmium, Cloudtoucher Copper, Copper, Copperkeep Copper, Bronze, Shroud ( Yeah, two of them are named "Shroud". I dunno. \_(ツ)_/¯ ) Copper, Brass, Boiler Copper, Aluminum, Ghostwalker Copper, Duralumin, Shelter Copper, Chromium, Masker Bronze, Tin, Sentinel Bronze, Steel, Hazedodger Bronze, Copper, Metalmapper Bronze, Bronze, Sleepless Bronze, Zinc, Pulsewise Bronze, Bendalloy, Stalker Zinc, Pewter, Strongarm Zinc, Zinc, Mastermind Zinc, Aluminum, Loudmouth Zinc, Duralumin, Zealot Zinc, Chromium, High Roller Zinc, Electrum, Instigator Brass, Zinc, Schemer Brass, Brass, Cooler Brass, Aluminum, Icon Brass, Duralumin, Pacifier Brass, Chromium, Slick Brass, Electrum, Resolute Aluminum, Aluminum, Puremind Duralumin, Duralumin, Friendly Chromium, Pewter, Metalbreaker Chromium, Chromium, Ringer Chromium, Nicrosil, Sapper Chromium, Bendalloy, Gulper Nicrosil, Pewter, Booster Nicrosil, Copper, Burst-Ticker Nicrosil, Duralumin, Enabler Nicrosil, Nicrosil, Soulburst Nicrosil, Electrum, Cohort Gold, Copper, Chronicler Gold, Aluminum, Vessel Gold, Gold, Timeless Gold, Electrum, Introspect Electrum, Iron, Whimflitter Electrum, Copper, Foresight Electrum, Zinc, Flicker Electrum, Chromium, Charmed Electrum, Electrum, Visionary Cadmium, Bronze, Plotter Cadmium, Gold, Yearspanner Cadmium, Cadmium, Chrysalis Bendalloy, Tin, Spotter Bendalloy, Steel, Blur Bendalloy, Copper, Assessor Bendalloy, Zinc, Flashwit Bendalloy, Aluminum, Monument Bendalloy, Gold, Constant Bendalloy, Electrum, Transcendent Bendalloy, Bendalloy, Sated By the way, these aren't canon. The Mistborn Adventure Game isn't canon, and Brandon didn't write these names. I think that it's still a fun idea and cool to look at all of them!
  4. I was thinking about Feruchemical Aliminum, trying to think of how it could ever be made useful in any Twinborn. The only use I had ever thought of in the past was combining with pewter and trying to “heal” into someone else. But then, I thought of one other crazy idea. I want you guys to look at my theory and critique it. To start, it requires two premises. Premise 1: Many Allomantic metals emanate effects from the Spiritual center of self This one shouldn’t be too difficult. From the Alloy of Law Ars Arcanum, we know that this is why steel and iron lines go to the chest. However, I believe it has greater applications. Questioner So, if we switch to Scadrial, and I had lined the inside of my hat with aluminum, I'm protecting myself from emotional Allomancy. What if I was able to use emotional Allomancy? Would that block me? Brandon Sanderson So, it's going to interfere a little bit. But the issue with that is, a lot of Allomancy is coming from center and going to head. So, you're probably still gonna be okay with the helmet... So, I'm gonna say, you don't want a lot of aluminum around you, but you could probably still make it work. Oathbringer release party (Nov. 13, 2017) Soothing and Rioting come from the chest just like the lines. I’m also assuming the same rule applies for copper clouds and the time bubble metals. This will be relevant later Premise 2: In the absence of Identity, cognitive behavior (thinking) can change the location of this center of self This one is where I stretch. We know that cognitive perception does affect spiritual expression, like how you can’t heal an injury you see as part of yourself. My theory has always been that if you had little to no Identity, you could basically replace your Spiritual ideal with whatever you imagined. Hence, a short man who burned Pewter with no Identity could imagine himself to be tall and he would heal accordingly. If we take Premise 2 a step further, it is possible that one could replace their center of self with another place they can see or maybe even just remeber perfectly. Already, this could work for some Twinborn. Coinshots or Lurchers could suddenly move metals in totally different directions. Cadmium Twinborn could summon their time bubbles over someone else. But the really fun applications are for Fullborn or crazy Hemalurgists. Compounding copper could carry Allomantic effects to a place you remember. The Lord Ruler could’ve suddenly dropped a burst of super Soothing without ever leaving the castle, as long as he had copper minds with his targets. You might even be able to go a step farther and trick the Spiritual Realm into letting you see targets. Imagine burning malatium and dropping a slow bubble on your enemy when they were getting a morning coffee. Probably works better for time metals, but you could argue the others do too. Alternatively, you could use duralumin-Atium and try to work across location. Mail your friends a coppercloud overseas. The final thing I should clarify is Connection. It may be that Connection handles your plhysical location instead. In that case, Fullborn can simply blank their connection via F-Duralumin: it only really hurts Twinborn. But I also didn’t mention it because I saw Connection as a broad strokes brush. It would remember which street you’re on but not your exact coordinates. In other words, the hack works in your line of sight. Personally, I’d rather let the Twinborn have it for artistic reasons, unless I’m missing some other contradiction Anyway, that’s my theory. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  5. I decided to post this for fun. Don't know if this was already done but if not then now it has.
  6. I’m currently re-reading mistborn for the second time and I was wondering what’s up with the Lord ruler like sometimes he makes smart decisions like the vaults or how he kept Atium from ruin but then other times he makes really bad and dumb decisions like the final empire in general it literally says it in that book that Ellen has that it should be better than it is and for a another example he made it so the skaa what have a bigger population than the nobles which in my opinion basically made it inevitable that they would rise up and actually win you could make the excuse that ruin was influencing him and I feel like that does make sense for later in his rule but I also feel like that doesn’t excuse the bad decisions he made earlier in his rule idk does this make sense to you guys?
  7. Hey everyone, after i finished reading the Lost Metall i was more curious than ever to get some new information about the ghostbloods. Although we got something about their motives, we didn't get much about how they were founded. So i am looking forward to (maybe) a Secret History 2... Or, let's say, a Secret History for every Era of Mistborn. To see what Kelsier is doing behind the curtains. One Question to get things a little bit more clear: The Timeline in the cosmere is still a little bit obscure. Does anybody know if Stormlight and Mistborn Era 2 are taking place at the same time? After reading The Lost Metall i have the feeling that this has to be right.
  8. Tress herself mentions death being a specter with nails in his eyes. Obviously, that's Marsh. How/why would he not only be on Lumar at some point, but have forged a similar reputation as being death to what he has on Scadrial? Given Ulaam's presence, it's possible there are Scadrians on Lumar that have transplanted their culture there, so Marsh himself was never present, but I feel like that's unlikely. Any thoughts?
  9. Ok, so I've been listening/reading the mist born books in preparation of the lost metal, and something occurred to me. According to TSH, the reason that Sazed was able to take up both Preservation and Ruin at the same time was because he was balanced between both. Tindwyl's death instilled a sense of acceptance of death within him, which allowed him to take up Ruin, while still wanting to maintain life, allowing him to take up Preservation. The balance he represents between both is what makes him Harmony. I remember reading a WoB that stated that if Kelsier had managed to take up both Preservation and Ruin, he wouldn't have been Harmony; he would have been Discord. Sazed represents the balance between the two Shards, while Kelsier would represent the conflict between them. Based on their respective personalities, I think this makes a great deal of sense. But what if Vin had somehow managed to take up both Shards? She was both a destroyer and a preserver, something THOA makes perfectly clear, which seems to me to be another type of balance that could allow someone to take up both shards. Does anyone know if there is a WoB on this? It seems like the kind of question someone would have come up with a while ago. I don't think Vin would have been Harmony or Discord, although Harmony seems much more likely than Discord. The way she talked about life and growth just before she killed Ruin makes me think Vin would have been something like that. Maybe Life. What do you guys think?
  10. Can someone help me understand what is going on with silver on Lumar and Threnody? Why is silver allomantically inert on Scadrial when it appears to extinguish investiture on other planets of the cosmere? Aluminum acts that way in Allomancy but on worlds where silver has an effect, aluminum is an insulator and a concealer. On these worlds, aluminum is inert with regard to investiture, but it doesn’t eradicate it (in the way that silver does). Another interesting fact I noted was that both Lumar and Threnody are not actively invested by a shard. Not sure that is relevant, but it could be. So, what is up with silver?
  11. mistborn

    Does anyone know if the rule of 16% of the Scadrian population being allomancers is still in effect in the later eras?
  12. Fullborn vs bondsmith unchained (with shardplate)
  13. If eating lerasium makes you a mistborn, could eating harmonium make you a feruchemist? Allomancy is considered to be of Preservation, since it is an end-positive art. Feruchemy is of Harmony, since it is an end-neutral art. Therefore, it makes sense that Preservation's metal, lerasium, makes people allomancers, and it makes sense that Harmonium would make people feruchemists. Of course, on this logic, it would seem that consuming atium should make you a hemalurgist, which it doesn't. But I don't think that proves me wrong, because hemalurgy isn't a biological part of anyone, whereas allomancy and feruchemy are.
  14. In Kelsier's epilogue, he and Sazed discuss whether or not Sazed should lead the people of Scadrial to a technological revolution. Sazed states that it's better for the people to discover things on their own. Kelsier counters the conflict wouldn't have happened if the people of Scadrial had been more advanced. Sazed has admitted previously that he thinks he's made things to easy for the people of the Basin, and that's why they haven't advanced as much as he'd expected. But if he'd given them the technology, they wouldn't need to discover it. Who's beliefs are more valid? Personally, I think Sazed's opinion is more valid. This resonates with several other fictional sources I'm fond of, and I think it's true. In Stormlight Archives, Dalinar discusses with one of his ardents the value of growing stronger through adversity, both as an individual and as a people. And the two discussions resonate, I think. Beyond that, the concept of people valuing things they've earned over what they've been given is something that's often explored in literature and other media. And that appreciation affects how they treat whatever it is. Be it technology, peace, or even financial wealth. Right now, Sazed says he puts people where they need to be, but allows them to make their own decisions. That's not a bad approach, all things considered. Perhaps Sazed could help nudge people in the right direction a little, but just giving the secrets away seems unwise. Hand outs are dangerous, because people can start to rely on them very easily, and because once it happens a first time, it's much harder to argue against doing it a second time. Teach a man to fish, and all that.
  15. I may not start the game knowing how to do hemalurgy. Playing an albino skaa mistborn from the remote dominance is okay. Having him be raised by koloss is not. Even after we've thrown the Final Empire into chaos and learned how to control koloss via allomancy, koloss blades still cannot be props for player characters. I am no longer allowed to have more than ten nudges. Terrisman Drizzt Do'Urden is NOT a valid character concept. This issue is closed. Canon defilement is fun. Using Straff Venture's skull as a bowl for anachronistic tortilla chips is not. If Kelsier stabs his eye out with a spike, he is god. If my character stabs his eye out with a spike, the next scene will involve a steel inquisitor chopping his head off. I cannot play a koloss. Character concepts that look like they were taken directly from a metal album cover are okay. Character concepts that look like they were taken directly from a "Weird Al" Yankovic album cover are not. Even though the above rule is in operation, playing blood-crazed servants of Ruin is generally frowned upon by my fellow players. Kandra canot be made using spikes taken from koloss. "Homicidal Maniac" is NOT a Drive, Profession, Specialty, Feature, or Personality trait. If I say my latest character concept is "extremely awesome", I am not allowed to play it. My character's drive can NOT be "Destroy Everything". This issue is also closed. Again. No more homicidal maniacs unless we're playing an evil campaign. Genocidal maniacs, omnicidal maniacs, fratricidal maniacs, and suicidal maniacs are also forever closed to me as character options. Tyrranicidal maniacs are okay, though. Lockpicks are not a valid torture implement. Arson is NOT the solution to all problems. When it's my turn to GM (or narrate or whatever), I will not treat everything the players say as their characters' actions in game. We are NOT playing Normality. Kandra women are not "the hottest women on Scadrial". Period. Any campaign where I become the holder of the shard of Ruin will end as soon as I become holder of the shard of Ruin. Even if the rest of the story isn't even close to complete. The same is true of the shard of Preservation. No matter how high my physique score is, I am not allowed to carry around a catapult. I am the reason we can't have nice things. Or massive stockpiles of Lerasium. (End of part 1 of the list.) A 73-year old skaa beggar cannot have a physique score of 6. I will not attack every character with piercings that we meet. The battle cry of servants of Ruin is not "Blood for the blood god"! There are no such things as koloss allomancers. I will not mock the steel inquisitors. "I just got this feeling." is an acceptable in-universe excuse for the metagamer to use his knowledge from the books to discover new allomantic metals, but "I hated him." is not an acceptable in-universe excuse to kill the metagamer. I will stop trying to convert random Extras to Cthulhu Mythos cults. Noblemen do not taste like chicken. I do not worship plants. I cannot kill an army all by myself. Even if I say please. I cannot base my skaa tineye off of Negan from the Walking Dead. Twinborn do not exist until the second age. If I light Rashek on fire, it will just piss him off. If my character has the "sniveling coward" burden, he cannot charge an army of several thousand koloss with no armor or weapons except for a table leg. No more starting death cults. My kandra cannot be the source of more than three werewolf legends per campaign. I cannot play a terrisman for the sole purpose of mocking my teammates in ancient languages they do not understand. When talking about skaa while pretending to be a nobleman, I cannot say that "They're like people, but there are more of them". I am not allowed to have five obsidian daggers as my only props at the start of the campaign. When given a list of mental illnesses for my insane character and told to choose one, I cannot pick "all of the above". I cannot violate the first contract over a game of shelldry. My character's name can't be Human. I am no longer allowed to play mentally ill characters unless the GM (or Narrator, as the game calls him) says otherwise. When we run out of supplies on the road, I will not suggest we resort to attacking and eating a nearby band of koloss. Especially if they outnumber us 50:1. My scholarly noble mistborn will not speak in eastern street slang. (End of part 2 of the list.) Any campaign where my kandra becomes the god of the afterlife not only never happened, but will never ever happen ever again. Period. Quellion the Citizen's flag does not include any swastikas. Kandra are not edible. I will not base characters off of Pink Floyd songs. Or Led Zeppelin songs. Or Judas Priest songs (this goes double if they're off the Jugulator album). Koloss swords are generally not considered acceptable dueling weapons. I will not solve every social conflict by turning it into a physical conflict. I cannot bribe the Lord Ruler, no matter how many duraluminmind charges I'm tapping. I will not burn duralumin and aluminum at the same time. The same goes for nicrosil and chromium. "Nobody expects the canton of inquisition!" is a really bad pun. Skaa are not good eating. Despite what word of god says on the matter, kanda can't burn lerasium. This issue is closed. I will not play "One Second" by Paradise Lost when I tap a huge amount of (feruchemical) zinc charges. I may not threaten to eat the steel inquisitor, even if I mean it. Especially if I mean it. Even if the rules allow it, I cannot start the game as Lord Prelan. After the thermite-napalm incident, I may no longer play mad scientists, inventors, or pyromaniacs. Especially if my character is all three. I will not be surprised or offended that "terrisman stew" does not contain actual terrismen, nor will I attempt to remedy the situation. We may not make "ash angels" in the fallen ash. Even if we say please. My leather armor cannot be made of koloss skin. We cannot quote Shakespeare when the Lord Ruler dies. Mistwraiths do not taste like jellyfish. Nor does my character know what jellyfish taste like. Or even what jellyfish are. No matter how insane my character is, he is not allowed to respond to interrogation by just saying "I am a stick"! I cannot kill every single female character in the crew that has a male player just because I find that sort of thing kind of creepy. I am no longer allowed to be the crew's primary fighter if I have "Chef" as my profession trait. If I ever deal more than 20 damage, my character will become the favored servant of Ruin. I am no longer allowed to have a steel, iron, or pewter rating of 10. This issue is closed. (End of part 3 of the list.) I may not have "god" as my profession trait. Even if the game says I have to have two negative circumstances to lose even one die on any roll, I automatically lose 3 if I try to start a physical conflict in a tornado. Southern Scadrians are not "Pre-cooked meat". My character's name is not Randy and he does not speak fluent German. We may no longer combine the "Create Guns" and "Malwish Technologist" stunts. The same is true for attempting to combine the "Create Custom Ammo", "Create Hazekiller Ammo", or "Customize Guns" stunts with the "Malwish Technologist" stunt. Even though there is no maximum encumbrance, I can't carry around 20 compressed kandra in my backpack. I may not play a worldhopper. I may not eat the koloss-blooded bandit we just killed unless I'm a kandra. I am not allowed to convince everyone in the crew base their characters off of characters from The Order of the Stick. "Elder Thing" is not an acceptable race selection. No more cannibalism unless I'm a kandra. I may not execute 50,000 random people every week just because it's Monday. I may not cuss NPCs out in foreign languages. Especially Finnish. I may no longer take the "Scrounger" stunt if I'm a chromium compounder. Or capable of using feruchemical chromium at all, for that matter. "Misthammer 40k" is a horrible idea. My character may not invent tabletop roleplaying games during his downtime. My character's name cannot be "Nyarlhotep", "Outer God" is not an acceptable race selection, "Messenger of the Outer Gods" is not an acceptable profession, and "Crawling Chaos" is not an acceptable specialty. I cannot play a Malwish character just so I can claim that, in my culture, it is polite to punch people in the face for no reason. Even if nothing in the rules forbids me from doing so, I may not dual wield koloss swords. Especially with a physique score of two. The definition of "cannibalism" in the context in which it was forbidden includes all sentient creatures, regardless of race. My character cannot start the game with an all-consuming hatred of masks and the people who wear them. Neither "Alcoholic" nor "Hobo" are acceptable profession traits. This is, of course, doubly true of "Alcoholic Hobo". I may not create a Rube Goldberg Device at all, but especially to do any of the following: Pour me more beer, put my clean clothes away, punch people in the face, disturb the peace, destroy Malwish masks, kill things I don't like, or be an abomination against nature. "Chaotic Stupid" is not an acceptable personality trait for a lawman. Or anyone, for that matter, but especially a lawman. My character's destiny cannot be "Find Ironeyes and cuss him out". (End of part 4 of the list.) If, at any point, my brass compounder takes on the mannerisms of Obliteration, he dies. If the responsibility of executing an outlaw falls upon our group, the people expect us to choose hanging or firing squad as our method, not blood eagle. "Hypnosis" is not an acceptable specialty for my roughs lawman. I do not put the "riot" in "rioter". I may not use my duralumin compounding to get laid. The Words of Founding say nothing about the Cthulhu Mythos. My character was born in Elendel, not New Orleans. If I have an influence score of 2, I may not start the game with the "Legendary Gun" stunt. I cannot choose more targets using the salvo option of my Terringul Ripper than there are bullets in it, even if, technically, the rules allow it. I may not use my contract with a kandra to make her take the form of an attractive woman for any reason. This issue is closed. I may not play an A-Copper/F-Duralumin twinborn with the "Face in the Crowd" stunt just to troll my crewmates by disappearing when they need me. "Bulletproof sunglasses" are not a real item and may not be taken as a prop during any era. "Drink beer and watch sports" cannot be my drive and it sure as hell can't be my destiny. If I take willpower damage, I can't roll for a bout of madness using the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook. I cannot usher in the apocalypse. I may not call random extras "Dirty, dirty communists". I may not select "Arousal" as my focused emotion for rioting. Nicrosil is not a toy. I may not start with a resources score of 8 and the "Filthy Rich" stunt just so I can take 11 soonie pups as my props. The "Point Blank" stunt does not apply to rotary guns. After Kelsier says "I am hope!" I can't say "And I'm despair"! There are no albino girls in the brothel, no matter how high my spirit roll is. I cannot play a steelrunner just so I can "get the hell outta here" whenever something dangerous happens. Kandra do not have feeding frenzies. Rotary guns are not acceptable dueling weapons. (End of part 5 of the list.) My character may not invent fascism. Especially if the reason for doing so in-universe it "because I'm bored". My character may not kickstart a chain of events that lead to the world looking like an alternate history novel written by a Scadrian Harry Turtledove. I may not attempt to cause a Mistborn/Holy Grail crossover. Even if it would be hilariously awesome AND awesomely hilarious at the same time. I may not attempt to kickstart a chain of events that lead to a shootout between the main characters of the Alloy of Law books and the iconic characters of my homebrew Weird West Dark Fantasy RPG in post-apocalyptic Hallandren. I may not throw my potato chips at the guy that accidentally got my character killed. My new character my not throw knives at the character of the guy who got my character killed. If my character is a blatant expy of Roland Deschain from Stephen King's Dark Tower books with tacked-on twinborn powers, I may not play said character. My character may not attempt an exorcism for any reason. My character cannot start the game convinced that he's a werewolf. I cannot play a sentient, gun-slinging potato chip. Much like arson, knives are not the solution to all of life's problems. Although I am not only allowed but encouraged to play a perfectly sane and well-adjusted character, I must have a better reason for doing so than just to incite irrationality and paranoia in my fellow players. Our plot for dethroning the Lord Ruler cannot hinge on inventing driveable lawnmowers. I cannot spend all my free time gaslighting Edwarn Ladrian. I cannot use my status as a constable to start an investigation into who is gaslighting Edwarn Ladrian when I know damnation well who it is. Plan B cannot be "Like plan A, but with more pewter". Even if the premise of the campaign is that something happened different than it did it canon, my character's last words can't be "This is Cody of AlternateHistoryHub". It would be kind of redundant to have my character start the game with 16 minutes to live, since that's usually about how long my characters last anyways. Everything bad that happens is always my character's fault until proven otherwise. No matter how bad an idea is, comparing said idea to German nationalism is harsh. Scratch that last one. Comparing an idea to German nationalism is okay so long as I absolutely positively DO NOT compare said idea to Highlander II: The Quickening. My character cannot invent heavy metal. If my character turns the campaign into a Mind Screw, his brain will come alive and kill his arm, which will come back for its revenge and redeem all of the damned souls of beers that sinned. Oh, and my character will die. I cannot create an adorable but deadly kandra minion, and I most certainly cannot name him "Lil' Snapper" My character cannot have Donald Trump hair. (End of part 6 of the list.) If you want more, just ask in the post replies/comment section thingy. Thank you.
  16. It's our longest episode ever! If you've read Lost Metal, you know what this episode is about, and there's so so much to discuss. In fact, believe it or not, we probably easily could have talked for two more hours at least on it. In this one, Alyx is a mind-reader and says Realmatic things! We also get talking about the Fused. This episode has Eric (Chaos), Alyx (Feather), David (Windrunner), Evgeni (Argent), Jessie (Lady Lameness). Mistborn playing cards can be purchased here: Silhouette in the thumbnail is by Botanica: 00:00 Introductions 2:48 Show & Tell 6:21 Alyx on Kelsier (Lost Metal Edition) 11:20 Kelsier's personality / morals 45:54 Cognitive Shadows 57:29 Kelsier Kandra & Looking at Playing cards 1:13:35 Kelsier not having powers, the Bands, Kelsier and medallions 1:37:20 Rosharan Ghostbloods 2:05:33 Kelsier Morality, Set Origins 2:18:07 Kelsier and Sazed, Discord 2:38:17 Kelsier and Autonomy 2:48:36 Final Thoughts 2:52:43 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  17. We now know kelsier no longer has his mistborn powers and when he went to Southern Scadrial it was only like 10 years after the catacendere meaning spook would still be alive, so with kelsier not being able to charge them himself and spook being a full mistborn we know he was working with, I think spook might have been the one to supply the powers.
  18. kelsier

    Hey Brandon I am writing a Paper comparing Kelsier to a prevalent anime character name Lelouche (from the anime code geass). Anyway, I have been searching your forums and responses, compiling quotes from you talking about Keiser, and I have a few questions I was hoping to answer directly. Although you state that Kelsier is a villain, I wonder if you believe he has morals. If so, could you outline what his moral compass might be? Further, would you say that he views people as tools or a means to an end rather than a person, or is he too genuine of a person for that? I am re-reading the original trilogy to try and answer some of these questions, but some direct input from the author would be super helpful.
  19. So hear me out. Atium is radioactive. Ruin represents decay, and entropy, so this would make a lot of sense thematically. Atium is apparently soft, and breaks down very easily in your digestive tract, showing this theme. (As a converse, Lerasium might be incredibly strong) The shard of ruin on its own is destructive to itself and others. It can only destroy, and theoretically, would come to destroy itself (Rayse expected as much) So what if Atium leaks radiation. Both physical, and invested (probably rather slowly, think uranium length half life, otherwise the kandra would've noticed the stash shrinking) It slowly destroys itself, but also damages everything around it, with ruinous investiture, and harmful radiation. This would be unknown in world, as era 1 has no radiometers or geiger counters, and era 2 has probably barely scratched that tech, and hasn't had atium to work with. This could be related to atium savantism. Perhaps by filling yourself with ruin's investiture to destroy others, you are also slowly destroying yourself. we haven't seen any really old mistborn, and the oldest (Kelsiers teacher) is probably not using much atium. (He's pretty much homeless) Every other mistborn: Kelsier, Vin, Elend, all die young. (as a note, atium also psychologically imprints self destructive tendencies in mistborn, making them feel invincible, and pushing them into taking bigger risks with more dangerous fights, getting them killed eventually)
  20. We discuss the origins and motivations of offworlders that show up in latest Mistborn book! Besides the obvious Lost Metal spoilers, there's a lot of cosmere references in this one! Our cast today is Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), Grace (GatorGirl), Jessie (LadyLameness), and Marvin (Paleo)! We're back to weekly podcasts for a bit, at least through December. Thumbnail is by Botanica Xu: 00:00:00 200th Episode! 00:01:00 Introductions 00:03:55 Show & Tell 00:08:40 Overview 00:11:00 Tenets 00:16:00 Moonlight 01:05:43 TwinSoul 01:30:30 Codenames are stupid 01:41:00 Dlavil 01:48:40 Potential Skybreaker? 01:53:30 Darkwater 01:56:30 Comparison with Roshar 02:07:40 Timeline 02:22:15 Who’s that Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  21. So I have been thinking about radiant spren lately and mist spren and ash spren keep standing out to me and I think I have an idea why they’re so different. My theory is that they weren’t originally imagined by rosharans but were originally imagined by scadrains. The reason I think this is because every other sapient spren resembles something common to roshar like how peak spren look like the horn eater peaks and the cultivation spren look like vines, but on a world where they use spheres instead of fire and don’t get much mist, it doesn’t make much sense that they would have ash spren and mist spren which is why I think they are if not from at least imagined by the people of scadrial. And when you think about it this way it makes much more sense like it explains why ash spren seem like the are more like splinters of ruin more than cultivation or honor. Another thing is that the mist spren seem to embody mystery and that could be explained by the mystery and taboo surrounding the mists on scadrial. Also mist spren have masks that look like southern scadrians *mike drop*
  22. Say that somebody with braces was a mistborn or mistling, if it was the right metal could you burn it for the abilities?
  23. If a Kandra took the bones, carapace, and gemheart of a singer, would they be able to attune the rythms? What form would they take, dullform because their spren left the gemheart or does the spren stay and they take the shape the singer had right before they died? Are the rythms inherent to their Connection to Roshar (Odium with the new rythms), or are they connected to their organs and biology, so that a kandra could copy it? What do you think about this?
  24. In this episode, we discuss, well, maybe a single word about Harmony. Big Lost Metal spoilers on this one! Our cast today is Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), and Rosemary (Kaymyth)! We're back to weekly podcasts for a bit, at least through December. Thumbnail is by Connor Chamberlain: 0:00:00 Intro 0:02:41 Discord 0:11:30:06 Splitting God Metals 0:15:17:15 Harmony's autonomy 0:23:01:11 Shards working towards the same goal? 0:24:46:20 Harmony Splitting 0:27:40:12 Era 3 Theories 0:42:51:12 Kandra 0:54:34:29 Ghostbloods vs Harmony's agents 01:01:14:21 Trell blinding Harmony 01:11:03:23 Harmony's Sword 01:24:14:10 Harmony into Discord 01:34:02:00 Hybrid Lights 01:41:08:11 Ars Arcanum 01:45:44:06 Why he will be loved as Discord 01:49:54:04 Final Thoughts 02:01:30:14 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  25. Hopefully, there will be faithful movie adaptations of Brandon Sanderson's works in the future. I think that they would be live-action, but I would also love it if they were animated! I'm interested to hear your opinions on the matter, and what form of film (or tv show) you would like to see.