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Found 1,219 results

  1. I know this isn't possible, but I was rereading mistborn, and all I could think about was how what if Vin was trained by someone who didn't teach her how to trust? Someone who reinforced Reen's abuse? The first person who came to mind with that was Mraize and the Ghostbloods. So how do you guys think Vin would have turned out with that kind of environment?
  2. I have been in the process of adding The abilities of a mistborn, full feruchemist, and the stormlight powers to mario 64 using the sm64 decomp repo. I am almost done adding feruchemy, almost halfway done with allomancy, and just started adding stormlight. SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-08-29 18-03-41.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-08-29 20-49-16.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-25 07-36-55.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-25 06-41-47.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-24 21-29-40.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-06-24 05-25-37.mp4 SUPER MARIO 64 - Project64 Version 1.6 2021-08-29 20-49-16.mp4
  3. So, I was too lazy to go back and look for it myself, but I seem to remember from The Final Empire that zinc soothed and brass rioted. Now, zinc riots, and brass soothes. Did Brandon mix them up, or am I remembering incorrectly?
  4. It feels like it's been ages since we've been done an extremely pedantic mechanics episode, and we reread The Bands of Mourning, so it's finally time to do one we've wanted to do for ages: what the hell is going on with the Southerner medallions? We talk about what we know, what we don't know (which is most things), as well as all the other crazy magic things we got in Bands of Mourning. Also featuring: random theories on Excisors. Not featuring: actually talking the Bands themselves. This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), and Ben (Overlord Jebus)! Thumbnail art is of the Bands of Mourning, by the incredible Shuravf, in one our monthly Coppermind commissions! You can vote for topics every month on our Patreon: Chapters: 00:00 Introductions 3:41 Investiture and Identity 14:20 Unkeyed Metalminds 19:18 Primer Cubes and Airships 39:15 Unsealed Metalminds (Medallions) 59:25 Excisors and Tapping Nicrosil 1:24:34 How did the Sovereign start the Firemothers and Firefathers? 1:35:45 Blank Connection 1:52:31 Closing thoughts 2:04:55 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  5. I'm sure that I'm not the first person to post something like this, but one thing about having a series that sorts people based on personality, is that you can't help but think some characters would be perfect for that group. Like in Harry Potter with the school houses, I often like to think that one character or another would be perfect for a particular order of Knights Radiant. I decided to compile a list of characters throughout the cosmere, that as far as I know have never set foot on Roshar, that suit each order of radiant. I hope to build more lists like this in the future, sorting characters from other fandoms. BondSmith-Sarene (Ellantris) Sarene seems like a natural politician to me. She not only initiates a political marriage for herself to unite two kingdoms, but works with political allies to help keep the kingdom from falling apart. Her husband Raoden might seem like a better choice, but he seems more like someone who just wants to improve the lives of people, not unite different people. WindRunner-Vin(Mistborn) A no brainer, for me. She can fly through the air in a similar manner to WindRunners, and she had to learn to care enough about people to protect them. First her friends, then the people of the empire. She struggles with exactly the same conflict with killing that Kaladin does, so she strikes me as an ideal Windrunner. SkyBreaker-Waxiliium(Mistborn Era 2) Waxillium seems more sure of his actions for killing than Vin does, and he is referred to multiple times as a lawman. He also flies through the air with his abilities, similar to WindRunners and SkyBreakers, but while he is a protecter, he sees himself as a lawman. He could probably go either way between WindRunner and Skybreaker, but I see him more as a Skybreaker. DustBringer-Hrathen(Ellantris) DustBringers are described as people who seek self mastery. This is supposed to be appropriate because of the destructive powers they wield, which seems like a good fit for Hrathen. He is a religious soldier, demonstrating his considerable control over himself during his fast in Ellantris, but he is also willing to resort to destructive means when he sees it as necessary, such as when he instigated a bloody conflict in Duladel. EdgeDancer-Fafen(Warbreaker) Most people probably don't remember that there were three princesses in Idris. But Vivenna and Siri had a sister in-between them in age. She was a monk in a country where their jobs were mostly to grow food for poor people. This seems to fit extremely well with EdgeDancers, given their attitudes and powers. TruthWatcher-Tindwyl(Mistborn) This order was tricky, since most scholars would fit the role of a TruthWatcher, but I settled on Tindwyl. Most keepers, with one major exception, seem to focus on discovering and recording knowledge, keeping a more objective and neutral position in their world's affairs. This makes it seem like most keepers would fit the role of Truthwatcher. LightWeaver-Shai(Emporer’s soul) -Another no brainer. Shai is a skilled artist (though I don't like how she uses her talent), is extremely good at lying to herself, and possesses an ability that is very similar to soulcasting. A natural LightWeaver. ElseCaller-Marasi(Mistborn Era 2) A couple of people would fit the order of ElseCallers, but it's tricky since we've only seen one so far. But I think Marasi works. She is someone that seeks to improve the world around her, but does so in an intellectual way, instead of through fighting. Her explanation of the broken window theory in Alloy of Law shows she has a scholarly side to herself, and she seems to me to be similar to Jasnah. WillShaper-Hammond(Mistborn) I struggled with WillShapers more than any other order. In the end, I chose Hammond because he is a bit of an oddball, and the WillShapers are supposed to be a diverse group. He ended up fighting for the freedom (WillShaper ideals) of the Skaa, despite initially agreeing out of a desire for riches. He is different from most Thugs due to his philosophical pondering, which is atypical to people with his powers. StoneWard-Captain Goradel(Mistborn) StoneWards are said to have ideals related to being dependable, and Gorodel seems to fit that role well. After Vin spares him, he seeks repeatedly to make himself useful, even in dire situations. From helping Skaa survive a cold winter during a siege to delivering a vital message when the world appeared to be ending. He probably does so partly out of a feeling of debt to Vin, but still impressive. What do you think?
  6. I decided to make a second Lantern for Lerasium but Preservations Intent wouldn't let me carve it the Pumkin so I had to come up with something else ^^
  7. We learn that in RoW, there is a possibility that Hoid lost his Investiture. While I've seen it debated whether he got tricked by Odium or not (or the other way around), I don't think this matters. Mistborn Era 2 is after Stormlight 1-5 (Chronology here), and Hoid shows up, which means he's alright. Am I the only one who noticed this? To be fair, Hoid's cameos were brief so maybe he isn't totally fine, but he was able to get out of Roshar. Edit: should have posted this in cosmere discussion
  8. The year is 289 Post-Catacendre, the world of Scadrial is booming with the new advent of aluminum weapons and tools, new metals have been discovered in the nearly 300 years since the Final Empire's reign. The world is growing at a rapid pace in the Elendel Basin as technology advances, and life for it's citizens changes by the day. Meanwhile, in the Roughs, life is untamed and wild, crime is far from uncommon, and criminals run amuck as the few dedicated Lawmen do their best to chase them down and build some semblance of order in these chaotic lands. During all of this, several coalitions between various nobles, mercantile elites, and politicians from different city states have formed, and recently, all independently decided to try to take possession of a remarkably profitable aluminum mine in the Roughs, owned by an unassuming gentleman named Raven. Several of the more influential coalitions have indicated an interest in hiring so-called ‘specialists’ to further their interests. Raven, the owner of the mine, has also expressed interest in hiring aid to protect his investment from the various coalitions snapping at his heels. With this in mind, our heroes have congregated in a local tavern in the Roughs called The Iron Wheel, where they have settled for drinks and food while debating the merits of the many hiring opportunities. For now, a layer of calm is upon the world of Scadrial, the calm before the storm. Soon, the different Coalitions and the owner of the mine himself, along with our heroes will find themselves at the center of a new and bloody conflict. Current character list (Ping @Ookla the Stick or @AonEne if you need your character added!)
  9. In the Hero of Ages and in a few other Mistborn books, we see that hemalurgic creations, namely Marsh, were able to maintain a sliver of their own autonomy, even while being controlled by Ruin or another Shard/allomancer. Electrum is capable of storing determination, and compounding it would magnify that determination. So, if you were burning an electrum metalmind and Harmony tried to take over your mind, would you be able to resist him through virtue of nothing but pure willpower?
  10. Put possible spoilers because while I won't be saying anything specific, you might be able to make guesses base on things I'm going to say. Also, in the comments, mark spoilers for Hero of Ages. I just finished Well of Ascension and haven't started the last one yet. Anyway. You probably know this already, but Sanderson is a god of writing. It isn't easy for a book to catch me off guard. I have a knack for spotting plot twists and predicting endings, but the ending of WoA? Totally didn't see it coming and it was amazing. The last time that happened was when I read Rithmatist. This is the third book of Sanderson's I've read and I've already decided I have to read everything. I know I said not actual spoilers, but I'm on a roll, so there's your drop-down. I can't wait to see what happens in Hero of Ages! And I have the first of the Reckoners for when I finish that.
  11. This was done for Fireflybooks21 on Tumblr. The other half of this will show up eventually. The song is “Come with me” by Chxrlotte. The song was chosen by Firefly.
  12. STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE SPOILERS so we know that era two is a few years ahead of the current stormlight archive timeline, so I’m thinking, dalinar loses the contest of champions and odium turns him into this spacefaring warlord who will conquer stuff for odium,so what if odium has sent dalinar to scadrial to conquer it , kill harmony etc and also we see that red mist sazed shows wax, and I’m thinking it looks eerily similar to the red mist seen in the thrill in oathbringer (I think it’s oathbringer at least) which is odiums investiture so what if dalinar is trell?(this is extremely far fetched Ik)
  13. My first cosmere inspired pumpkin :3 It's an Allomancer Jak-o-lantern
  14. So, Mistborn era two takes place just after Stormlight 5. I've been thinking that Trell's incursion on Scadrial could have something to do with the events of Stormlight 5, possibly rell is forced out of their shard planet by odium, or is odium. Maybe Honor and Odium are combined to make trell, or Dalinar, being made to lead the voidbringers, goes by trell. I would love to hear your Trell based theories, and any information that could debunk my own.
  15. So, an idea I had a while back would be that I would love to have explored would be reincarnation in the Cosmere. I'd love to see older characters come back and play a role in other worlds. I'm not sure how it could work for most characters, since they'd have to have new names and origins, making it hard to tell who they were in a previous life, but I think it could be interesting. The person I can think of it working best would be Vin, or someone else who's held the full power of a shard. Maybe that could enable them to have some memory of their past life, similar to an expanded soul being able to linger in the cognitive realm. Though honestly, I'd just love to see her reincarnate in the second half of the stormlight series as a Windrunner, with Elend as an Elsecaller and maybe Ham as a singer.
  16. Hi there! I'm new to the forum, but I've been enjoying Mistborn and the Stormlight archive for years. I look forward to interacting with all of you about these amazing series.
  17. So I saw a wob saying luthadel is named after someone , and I just want to know if we know anything about who this supposed “lutha” is
  18. So I’m new to mbti and I’m trying to work out the personality types for ppl in era one here is what I got so far vin:istp kelsier: (damn this was hard as he is so unique)estp elend: infp, as an infp myself I saw a lot in elend that matched with my type sazed:istj? let me know if u have more
  19. So I got my girlfriend to finally start reading Branderson, she just finished Well of Ascension and has asked me, if they don't have colored plants, how do they dye/color their clothes? I cannot remember for the life of me the answer to that question! If anyone could give me an answer I'd be delighted, she loves the books but she thinks she's found a plot hole, I don't think it is but can't remember what the answer is. Thanks.
  20. I've just Finished Ear 01 and I have a Lot of questions those are bothering me and that's why I joined Reddit & 17th shard hope I'll get answers here from these awesome communities. I might have missed something or it will be an easy answer I'm not not able to find it, if the ans is in Any other books like Ear 02, secret History please don't spoil it for me. I just wanna know if I missed it or not.?
  21. This contains Mistborn spoilers AND Stormlight AND Wax and Wayne spoilers!! Did any of you catch that Kelsier reference in RoW? I’m pretty sure he’s the leader of the ghost bloods now. Sometime in the book it mentions “lord of scars” or something. And to me that sounds like Kelsier. And it’s obvious he’s still around because of The Wax and Wayne trilogy. And we know that happens after stormlight. I don’t think that the Ghostbloods are a “good” organization. Idrk tho because we don’t know the full story yet. But basically, what I’m wondering is if you think Kelsier will be the antagonist in the upcoming stormlight books. TELL ME YOUR IDEAS NOW
  22. So happy to find this site. Really enjoy Sanderson's work. And spent a long time drawing/painting this watercolour pencil picture. If you look closely, there's Vin knelt on a rooftop. Thought some of you peeps may like it. I already shared this with the wonderful individual who shared the books with me in the first place. And I feel a continuous appreciation that the person shared this book with me. It's what pulled me imagination first right into this fascinating beautiful place that I now know as the cosmere! How did you guys first stumble into the cosmere? Which portal drew you in? Kind regards Velendsazed
  23. I included both mistborn/ feruchemist and the misting and ferring, incase people wanted to focus on one area. If choosing surgebinding, misting, ferring, or twinborn, which powers would you want?
  24. So, I am using a graph for all of this instead of Pixel measurements, so might be off. But I found that the 100 Mile Scale on the Elendel Basin map is around 1.24 Units long when the image is given a width of 6.6, this makes for a ((3.3/1.24)*100) Radius, for an Area of 223,000 Miles squared, or 577567.349 Square Kilometres. Slightly bigger than Yemen. I am not going to go into all as I kinda lost the math, but using this image, I got that the Area of the Final Empire should be around 4,665,850 Miles Squared (12,084,496.025), but I also got 1,720,000 (4,454,779.55) and 3,510,000 (9,090,858.267279) on different attempts overtime. No close comparison for the first, it is bigger than China but smaller than Russia. The others are, Between India and Australia, and bit smaller than United States respectively. I say this both to get feedback on my calculations, and to see if anyone can find better calculations that we can put on the wiki.