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Found 1,219 results

  1. Greetings! For the past several months, I, along with a few friends and fellow devoted Cosmere fans, have been working on creating a full set of the Metallic Arts as Minecraft mods. Some of you might know about Legobmw's Allomancy mod. We're working with him to make sure the three Arts interact properly, but for the most part, things are slow-going due to a lack of coders. We also have a working Feruchemy mod that even includes functioning Compounding. Currently, the two are separate mod files that interact. Hemalurgy is looking to end up the same, as a third mod with cross-mod interactions. There are so many ideas we want to implement, including Ettmetal primer cubes and other in-world gear, but we just don't have enough manpower to code it all in a reasonable time frame. Art-wise, I and a few others have textures for items and blocks solidly managed. We may need someone good at mob textures, but for the most part, it truly is just a lack of people competent in Java coding that's holding these mods back from their true potential. If you want to contribute code for the Metallic Arts mods, well, you've come to the right place! Give some examples of your modding capabilities, and we'll add you to our modding Discord server so that we can coordinate our efforts.
  2. We know what happened to the main 'peoples' of Scadrial from Era 1 during the catascendre: the human citizens of the Final Empire were gathered together in the Elendel Basin, with the adaptations that Rashek had built into them to survive the ash reversed and the damage to their bodies healed. The koloss were changed to be a pseudo-truebreeding race, giving birth to koloss-blooded. The kandra simply had their spikes and intelligence returned. Later, we find out that the Southern Scadrians also existed off-screen, and were not given any special adaptations we know of at this moment apart from Kelsier's aid (though how they have access to feruchemy in the first place is not yet confirmed). But what about the other fantasy trapping of the Final Empire, the mistwraiths? The few surviving kandra aside, mistwraiths are conspicuously absent from Era 2. It's possible that they were simply destroyed in the remaking of the world or couldn't adapt to the new environment since they weren't originally created to be a part of it, but that seems an unusual choice for Harmony considering all the care he put into Preserving what he could. So, where'd they go? Well, as we've seen with the Southern Scadrians, the residents of the Basin really don't know what's out there beyond the horizon, in no small part due to their hesitancy to explore and expand. And we also know that the first mistwraiths were created when Rashek transformed the then-current Feruchemists of the world to try to eliminate the possibility of there being other Fullborn who could challenge him. So what if Harmony turned them back into humans, and relocated them to a remote part of Scadrial where they wouldn't yet have been encountered by the people of the Basin (and, likely, not the Southern Scadrians either)? Problem: Why would Harmony turn the mistwraiths into humans, if he didn't do the same for the kandra and the koloss? Solution: Because unlike the non-sentient mistwraiths, the kandra and koloss had developed their own societies and identities in the time since they were created. We know from Bands of Mourning that an individual kandra's mind is reliant on their specific spikes, so it's quite possible that turning the kandra back into humans would have wiped clean their unique personalities and identities. And likewise, he might have considered restoring koloss to their pre-Hemalurgy forms and minds as 'killing' their current selves. The mistwraiths, meanwhile, would not have had any culture or individuality to erase or overwrite. Problem: If Harmony did return the mistwraiths' lost humanity, why didn't he put them in the South or the Basin with everyone else? Solution: There are a few reason I can think of. The first is that they didn't have their own culture or identity, so Harmony was curious to see how they would develop without outside human interference. Even if he gave them adult intelligence and basic knowledge, they would still be newborn as a people. The second is that, since all the original mistwraiths were Feruchemists, there's a solid chance that full feruchemy would be widespread if not outright omnipresent in the formerly-mistwraith population, and he didn't want to risk them out-competing the people of the South or the Basin. And the last possibility is a bit of a mix of the first two; the former mistwraiths would probably be one if not both of naive and powerful. With those traits, Harmony might have been concerned about other humans taking advantage of and oppressing them before they found their footing.
  3. Do you want an episode where we talk about just a SINGLE WoB? Yes, it's true, your dream--or nightmare--is here. This WoB had consumed many channels for weeks (including I think most of our staff channels) on Discord. There are such strong feelings that we needed a full episode to delve into it. Not only that, but also get insight into one of the most arcane pieces of lore in the cosmere, and it's kind of Eric's fault. This episode we have Eric (Chaos), David (Windrunner), Evgeni (Argent), Rosemary (Kaymyth), and Matt (Comatose)! The WoB: Hero of Ages Spoiler Q&A: We'll be back in two weeks to do more WoBs from late 2021. 00:00 Introductions 2:03 Atium Basics 12:24 Weirdness and WoBs before the big one 38:44 The WoB 51:02 The Temporal Quadrant 59:14 The Swapping 1:17:47 Rosemary's Theory 1:25:04 Atium and Duralumin 1:34:10 Alloy-ception 1:44:19 Clunkiness and this in Feruchemy and Hemalurgy 1:59:46 More Talk on the Swap 2:04:58 Bronzepulses 2:13:45 Wrapping up? 2:26:08 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  4. So... Fainlife is toxic for humans to eat and plants are bone white. Otherwise it is the same as normal life. a) Can kandra eat fainlife? Can kandra impersonate ShoDel? c) Would its ability to metabolize depend on its form (i.e. stomach type)? d) What about sand creatures from White Sand? Do kandra need water to survive? e) Do you think there is some sort of significance to the fact that kandra have two part names a little reminiscent of Sho Del and some younger generations were trying to use 4 arms in an era 1 book, I believe (don't hold me to that)? f) i) Could a feruchemist store fain nutrients to prevent being poisoned? ii) Would the feruchemist need a separate metalmind like he would for food and water? g) Could metalminds be used to turn toxic food into useable energy?
  5. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Hoid in Scadrian modern/near future AU (sort of) This is actually for recent art style bend challenge, though I always want to try this look with Hoid still being a bard in modern times XD
  6. Why don’t they? They shouldn’t be particularly difficult to obtain, and you don’t have to do much to make people think you a Mistborn, just wear one. I suppose that someone with no Allomantic powers might have to worry about getting caught, but a Coinshot or Thug, someone with a visible power, might be able to pass as Mistborn in a pinch, I would think, but we don’t see even them wear Mistcloaks.
  7. I remember reading a post asking about how Kelsier discovered new metals and alloys that work with allomancy. This got me thinking enough to realize that the feruchemy metals and allomantic metals are the same (do the alloys have to be the same or can they be different?) so if a feruchemist can store and tap into a metal then it must also be allomantic! No need to eat, try and burn it, fail and get sick. Has this method been confirmed anywhere? Because I Googled and nothing related comes up. Do you guys think that this is a viable method?
  8. First time posting, so sorry if this is the wrong thread. Some spoilers for Misborn Era 2, RoW, and other cosmere books. Crackpot theories developed around 2 am ahead, so please take with a grain of salt and give honest feedback. In Mistborn Era 2, we are given some information of Trell, the strange entity that is corrupting kandra and being worshiped by the Set. Debates with friends have led us to a few theories, and I was hoping for community feedback on them. Sanderson confirmed in book signing that Trell was a shard we already knew. At the time of the signing, only 9 Shards were known: Devotion, Dominion, Odium, Honor, Cultivation, Autonomy, Endowment, Preservation, Ruin. We saw many people on here with the theory that Autonomy would be Trell, or that Trell would be an avatar of Autonomy. This doesnt feel like their motivation or Intent. Trell seems to be about control of the planet, or sphere as the kandra phrased it. Autonomy does not feel like one to actively control or rule a planet. If they did, why would Taldain not be the first taken over? Ba-Ado-Mishram was a name that came to mind early in the talks. Her manipulation during the False Desolation sparked the idea that she could be manipulating the kandra. Her ability to give huge amounts of Investiture to the Singers along with her tricky nature was what led to that idea. However, despite her being missing from a long time on Roshar, we found no connection that would lead to her being on Scadrial. The next idea was another popular one, Odium. Due to a timeline confirmed in another signing, Era 2 takes place in the time skip between Stormlight 5 and 6. In RoW, Taravangians deal with Dalinar would allow the Odium shard to finally leave, if Dalinar can not win the challenge in Stormlight 5. The sneakier manipulation of the planet feels far more akin to the planning shown by Taravangian, rather than the violence Rayse used. Again however, control does not appear to be part of the Odium Intent. Perhaps it was just Rayse himself, but Odium never seemed conserned about the people, just the Shards on the worlds. If he cared to rule or destroy them, Sel and Threnody would be ruled or extinct. The final thought that was brought up was a strange one. The Dor, the mash up of Devotion and Dominion, left broken by Odium. Trells desire to be worshiped and control a planet seems to fit both Intents of the shards. Sanderson talks about the Dor gaining emotions in a Q&A from 2015, along with the Arcanum Unbound mentioning that the Sel landscape, effected by the Dor, seems to becoming self aware. This would also be oddly connected to the Kelsier memory seen at the end of Mistborn 6, as Kelsier is aware of the Ire past attention on Scadrial. The Ire are a group of Sel based world hoppers, seen in Mistborn: Secret History, where they had goals of stealing Preservations Investiture. A strange connection of Sel and Scadrial. All of these were simply ideas thrown around by a grouo of friends. We are looking for more community ideas. Hopefully this thread can become a Trell theory board. We think Sanderson has given enough hints or clues to prove who it is, if we look carefully enough.
  9. If a twinborn of chromium burns the metal with fortune stored in it (I think it's called compounding), how much far in the future it's possible to see using this technique?
  10. Random sketch of wax vs kaladin & adolin Turns out that guns don’t work too well against shard bearers, or radiants, so wax is kind of screwed
  11. wax

    So wax is always storing 1/4 of his weight right? I know Brandon has stated that he doesn’t want wax to be a savant because he hasn’t shown any drawbacks, but that seems exclusive to his allomancy. What I’m thinking is that wax is actually losing bone and muscle density. It isn’t yet manifesting because when wax taps his metal minds to get immensely heavier, his feruchemy has the side effect of strengthening him enough that he usually isn’t hurting himself. Well, astronauts in negligible g have serious bone density issues, and this poses a few problems for settlers of low g planets/moons requiring that they take steroids. In any case, when and if wax loses his metal minds, he should start suffering from weak bones and joints, and trouble moving, at least until he can find something made of iron. On a side note, skimmers should make excellent deep sea divers, and astronauts, since they can avoid pressure issues either way, changing the density of the air and blood in their bodies. I’d love to see this in era 4, with a skimmer able to hold their breath in vacuum by filling their metal minds at an absurd rate
  12. Death and the Survivor 1: (Mild RoW spoilers) If people like this I’ll make more strips. Probably unconsciously inspired by Calvin and Hobbes.
  13. Between these two quotes we can see that Smokers and Seekers should both be able to affect the rhythms of Roshar in the same way they're able to dampen/detect allomantic pulses. And in the first quote, Brandon explains that the rhythms are tied to the spiritual realm, not so much the cognitive. So what I'm thinking is, copper and bronze being treated as 'cognitive' metals is one of those "Scadrians don't have a complete understanding of the metallic arts, there's some errors in the provided information that will clear up as the timeline and in-universe research progress" (heavily paraphrased) things that Brandon's talked about before. I would almost suggest that the proper grouping for copper and bronze would be with gold and electrum, since all four seem to tie to the spiritual realm more directly than other metals, except that would throw the whole internal/external division of allomantic metals into question since all four are internal metals.
  14. This would be using the Cogent Roleplay System and I would be the Narrator. If you don't know what Cogent is, you can find it here. To summarize the slightly long rulebook, the Cogent System is much simpler version of more common systems like DnD and Pathfinder. It focuses on roleplay more than they tend to as well. It uses only three attribute points, Strength, Reflex, and Intelligence. Each attribute has five skills underneath it. In order to accomplish a task, you gain a certain number of six sided dice depended on how many points you have in the applicable attribute and skill and a couple other things that might come up later. Combat doesn't even necessarily need a map. When it comes to the setting, more will be revealed when I have time.
  15. Happy New Year and welcome to 2022. The Lost Metal is finally for realsies coming out this year, and that is so great to finally say. So let's continue talking about Mistborn and Era 2 by talking about one of its biggest mysteries: the Set and Trell! Oh, and Paalm. And a bunch of other cosmere things, like Svrakiss. We're all over the place, but hopefully you maybe know more on this subject now than you did before! Today we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), and David (Windrunner)! This happened in 2017, but here's our article showing off all the Shire Post Mint coins: Chapters: 00:00 Introductions and Show & Tell 3:22 Spoiler Warning 4:20 What is the Set? 10:58 Motivations and Goals of the Set 34:05 Trell and Autonomy 55:58 Paalmcast 1:19:09 The Set Origins 1:30:31 Technology 1:39:33 Men of Red and Gold (Crack Theory Time) 1:51:14 Final Thoughts and Hemalurgy If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  16. Whenever the topic of atium mistings is brought up I see someone talk about how atium mistings only exist in Hero of Ages because Preservation changed the rules Allomancy/Snapping to make it possible so his plan would work. Why? Where is that stated? Did I miss that detail in the books, or is it from a WoB or Annotations? Besides being a god metal (which to me is not a good enough justification) I see no reason why there shouldn't be atium mistings.
  17. Hi, I'm a student having too much free time... So I taught myself how to make an Android Game:) It is inspired the push/pull movement style of Kelsier in Mistborn. You can find it here in the PlayStore:) Best, Lucky p.s. I created the game already last year but only now found this wonderful forum!
  18. Ok so this will have spoilers all the way up to (you guessed it) Shadows of Self and secret history So I'm reading mistborn for the second time and HoA this exchange happens between sazed and the first gen kandra: “Preservation’s power remains, for power cannot be destroyed. His mind however, was all but destroyed-for this was the sacrifice he made to imprison Ruin.” “The sliver remains,” another reminded. “The shadow of self.” I found a post from like 6 years ago discussing it but nobody touched on one point I thought about (sorry if this is the wrong place for this I'm new here ><) So it seems to me in the context of HoA the "Shadow of self" refers to what was left of Leris after he created ruins prison. Slowly fading eventually leaving the power up for grabs. Reading Shadows of Self the first time I figured the title more leaned towards being about Wax as in this book we learn the bulk of his past (or at least the key moments like his childhood with his uncle, meeting Lessi etc) and where his identiy is in question. But what I wonder this time around is that maybe it's a hint about Trell too. Trell atm is not confirmed to be a shard however it must be shard like at least. This book is where we get confirmation that Trell is actually real. It has it's own form of hemalurgy, a more refined version maybe given what Lessi/Paalm was able to do with it which implies investiture in some capacity in my eyes. Trell must be something big being an object of worship pre-dating the lord ruler and being able to control/influence others. Even Miles was a follower and seem to have been influenced in some way by it? Anyways where I'm going with this is what if something similar is happening to Trell where only a sliver remains of them and they are trying to act with whatever time they have left. At the very least they have a plot in motion and if my previous thought is true they have a power that cannot be destroyed. Whether Trell is a shard or not that could have interesting implications in the cosmere especially if Trell isn't a shard. What do you guys think though? I'm mostly just eagerly awaiting The Lost Metal to come out so my brain is spinning trying to figure out whats gonna happen.
  19. Hello! My husband wanted me to start reading his favorite author’s books SO I began reading the Stormlight Archive at the beginning of quarantine and after finishing the third book I moved onto Mistborn to continue learning about the Cosmere. I noticed something that I have no idea what the answer is and am coming to you all for thoughts… In Mistborn book one I read the following: “Damnation!” Breeze swore as soldiers flooded the square. Dockson pulled Breeze into an alley. Vin followed them in, crouching in the shadows, listening to soldiers yelling in the crossroads outside. If “damnation” is used as a curse on Roshar and Breeze uses it as a curse in Scadrial, is Breeze a world hopper?! I’m thinking he must be since how else would he know to use that word? I didn’t see “damnation” referenced in the other Misborn books. This has been in the back of my mind for about a year now so I figured it was time to take it to the forum to see if anyone has thoughts or theories!
  20. In quarantine, we all have plenty of time to try new things. I, personally, have been attempting to learn some of that sweet, sweet High Imperial. It's the perfect language: It'll confuse anybody who isn't a Mistborn fan, and will impress anyone who is! So who wants to learn some High Imperial? Welcome to the Academy! -Brandon Sanderson
  21. The creator is Jorge Puerto Esteban. Go give him some love!
  22. Of all the Cosmere's known magic users, I'm not really sure that anyone can compare to the fullborn (mistborn + full feruchemist) in terms of raw power. They can: 1. Get a nearly infinite supply of any feruchemical attribute that they want as long as they have the metals available, then tap them at pretty much any speed that they want. 2. Reverse compound somehow (probably feruchemical nicrocil at work here, but it has yet to be confirmed) to increase their allomantic powers to a ridiculous amount, pretty much as much as they want, similar to their feruchemical counterparts. 3. There isn't really a maximum limit to the amount of investiture that they can store, except maybe the amount of metalminds that they can carry, which is still a lot. It doesn't seem like fullborn have the traditional limitations that you'd expect to see on other metalborn, surgbinders, awakeners, or any other magic users really. How powerful are they, really, and what would it take to bring down a competent fullborn? (Mcguffins such as shards of Adonalsium or Dawn shards don't count, I'm referring to "normal" magic users)
  23. A fun, light-hearted parody of the children's song Sandwiches by Fred Penner...only now it's about how much Hoid loves Investiture! Mild spoilers for Mistborn, Warbreaker, and Stormlight Archive.Hoid's Magic Song - based on Fred Penner's Sandwiches song.mp3 Lyrics: [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Investiture is fine. I like investiture, I use it all the time; Magic is my supper and magic is my lunch; If there’s a hundred kinds of magic then I’d use them all at once. [Verse 1] I'm a roaming and a rambling And a wandering all along, And if you care to listen, I will sing a happy song. I will not ask a favour And I will not ask a fee, But if you have yourself some magic Won't you give a bit to me? [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Allomancy's fine. I like lerasium, I eat it all the time; I eat it for my supper and I eat it for my lunch; If I had a hundred beads of it, I'd eat them all at once. [Verse 2] Once I went to Nalthis, Summoned to the God Queen, I swear she was the brightest lady That I'd ever seen. I told her she was colourful And could not ask for more, I told her a story Then she threw me out the door. [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Biochroma's fine. I like Heightening, I breathe it all the time; I take Breaths for my supper and I take Breaths for my lunch; If I found a hundred Breaths, oh well I'd breathe them all at once. [Verse 3] Well, once I met a brilliant girl, the fairest in the land, The Brightlords of the country, they were asking for her hand. They’d offer her alliances, Emeralds to appease; I offered her some magic And she said that she was pleased! [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Bonding spren is fine. I like lightweaving, I use it all the time; Stormlight is my supper and Stormlight is my lunch; If I had a hundred broams of it, I'd breathe them all at once. [Verse 4] Well magic could be colour, breath, or light, or metal platters, But they are all so good to me, It really doesn’t matter Lights or kites or being right, Any kind will do. I like the Cosmere’s magic, How about you? [Chorus] Investiture is beautiful, Investiture is fine. I like investiture, I use it all the time; Magic is my supper and magic is my lunch; If there’s a hundred kinds of magic then I’d use them all at once.
  24. I can’t find the source for it, so sorry I can’t cite it, but I remember reading somewhere that becoming an aluminum savant would cleanse you of impurities. So, if you had multiple hemalurgic spikes and you didn’t want to be controlled by any shard you came across, could you burn enough aluminum to cleanse your spirit web of impurities, seamlessly melding your spirit web and the spliced spirit web together, leaving one’s self protected against direct control?