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Found 1,234 results

  1. It's onto Mistborn Era 2 and The Alloy of Law! Spoilers included for the previous books in the series. But let's talk about how we feel about this book in retrospect! This week, we have Jessie (Lady Lameness), Mi'chelle (firstRainbowRose), Ian (Weiry), and Rosemary (Kaymyth)! This was actually the first SpanReads we recorded, so things probably look pretty different. SpanReads is a weekly series, coming every Wednesday! Check out our 2022 schedule here: We will also be posting SpanReads a few days early on our Patreon! Thumbnail art is the US cover art by Chris McGrath: If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  2. I kept looking for a good mistcloak tutorial, and I couldn't find a really good one. I found a few that helped me flesh out the idea and construction but wanted to make my own, putting everything I did together, with LOTS of pictures. Most of the tutorials I see are one layer of fleece that is cut into tassels, but I didn't want to do that. I wanted to make a caplet, and attach ribbon as the tassels. That way I didn't have to worry about anything fraying, or the tassels being different widths. My materials: Sheet to practice Fabric scissors Marking pen Pins or clips Fleece Fabric Organza ribbon (for the tassels) Frog closures I kept playing with ideas in my head for how to construct the caplet (a mini cape-like thing that just goes to the elbows or above) I knew I wanted 2 layers for the caplet and one for the hood, so I would need enough fabric for that. I wasn't sure how I wanted to cut out the fabric , so to help me decide, I took a sheet we had to mark it (to figure out the amount of fabric I'd need) and cut it in different ways to see how it would lay over my husbands shoulders. I cut out a circle with the neck hole in the middle, and it looked pretty good, but I thought about making it shorter in the front, so also cut out a high low circle pattern. Same circle, but with the neck hole cut out about 2/3 down instead of the middle. That looked better in my opinion, so we decided to go with that. I knew I wanted the caplet to be about 15 inches long in the back and 10 inches in the front, so including the neck hole (2.75 inch), that meant I needed about 30 inches in diameter. (So I could have extra fabric and seam allowance) I first folded the sheet in half, and then in half the other way, to make a quarter circle shape. I drew a line at 18 inches from the corner to make a circle and cut it out. (For the regular circle pattern, you also cut out a neck hole at the corner, 2.75 inches from the corner) For the high-low, after you cut the outer circle, you unfold and refold the circle with one half higher than the other. Fold it in half, and mark the neck hole, and cut it out. I drew out a few things on my sheet and did other practice cuts to figure out the amount of fabric I would need and ended up buying 2 and 1/3 a yard for charcoal Heather fleece. The sheet is wider than the fleece, so make sure you account for that when calculating the fabric needed. I started cutting my fabric. I washed it first to make sure it wouldn't shrink, laid it onthe floor and folded it in half longways. Since this fabric is thick, I cut out my pieces into semi circles, not quarters. I measured 30 inches along the fold, marked it, and then marked the halfway point at 15 inches. I then used my flexible measuring tape and some chalk to mark a semi circle 15 inches from the midpoint. I marked two semi circles. I then cut it out along that marking, and now I had 2 circles 30 inches in diameter. I folded them back in half, and then folded it again about 1/3 of the way down, and marked my neck hole. I measured 2.75 inches from that corner and cut it out. I did the same for the other circle, and now I had 2 circles with an off center neck hole. I then cut a slit on the shorter half to be the open side of the capelet. My ribbon I bought is 1 inch wide. So looking up the math, the circumference of a 30 inch circle is 94.24 inches. Because I will be layering my ribbon in-between the layers of fleece, I wanted to keep a few centimeters free along the short slit I made before. I think I would need 94 1 inch strips to make a full layer of ribbon. I had bought 100 yards of 1 inch ribbon, and 50 yards of 5/8 Before I started cutting them though, I measured my husband to figure out about how long the ribbon would need to be on different points of him. For example, along the front it needed to be 52 inches long, but the back only needed a out 46 inches. I also measured by where the shoulders were, and then went from there. After I cut them, I sorted them in groups. So I had some 54 inches, 53 inches, and basically down to 46 inches, and then I pinned them on in sections so I wouldn't misplace any by size. I ran out of ribbon and pins, so just get more ribbon than you think. I had to buy more of both, so that I could also have enough pins to attach the skinnier ribbon at the same time. That way I'd only need to sew down the ribbons in one go. They will get sewn again when I sew the second layer of fleece on. After I got all the ribbons pinned down, it was a huge mess of ribbons: I sewed along that edge, to attach them. Make sure the pins are far enough up that the sewing foot doesn't go over them. Most of mine were okay, but some were pushed out by the sewing foot hitting them. Once the ribbons were sewn on, I had my husband try it, and it looked amazing! They flowed perfectly and really did look like the mists. This next part was a bit trickier. I took the ribbons in small groups and knotted them together to stay out of the way. I then covered the smaller bunches with tin foil to wrap them more securely, since I needed to sew the other circle fleece right sides together. (Side note, my kids threw away my original piece, so to make another, I needed to cut out 2 halves of a circle, and then sew them together up the back. And then cut out another neck hole. I made this circle a little bit wider, since it was going to lay on top of the fleece and ribbon.) So I laid the circle piece plus ribbons as flat as I could. I pinned the front opening right side down together. Then I laid the second layer on top of the first, and pinned along the outer edge, sandwiching the ribbon bunches inside, and I pinned the neck hole together to make sure it was all in the right place. It ended up being like a big pocket of sorts. I sewed all the pinned sides, but NOT the neck hole. (so where the red line is. That was hole the ribbons would come through when I turned it all right side out. Then I had my husband try it on again, and had him stand on a chair to trim the ribbon to be right around his feet. Some of the ribbons ended up being too short for what I was going for, but I'm not too upset about it. The way to fix that is to make the ribbon all the longest length and cut them all at the end. I was just trying to not waste too much ribbon. So I trimmed them to be about foot length on my husband. And then we took a lighter and burned down each ribbon edge, to keep them from fraying. So now I have am almost completed cloak. I need a hood next. I copied the shape of a sweatshirt my husband had, and cut it out. I had the top part be on fold, so that I only needed to do the seam up the back. Since my hood was basically a squarish shape, I needed to gather the bottom to fit the cloak. I made 2 straight stitches next to each other along the bottom. Then holding just the top stitches, I tugged the hood toward the middle seam. I made both sides be 10 inches. I then pinned the hood seam, along the middle seam of ONE layer of cloak. Then I pinned the edge to the edge, and then sewed them together. But now I needed to sew the second layer down. I didn't want to fold it over, because then I would have too many layers of fleece to be sewn, so I just laid the cloak layer on top of the hood Seam, and tip stitched down pretty close to the edge. Since it's on the inside, it isn't too noticeable, and since its fleece, it won't fray. The last thing I need to do, is hand sew a closure to the cloak so it doesn't fall off when moving around. I picked a medium sized frog closure and hand stitched it on about 3 inches up of the front opening. And this is the finished Mistcloak! It took longer than I thought, and that was because of the ribbons. It took a lot of time to cut them out, and then to pin them on. I was hunched over so it was hurting my back, but I'm so proud of how it turned out!
  3. I searched for others discussing this, but didn't come across anything. If you know of a thread that already brought this up and I missed it, just let me know the source and I'll gladly remove my post. I've read every story in the Cosmere and am now going back and re-reading in hopes of discovering knew things I missed or couldn't have known the first time through. This is a minor discovery IF it's true, but interesting none the less. First, I believe that Vathi from Sixth of the Dusk is Khriss (just found out this has been confirmed as false)... BUT I also believe that she may be an allomancer. Keep in mind that SotD is the farthest story into the future according to the known Cosmere timeline... so who knows what has happened to Khriss between now and then. Here's an excerpt from Sixth of the Dusk: So the part that struck me as a dead giveaway was the very last line, "...or was she just lucky?" If you remember in The Final Empire, Vin would always refer to her allomantic ability as her 'luck'. When I read this, I felt as if Sanderson purposefully wrote that line in order to hint at the fact that Vathi/Khriss was using her 'luck'... in this specific case, tin. I don't know if she's just a Misting or if she becomes a Mistborn as some point, but regardless, I believe she's burning tin in SotD. What do you think? Am I a far out fanboy looking for connections where there are none, or do you think I picked up on a clever nod from Sanderson?
  4. Per twitter Brandon Sanderson has confirmed that the #Mistborn Era 3 trilogy will be written in full before it is released. He also teased the possibility of #Warbreaker and #Elantris sequels in the meantime. The Sandman is at it again!! How are we so worthy?
  5. I may not start the game knowing how to do hemalurgy. Playing an albino skaa mistborn from the remote dominance is okay. Having him be raised by koloss is not. Even after we've thrown the Final Empire into chaos and learned how to control koloss via allomancy, koloss blades still cannot be props for player characters. I am no longer allowed to have more than ten nudges. Terrisman Drizzt Do'Urden is NOT a valid character concept. This issue is closed. Canon defilement is fun. Using Straff Venture's skull as a bowl for anachronistic tortilla chips is not. If Kelsier stabs his eye out with a spike, he is god. If my character stabs his eye out with a spike, the next scene will involve a steel inquisitor chopping his head off. I cannot play a koloss. Character concepts that look like they were taken directly from a metal album cover are okay. Character concepts that look like they were taken directly from a "Weird Al" Yankovic album cover are not. Even though the above rule is in operation, playing blood-crazed servants of Ruin is generally frowned upon by my fellow players. Kandra canot be made using spikes taken from koloss. "Homicidal Maniac" is NOT a Drive, Profession, Specialty, Feature, or Personality trait. If I say my latest character concept is "extremely awesome", I am not allowed to play it. My character's drive can NOT be "Destroy Everything". This issue is also closed. Again. No more homicidal maniacs unless we're playing an evil campaign. Genocidal maniacs, omnicidal maniacs, fratricidal maniacs, and suicidal maniacs are also forever closed to me as character options. Tyrranicidal maniacs are okay, though. Lockpicks are not a valid torture implement. Arson is NOT the solution to all problems. When it's my turn to GM (or narrate or whatever), I will not treat everything the players say as their characters' actions in game. We are NOT playing Normality. Kandra women are not "the hottest women on Scadrial". Period. Any campaign where I become the holder of the shard of Ruin will end as soon as I become holder of the shard of Ruin. Even if the rest of the story isn't even close to complete. The same is true of the shard of Preservation. No matter how high my physique score is, I am not allowed to carry around a catapult. I am the reason we can't have nice things. Or massive stockpiles of Lerasium. (End of part 1 of the list.) A 73-year old skaa beggar cannot have a physique score of 6. I will not attack every character with piercings that we meet. The battle cry of servants of Ruin is not "Blood for the blood god"! There are no such things as koloss allomancers. I will not mock the steel inquisitors. "I just got this feeling." is an acceptable in-universe excuse for the metagamer to use his knowledge from the books to discover new allomantic metals, but "I hated him." is not an acceptable in-universe excuse to kill the metagamer. I will stop trying to convert random Extras to Cthulhu Mythos cults. Noblemen do not taste like chicken. I do not worship plants. I cannot kill an army all by myself. Even if I say please. I cannot base my skaa tineye off of Negan from the Walking Dead. Twinborn do not exist until the second age. If I light Rashek on fire, it will just piss him off. If my character has the "sniveling coward" burden, he cannot charge an army of several thousand koloss with no armor or weapons except for a table leg. No more starting death cults. My kandra cannot be the source of more than three werewolf legends per campaign. I cannot play a terrisman for the sole purpose of mocking my teammates in ancient languages they do not understand. When talking about skaa while pretending to be a nobleman, I cannot say that "They're like people, but there are more of them". I am not allowed to have five obsidian daggers as my only props at the start of the campaign. When given a list of mental illnesses for my insane character and told to choose one, I cannot pick "all of the above". I cannot violate the first contract over a game of shelldry. My character's name can't be Human. I am no longer allowed to play mentally ill characters unless the GM (or Narrator, as the game calls him) says otherwise. When we run out of supplies on the road, I will not suggest we resort to attacking and eating a nearby band of koloss. Especially if they outnumber us 50:1. My scholarly noble mistborn will not speak in eastern street slang. (End of part 2 of the list.) Any campaign where my kandra becomes the god of the afterlife not only never happened, but will never ever happen ever again. Period. Quellion the Citizen's flag does not include any swastikas. Kandra are not edible. I will not base characters off of Pink Floyd songs. Or Led Zeppelin songs. Or Judas Priest songs (this goes double if they're off the Jugulator album). Koloss swords are generally not considered acceptable dueling weapons. I will not solve every social conflict by turning it into a physical conflict. I cannot bribe the Lord Ruler, no matter how many duraluminmind charges I'm tapping. I will not burn duralumin and aluminum at the same time. The same goes for nicrosil and chromium. "Nobody expects the canton of inquisition!" is a really bad pun. Skaa are not good eating. Despite what word of god says on the matter, kanda can't burn lerasium. This issue is closed. I will not play "One Second" by Paradise Lost when I tap a huge amount of (feruchemical) zinc charges. I may not threaten to eat the steel inquisitor, even if I mean it. Especially if I mean it. Even if the rules allow it, I cannot start the game as Lord Prelan. After the thermite-napalm incident, I may no longer play mad scientists, inventors, or pyromaniacs. Especially if my character is all three. I will not be surprised or offended that "terrisman stew" does not contain actual terrismen, nor will I attempt to remedy the situation. We may not make "ash angels" in the fallen ash. Even if we say please. My leather armor cannot be made of koloss skin. We cannot quote Shakespeare when the Lord Ruler dies. Mistwraiths do not taste like jellyfish. Nor does my character know what jellyfish taste like. Or even what jellyfish are. No matter how insane my character is, he is not allowed to respond to interrogation by just saying "I am a stick"! I cannot kill every single female character in the crew that has a male player just because I find that sort of thing kind of creepy. I am no longer allowed to be the crew's primary fighter if I have "Chef" as my profession trait. If I ever deal more than 20 damage, my character will become the favored servant of Ruin. I am no longer allowed to have a steel, iron, or pewter rating of 10. This issue is closed. (End of part 3 of the list.) I may not have "god" as my profession trait. Even if the game says I have to have two negative circumstances to lose even one die on any roll, I automatically lose 3 if I try to start a physical conflict in a tornado. Southern Scadrians are not "Pre-cooked meat". My character's name is not Randy and he does not speak fluent German. We may no longer combine the "Create Guns" and "Malwish Technologist" stunts. The same is true for attempting to combine the "Create Custom Ammo", "Create Hazekiller Ammo", or "Customize Guns" stunts with the "Malwish Technologist" stunt. Even though there is no maximum encumbrance, I can't carry around 20 compressed kandra in my backpack. I may not play a worldhopper. I may not eat the koloss-blooded bandit we just killed unless I'm a kandra. I am not allowed to convince everyone in the crew base their characters off of characters from The Order of the Stick. "Elder Thing" is not an acceptable race selection. No more cannibalism unless I'm a kandra. I may not execute 50,000 random people every week just because it's Monday. I may not cuss NPCs out in foreign languages. Especially Finnish. I may no longer take the "Scrounger" stunt if I'm a chromium compounder. Or capable of using feruchemical chromium at all, for that matter. "Misthammer 40k" is a horrible idea. My character may not invent tabletop roleplaying games during his downtime. My character's name cannot be "Nyarlhotep", "Outer God" is not an acceptable race selection, "Messenger of the Outer Gods" is not an acceptable profession, and "Crawling Chaos" is not an acceptable specialty. I cannot play a Malwish character just so I can claim that, in my culture, it is polite to punch people in the face for no reason. Even if nothing in the rules forbids me from doing so, I may not dual wield koloss swords. Especially with a physique score of two. The definition of "cannibalism" in the context in which it was forbidden includes all sentient creatures, regardless of race. My character cannot start the game with an all-consuming hatred of masks and the people who wear them. Neither "Alcoholic" nor "Hobo" are acceptable profession traits. This is, of course, doubly true of "Alcoholic Hobo". I may not create a Rube Goldberg Device at all, but especially to do any of the following: Pour me more beer, put my clean clothes away, punch people in the face, disturb the peace, destroy Malwish masks, kill things I don't like, or be an abomination against nature. "Chaotic Stupid" is not an acceptable personality trait for a lawman. Or anyone, for that matter, but especially a lawman. My character's destiny cannot be "Find Ironeyes and cuss him out". (End of part 4 of the list.) If, at any point, my brass compounder takes on the mannerisms of Obliteration, he dies. If the responsibility of executing an outlaw falls upon our group, the people expect us to choose hanging or firing squad as our method, not blood eagle. "Hypnosis" is not an acceptable specialty for my roughs lawman. I do not put the "riot" in "rioter". I may not use my duralumin compounding to get laid. The Words of Founding say nothing about the Cthulhu Mythos. My character was born in Elendel, not New Orleans. If I have an influence score of 2, I may not start the game with the "Legendary Gun" stunt. I cannot choose more targets using the salvo option of my Terringul Ripper than there are bullets in it, even if, technically, the rules allow it. I may not use my contract with a kandra to make her take the form of an attractive woman for any reason. This issue is closed. I may not play an A-Copper/F-Duralumin twinborn with the "Face in the Crowd" stunt just to troll my crewmates by disappearing when they need me. "Bulletproof sunglasses" are not a real item and may not be taken as a prop during any era. "Drink beer and watch sports" cannot be my drive and it sure as hell can't be my destiny. If I take willpower damage, I can't roll for a bout of madness using the Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook. I cannot usher in the apocalypse. I may not call random extras "Dirty, dirty communists". I may not select "Arousal" as my focused emotion for rioting. Nicrosil is not a toy. I may not start with a resources score of 8 and the "Filthy Rich" stunt just so I can take 11 soonie pups as my props. The "Point Blank" stunt does not apply to rotary guns. After Kelsier says "I am hope!" I can't say "And I'm despair"! There are no albino girls in the brothel, no matter how high my spirit roll is. I cannot play a steelrunner just so I can "get the hell outta here" whenever something dangerous happens. Kandra do not have feeding frenzies. Rotary guns are not acceptable dueling weapons. (End of part 5 of the list.) My character may not invent fascism. Especially if the reason for doing so in-universe it "because I'm bored". My character may not kickstart a chain of events that lead to the world looking like an alternate history novel written by a Scadrian Harry Turtledove. I may not attempt to cause a Mistborn/Holy Grail crossover. Even if it would be hilariously awesome AND awesomely hilarious at the same time. I may not attempt to kickstart a chain of events that lead to a shootout between the main characters of the Alloy of Law books and the iconic characters of my homebrew Weird West Dark Fantasy RPG in post-apocalyptic Hallandren. I may not throw my potato chips at the guy that accidentally got my character killed. My new character my not throw knives at the character of the guy who got my character killed. If my character is a blatant expy of Roland Deschain from Stephen King's Dark Tower books with tacked-on twinborn powers, I may not play said character. My character may not attempt an exorcism for any reason. My character cannot start the game convinced that he's a werewolf. I cannot play a sentient, gun-slinging potato chip. Much like arson, knives are not the solution to all of life's problems. Although I am not only allowed but encouraged to play a perfectly sane and well-adjusted character, I must have a better reason for doing so than just to incite irrationality and paranoia in my fellow players. Our plot for dethroning the Lord Ruler cannot hinge on inventing driveable lawnmowers. I cannot spend all my free time gaslighting Edwarn Ladrian. I cannot use my status as a constable to start an investigation into who is gaslighting Edwarn Ladrian when I know damnation well who it is. Plan B cannot be "Like plan A, but with more pewter". Even if the premise of the campaign is that something happened different than it did it canon, my character's last words can't be "This is Cody of AlternateHistoryHub". It would be kind of redundant to have my character start the game with 16 minutes to live, since that's usually about how long my characters last anyways. Everything bad that happens is always my character's fault until proven otherwise. No matter how bad an idea is, comparing said idea to German nationalism is harsh. Scratch that last one. Comparing an idea to German nationalism is okay so long as I absolutely positively DO NOT compare said idea to Highlander II: The Quickening. My character cannot invent heavy metal. If my character turns the campaign into a Mind Screw, his brain will come alive and kill his arm, which will come back for its revenge and redeem all of the damned souls of beers that sinned. Oh, and my character will die. I cannot create an adorable but deadly kandra minion, and I most certainly cannot name him "Lil' Snapper" My character cannot have Donald Trump hair. (End of part 6 of the list.) If you want more, just ask in the post replies/comment section thingy. Thank you.
  6. Alright, so I've seen a bunch of "Mistborn vs Knight Radiant" and Jedi vs Knight Radiant, and because I haven't the time nor patience to read through all of those, I'm going to pose a question that's likely already been answered. Let's say that a bunch of the "strongest" investiture users across the Cosmere had a a fight. I'm not counting any Yolen natives cause all the ones we know of we don't know a lot about their magic and a lot of them are OP. So: Here we go. Representing Scadrial, it's the Fullborn, from Roshar the 5th Ideal Knight Radiant (Pick the Order you think is the best in a fight), The God King from Nalthis, let's say an Elantrian as good as Raoden, a Sand Master who can control, let's say, 30 threads. I'm not gonna count shades cause most of these guys can outrun or kill a shade with relative ease, and First of the Sun doesn't have a lot of physically manifested Investiture besides the mind-reading guys, who aren't human and I feel they can also be killed with relative ease, so we'll just go with the above. God-King, Fullborn, 5th Ideal Radiant of any Order, Sand Master with 30 Threads and Salitrification, Elantrian. And they're fighting in a place where Elantrian magic is strong and the Sand Master has enough Taldain Sand for years. Edit: Nightmaws and Deepstalkers as well as Shades are included
  7. So, in short my question is - it having been a while since I read the books and not being able to access my copies for another week or so - about how long the Mistborn books took place over. I know there's about a year between the end of The Final Empire and the start of The Well of Ascension, and I think a couple months between TWoA and The Hero of Ages, but I'm not sure of the timespan within each book, or exactly what's between TWoA and THoA. Can anyone help me here?
  8. I don't know if a similar question has been posted, but I wanted to know what people would want to have if they could have one of the Metallic Arts (Meaning ferring or misting. No twinborn, full feruchemists, or mistborn here! Or hemalurgic constructs.) Personally, I would probably go with either Slider (allomantic bendalloy) or Steelrunner (feruchemical steel) because they can manipulate time, which is pretty cool. Both have disadvantages and advantages, so I can't really decide. What would you pick if you could?
  9. Cosmere Theory My Partner and I have a Nahel-type bond: Much like every Radiant in the Stormlight Archive, we made our Oaths in good faith, but we learn both the true nature and the true power of that Bond only through shared experiences. Unlike the Skybreakers, we cannot be told simply what the ideals are; we must discover them ourselves, and we will either know them and progress, or not. To really double-down on our Sanderson Nerdosity, during complete Pandemic Lock-Down (before Rhythm of War), we adopted two cats: One orange female, and one grey-white-speckled male. After looking through dozens of mythologies and legends for famous or historical red-haired females, we decided upon Shallan as a perfect name for a very young cat who makes questionable choices. On one hand, our grey-and-white male appears to be partially Norwegian Forest Cat, and has a magnificent mane of floof that is perpetually in a (fashionably) messy state. On the other hand, as he has grown, his pattern has constantly changed, while somehow still remaining the same… Pattern. We named our other cat Pattern, because our human child thought ‘Adolin’ was too regal-sounding for our derpy floof who still has difficulty interacting in the Physical Realm. So, I’m walking through our house, and commenting on how our feline Shallan has a Spren (Pattern the Cat), and my Partner corrects me: “Shallan has TWO Spren. Which one is Testament?” Well, this began a roil of thoughts in my head that I began to spit out as soon as I could think: There is constant reminding of Compounding as a mathematical and magical trait in the Cosmere. We are given the phrase ‘Compounding’ specifically as early as Alloy of Law, wherein Miles Hundredlives is using both Allomancy and Feruchemy to get a different effect from what would normally be the result of 1 +1. We are also told --repeatedly—by Khriss that Roshar has evidence of several symbiotic Bonds that produce different effects that what they historically created. We know that the Cosmere has a great deal of crossover, *particularly* revealed in Rhythm of War, where we see Aviar with Talents from the Pantheon, The Iridescent Tones from Hallendren, and the influence of Thaidakar. So, in as many words as possible, I’m getting around to this: Compounding exists. Holding Two Shards Exists (Sazed/ Harmony) It is possible to bond to two Spren simultaneously (Shallan w/ Pattern and Testament) Stormlight, Lifelight, Voidlight, Towerlight, Warlight, Anti-Voidlight, and Anti-Stormlight all exist. The Tones of Roshar and the Iridescent Tones both exist on Roshar. Dalinar is Bonded to Honor (Via the Stormfather), cultivated by Cultivation, and both groomed and in a pact with Odium (the Power, if no longer Rayse). What makes this compounding, alloying, and directing of and by Shards most interesting is that Cultivation gave Taravangian the capacity to take Odium’s Power. That isn’t the same thing as Sazed claiming both Preservation and Ruin, but it is an example of a slightly different dynamic: Cultivation has her tendrils in both Dalinar and Taravangien, and despite the Will of Odium, that has to count for something. Even if it takes 6 books for that Cultivation to bear real fruit. Raboniel was able to create a weapon that could kill a god, while (presumably) being tied only to Odium. Dalinar has strong ties to Honor and Odium, yes, but the power of Cultivation cannot be understated, particularly when both the powers of Honor and Cultivation will inevitably come into play against Odium (and that's before assuming that extra Shards don't weigh in for the next 5-book arc!)
  10. If a seeker can see kinetic investiture, why could they not see someone tapping their metalminds, if a leeches could stop this, or a duralumin/nicroburst could effect this theoretically (which I think was mentioned in a WoB, but could be making that up.) Am I missing something? Edit: For context, this question came up on a relisten of BoM when Wayne mentions Rotten Tomato to get in, so they don’t alert a Seeker with Wax’s allomancy.
  11. On this episode of SpanReads, we are discussing cosmere implications of The Hero of Ages! FULL cosmere spoilers (except Secret Projects and SA5 prologue). Next week, we are onto Mistborn: Secret History! This week, we have Jessie (Lady Lameness), Mi'chelle (firstRainbowRose), Ian (Weiry), Matt (Comatose), Rosemary (Kaymyth), and Kadie (Aon Ene). SpanReads is a weekly series, coming every Wednesday! Check out our 2022 schedule here: We will also be posting SpanReads a few days early on our Patreon! Thumbnail art is the first edition US hardcover art by Jon Foster: If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
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    This is an argument that I have been having with my brother for a long time, would a mistborn or jedi win in a fight. The mistborn is era 1 and thus has access to atium but not guns/era 2 metals(bendalloy,chronium, ect).
  14. On this episode of SpanReads, we are discussing the magic in The Hero of Ages. We talk about Hemalurgy and more! This week, we have Jessie (Lady Lameness), Mi'chelle (firstRainbowRose), Ian (Weiry), Matt (Comatose), Rosemary (Kaymyth), and Kadie (Aon Ene). SpanReads is a weekly series, coming every Wednesday! Check out our 2022 schedule here: We will also be posting SpanReads a few days early on our Patreon! Thumbnail art is the first edition US hardcover art by Jon Foster: If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  15. Okay, so I’m taking a little from Jedi vs Knight Radiants here but what about Knight Radiants vs allomancers? 1) mistborn vs Knight Radiant 2) misting vs Knight Radiant 3) feruchemist vs Knight Radiant 4) twinborn vs Knight Radiant 5) fullborn vs Knight Radiant 6) Kelsier vs Kaladin (or some other high end Radiants like Dalinar) You can pick the specific orders/oath level and metals and as @Duxredux has pointed out, you pick all the undefined parameters. 7) Awakening vs Knight Radiant 8) any magic system vs any other (the best users seen so far against each other specifically) 9) order vs order
  16. On this episode of SpanReads, we are discussing the Characters and Relationships in The Hero of Ages, the last book of Mistborn Era 1! This week, we have Jessie (Lady Lameness), Mi'chelle (firstRainbowRose), Ian (Weiry), Matt (Comatose), Rosemary (Kaymyth), and Kadie (Aon Ene). SpanReads is a weekly series, coming every Wednesday! Check out our 2022 schedule here: We will also be posting SpanReads a few days early on our Patreon! Thumbnail art is the first UK cover art by Sam Green: If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  17. So I haven't really seen any pages talking about what people think will happen in the cosmere in the later eras, specifically the space/sci-fi. I recently just read a very interesting WOB that I believe is not canon but could show us Sanderson's plans or ideas for the future. (spoiled for length) (Underlined Bold is mine for most important parts) So long story short, Scadrial and Roshar seem to be in some sort of a conflict and both want control of the Avier. Their ship uses Allomancy to fly, and the Knight Radiant is a Skybreaker and has learned of a way to make a gun from their spren that can use an external ammo. What are your thoughts and predictions? Why would they be fighting, who do you think would win, etc. Also, do you think that their respective planets will be united or not? And will the other planets take sides or form their own factions?
  18. Hello, this is my first post, and I made an account solely for this burning question I've had for ages. So I have been under the impression that the Cosmere is a star cluster of 50-100 stars, which I've seen in multiple WOBs, but reading through mistborn, I noticed that on multiple occasions the stars in the sky are described as being as numerous as thousands or more. Is this a mistake? Are they just seeing planets? I'm genuinely stumped here, as I've seen contradictory evidence for the number of stars in the cosmere and it has been driving me up the wall. Thank you for your time
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  20. I just wanted to ask if this is the place I could post a tutorial for a mistcloak. I made one and wrote down everything with plans to put it online. It would be a pretty long post!
  21. Put possible spoilers because while I won't be saying anything specific, you might be able to make guesses base on things I'm going to say. Also, in the comments, mark spoilers for Hero of Ages. I just finished Well of Ascension and haven't started the last one yet. Anyway. You probably know this already, but Sanderson is a god of writing. It isn't easy for a book to catch me off guard. I have a knack for spotting plot twists and predicting endings, but the ending of WoA? Totally didn't see it coming and it was amazing. The last time that happened was when I read Rithmatist. This is the third book of Sanderson's I've read and I've already decided I have to read everything. I know I said not actual spoilers, but I'm on a roll, so there's your drop-down. I can't wait to see what happens in Hero of Ages! And I have the first of the Reckoners for when I finish that.
  22. It's the last book of Mistborn Era 1: The Hero of Ages! How did it hold up on a reread? Well you can find out here! This week, we have Jessie (Lady Lameness), Mi'chelle (firstRainbowRose), Ian (Weiry), Matt (Comatose), Rosemary (Kaymyth), and Kadie (Aon Ene). 00:00 Introduction 1:19 Recap 18:58 Reactions SpanReads is a weekly series, coming every Wednesday! Check out our 2022 schedule here: We will also be posting SpanReads a few days early on our Patreon! Thumbnail art is the first US mass market paperback cover by Chris McGrath: If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  23. Greetings, everyone. The past couple of years, I have almost exclusively read non-fiction. This year, I needed an escape. I've always been interested in epic fantasies, but have been somewhat intimated by them and so have read very few - almost zero modern ones. In February, I finally decided to give The Way of Kings a try. And I put it down only when I absolutely had to. Finished the book, listened to a podcast, found out about something called the Cosmere and have since read Elantris, the Mistborn trilogy (goodness heavens, so beautiful), The Eleventh Metal, The Emperor's Soul, The Hope of Elantris, and started Warbreaker last night. I've greatly enjoyed each book/story. After Warbreaker, I'll be rereading The Way of Kings and then continuing the Stormlight Archive. Currently, I'm using a Reddit post to establish my reading order. Am I on the right track? So nice to find a community of people as obsessed as myself!
  24. Okay, so I don’t know if this has been explained elsewhere or what but I’ve been wondering why in the Scadrial system the Shard’s impact can be seen in the Godmetals and the Mist but on Roshar it is in the form of Light, Tones, and Rhythms. What do you think is the reason behind this is? Also, would there be a Godmetal, Light/tone/rhythm, and maybe even type of breath (as breaths are little pieces of Endowment itself so are a reflection of its power (I think? Please correct me)) for each and every Shard? (And maybe the combination of all is Adonalisium’s Light? (in Roshar’s case)) So far I’ve assumed that that is just the natural form that Investiture takes in a given system but if that’s the case (it’s just natural) then why that form and not some other? Sorry if this seems a bit cluttered and messy or just plain stupid