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  1. Who would win in a fight? A Fullborn or a Knight Radiant with all 10 surges? To keep the fight fair, each contender will have had 1 year with their full capabilities. The fight will take place where there is enough metal for the Fullborn to move around, but not enough to make it unfair. To start of with, the Fullborn will have full metalminds, and full metal reserves. The Radiant will have maxed Stormlight as well. Considering the healing capabilities, the fight will end when someone has "decapitated" their opponent. They are NOT aware of each other's capabilities. Please keep in mind that the Fullborn would be from Era 2, and would have access to the new metals such as cadmium, bendalloy, nicrosil, etc.
  2. Here's some detail of the back of Vin's Mistcloak for her Cosplay


  3. You know how Brandon went and wrote FOUR books in secret? I've been working on a secret project of my own, and I’m thrilled to share it with you today. I’ve made a custom Vin Mistborn Cosplay and I’m SO excited! Please enjoy more of my Mistborn Cosplay photoshoot at Mostly, it feels amazing to be able to share my secret. Thank you, for checking out my Vin Cosplay! Thank you also to the inspirational cosplayers who’ve posted here as well! <3 *jumps up and down in delight*


  4. You know how Brandon went and wrote FOUR books in secret? I've been working on a secret project of my own, and I’m thrilled to share it with you today. I’ve made a custom Vin Mistborn Cosplay and I’m SO excited! Please enjoy more of my Mistborn Cosplay photoshoot at Mostly, it feels amazing to be able to share my secret. Thank you, for checking out my Vin Cosplay! Thank you also to the inspirational cosplayers who’ve posted here as well! <3 *jumps up and down in delight*


  5. You know how Brandon went and wrote FOUR books in secret? I've been working on a secret project of my own, and I’m thrilled to share it with you today. I’ve made a custom Vin Mistborn Cosplay and I’m SO excited! Please enjoy more of my Mistborn Cosplay photoshoot at Mostly, it feels amazing to be able to share my secret. Thank you, for checking out my Vin Cosplay! Thank you also to the inspirational cosplayers who’ve posted here as well! <3 *jumps up and down in delight*
  6. Hi everyone, long time no see! Turns out we weren't quite done with announcing projects we've been working on in secret... So, without further ado... Welcome to Diceborn! This is our newest show that we've been working on for a while. This series will be covering a Mistborn Adventure Game campaign played through by us at the 17th Shard. Our GM and narrator for this game will be Natasha Ence, aka Brambleberry. Character Art is by the talented Shuravf, who's work you probably recognize from the Coppermind, and the trailer was put together by our very own @Paleo. Background art is done by the one and only Connor Chamberlain. This is planned to be a limited series with a planned end (MAG as a game is heavily narrative and storytelling based) but we are hoping to keep releasing episodes to scratch your Mistborn itch until The Lost Metal comes out later this year. This is an Era 2 campaign (as you can probably tell from the trailer) and will be set shortly after Bands of Mourning. It will feature a cast of original characters and a new and original story set in Elendel and beyond. These episodes will be prerecorded and posted biweekly on the 17th Shard channel. As of announcing, we have a couple of episodes already recorded with a few more booked in for early May before we air the first episode. We'll also be releasing our Session 0 to Patreon that same day to give our Patrons a nice little peak behind the scenes. We're hoping you guys enjoy watching this game as much as we enjoyed playing it. If these are as successful as we hope they'll be, expect more series under the Diceborn name. One final thing to mention is that we will be having giveaways every episode. This will be our first time doing giveaways on our channel and I'm super excited to give you guys some free stuff! Look forward to seeing you guys in Episode 1, coming May 2022. Thanks again, and keep those dice rolling!
  7. Well I am happy to say I got all my npcs created for the one shot. With motives, clues, and drama prepped in advance for my players to stumble across. Now to just get a map so they have a basic idea of the manor layout and refresh myself on the rules of character creation. Hope this will provide a good introduction to the setting for them and maybe get them to read the cosmere. Wish me luck
  8. I was rereading the first book of mistborn and came across something that piqued my interest. I don’t remember precisely what scene it was in, but Vin mentions skaa workers climbing the Luthadel city walls to scrape off the mist-grown lichen. The mists are literally pure investiture. Is it just me, or should there be something a bit different about lichen that lives on gaseous investiture? This might just be a little inconsequential detail, but it made me curious.
  9. So, I have had a vague idea for a murder mystery one shot amongst a high class Elendel dinner for awhile. The players could be various individuals either of the same house (but different standings), various nobility, or wealthy merchants (or family members of them). A wealthy lord descended from the lord mistborn himself is having an overnight social to decide where to invest some of their assets. Only for him to not appear at dinner and be mysteriously murdered. Basically want my players to play detective and hopefully learn more about the magic systems (Alas I have yet to convince them to really get into the cosmere). Thoughts, advice, etc? Any comments are welcome to those who feel inclined to share. Thank you in advance for engaging with the topic.
  10. In the original Mistborn trilogy, Kelsier wars Vin not to burn unknown metals because bad metals can make you sick and bad alloys can make you sick. This means that Mistborn can burn all metals even ones that don't grant any power. Does that mean that there are mistings that can burn metals like lead? Also, does this mean that there are way more feruchemy abilities or is it just storing nothing at which point would you be able to push/pull on the metal if it was full?
  11. I was today years old when I realized era 1 Koloss are basically giant toddlers wielding swords and are therefore way more terrifying than I thought. SMH
  12. I'm making a mistcloak and my husband asked if I could get the allomantic symbols embroidered onto it. I'm looking for an already digitized set for an embroidery machine. Does anyone know where could find something like that?
  13. Chapter 1 and 2 of the Lost Metal was read last November at the Dragonsteel Mini-Con, and was posted online in February. It took a bit to record this episode due to sickness and Brandon's recent bombshell, but enjoy! We don't know when future sample chapters will be coming out, but I imagine this will be our last Lost Previews for a while until sample chapters come in earnest. Brandon's reading of the chapters: Transcription of the reading: Thumbnail image by clarainking: 00:00 Introduction and Chapter 1 10:25 Chapter 2 21:14 Seeing how this connects with the greater plot If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  14. I'm not sure if this has been answered but my 5 minute google search returned nothing haha. So as I'm rereading mistborn era 2 one thing that bothered me was the aluminum-lined hats. Why are tiny bullets so expensive, but somehow common people have aluminum lined hats (I say common because I believe at the start of book 2 I believe there was a group with them)?
  15. We're getting back to some previews for Lost Metal, this time covering Lost Metal's Prologue! We'll also be covering the reading of chapter 1 and 2 later this week, so even though this is a bit of a late one, we thought it'd be weird to not have Danielle and Marvin talk about the prologue as well! You can read the prologue, which Brandon read at JordanCon in July 2021, here: Wayne image in the thumbnail by the amazing Elisgardor: The Waxillium background is also by Dan Watson and will be in the leatherbounds (and animated with permission by Marvin): If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  16. A long time ago, in a universe far, far away…. Long Game 83 The Survivor The cosmere is in turmoil. The COSMERE PLANETARY CONFEDERATION has enforced prosperity across the galaxy, but a new threat to peace has begun to rise from Roshar. A secret envoy of specially trained MISTBORN, equipped with the latest in medallion technology, is hidden on a convoy ship called THE SURVIVOR. Their goal is to infiltrate the Rosharan society and quell this growing rebellion as soon as possible. Peace must be achieved at all costs. On their journey through SHADESMAR, the crew of The Survivor find themselves suddenly forced from the Realm, their Cognitive Drive destroyed. Once they appear in the vast nothingness of space, they are ambushed by a collection of starfighters. They manage to escape the attack, but some have begun to suspect plots of mutiny…. Halluk ran through the halls of The Survivor, her heart hammering. The starfighters were out there in the vacuum of space, trying to fight off the ships that were trying to kill them all. She and the other engineers had been summoned to the engine room to figure out what was going on with the Cognitive Drive. One moment they had been in Shadesmar, the next they had been flying through the Physical Realm. The engine room was mass chaos. Everyone was looking at the Cognitive Drive and trying to figure out what had happened. Others were trying to get the warp drives active. The system had not been prepared for a sudden shift between the Realms, so they were not activated yet. “Someone get me a primer!” Denno, the lead engineer, yelled. He was not even breathing with how stressed he was, relying on his metalminds. Halluk could understand how he was feeling. Halluk watched as several engineers ran to get a primer cube, though they realized that only one of them needed to get it. Looking around the room, Halluk tried to figure out what had happened. The Cognitive Drive was smoking, and her heart sank. That level of damage was not an easy fix. Denno’s stress seemed even more understandable. “We have no idea how it happened,” Jarna said, walking up to her and resting his hand on her shoulder. Halluk relaxed into his touch, her breathing returning to normal. “I was the first one here. I found it smoking like this, and none of the warp drives were active.” “That’s so strange,” Halluk whispered, looking around at all of the engineers. “No kidding,” Jarna said. The ship shuttered then, some of the lights flickering. Jarna looked up, and Halluk couldn’t help but feel worried. They were sitting here talking about some engines and what went wrong with them while the pilots were out there fighting and dying for them. Denno walked up to them, shaking his head. “The warp drives are activating. If those fighters out there can get us out of this mess, we can finally start going faster.” He sighed. “The Cognitive Drive is busted though. It got messed up good. We must’ve passed through a particularly strong Cognitive Anomaly.” Halluk nodded. Those could cause havoc on the drives, especially if you did not realize you were about to pass through one. Jarna just pursed his lips and nodded as Denno walked away. That’s odd, Halluk thought to herself. He’s not normally so upset by Denno, even if he doesn’t like the man. “Are you alright?” Halluk asks. “You seem-” “Not here.” Jarna whispers. “I think something is wrong. Let’s go.” Arval’s knuckles turned white as he pulled another tight maneuver to avoid his tail. The rusting bastard was good, and their ship was right on Arval’s tail. Blaster fire scattered across Arval’s shield and the shield finally flickered and died. Now or never, Arval thought. He suddenly turned his ship down, or down compared to how he had been flying through space, and burned bendalloy before his tail could react, pushing the limits of the bubble as far as he could. His ship flipped around, and he shot his blasters at the same time he stopped burning bendalloy. Time seemed to rush back to normal as the bubble disappeared, and the blaster fire obliterated his opponent. Arval just barely missed the rubble of the imploding ship as he flew by, back towards The Survivor. “Wow,” Vyrum said over his comm, “that was impressive. I honestly thought you were a goner.” “Thank you for your confidence,” Arval said, “but I couldn’t die today. That would’ve left you in command, and we all know how much of a disaster that would have been.” Nella, Goradel, and Isak, those of their squad that had survived the assault, laughed over the comm. “I’ll have you know,” Vyrum said, “I would have 100% known what to do if you’d died. I was too far to come rescue you, but I would have valiantly fought in your name.” “I don’t know if I’d call what you do fighting,” Isak said, his ship coming up next to Arval’s. “It’s more like just trying to survive.” “That’s enough,” Arval said. “Let’s get back to the ship before they decide to leave without us before more fighters show up. We lost way too many people today.” They’d managed to get the last of them before Arval had been chased down by his enemy, but Arval was certain that they would see more of the rebels if they stuck around. As they made their turns docking inside The Survivor, Arval had everyone in the different squads give him their battle reports. Most squads, groups of 8 fighters, had lost at least 2 fighters. His squad, Black Squad, had been lucky to only lose three people. He tried to not think about Alin, Yndbeth, and Noura. It was simply the life of a soldier, losing people in battle. Once they all landed, Arval waited until everyone had made their way out of the hangars before leaving. Unfortunately, he got stopped by a messenger in the middle of the hallway. “Commander Arval?” the messenger asked. “Captain Kellian requests your presence for a debriefing.” “Is it really necessary right now?” “He said it was urgent.” Arval sighed. “I’ll be there soon.” Arval walked into the bridge and found Captain Kellian there. There were fewer people there than normal, just his assistant captain Somah and the lead navigator Byndweth. They seemed to be really tense. “You needed me, sir?” Arval asked. Kellian turned around. “There you finally are. We don’t have much time. Tell me everything that happened out there.” Arval did not hesitate before he began relaying everything he could remember from the battle. They had fallen out of the Cognitive Realm and found themselves ambushed by a group of rebel fighters. Within 15 minutes they had mobilized several squads to intercept them and keep the shields of The Survivor online. Once the whole of the starfighters had been deployed, it had been a relatively quick battle, though a very brutal one. The enemy had suffered more casualties, and had seemed much more willing to risk their lives. There had been few survivors. Kellian grimaced at this point, though motioned for Arval to continue. So he did, talking about how many pilots they had lost and what they still had at their disposal. If they were attacked again, it was very unlikely they would make it out alive. “That’s enough,” Kellian said, motioning for Arval to stop. “I have heard enough.” Arval nodded, and moved to leave, though Kellian stopped him. “What do you still need from me, sir?” Kellian looked at Somah and Byndweth, and they nodded. “We think we have been infiltrated by some of the rebels,” Kellian said. “We do not know how many, or who they are, but everything lined up too perfectly for this to be a coincidence.” “I was watching the radar very carefully,” Byndweth said, “and there were no Cognitive Anomalies within our path.” She paused, shaking her head. Arval’s heart stopped “What do you mean?” He said cautiously. “To put it simply,” Somah said, “we believe that someone sabotaged our Cognitive Drive, just the right time for us to return to the Physical Realm where a flight of rebel starfighters were waiting for us. They were not expecting us to have as many fighters as we did, or were expecting the surprise of us falling into the Physical Realm to make it easier for them to kill us.” “What if it really was just a coincidence?” Arval asked. “The enemy seemed just as unprepared as I felt fighting them.” “Do you really think it could be a coincidence?” Kellian asked, genuine surprise on his face. “Our named mission in the logs as a diplomatic envoy sent for the upcoming celebrations on Roshar would give no reason for those fighters to try and kill us once we dropped into their space. Our real mission would be much more reason for them to fight us. And the only way they would know our real mission would be if there were traitors amongst us.” Arval could hardly believe what he was hearing. They were on their way to secretly destroy a rebellion. If they had some of those same rebels amongst them, armed with the same level of medallion technology as the rest of them…. “What do you expect me to do with this information?” Arval asked. “Do you want me to lock away the pilots? Interrogate them? I would hate to do that, but I could-” “No, no, don’t do that,” Kellian said. “We don’t want to cause mass panic. We are going to be discreet about this, act as if we have not realized what is happening. And we will watch everyone very closely. We can find the traitors amongst us.” Arval could not decide if Kellian’s words were reassuring or not. Welcome to LG83: The Survivor! I am excited to finally run these rules for all of you, and I hope you enjoy. My IM for this game will be @Devotary of Spontaneity, who you can go to if you have any concerns with other players or need to talk to someone about how you are feeling about the game. I am also more than willing to help if Devo cannot, but I would request you go to her first. Primarily because I will only be closely paying attention the thread during the hours shortly before and after rollover because I have classes and do require sleep. I will be posting the rules themselves into this post, though I will also be attaching a link to the google doc for ease of access. You can find the rules here. I would recommend checking the rules doc more than this post, as I will be updating that more often with rule clarifications than this post. Signups will end on February 15th at 8 pm CST. The game will start as soon as I can get everything posted and PMs sent out to everyone. Rollover for each turn will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. As a fair warning, some of the Night turns will need to be 48 hours long to accommodate my real life schedule. I will let everyone know in advance. The first Night where this is an issue is Night 2. Also, if anyone wants to co-GM with me to get experience or even to just help out, that would be appreciated. I could certainly use help keeping track of everything and potentially help with write-ups. If you want to help me out, send me a PM or a DM on Discord. I am more likely to see the latter. EDIT: @Experience has offered and is now my co-GM. Rules: Rule Clarifications: Participants: Quick Links:
  17. Hello Sanderson community! I'm new to the forum and not sure where this post belongs.. so I'll just put it out there. Mistborn is destined for the screen. I know it. You know it. The creator himself knows it. From the interviews I've seen, Sanderson seems to want a live action movie adaptation. This has always made me rather nervous (the world can't take another Eragon). The recent Dune movie has restored my faith in Hollywood's ability to produce a decent sci-fi novel adaptation, but nonetheless I think Mistborn should be made into an animated series. Ever since watching the stunning 'Arcane: League of Legends' this past November I've been hooked on the idea. I'm not sure why but while watching the first episode I just kept thinking to myself, "Mistborn should be done this way." I wasn't even reading or keeping up with anything from Sanderson at the time. The animation style just had such a Mistborn feel to it. I saw a blurb from an interview in December where someone actually brought up Arcane's success as a possible argument for an animated Mistborn. Sanderson seemed open minded, but again stressed that he still preferred the idea of a live action adaptation. This made me sad. The animation studio that did Arcane is called Fortiche, they are based in France. I want to reach out to them. See if any of them are Sanderson fans. I think one scene with Vin and Kelsier soaring around Luthadel, or maybe a little inquistor action, would be enough to convince anyone this idea has merit. If there is much interest I'll certainly post more of my argument. Just wanted to get this out there for now, see if other people have had the same thought. Please let me know what you think and what you have heard! Like I said I'm new to the forum, so maybe this is already a debated topic. Thanks for reading!
  18. So it's that time again. @I think I am here. and I were once again talking about the Cosmere and pure atium was brought up, and nalatium and malatium and whatnot. So, I found that pure atium has the effect of granting "Expansive future vision" to the person burning the metal. And once this was brought up, ITIAH thought "Hey, wasn't Harmony's vision of the future blocked by something?", and as we know from SA This shows that visions of the future can be slightly muddled when other people see into the same future. Another place where this is found is when burning nalatium, where 2 or more users burning it will have a bunch of shadows just popping out everywhere and confusing the users. So, ITIAH thought that Harmony's vision of the future was obstructed by someone or something burning a lot of pure atium, or maybe a lot of people. We can conclude that maybe Trell (and maybe even possibly the Set, if they've developed the tech) is burning atium to purposely obscure the future vision of Harmony. What are your guys thoughts on this? Any ideas or anything that could maybe cancel this out?
  19. Does anyone know what the spiritual metals do? All of the definitions are relatively simple for the 12 other metals, but the four spiritual metals seem intentionally vague. Chromium seems simple enough- you get unlucky when you fill it and lucky when you draw on it. What happens when you fill a nicrosil metalmind? Does it take away your power or abilities while you fill it and give you more when you draw on it? Is it like a Kandra blessing, with a more passive effect? Do you forget who you are when you fill an aluminum metalmind? What would it do if you fill it? I think that the duralumin metalminds slow down or decay connections when you fill it and somehow form connections faster when you draw upon it.
  20. Greetings! For the past several months, I, along with a few friends and fellow devoted Cosmere fans, have been working on creating a full set of the Metallic Arts as Minecraft mods. Some of you might know about Legobmw's Allomancy mod. We're working with him to make sure the three Arts interact properly, but for the most part, things are slow-going due to a lack of coders. We also have a working Feruchemy mod that even includes functioning Compounding. Currently, the two are separate mod files that interact. Hemalurgy is looking to end up the same, as a third mod with cross-mod interactions. There are so many ideas we want to implement, including Ettmetal primer cubes and other in-world gear, but we just don't have enough manpower to code it all in a reasonable time frame. Art-wise, I and a few others have textures for items and blocks solidly managed. We may need someone good at mob textures, but for the most part, it truly is just a lack of people competent in Java coding that's holding these mods back from their true potential. If you want to contribute code for the Metallic Arts mods, well, you've come to the right place! Give some examples of your modding capabilities, and we'll add you to our modding Discord server so that we can coordinate our efforts.
  21. We know what happened to the main 'peoples' of Scadrial from Era 1 during the catascendre: the human citizens of the Final Empire were gathered together in the Elendel Basin, with the adaptations that Rashek had built into them to survive the ash reversed and the damage to their bodies healed. The koloss were changed to be a pseudo-truebreeding race, giving birth to koloss-blooded. The kandra simply had their spikes and intelligence returned. Later, we find out that the Southern Scadrians also existed off-screen, and were not given any special adaptations we know of at this moment apart from Kelsier's aid (though how they have access to feruchemy in the first place is not yet confirmed). But what about the other fantasy trapping of the Final Empire, the mistwraiths? The few surviving kandra aside, mistwraiths are conspicuously absent from Era 2. It's possible that they were simply destroyed in the remaking of the world or couldn't adapt to the new environment since they weren't originally created to be a part of it, but that seems an unusual choice for Harmony considering all the care he put into Preserving what he could. So, where'd they go? Well, as we've seen with the Southern Scadrians, the residents of the Basin really don't know what's out there beyond the horizon, in no small part due to their hesitancy to explore and expand. And we also know that the first mistwraiths were created when Rashek transformed the then-current Feruchemists of the world to try to eliminate the possibility of there being other Fullborn who could challenge him. So what if Harmony turned them back into humans, and relocated them to a remote part of Scadrial where they wouldn't yet have been encountered by the people of the Basin (and, likely, not the Southern Scadrians either)? Problem: Why would Harmony turn the mistwraiths into humans, if he didn't do the same for the kandra and the koloss? Solution: Because unlike the non-sentient mistwraiths, the kandra and koloss had developed their own societies and identities in the time since they were created. We know from Bands of Mourning that an individual kandra's mind is reliant on their specific spikes, so it's quite possible that turning the kandra back into humans would have wiped clean their unique personalities and identities. And likewise, he might have considered restoring koloss to their pre-Hemalurgy forms and minds as 'killing' their current selves. The mistwraiths, meanwhile, would not have had any culture or individuality to erase or overwrite. Problem: If Harmony did return the mistwraiths' lost humanity, why didn't he put them in the South or the Basin with everyone else? Solution: There are a few reason I can think of. The first is that they didn't have their own culture or identity, so Harmony was curious to see how they would develop without outside human interference. Even if he gave them adult intelligence and basic knowledge, they would still be newborn as a people. The second is that, since all the original mistwraiths were Feruchemists, there's a solid chance that full feruchemy would be widespread if not outright omnipresent in the formerly-mistwraith population, and he didn't want to risk them out-competing the people of the South or the Basin. And the last possibility is a bit of a mix of the first two; the former mistwraiths would probably be one if not both of naive and powerful. With those traits, Harmony might have been concerned about other humans taking advantage of and oppressing them before they found their footing.
  22. Do you want an episode where we talk about just a SINGLE WoB? Yes, it's true, your dream--or nightmare--is here. This WoB had consumed many channels for weeks (including I think most of our staff channels) on Discord. There are such strong feelings that we needed a full episode to delve into it. Not only that, but also get insight into one of the most arcane pieces of lore in the cosmere, and it's kind of Eric's fault. This episode we have Eric (Chaos), David (Windrunner), Evgeni (Argent), Rosemary (Kaymyth), and Matt (Comatose)! The WoB: Hero of Ages Spoiler Q&A: We'll be back in two weeks to do more WoBs from late 2021. 00:00 Introductions 2:03 Atium Basics 12:24 Weirdness and WoBs before the big one 38:44 The WoB 51:02 The Temporal Quadrant 59:14 The Swapping 1:17:47 Rosemary's Theory 1:25:04 Atium and Duralumin 1:34:10 Alloy-ception 1:44:19 Clunkiness and this in Feruchemy and Hemalurgy 1:59:46 More Talk on the Swap 2:04:58 Bronzepulses 2:13:45 Wrapping up? 2:26:08 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  23. So... Fainlife is toxic for humans to eat and plants are bone white. Otherwise it is the same as normal life. a) Can kandra eat fainlife? Can kandra impersonate ShoDel? c) Would its ability to metabolize depend on its form (i.e. stomach type)? d) What about sand creatures from White Sand? Do kandra need water to survive? e) Do you think there is some sort of significance to the fact that kandra have two part names a little reminiscent of Sho Del and some younger generations were trying to use 4 arms in an era 1 book, I believe (don't hold me to that)? f) i) Could a feruchemist store fain nutrients to prevent being poisoned? ii) Would the feruchemist need a separate metalmind like he would for food and water? g) Could metalminds be used to turn toxic food into useable energy?
  24. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Hoid in Scadrian modern/near future AU (sort of) This is actually for recent art style bend challenge, though I always want to try this look with Hoid still being a bard in modern times XD
  25. Why don’t they? They shouldn’t be particularly difficult to obtain, and you don’t have to do much to make people think you a Mistborn, just wear one. I suppose that someone with no Allomantic powers might have to worry about getting caught, but a Coinshot or Thug, someone with a visible power, might be able to pass as Mistborn in a pinch, I would think, but we don’t see even them wear Mistcloaks.