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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everyone! A couple of my buddies and myself are knee-deep in an off-the-wall Sanderson-inspired tabletop mini-series we've entitled MICEBORN! The title might give it away, but it is a Mistborn-themed adventure that has been lovingly mashed up with Redwall! It's only four episodes long and two of them have already dropped with the other two dropping on 5/18 and 5/25. Each episode is just under an hour so it's not a huge commitment, but we wanted to make any podcast listeners out there aware of this project. We had a blast recording it and we drop a TON of easter eggs for other Sanderson works throughout, but for the most part, we keep it spoiler-free for all Sanderson-related books. We hope all of you enjoy listening to this mashup and hope you stick around for our other mini-campaigns! Thanks for your support and sharing with your friends! Episode 1: Episode 2: (You can also look us up on popular podcatchers) -Improv Tabletop
  2. So I saw a wob saying luthadel is named after someone , and I just want to know if we know anything about who this supposed “lutha” is
  3. From the album My Art

    Posted this on my twitter a while back after I finished the first Mistborn trilogy- just a simple animation of Vin overlooking the Luthadel skyline.
  4. There is a Kenton Street in Luthadel. Khriss. What did you do to Kenton. My idea is that Kenton died, and that Khriss was there while Luthadel was built, then wrote down Kenton Street as a memorial to him. Thoughts?
  5. *Clears throat*, Please excuse, but I have to share... In Soviet Scadrial, Metal Powers YOU!
  6. Hello, my brother and I are building Luthadel in minecraft (as title suggests) and I need help. It's a large project and I would like some help. Depending on the amount of people that want to help we'll get a server or something. The scale is a one pixel to one block ratio. At the time of posting I've started on the copper gate and market district. It's being build in minecraft version 1.12.1 with the docucraft high texture pack. Give me some feed back on what you think.
  7. Long Game 23: The Siege of Luthadel The Final Empire has fallen. Against all odds, a young Mistborn managed to kill the Lord Ruler, ending his reign of terror. But this has opened up a power vacuum in the city of Luthadel. The young Elend Venture has proclaimed himself emperor of a new empire, but you know that his reign will, inevitably, be cut short. You wish to be the one to topple this new empire, reestablishing it under your faction’s banner. To do so, you will have to defeat the other three factions that are also struggling to ascend to the throne. It is only through espionage, intrigue, and the majestic power of Allomancy that you will be able to control the city. But you’ve also heard rumors of a rogue Inquisitor wandering about Luthadel as well… The Game Allomancy Non-Allomancers Inquisitor and Spikes Boxings Order of Actions Quck Links Welcome to LG 23, everyone! This game will be co-GM’d by Gamma and I, and we’ll make sure that this game is as much of a hectic frenzy as possible! Due to the complexity of the game, I anticipate a lot of questions, so if you have any, please don’t hesitate to ask! (If you have a question during the game, it’s best to ask it either in-thread or in your game PM, rather than your faction doc.) There’s no limit on the number of players for this game; in fact, more players will make the game more fun! Sign-ups will conclude on Monday, June 27, at 9 PM EST.
  8. So this is a thing that just happened: I'm in shock. I don't know what to think. It's crazy though. Weiry had an idea that perhaps Lutha was one of his kids. I always thought Lutha was a romantic interest, but this would also make sense. Discuss!