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Found 11 results

  1. Whilst I was rereading oathbringer I got up to the scene where shallan reenacts the story of the child and the wall and I couldn't help but think it sounded like foreshadowing for when we find out the humans were only given Shinovar but became greedy and tried to invade and became the void bringers. Just a theory but I think it has a good chance of being true
  2. As we prepare for our Hero of Ages episodes for the Worldhoppers Podcast, I'd like to ask for some fun lore, like I have before, about Hero of Ages, with no Cosmere (including Era 2 and SH) spoilers. I'm saving the ones I've gotten about that for our secret history episode when we can discuss all those secrets freely, but it will be a while until that happens.
  3. I have had this theory sitting in the back of my mind for a while and the recent events in RoW prompted me to join 17th Shard and pitch it to the cosmerenauts. This is my first major theory post, but I thought it was worth sharing. Please be gentle in your critique haha While reading RoW and experiencing Navani experimenting with the science of frequency in the Cosmere I was reminded of Kabsals experiment with cymatics and how tones created different sand patterns corresponding to Akinah, Thaylen City, Vedenar, and Kholinar as a proposed proof that the Almighty exists. I propose that this happened on a scale larger than a city back when Odium killed Honor. I believe the splintering of a shard shattered the plains. The remnants of this event are seen in the symmetric shape of the plains that could represent Honors tone before his death. I included some images of documents we were given from the cymatic experiment and the birdseye view of the shattered plains for comparison. What do you think? Any contrary or supporting thoughts? Has this discussion been brought up before?
  4. Right off the bat, could one of the Fused Spears from RoW that has the power to drain investiture work on Breaths? I know that Breaths can only be given to someone willingly as far as we know, but seeing as it is investiture, could it be affected by this weapon? I can see arguments for both why and why not, as Stormlight seems to be constantly escaping the user anyways, while breaths remain with the holder until given up. However, breaths are described to "stick" to objects, and the more lifelike these objects are, the easier it is to stick breaths to them. I'm not entirely sure if the metal lining the spear is able to take investiture from inanimate objects, so correct me as you see fit, but it stands to reason that it would be theoretically possible to drain the breaths from an item that someone previously invested. So if this is theoretically possible, then what would it take for someone to use this weapon effectively against someone who's invested with breaths.
  5. For episodes four and five of the Worldhoppers Podcast we will be covering the Well of Ascension, both with and without spoilers, and would like to bring some interesting lore related to the books to our lore section. I'll look through the annotations later, but I would like some fun facts from the community that people that may have been around longer, even for the release of the book might know.
  6. For the second episode of the Worldhoppers Podcast, (the non spoiler discussion avoiding the rest of the Cosmere and the last two books of era 1) I would like to bring some fun facts regarding the lore of the Final Empire. What were some popular theories before the next book was published? Is there anything interesting surrounding that time? Any other facts in the style of the ones Drew from Inking out Loud brings to the end of their Wheel of Time episodes? (If you have some for the other Mistborn books, they're welcome, and I'll bring them up when we get there) Spoiler bits of lore are also welcome for our full spoiler discussion.
  7. the fellowship of the thing

    You stand before the Mishmash Inn, exhausted from your many adventures. This place is a five-star Adventuring Hotel: The perfect place to relax after a long campaign. Entering the building, you are welcomed by a smiling receptionist. "Hi, welcome the Mishmash Inn. How may I help you? If you're here to stay, I can automatically upgrade you to a Copper Guest. Oh, or are you looking for work? We're always in need of more staff." She gestures behind herself. "If you would like to take a room and stay here for awhile, then go talk to Tari: she can help you get signed up for a room. We have an all-you-can-eat Breakfast Buffet in the morning that runs from 7:00 - 10:30. If you would like to apply for a position as employee, then talk to our UnderManager, @Channelknight Fadran. I hope you enjoy your stay here!"
  8. Spoilers from RoW, obviously. So Windrunners plate is made out of windspren. But what about other orders? What are lesser sprens of Cryptics and Inkspren that can form into plate? We have seen confirmation that Jasnah swore 4th ideal, but we didn't get a description of what kind of spren made her plate. Any speculation?
  9. Parshendi. Listeners. Singers. All the same? When'd the names "listeners" and "singers" divide? So they lived on Roshar with Cultivation and Honor. Then humans brought Odium with them to Roshar after destroying their last home with Surgebinding. Parshendi gave them Shinovar. Then...what? Used Surges forbidden to the Parshendi? When did the humans start fighting the Parshendi? I seem to remember something about the humans gradually taking over the homes of the Parshendi. And what's the deal with the spren abandoning the listeners for humanity? I don't remember any of the spren saying anything like that. From what I remember of Syl and Pattern, it seems like they fear the Parshendi and seek to eradicate them for fear of being forced into bonding with them.
  10. The Long War Welcome, all, to the Alleyverse Lore Project- a mission to fill in the gaps of the RP with written history and lore. This first project will (I hope) cover the events of the Long War, a 16+ year conflict between the Black Crusade and the forces of Chaos. The hope is that the finished work could help inspire new characters and roleplayers, giving them hooks and story ideas to carry to the rest of the Alleyverse. How differently would your Twinborn act if they had lived through the brutal Siege of Bassopolis, where the mighty Phoenix destroyed half the city battling a Helldrake? What if your Radiant was a reformed cultist, worshiping the Dark Powers before bonding a spren and escaping from the southern wasteland? What if your master swordsman had won their Shards by campaigning with the Black Crusade? Primarily, though, this project aims to produce stories and legends for the Alleyverse, through expanding every guild’s history in the 16 years of war. So, without further ado- I give you the starting point for the Long War: The Winter Siege, when the foul Death Guard battled the Black Crusade for months in the frozen streets of Newcago. Our first goal is to flesh out both armies involved in the conflict- their leaders, their history, and their culture. We’ll also determine the significance of the battle, and how it affected the balance of the Long War. No Warhammer 40k knowledge is necessary. Remember, anyone can pitch in. This is a collaborative project, after all- I’m not the insane dictator secretly ruling from the shadows. The only requirement is that we stay on topic Now- let’s do this. The Black Crusade
  11. So we already have a thread dedicated to the ever awesome Welcome to Night Vale~ The thought occurred to me, then, how about a thread dedicated to all the other amazing podcasts waiting out there in the digital ether? I'd like to share my kind of recommendations, if it'd be cool with y'all- Lore: A horror podcast dedicated to discovering the truth behind classic folktales and urban legends... and finding that maybe, just maybe, the truth is scarier than fiction. The Myths & Legends Podcast: It's like the above, but for classic myths and legends. The Thrilling Adventure Hour Podcast: A throwback to the radio serials of yesteryear, starring wonderful comedians like Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt and Keegan-Michael Key and other amazing comic talents, this is an anthology comedy series dedicated to affectionately parodying sci-fi westerns, noir stories, horror, fairy tales and the like. It's awesome and awesomely funny, can't recommend it enough. My Favourite Murder: Two very funny women discuss, well, their favourite murders. Alice isn't Dead: From the same creators behind Welcome to Night Vale comes a wonderful sister show that's actually scarier than its elder sibling. Harmontown: Any Rick & Morty or Community fans here? Dan Harmon's an interesting fella, gotta say. What do you guys think?