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Found 35 results

  1. So, in the hope of elantris if I’m not mistaken they say the Aon for hope is Ati, which is the name of ruin, something that the Lord Ruler never got to kill , am I the first to point this coincidence out ? Please let me know if there is a discussion since I wanted to know Brandon’s take on it
  2. When the final rebellion happens, TLR is really dismissive of it, acting like it's no threat at all - even when Marsh and Vin attack him, he doesn't take them very seriously, ranting at Marsh rather than just killing him (which he could have done super-fast, given that he can Push and Pull metals in the body). But by that point, Kelsier had already destroyed the Pits, and apparently the Steel Ministry had learned that (at least, Kelsier thinks the executions when he died were in response). Since TLR needs atium to survive, why isn't he frightened when he finds out the Pits are destroyed? That's basically cut off his source of immortality (even though Kelsier didn't know that when he did it). At the very least, that should be a hint to him that this rebellion is something special. I guess he isn't totally panicked because he knows the Well is refilling in about two years, and he probably intended to use the Well to give himself more sustainable immortality, but it should still be a big clue this isn't just a bunch of criminals or another small-scale peasant rebellion.
  3. Okay, so I was wondering, if Rashek somehow got onto Roshar, and he had access to all thirty-two powers he has the potential for, could he destroy the all Fused working together?
  4. Something has been bothering me about the scene in The Final Empire where the Lord Ruler loses his metalminds. After Vin managed to rip them out and steel push them out the window, the Lord Ruler didn't use his own allomantic power to simply pull them back and restore his youth. Even though he was surprised, he was so used to using his allomantic powers that it feels far fetched that he wouldn't automatically use allomantic iron to retrieve them. I was under the impression that feruchemical nicrocil could only grant one the ability to store the ability to use a magical power. This would mean that the Lord Ruler would have had to have burned metals for allomantic power just as any other misting or mistborn would. So from this scene, I conclude that you can not only store the ability to use a specific power via feruchemical nicrocil, but you can also store the fuel necessary to use it as well. This would explain why the Lord Ruler couldn't just rely on his allomantic powers in the heat of the moment; it was more convenient to just store the fuel in his metalminds than to keep ingesting metals.
  5. So I saw a wob saying luthadel is named after someone , and I just want to know if we know anything about who this supposed “lutha” is
  6. lord ruler

    I've commissioned an artist to paint me a female Lord Ruler, and here's the outcome! Considering that the artist hadn't read Mistborn, I think she did a great job presenting the spear scene according to my description
  7. I was recently introduced to the Cosmere by my brother and I started reading Mistborn. Right now I am reading the Well of Ascension, and something doesn't make sense. Vin and Elend can't find the atium stash anywhere in the city, but it has to be nearby, right? I just got to the part where Dockson tells Vin that kandra are expensive, the only payment they accept is atium. Do the kandra have all the atium? Everyone wants kandra as servants, so if everyone was paying them atium but no more atium was being created, then they would have it all. Am I crazy?
  8. What was the spear vin used to stab the lord ruler through the heart made out of? Where is that spear?
  9. The title. Would he be able to, or any other Mistborn/Full Feruchemist? What would happen if he did? How destructive would that get and how incredibly awesome would that be?
  10. We know burning duralumin with atium will allow Allomancers (specifically mistborn) to see the ultimate effects of their actions, as Eland did at the end of 'The Hero of Ages'. We know the Lord Ruler had plenty of access to both of these metals and knew their specific effects. And also ruled for a thousand years, which is plenty of time to experiment with all sorts of allomancy (as well as Hemalurgy and Feruchemy) I cannot see any reason why he would not want to try out burning both, or at the very least making another mistborn try it out to see the effects? But I have not seen any mention in the texts of whether that he did try it out or not, or if there was any particular reason he did not want to try it out. If he did use both together though, the consequences for the plot would be weird; he would have known that he would eventually be killed by Vin and exactly what followed in the next two books. Did he follow it through knowing where it would lead maybe? It just seems like an interesting scenario and poses many questions regardless. Was wondering if there is information I've not read yet (has Brandon Sanderson mentioned anything) or general thoughts about it.
  11. So we know Rashek was aware of other shard world's , what would have happened if he had visited nalthis and either bullied or threatened ppl to give breath or used his power to see them and fool then into giving thier breath to him as tribute or simply bought breaths with gold mined from the final empire or some thing else like . Could he have accepted the breaths or is it only limited to the nalthisians ? Would endowment kick him out ? Had he succeeded and stopped depending upon atium compounding and grown free from ruin , would he overtime, over the centuries have become a better ruler. Preservations influence woulddy would have left him averse to change and progress but still .....
  12. Something that I've wondered about since reading Hero of Ages: who did Rashek turn into Mistborn after taking the power at the Well of Ascension? In the stories from his religion it says that they were his friends and companions, but as we know they are actually the first generation of kandra. So if they weren't his friends who were they to him?(If the answer is known I apologise for wasting your time with this post.)
  13. Hey might be a strange question, but if someone like the Lord Ruler receives no resonances from his full born status, because he has all of the abilities, if he was a savant in every allomantic metal, would he receive any negative effects, or are those also negated like resonances are?
  14. If the Lord ruler was proficient in all 16 metals and forced Vin to burn Aluminum before she was brought to him (showing that he had knowledge of more than the basic eight metals) why didn't he use Cadmium or Cerrobend at any point in the book? He could have used it to kill her without much effort.
  15. So, who would win in a fight between the God King and the Lord Ruler? Here’s the tally. God King: Awakener, 10th Heightening, At least 50,000 Breaths, Returned. Lord Ruler: Most powerful mistborn possible Full Feruchemist Now, both of them can use their powers to stay alive for a very long time, so that is out. I’m curious about your ideas. Who would win?
  16. What would happen if you flared gold? Or atium? I am asking for a friend. He also asked what would happen if you flared copper, so I told him that it would just extend the coppercloud. Any thoughts, insoght, anything?
  17. Who do you guys think would win? Lord ruler has no atium. The Heralds are Stormlight boosted by Ishar. Basically Immortal Fullborn or Immortal Heralds.
  18. What Sanderswear has crept into your vocabulary? Even if it’s an internal monologue...?? Even though I read Stormlight Archives, and Mistborn first, Warbreaker’s exclamation “Colors Man!” Is heard in my head constantly. I even hear a gruff Zahel read by Michael Kramer saying it.
  19. Discussing the Cosmere with a friend of mine, and we were considering who'd win in a straight up fight against the Lord Ruler.The obvious combatants we pitted him against was Kaladin and Vasher. The discussion raised two points we couldn't agree upon, so I'd like to know peoples opinions. 1) Would Nightblood view the Lord Ruler as evil? He had good intentions but ultimately acted in a tyrannical way. Assuming he is affected by Nightblood, would the metallic arts function the same as breaths for how Nightblood draws out investiture? 2) Surgebinders can use investiture to heal from a shardblade attack (according to the Coppermind, I can't remember this happening but my friend tells me Szeth cut Kaladin who healed from it via stormlight. Would the Metallic arts count as investiture to heal a shardblade attack, if so, could the Lord Rulers compounded Gold keep him alive long enough to beat Kaladin in a fight? This point is assuming Kaladin is in possession of his full surgebinder abilities also.
  20. I recently saw this in an old AMA of Brandon's: [–]ArgentSun 16 points 1 year ago I don't think I've seen this asked before, but... Did the Lord Ruler have children? Either as Rashek or as the Sliver of Infinity? permalink embed save give gold [–]mistborn[S] 24 points 1 year ago Yes. permalink embed save parent give gold Hot diggity dog! I'm bubbling up with joy right now. What did his kids do? Did they become kandra? Did they inherit Twinborn powers? Are they still alive through the magic of Discuss.
  21. The Lord Ruler called himself "The Sliver of Infinity" and this apparently wasn't an empty title. A Sliver is different from someone with a lot of Investiture, they are something greater, or at least they were. Now they are their mortal selves, but they have changed. What exactly makes someone a Sliver? And how would we know a Sliver if we saw one? Here is the transcript of the text: First I must make one thing clear, I have no idea if my interaction with Shard Pools has changed me. I am not so desperate for answers that I would resolve to testing. Understand that I respect your urgency, but just because I experienced something unique doesn’t mean that I have any understanding of what actually happened. As I recall, even our mutual friend was quite perplexed with my condition. However, I am nearly positive that I have nothing in common with a Sliver. Slivers are a topic that is frustratingly vague I wonder if I have the capacity to explain it. As I stated in my last letter, I had hoped that there was more detailed information available to you on this subject. The stories of men and women with insurmountable powers, or who held them at one point, are deceptively plentiful among the Cosmere, yet lack the details or verification that I would need to form meaningful conclusions. It seems that power alone does not make someone a Sliver. Investiture may be a part of it, but I don’t know if there is a point where a physical being can accumulate enough Investiture in order to become a Sliver. Yet in the few documented cases that we have accounted for in The Words of Founding, we still don’t get a clear picture of what exactly makes a Sliver. Let’s start with the Lord Ruler. We know that he wielded a great power when he reached the Well of Ascension. This power let him shape the world according to his will. The Lord Ruler created life, and altered people without them even knowing what had happened. He touched the power of a Shard and came out the other side a changed man. After this event he called himself the Sliver of Infinity. This might have been just an ego title fueled by his hubris, but his example sets a good precedent for what a Sliver is. So from this point, I will look to the life of the Lord Ruler as a reference point. Before we go any farther, I must point out that the Well of Ascension was not just a collection of Investiture. It is a shard pool, which is to say it was a part of a Shard’s body. Body is the traditional term, but it’s more like the Power and Essence of a Shard which is far more than just Investiture. When someone takes in Investiture, pure investiture, they receive power. From the accounts of the Ascended Warrior we learned that the Power of the Well wasn’t just Investiture, it was knowledge, mind expansion, and capacity to use that Investiture beyond the confines of human capabilities. Notice how the actions performed by The Lord Ruler had no resemblance to Allomancy, Feruchemy, or Hemalurgy. He learned of these arts intimately, but it was not by their power that he moved mountains. This power is far greater in scope and is not limited to the metallic arts. To help offer a frame of reference, I wish to point out an example of someone who seems to exemplify the distinction between a sliver and a highly invested individual. After the Many War, the God Kings of Halandrin carried and passed on an incredible collection of Bio-Chromatic Breath. Breath is a form of innate Investiture found in each individual on Nalthis. They can give this breath to another, and the collection of Breath in a person increases their capacity and physical abilities. Hold enough breath and you can extend your life, or awaken inanimate objects, giving them temporary life. The God King holds tens of thousands of Breaths, possibly making him the most invested person I have ever observed. However, I do not think that this makes him a Sliver. This breath is so immense; it is unclear what specific powers he has access to. This power derives from Investiture that is natural. From my reports, the breath does not grant knowledge or Creation powers. The powers of the God King are immense, but they still follow the order of Awakening, and do not allow him to alter the planet itself. The Breath does seem to impart powerful knowledge of Awakening instinctively at this level, but I feel that this is still not an expansion of the mind, but more a heightened awareness of things known to the subconscious. The God King is not a Sliver as far as I can tell. Yet there is something mysterious about the origins of the Returned. I think I will do more research into this topic, but the Returned of Nalthis, the Spren of Roshar, and the Seons on Elantris seem to share common elements. However, these things are not Slivers in the context of this conversation. As near as I can tell, a sliver is a person who held the power of a Shard, but gave up or lost the power, leaving them deflated. My guess is that this would cause a permanent change in the individual, but how this change would manifest in indeterminable. The incredible powers of the Lord Ruler are more or less explained by compounding. Without another who possesses the abilities of the Lord Ruler, I cannot say if there was any measured growth in his abilities. Without more data, I have nothing more than vague speculations to work off of. I know that this is not what you are hoping for, but I believe it is obvious that there is little that I can learn about Slivers at the moment. Even with my unique history, my interaction with coalesced investiture, I feel that I would not qualify to understand even the slightest part of what a Sliver is. Perhaps someday we will see and account for more Slivers. For now, we shall have to set aside this line of reasoning. As noted before, this research has led me to another classification that I feel I am more capable of reporting about. Splinters are quite fascinating, especially when we examine the similarities that exist between Splinters and Hemalergic Spikes. Until the next letter, Elsric
  22. Hello! This is my first post (other than my introductory one), so i hope it's alright. I did find the answers to quite a few of my questions already, so i only have a few of them left. I still haven't fully searched the wiki and the forums, so some of these questions may already have threads/answers, so feel free to link me the page as well as answer it again, and i apologise in advance. So, without further ado: MISTBORN 1) I looked up about compounding. It said you store a feruchemical attribute, then burn the metalmind allomantically to release a multiplied amount of the same attribute. After some searching, I found you can also apparently restore some of that same attribute after receiving it from the burn, answering my questions about Miles 100Lives. My question therefore, is this: If you have to burn the metal Allomantically to receive the attribute, why is that when Vin removes the Lord Ruler's EX-ternal Metalminds in TFE, he then turns old? Shouldn't he be burning a metalmind to achieve youthfulness, e.g. it should be in his stomach? 2)I found out that the Lord Ruler knew about all the Allomantic metals, and therefore could make Metalminds out of them all. Given this, he should be able to store his Identity in one of them (i forget which metal). I'm not sure, but wouldn't this allow him to utilise other people's metalminds? And therefore, he could have had teams of Feruchemists storing up age for him and then using them to stay young via compounding. ( I also found out that The Lord Ruler would have died eventually anyhow even if Vin didn't kill him) 3) I noticed there are a few koloss blooded humans in the Wax/Wayne books. Does this mean someone did the deed with a koloss? I'm all for each to their own, but dang. Or is it due to the third part of pillaging and plundering? 4) I'm currently halfway through Shadows of Self (but i have read it before and i have read BoM as well), but after the collapse of House Tekiel in AoL, what happens to Tekiel Tower, or doesn't it tell you? Warbreaker Just the one question here: I know it's either all or nothing with giving away breaths, but I'm sure I remember Vasher giving a few breaths to the Priests daughter that he and Vivienna rescue. I thought that this may be due to Vasher's experience, or due to storing most breaths in an object, giving away the few left, then restoring the rest after, but any official reason/better reason than mine? Stormlight Archive 1) When Syl turns into Kaladin's Shardblade/spear/weapons, and she gets hit by another weapon, does she feel pain? I think that is it for now, if i remember an urgent one I'll add it in an edit. From now on I will be summing up some of the notes I have lying around and try to get them post-ready for the theories forum. Also, just spotted Hoid again - coachdriver this time (SoS, for Wax). Thanks!
  23. Please note: I consider Sanderson to be one of my favourite authors. What I'm about to say here I consider a minor irk, in the same way that I've seen complaints about people 'raising an eyebrow' too often. I'll still be waiting eagerly for Brandon's next book. Also, please note that there are spoilers for Mistborn, the Stormlight Archives, the Reckoners, and most Sanderson novels in this post. One thing I've been thinking about recently is this: If there were one thing I disliked about Sanderson's writings, what would it be? In the end, I've settled on one slight theme that I politically disagree with. Some of you might actually disagree with me and my political views, which is perfectly OK. Some of you might have a different take on how I see things, which is also OK. But, if I were to point at one thing about Sanderson's writings, and say "I disagree with that.", I would talk about the theme of redemption. Throughout Sandersons novels, there are many examples of the theme of "Once a villain, always a villain." And, usually, the resolution of the story ends with murdering the 'bad guy'. The only exception to the rule that I can see is when you have an Unreliable Narrator, and we don't see the full picture, or else there are external influences in causing the character to be evil, while deep down, they're pure of heart after all. But, in real life, people can and do change. If you do something wrong, that doesn't automatically make you a horrible person, irredeemably, for the rest of your life. In fact, it is partly through are mistakes that we learn, develop and adapt to become better. This is one of the reasons I personally strongly oppose the death penalty. I genuinely believe that virtually anyone can change, to become better people than whoever they were before when they committed the crime. But, I don't see this in Sanderson's works. You almost never get a genuinely remorseful villain who wishes that they hadn't done something horrible. For example, the Lord Ruler and Sadeas, when confronted about the horrible things they'd done, respond in a similar way. "I did what I had to do", or else actually provoke the people confronting them. Shortly afterwards, both of them get murdered. Now, imagine how we, the readers, would have reacted differently if The Lord Ruler had been remorseful. If The Lord Ruler, quietly, had turned back to look out the window, silently thinking of all those he'd murdered, all those who were now dead because of him. Then, he looks back at Vin, with deep, haunted eyes, and talked of how he'd tried to do the best thing, the only thing, he thought possible. Would you, the reader, still have sympathized with Vin when she tore Alendi's bracers off and stabbed him through with a spear? But, Sanderson didn't do this. And, so, we cheer Vin on as she throws off the yolk of oppression that the Lord Ruler has kept the skaa under for the past 1000 years. The same story goes for most 'villain' deaths in Sanderson's canon. Whether or not it's intentional, this enforces the message that nobody who has done something for a purely selfish reason in the past can ever work past their flaw in their nature, or become a better person in the future. A few of you may ask me about the Reckoners, in which Prof, after briefly becoming and Epic, overcomes his evil side to join David and the Reckoners once again. However, in this case, his evil side never actually belonged to him, but instead was forced upon him by Larcener. If it hadn't been for that, he would never have become evil. So, if I were asked what issue I had with Sanderson's works, that is what I'd say. I, personally, believe that no matter what one's done in the past, one can move beyond that. Alfred Nobel created the Nobel Peace Prize because he was so horrified at the damage and carnage he'd created by inventing dynamite. Oppenheimer, too, helped to create the Atomic Bomb, and only later did he regret what he'd done after seeing the carnage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, quoting from a Hindu text: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." In this way, people learn from their mistakes and regrets, to become their better selves, something I feel is lacking in Sanderson's works.
  24. Hi guys, this might bore some (most) of you but this is my take on why the plants on Scadrial were turned brown after the Lord Ruler's Ascension. So basically, heres a bit of plant biology: Plants absorb light during the first phase of photosynthesis , converting specific waves lengths into high energy electrons, which are then used to create NADPH, ATP and Oxygen. Some of these molecules are then used in the second phase to make carbon molecules, which we break down into energy. However, only specific light waves are used by plants, namely the red, blue, purple and to a lesser degree yellow waves. The green light waves are not absorbed and are actually reflected - the reason why chloroplasts and plant cells containing chloroplasts are in our eyes, green. Because of the ash in the sky, plants were not able to get enough light, and thus were unable to survive. To combat this, the Lord Ruler altered many plants to have a new pigment (say chlorophyll-C) which allowed them to absorb green light waves and therefore get more energy - stopping them from dying. Thus, green light was no longer reflected by plants and they were brown instead (probably because light absorption isn't 100% effective and so the small resulting meld of colours looked brown to the people of Scadrial - like how paint eventually just turns brown when you mix too many different colours). Although this makes sense to me, I'm sure I've overlooked something, and I'm not sure why this would result in plants that were less nutritious to man kind. Maybe because of the ash? I'm pretty sure that at some point Sazed mentions that the plants help breakdown the ash so maybe this made them less nutritious? But yeah, there you go, the science behind the brown plants on Scadrial!
  25. Hey guys this is my first post.. Now TLR was a full Metalborn and so he had access to Double Zinc intelligence (how did he ever lose?!?!). So even if he was confident he wouldn't ever be defeated, he should have realized that his time was running out as his Atium Compounding for youth would soon be too impractical to continue (he needs too tap more and more youth as he got older). My question is: why wasn't he planning for this and preparing a successor to take his place? He should have thought of it, with the Zinc compounding..