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Found 8 results

  1. This new letter is good for Shard names. 4 new ones in two chapters, holy crap. Invention, Whimsy, Mercy, and Valor Invention seemsto fit in a creation quadrant along with Preservation and Ruin. Valor seems awfully close to Honor in my mind, so I'm curious what the differences will be as far as Intent goes. I'm still digging into part 2, but I was so shocked at how many names we're getting.
  2. Preface: The most part of it is solidly grounded in facts and WoBs. You can rely on it. Some part of it is reasonable speculation, so you should not treat is as a fact, but like a theory. Sorry it's so long. The Letters. The one in The Way of Kings was written by Hoid to Frost (WoB), and the one in Words of Radiance was Frost's response to Hoid. The Letters are written after events of First Mistborn Era (WoB). In Oathbringer we got three: What can we conclude about the identities of the writers and recipient? Well, the first thing is that two of them are adressed to Cephandrius - known as Hoid's alias - and the Third to "Dear Friend", but it's commonly assumed it's also adressed to Hoid. The Third writer almost certainly is Harmony. But my interests are in the First and Second. First, some WoBs on the topic: What are the Shards we have seen or know of? Autonomy (Vessel: Bavadin) Ambition (Vessel: Uli Da - WoBs: #1 #2) Devotion (Vessel: Aona) Dominion (Vessel: Skai) Harmony - Ruin & Preservation (Vessel: Sazed) Endowment (Vessel: Edgli) Honor (Vessel: Tanavast) Cultivation Odium (Vessel: Rayse) Survival Shard - unknown Shard that just wants to hide and survive the Shard not on a planet (NOT the Survival Shard - although take note that it's not impossible for the Survival Shard to be not on a planet) The last two are questionable, as Brandon may be refering to the knowledge from books and not necessarily from WoBs. But then we have another WoB that will help us narrow down the identity of the first writer: What are the worlds we have seen? Taldain Sel Scadrial Nalthis Roshar (depending on how you understand "have seen" - also Ashyn and Braize) Threnody First of the Sun Well, this excludes Shard not on a planet and possibly Ambition, as Ambition is not on Threnody. I also doubt the Shard that is hiding is on the First of the Sun, but we'll get to that later. With Harmony having written the Third and the First Letter mentioning Rayse, Aona, Skai and Uli Da by name, we're left with: Autonomy Endowment Honor (dead and Splintered) Cultivation Judging by the fact that the Letter is supposedly a response for Hoid's plea for help against Rayse and that the writer is dissapointed that so few of the Shards kept to the agreement of not interfering with each other, we can also remove Cultivation. Which leaves us with two possible candidates: Autonomy Endowment If we believe Khriss words in Taldain essay about Autonomy's interference with other planets, it leaves us with Endowment as having written the First Letter. The Third Letter is written almost certainly by Harmony (I say that just because Brandon did not outright confirm that in a WoB but I doubt it's not Harmony). Second Letter [edit] Brandon has confirmed on 16th December that the Second Letter was written by Autonomy So we need to update our list of who might have written the Second Letter. It also mentions Rayse, so we can cross out Odium: Autonomy (Vessel: Bavadin) Ambition (Vessel: Uli Da - WoBs: #1 #2) Devotion (Vessel: Aona) Dominion (Vessel: Skai) Honor (Vessel: Tanavast) Cultivation Survival Shard - unknown Shard that just wants to hide and survive the Shard not on a planet (NOT the Survival Shard - although take note that it's not impossible for the Survival Shard to be not on a planet) Well, that's still a lot, isn't it? Well, let's assume that these Letters are really responses to Hoid's plea for help against Odium. It doesn't make sense then that he'd write to Rosharan Shards. We can cross out Cultivation and Honor (who is also very, very, very dead at the time of Oathbringer). The Letter in The Way of Kings also mentions Aona and Skai being dead and their Shards Splintered, so I think we can reasonably assume nobody has Ascended to them since. Which leaves us with... Autonomy (Vessel: Bavadin) Ambition (Vessel: Uli Da - WoBs: #1 #2) Survival Shard - unknown Shard that just wants to hide and survive the Shard not on a planet (NOT the Survival Shard - although take note that it's not impossible for the Survival Shard to be not on a planet) At that point there is no much to go off of - unless we assume Brandon in that first WoB up there at the beginning of this wall of text meant the Shards we know from books, not WoBs. Which leaves us with only two: Autonomy and Ambition. I'm gonna analyse each separately. But first, a WoB on the topic: The line "That one is even closer associated with a Shard, the actual Investiture of the magic." probably refers to an earlier WoB in that event which confirmed that all Investiture in Cosmere is associated with a Shard, even if it was not on Yolen on the time of the Shattering. It got assigned to Shards, but it's not part of what the Vessel of the Shard commands. Two important things that we can take from this WoB: First of the Sun has Investiture that is directly associated with a Shard and the island Patji is a Shard. With big asterisk. one of the letters in Oathbringer references First of the Sun Reading through the letters, the only one left that can reference any place is the Second Letter. (Unless we take " I noticed your many intrusions into my land " from the First Letter as reference to First of the Sun, but that's another can of worms, one I do not intend to open). It's either the place the writer is or the Obrodai that's being referenced. For now, let's analyse possibilities of Autonomy and Ambition. Autonomy Certainly a fan favorite, if I may say so. Many of us believe it's Autonomy, and there are certain clues that point to it, although some of that fierce conviction seems to be based on the assumption that the Shard assaulting Scadrial during the Second Mistborn Era is Autonomy. Not an unreasonable assumption, given what we know of Autonomy meddling with other worlds (if Khriss essay on Taldain is to be believed), having multiple religions or having entire pantheons where every worshipped god is actually Bavadin. Especially the last one seems to point in that direction, when you remember that the islands that Patji is part of are called Pantheon. Some people believe that Autonomy's modus operandi of creating personas is the reason for why the Letter is written by a collective. It's reasonable, but personally I doubt it - there's one thing in crafting personas and letting them attract attention, but it's not a reason for Autonomy to actually be a mind collective. Which leads us to... Ambition That is my favorite. Yes, Uli Da is dead, and Ambition is Splintered (WoB). But... Splintering can be a vague term sometimes. And we've seen Ambition's influence (which most of us ascribe to Shades of Threnody) and things that happened with Ambition have had ramifications across many places in the cosmere. Recently Brandon added that "this specific Splintering has had far-reaching effects" (WoB). From essay on First of the Sun we know Khriss is certain there is no Shard there... but her essays are more contemporary (sometime after Ascension of Harmony, and definitely long before Sixth of the Dusk happens: #1 #2) and she does not know what we know about First of the Sun: #1 #2. That is weird: ... since now Brandon has stated that Patji is a Shard. (With big asterisk). Hm... What if Ambition is not on a planet... what if it's on planets? What if Ambition's Splinters - maybe larger than the usual Splinters like spren or seons or skaze, but instead massive like Unmade, Nightwatcher or even Stormfather - have formed a collective mind? It would explain why the writer is speaking like a group. Let's see what is said in the Letter: It implies mutliple beings. They are hiding part of their being on a world and were surprised and are intrigued how Hoid has managed to locate them there. It would explain why Khriss is certain there is no Shard there - there is just a Splinter and it actively hides its presence. They have many realms. They wish to be alone. They do not believe in interfering with another Shards - does it fit the meddling Autonomy? I don't think so. Admiration of his initiative - it would be strange if it's Ambition, right? Since Odium has mortally wounded Ambition. But... Preservation admired Rashek just because he did not change. Even though he was a tyrant and responsible for many deaths, it was a quality to be admired. Why then cannot Ambition admire Odium's initiative and will to act? They have claimed a world - for me it fits Ambition to claim multiple worlds, to add it to their many realms. If it was Autonomy, why an avatar is beginning to manifest? Autonomy's personas are more of a masks Bavadin dons. And the new avatar was instilled with some preference - it suggests truly another mind, part of Ambition's collective, and not just a persona Autonomy uses. This reeks of Ambition to me - for Hoid to be deemed worthy of further communication, he must prove himself by overcoming tests (perhaps getting to Patji's eye?). It's only fitting that one can earn Ambition's respect by overcoming obstacles - it's a proof of your determination, will to act, drive... ambition. tl;dr: Harmony almost certainly wrote the Third Letter, the First one was written likely by Endowment and Second Letter was written either by Autonomy or Ambition (and I personally think the latter). Second Letter is confirmed to be written by Autonomy.
  3. Hoid is not an Allomancer. Okay... maybe he is, but I want to suggest and alternate interpretation of the evidence. In one of the Shallan flashbacks, Hoid seems to be using allomancy. Given that he once obtained a bead of lerasium, it seems logical to assume that he used the bead to become a mistborn. However, he doesn't need the bead to be able to use allomancy. We know that he has been introduced to the southern scandrialian's metal arts medallions. He could very easily be using one of these medallions when he used the allomancy seen in the book. Further, there is some evidence from his letter that the bead may still be intact. So I suggest he didn't use the bead to become a mistborn, but that he still has it (probably implanted under his skin). Perhaps he is even using it a a feruchemical metalmind.
  4. I drive myself mad wondering why you do it. Year in, year out, doing the same old thing for a world that just keeps changing on you. Nothing's the same over the years except you. And you don't even act like it fazes you. Your beard is never whiter. Your face never has any more wrinkles than last year. I don't know if I'm strictly ungrateful for the things you do. Last year's train set was pretty awesome, and my sister loved her pitcher's glove. I smiled. She smiled. Mom smiled. We all smiled because of you. It's just... You remind me of my uncle. He was a big guy like you. Always a smile on his face. He only came around every Thanksgiving, and I'm at least ninety percent sure it was Mom's turkey that lured him in. We all loved him so much--he was just a cool uncle, you know? He'd pull a quarter out of your ear and let you keep it. He'd make Mom scowl at him by teaching us how to have sword fights with sticks in the yard. He was the kind of guy who made the holiday feel so much more special just by being there, grinning down at you and sharing the merriness around. He was also a raging alcoholic and a con man. He's lost weight in the postcards, though. Orange really brings out his complexion. Look, I'm not saying... I just think... ugh. I'm only writing this stupid letter to sort out my feelings. You remind me of our pastor. Mom takes us to help out at the food pantry every Wednesday, and he's always there. He's a stiff guy in a nice suit, but he's all smiles. He tells us how much God loves us, which I don't doubt. He tells us how important it is to help the needy, which I don't doubt. But while we're carrying boxes of beans and helping sort all the food on the shelves, all he does is stand in the entrance hall listening to raggedy poor people tell him "God bless you" all day. I guess it's important that the homeless people come in and meet a smiling face, but it just feels... it just feels like he could be doing more, you know? It feels like he's just lapping up the praise when he could be helping. I mean... Look at you. Look at all the things you can do. You're amazing. You can do things that make Harry Potter look like a documentary on card tricks. And every year you use all that power just to make little children happy. That's amazing, right? You're amazing, right? But... There are people dying. There are people who don't have enough food. There are people who don't have enough water. There are people who are sick and don't have medicine. There are people being hurt by other people. There are people on the streets who don't have blankets and might wake up as a frozen poverty-sicle. You could deliver a hot steaming bowl of soup to every hungry person in the world in the time it takes me to write this letter. You could bring people medicine instead of toys. Bring them water instead of milk and cookies. I guess... You... You remind me of Dad. He only came at Christmas too. He'd come in the door, nod at Mom, and come sweep us up in a big bear hug. He'd reach under his jacket and give us both a present. He'd say that you let him bring those ones early. Then he'd play games with us. He'd talk about proud he was of me, how clever I was for my age. He'd rave about how great my sister was at baseball. He'd make us feel special. He'd make all of Christmastime special for us just by being there. At least... he used to. He was there to make us smile there at Christmastime, but where is he now? He stopped coming. He took care of us at Christmastime, but where was he the rest of the year? Where was he when I skinned my knee? Where was he when the truck hit our puppy? Where was he when I actually needed him? I just... agh. I worry, you see. I see you grinning at me from Christmas cards. From gift wrappings. I see you on TV and in movies and on the ornaments we put on the tree. Everyone loves you. Everyone talks about how great you are. How kind you are. How much you want to take care of us. And I start getting angry. I worry that you're my uncle. All smiles and fun, but rotten inside. I worry that you're my pastor. Just lapping up praise while everyone else does the real work. I worry... I know that you're my dad. You're not there for us when we need you. You're all baubles and milk and cookies while people who need your help are hurting. And I keep getting more angry, 'cause when I write this I know that I'm right. There's nothing stopping you from helping more, is there? There's no magic stopping you. You just like having everyone talk about how wonderful you are! You don't want to be sweating in Africa helping people. You're not just magical, you want people to know how magical you are. You want people to write poems about how great and mysterious you are. You want people to make movies about you. You want all the children in the world to think you're the coolest thing ever. You want suckers like me to write you letters. I'm right, aren't I? You could help, but you WON'T. You could solve all the problems in the world in one night, but you WON'T. You could be there for us, but you WON'T. Now I know what you are. Now I know not to smile back at your stupid face on the postcards. Now I know to save our milk and cookies and feed them to the pigeons or something. Merry Christmas, you fat egomaniac. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. People. Stop talking about Hoid writing The Letter as if it is canon. It's not. It's speculation. I will indiscriminately down vote and rail against people who do this from now on. Stop treating your espoused theories as Canon. Shallan was pissed when scholars did that. Shallan was written by Brandon, so we can assume that he is too. Stop.
  6. While rereading The Letter, commonly attributed to Hoid, I noticed this phrase: "For I have never been dedicated to a more important purpose, and the very pillars of the sky will shake with the results of our war here. I ask again. Support me. Do not stand aside and let disaster consume more lives. I've never begged you for something before, old friend. I do so now.” Letter and Reply posted for reference: What do you think? Let open discussion reign!
  7. As I was reading around the forums, it struck me that we could probably, through analysis of the letters from the epigraphs of Part 2 of tWoK and Part 4 of WoR that we could probably deduce several things. Although the vast majority of you have probably already read them, the full text can be found here, on the Coppermind. It is already fairly widely speculated that the recipient of the first letter is a Shardholder and a dragon. I have also heard it said that Brandon confirmed that the recipient is originally from Yolen (haven't found the original source on this one though). That is a little bit basic, however, and we could learn more. For example: The unnamed Shard's IntentHoid knows this person and their Shard's Intent. He therefore must have crafted his letter to specifically reason with this Intent to get the recipient to help him on Roshar. Likewise, his old friend would have argued and convinced himself of his own position with his own Shard's Intent. The origins of the 17th ShardObviously, we can't figure everything out, but Hoid does mention that the recipient is associated with the 17th Shard. Maybe the 17th Shard was formed after the Shattering by a certain Shard, or it was originally part of the group/force that Shattered Adonalsium and then shifted goals and names after the Shattering and its leader Ascended. The purpose of HoidHoid, several times, refers to the urgency of his mission and, obliquely, its nature. Again, every mystery won't be unraveled, but we do get some hints. Of course, you, being the enterprising and brilliant fellows of the 17th Shard, can probably deduce much more if you put your minds to it. I've come to a shaky conclusion that the Shard's Intent is probably close to Protection or something like that. However, it just seems to be too similar to Preservation, just a little more personal. Discuss all of the above (and more, if I know you guys ).
  8. The writer of the letter in WoR is Sazed. I don't know if this is confirmed or what, it's just my personal thoughts. The whole non-intervention/Harmony thing. C'mon. ?