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Found 1 result

  1. El started snooping around. The sooner they all found the Thugs, the sooner they could all be safe from them, and be admitted into the school. She looked around, slowly moving from place to place, until she approached one alcove, and peeked in, trying not to be observed. Around the alcove, the walls were draped floor to ceiling with tapestries depicting the Ascendance. More importantly, however, there was a group of students clustered there, huddling together and talking urgently in a very suspicious-like manner. This is a horrible plan, El thought, as she slowly hid behind one of the tapestries, and began to inch herself around the corner into the alcove, trying to stay hidden. She heard one of them begin to speak, and she paused, hoping no-one had noticed her. "- act quickly. The longer we wait, the more likely they are to figure everything out." There was a response, which El was too far away to catch. "We do whatever we have to. If you don't have the guts for it, leave now. But if you stay, you have to be prepared to do whatever needs to be done." El listened, trying to catch more of what they were saying. She moved forward slightly, trying to hear better. "Wait. Who's that?" Dammit. Secrecy lost, El dashed out from behind the curtains, and ran out into a long corridor, with doors on either side. She tried the first two doors on her left - both locked. She could hear voices coming up behind her - if they had a Coinshot among them, and she didn't get out of the corridor, she was done for. She grabbed the next door - open - and flung herself through it. She turned around, and found herself on a balcony, several floors above ground. She tried to look down at the floor below, to see if she could jump down to the balcony below. No such luck, unfortunately. As she leaned over, someone pushed her from behind - and she was tumbling over the edge, watching the concrete rise up fast from below. Elbereth was killed! She was a Spectator! The game has begun! This cycle will last for 24 hours! Everyone should have received their GM PM. If you have not, please PM me ASAP. One quick note: I'm aware this is Ookla season. You're welcome to celebrate it, but I must insist that if you choose to give yourself an Ookla name, you put your regular name in and keep your profile picture the same. Also, for the benefit of everyone, if voting on someone with an Ookla name, please use their normal name, or have their normal name in brackets when you vote on them. Players: