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Found 3 results

  1. windrunners

    Hello all! I am making this for any windrunners out there, so we can talk about being the coolest order of knights radiant, and everything else. Speak again the ancient oaths: Life before Death Strength before Weakness Journey before Destination Windrunners rule!
  2. Following the example of @Rosharan A.C., who created a place for official Edgedancers based on the Official Knights Radiant Quiz, I decided to create a kind of place for Truthwatchers, so we can make Truthdancers and Edgewatchers parties and eat pancakes all together while asking us the big questions. Just kidding in this one, we all know that the answer to everything is 42, but sssssh, don't reveal it to anyone, is a Truthwatcher's secret -Crew rules: 1. You should be a Truthwatcher, an Edgedancer or a Windrunner. If you're not, you can join, too, but you will have to prepare food for the Edgedancers. (Just kidding ) 2. All members must respect each other as well as any other crew with Knights Radiant in them. 3. Any new rules can be made if we find truth in them. If they are lies, they won't be accepted. 4. The cake is a lie, so please, don't bring the cake here. 5. Remember our Order's secret: And that would be all at this moment. Have fun ^^
  3. So, it seems Brandon has created an official Knights Radiant quiz. Therefore, this is the place for official Edgedancers. (In case you haven’t taken the quiz yet, here’s the link.) CREW RULES: 1. You must be an Edgedancer to join. However, you can join if you're not an Edgedancer. 2. All crew-members should be treated with respect. Please use nice language. 3. Any new rules can be made if the majority of the crew sustains them. 4. Edgedancer’s are supposed to be caring and graceful, so... uh... go get em. If you’re curious about what it means to be an Edgedancer, you can find a description here. Just scroll down a little ways.