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Found 3 results

  1. Y’all know the drill.
  2. So I'm a pianist that specializes in improv, and I've had a lot of fun turning people's prompts into music lately! I took a couple prompts on a SU, and I enjoyed myself so much that I decided to make a thread. So feel free to ask away! You can give me descriptions, story ideas, emotions, images, passages from a novel, honestly, pretty much anything you want, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Here's one I did for @Elf, entitled "Footsteps", the prompt being: "A person walks through a seedy area at midnight, hearing footsteps behind them; footsteps get closer and closer and the person tries to run and eventually the footsteps reach the person AND the person takes out their knife and stabs whoever was making those footsteps" And here's another one I did for @Morningtide, "The End of a Book" with the prompt "that moment when you are so thrilled because you finished the most amazing book and then your realize that YOU FINISHED IT. And you feel so peaceful, but your heart hurts, but you are so, so happy. " (my mic was a little funky with the lower notes on this one). Edit: I thought that since I've gotten so many prompts I'd make a list of some of the best ones so people can hear some of the highlights from this thread! A couple favorites: "Torn" - "You just find out that your loved one is dead, the one who helped you get over your parents deaths and your siblings deaths. You learn this after waking up, captured by your enemies and a piece of you feels torn and ripped out and it's never gonna come back. You cry and cry and cry, and start to wish for death. Yet you hold on because the one you loved would want you to live and so, you're trapped in the world of the living, separated from your only true love and stuck in a cycle of depression and guilt that you didn't do everything you could to save them." "The Storm!" - "The wild, destructive joy of a huge thunderstorm that rolls in after a hot sunny day." "The Attack" - "You and four others are holding at bay a large attacking force long enough for the rest of the rebels to escape. Some of your friends are lost, presumed dead, yet you fight on, knowing that if you fail the resistance and hope of your race WILL FALL!" "Raindrops" - "It's... quiet. You're inside, cheeks and hands pressed to the glass of a window. You can feel them start to burn with the coldness of the surface, of which rain is hitting. In fact, it's pouring, and the sky is covered with big rolling masses of dark clouds. The only sounds are the soft pattering of the water on the grass, thunder, and your breath, which fogs up the aperture. There's a tiny, almost minuscule hole in the clouds, where a beam of light shines through on an overarching willow. It's bathed in bright light, and when you see it, you almost can't believe the rest of the world is covered and drowning in a torrential downpour. A tiny haven where life grows- reaches up, as if trying to touch the sun shining on it. It casts a shadow. The shadow is made of the light." "Starlight" - "You and your loved one just professed your love as the sun is setting and the stars are rising." Why_.m4a
  3. The rules for this game are really simple. We are telling a story. Every other person says "fortunately..." or "unfortunately..." at the beginning of their addition. I start with something that provides the basis of the story. Here is an example: Person 1: Once upon a time there was a horse. Person 2: Fortunately, the horse was free. Person 3: Unfortunately, he was soon captured. etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It must alternate fortunately/unfortunately! So, I will now start! I decided to make it Cosmere-related, but that will probably change pretty quickly. Once there was a worldhopper named Hoid.