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Found 2 results

  1. Cycle One - Starlight Zane hung from atop of one of the looming spires of Kredik Shaw. He’d reckon the info was solid, as old Straff only recruited the best of the spies. He looked down at the entourage that was passing by, which confirmed what the spies had relayed. Lord Ruler’s final resting place was indeed a treasure trove of atium. Straff didn’t trust him of course. He’d have surely sent his other mercs to watch him or even kill him if he even made a false move, though he didn’t know any of them. It didn’t matter- Kill them. All of them! One after another, till no one remains! He ignored it as he always did, though the voice in his head grew louder in the recent months. Well, perhaps the end was near. He supposed it would be a mercy, after everything he’d done. There was only one tiny hope for him. Hope for normalcy. Hope for a cure from this insanity. The one thing that’s stopping me from wishing my own death. She’s supposed to help me. She has to… He swooped down in a single move and slowed himself to a halt as he Pushed on a fallen coin just as the Cett entourage had entered the monstrous mansion of the Lord Ruler. Starlight shone on his face as he quietly went about his business. *** Elsewhere, a young lady slipped and sneaked away from under her father’s steadfast attention, guised as her brother as she set out to meet the Wind. Welcome to MR49! Cycle 1 has begun and will end on March 18, at 23:30 IST [GMT +5:30]. Let me know if you haven't received you GM PM. Please try to bold your votes and give retractions in green (not a rule, unlike in Kas' game). There are no PMs in this game. Have fun and don't forget to put your actions in! Eliminators, do not forget to vote for your kill in your GM PMs. Player List: Additional Clarifications:
  2. Breeze was getting impatient. Being chased on a horseback by archers wasn’t enough and now he had to wait for His Majesty. Sure, Elend’s the king and all that but, c’mon! It’s just like how it was with Kel! Weren’t kings supposed to be punctual? Well, none of them actually are, so I don’t know why anyone expects them to, but it’s Elend. The boy’s usually on time! As if on cue, Elend entered his study, with Vin on his side. Everyone else was already present - Hammond was sitting on a plush chair in a corner and Clubs was teaching Spook tricks about gambling. “Sorry about that, indulged in some research.” Elend said sheepishly. “Is that what kids call it these days?” Breeze smirked as he tried to ease the situation in the room. He knew he would be in trouble of course. There’s no way he'd get away with bringing an entire army to their home, but he’d talk himself out of it. Everyone would call his plans insane and yet agree to go ahead with it anyway. “So, you’ve got the Cett army to come here.” “Yes.” “And you thought it was a good idea?” “Of course.” “.....explain please?” “Oh you see, well. There’s your father’s army waiting to destroy you and I thought I’d bring him some competition!” “.....” “I think…” Ham intercepted, “that Breeze means we could get them to turn on themselves. It would prevent Straff from focusing solely on us.” Elend looked pensive and seemed to think about it for a while. “Would it work? Theoretically, it’s possible because they have each other as a distraction, but I’m not quite sure as their ultimate goal is Luthadel.” Breeze grinned and stood up. “Allow me to introduce my grand plan.” He could see them groaning but he ignored them and continued. “You see I didn’t just spread the rumors of the atium stash, I also sprinkled its location with them!” “What? Where, Breeze?” Vin glared. Geez, you’d have thought he had invited the Lord Ruler himself to Keep Venture. “Why, Kredik Shaw, of course! You see, they don’t need to take the city to take control of the atium. My plan involves them sneaking into the Kredik Shaw and searching for atium. And given that it’s atium we’re talking about, you can bet on the non-existent atium that there’d be someone important among the party sent to search for it.” “That’s ….surprisingly a very effective plan. So we trap and eliminate them? Cut off the head and wait for the body to go away? Effective indeed...” pondered Ham. Ha! See! No matter how crazy it seems, they always agree. “What about Straff? He won’t know about it.” “Well, you don’t think he had spies in the Cett camp?” “Well….” “Yes, that’s right. I buddied up to them, and now your father knows all about Kredik Shaw. So lad, you’ve got a decision to make. We’d all be there as one big happy family. And we trap them and take them all out. But we should be quick though, as they’re sending a party to Kredik Shaw probably as early as tonight.” Elend looked around the room to see everyone give their approval. He finally turned to Vin, and they nodded to each other. “You’ll be fine, Vin? “You take care of yourself, I won’t be there to protect you.” And that was it. Elend nodded and looked around once more. “Right, we should start preparing then. Take our most trusted guards, and be careful.” With that, Elend and Vin walked off, Vin would join them later. The others gathered around and began planning. This is going to be a very interesting night. Perhaps the young lass would slip her father’s attention and join too? He immediately dismissed the foolish thought, those would come later. For now, he joined the others as they began discussing strategy. Welcome to MR49: Lode of Luthadel! This is a three-faction game with limited info semi-eliminator teams. I'm excited to run it, and I hope you all have fun. Since it's a three faction game, this game would work well with a higher player count, so please consider playing if you're got a bit of free time. Thanks! For any clarifications, tag me (@TJ Shade). This game will be moderated impartially by @Elandera. Rules will be posted below, but for the formatted doc version, go over here. Sign-ups will end on Tuesday, 16th March at 23:30 IST [GMT +05:30] and the game will began as soon as I send out the PMs. Rules: Player List: Spectators/Pinch-hitters: Clarifications: Quick Links: