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Found 243 results

  1. To be very honest, at the first moments I encountered with hemalurgy in the mistborn trilogy I didn't really like it, basically due to its gruesome nature, its inefficiency, and its primitiveness. To me, there are 3 main problems with hemalurgy: Law of Hemalurgic Decay (Look it up if you have no idea what it is) Contact with moving blood (Killing most ex-Allomancers/Feruchemists while it is not really necessary) Large, clunky spikes that not only changes one's physiology, but also created a weakness that is lethal to receivers of hemalurgic spikes These are the reasons why I think that the first generation of hemalurgy very inefficient, and made me thinking. Could we use needles instead of spikes? Feruchemy actually needs bigger pieces of metal to store more investiture; however, I do not think that it's the case for hemalurgy. The spike only contains a fragment of stolen Spiritweb, and is ripped out and embedded in the recipient, thus stapling the ability directly into their sDNA(from coppermind wiki). In fact, Spook only had the tip of a broken sword, but still works perfectly. It (kinda) proves that all it takes is a piece of metal of that kind. Furthermore, with better forging(the metal-shaping skill in real life not the one on Sel) or even nano-tech, we can totally make needle so thin and so small that when it passes through the giver of alomancy it won't do much harm; and as it will pierce through the body, we can just aim for a micro-vein, and fulfil the moving-blood requirement. At this stage, problem 2 is solved.(I know it solves problem 3 as well but I will discuss it in the following paragraphs.) Remember problem 1? I want 99.9999999999999999999% of original power kept, so we have to do it fast. How? Isn't it apparent? Iron/Steel+ Duralumin. Or Nicrosil, if all our mistborns are gone, which is sad. However, it's kinda imprecise. And hemalurgy requires certain precision. I want almost all of investiture and put in the best position of spiritual web and gives out the best outcome. So we can use kinda needle gun propelled by air or magnetism, but that's not what I have in mind. We can have a kind of double deck "bed" which is actually a hemalurgic-transference operation device. The giver lay on the upper deck, the recipient lay on the lower deck. At the top, we have a needle ejection unit that is powerful yet precise in power, that it is strong enough to pierce through the giver but weak enough to stay within the recipient, and will adjust with different givers' and recipients' body thickness and density. Then, at the side, some sort of scan that shows the exact position of organs(hearts, ribs, which are crucial for hemalurgy) and veins that it should pass through to cause minimal effect, which I'm sure we probably have that now in our real world(OR A SHARDLESS WORLD LOL). Basically, that's that. Maybe with some computer to adjust and monitor things, but doesn't make much of a difference. Problem 1: Solved Problem 2: Solved Problem 3: Solved (As the "spikes" now are small and deep within one's body, it shouldn't alter much of one's physiology, and it would be harder to extract them. I suppose now you guys are drooling for this. Hell, the whole process is so fast and efficient, it might just be like taking a flu shot. And poor allomancers who can't afford much metal to burn can just sell their allomancy to richer ones. "Sir, please lay here" the nurse said "And sir, please lay here" *The two of them lay on separate vertical decks "Sir, you are giver your Pewter Allomancy to the gentleman below, correct?" "Yes ma'am" "And you are receiving Pewter Allomancy?" "Yep, please shoot" "Now please lay on the decks calmly and have minimal movements." [Psssst] "Alright, the procedure is done." the nurse re-enters the room. "Give me some pewter" "Oh I still have a vial, take it" "Thanks" [gulps] "Ohhhh it feels awesome" "Just keep check on your reserve" "Thanks again..." [The recipient holds a dented door-knob he tears out from the door] "Opps." He turns to the giver "I'll wire the remaining payments to your account tomorrow" "It's a pleasure doing business with you" "Likewise" Like that. Hemalurgy extra: Remember that needle gun? Or pushing the needles with duralumin? It would be a non lethal way to take away someone's allomancy during a fight, or as a punishment. Just sayin' P.S. I'm not 100% sure about using the word investiture, cause you know guys, its definition is still quite vague, but I apologize in advance if I cause any confusion. Just infer the meaning by yourselves. P.P.S. And let's hope that Harmony won't be a dick and storm with those people
  2. So welcome back to another of my Random Speculations, theories that don't really have enough support to be an actual Theory but that I nevertheless like the idea of. I'm not saying this is how I think things are, but I do think it is a possibility to be considered. The Three Metallic Arts consist of Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. One of these however, is not like the other. Allomancy and Feruchemy both require certain genetic codes in order to be used, Hemalurgy does not. However we know that the Southern Scadrians have different versions of the Metallic Arts, that are mechanical rather than genetic. Why did two different manifestations of the same systems emerge? Well we know very little about the mechanical Arts so let's look at the genetic Arts. How does one become a Feruchemist? Aside from Hemalurgy the only known way is to inherit the genes for Feruchemy from a parent. So where then did the genes come from? We know they only appeared in the Terris population, and that it was given to them by Preservation long ago. How does one become an Allomancer? Again aside from Hemalurgy, one must either inherit the genes for Allomancy from a parent, get Snapped by the Mists, or burn lerasium. The later two being the source of the genes. So we have three sources: a direct gift from Preservation, a mechanism put into place by Preservation, and the physical body of Preservation. I don't know about you but that smells like Shardic meddling to me. We know Preservation can alter some things, he swapped out the external Temporal metals in the Mist-snapping mechanism. So here is my random speculation: The mechanical manifestations of the Metallic Arts are the original/natural manifestations of the Metallic Arts. The genetic manifestations are a result of Preservation meddling and inserting the abilities of Allomancy and Feruchemy directly into humans. Why would he do this? Well I don't really have a good answer for that. Perhaps with Feruchemy it was an effort to help preserve the Prophecies of the Hero of Ages, and that genetic Allomancy is better at consuming atium, to help combat Ruin. I just don't know. I could be entirely wrong about all of this, I'm not convinced by this but it is an idea to be considered. What do all of you think?
  3. I've seen this come up in many threads but have yet to see a thread devoted specifically to the topic so it seemed appropriate to start one. The question here is, what exactly do we know about the process of Hemalurgic decay? Take particular note of any apparent contradictions as they likely mean a gap in knowledge where we can start to speculate. Below are the points that we know. This is only what is actually evidenced in the books or confirmed in a WoB, not dealing with theories on the subject (we'll get to those). For the sake of this discussion we should have some standardized terms. The terms to be used (so we all know what we are talking about) will be as follows: Hemalurgist: The one performing the act of spiking Donor: The one whose power or attribute is being taken Host (Changed from Beneficiary): The one who is being spiked and thus gaining the trait Hemalurgic Construct: A creature like a Koloss or Kandra who has gained or lost traits through Hemalurgy that are not directly connected with the powers or attributes granted by the spikes. Note that Inquisitors are not in this category as we have no direct evidence that they have any effects from Hemalurgy other than the direct powers of the spikes themselves. Laws of Hemalurgic Decay A spike left outside of a body loses charge at an indeterminate rate for an indeterminate amount of time to an indeterminate minimum. Inquisitors took great pains (as well as inflicting great pains) as they made spikes to ensure they spent as little time outside a body as possible. Spikes can be reused. When as spike is reused it is also important to get it back into a body as quickly as possible (as seen by Human rushing to make a new Koloss as quickly as he could with the spike1). A spike kept in a body intermittently will still maintain some degree of a charge (Vin's and Wax's earrings), though what degree of charge is indeterminate. Spikes may be divided, separate pieces maintaining some charge, but a lesser amount each. This process heightens Hemalurgic decay in some indeterminate way. Please note any other laws/evidence I have missed and this list will be updated. Similarly note anything you think I have misphrased or misrepresented and with appropriate evidence the list will be altered. Remember this list is for provable, verifiable facts, not extrapolations and theories. Now the list was not really the intended subject of this thread, but it is a good starting point. The issues of the earrings have plagued us for far too long and it is time we put our collective obsessive minds to work on trying to figure out hemalurgic decay. Maybe it will come to nothing as we simply don't have enough information yet to make a definite conclusion on, or maybe we'll find that nugget buried somewhere that cracks this all wide open. Below I'll keep updated a synopsis of each possible theory based on our list of laws that seems to explain all of our gathered evidence. As long as a theory remains sound it keeps its place on the list. I'll use a series of codes to indicate usefulness of said theory. Since I'm starting and organizing this discussion the categories are at my discretion and opinion though if anyone disagrees with a categorization make your case and I can probably be persuaded. Plain Text = Possible theory, takes all points into account and has not been fundamentally disproved but cannot really be proved either. Strikethrough = Debunked theory, disproven via direct undeniable evidence. Italics = Unlikely or tenuous theory. Technically possible but unlikely due to other known factors. Bold = Highly likely theory. Takes all points into account and elegantly explains the inconsistencies. Blue = Wild stab in the dark. Theory technically possible but not really based on presented evidence. Pink = Mocking. 17th Sharders taking the piss as we are often wont to do. The first theory presented is one of mine for this, but I'm ready to admit it doesn't really belong as anything but plain text by my codes. Possible Extrapolations from the Laws of Hemalurgic Decay Spikes continually lose charge at a relatively quick rate whenever they are outside a body. The decay rate is constant but exponentially decreasing (basically a half-life, though not necessarily based on a factor of 2) to some bounded minimum charge. This minimum is some factor of the original charge placed in the spike, not an absolute. Spikes lose charge quickly until they are first attuned to a Host, at which point they stop losing charge even while not actually in the Host anymore. (Attributed to Outis, full theory link here) Please join in this discussion. It's long since time we got organized on this one. If this format works out, it might also be something to try for other head-scratchers that plague us all. Footnotes 1. Supporting evidence debunked. Law #4 changed to Wild Stab in the Dark due to lack of supporting evidence.
  4. TheoryMaker's put this question on the Shardcast thread: What happens when a Kandra gets cut by a Shardblade? My Friend and I tried to answer this question, and failed. A shardblade affects the flesh away from the heart and brain, by cutting away Either the Spiritual of Cognitive Connection. But a Kandra needs no Heart or Brain. Their sentience comes directly from their Spikes. So, If a Shardblade does cut off a Limb, could the Kandra reabsorb it, and heal the flesh? Would it actually cut the bone, since it's techniccly dead already? If you beheaded a Kandra, would it Survive? Can you cut through a Hemalurgic Spike with a Shardblade?
  5. My Friends and I are going to put together a MAG campaign, and my friend decided to be a kandra assassin. A Kandra who has broken the First contract. So he decided to strengthen his bones. He wanted to make them unbreakable, and unpushable, so he made them out of obsidian, then he had a better Idea, and just used weapons. His Ribs are daggers, hiss leg is a Mace. He has full on swords in his arms. Then he started throwing in Hemalurgic Spikes. I'm just wondering, do the Kandra have enough Muscle control to pull something like this off? Could they weapons as bones?
  6. So, today's crazy topic is based on creating a Spike Farm that would work economically based on Feruchemical gold/Allomantic gold mining of Allomantic and Feruchemic (or any power you want, if you breed people correctly, want unlimited Breath? JUST FARM IT!) powers using Hemalurgic spikes! The classic "power farm" scenario, but one that considers the economic effects of such farming could have on [future] Scadrial and how one could do it without "upsetting the balance". The discussion is based on the discussion in this topic here: And is particularly based on Moogle's last post (quoted for your convenience!) Miles no longer felt pain. Spiking him would only be a minor inconvenience for him, and he could be compensated for his time. (Or, I mean, instead of executing him they could have harvested spikes from him unwillingly. It would end up saving more lives.) Harmony's stated ideology is to allow people to have as much choice as possible, and allowing those born without Allomancy to gain it through hard work (ie. paying loads of cash) seems right up his alley. You'd just have to make sure you don't torture people (Sazed might have issues there) and let economics decide how many spikes exist. A down-on-his-luck Coinshot could just visit his local Hemalurgy store and sign up to be a donor, get spiked a few times and then given a huge paycheck. (Maybe less of a paycheck if he has to pay for his own Feruchemical gold/Allomantic gold spike, but then he'd still be up.) Sazed still doesn't seem quite willing to stop pain and suffering, though. The Set seems to have successfully taken a number of women hostage who will be used as brood mares. You'd think Sazed would be intervening around that point, but it doesn't seem he has except for the barest exertion of power teleporting Wax some guns (which he may or may not have even done). You also wouldn't expect someone holding Ruin to be very focused on stopping pain and destruction... This is probably a conversation for a different thread, though. I enjoy Hemalurgy discussions. As you can see, Moogle threatened to Spike me if I didn't make topic convinced me to start this topic to continue this discussion here. So, here you go guys! Have fun Spiking!
  7. So I was reading Brandon's old write-up for the Suvudu Cage Match fight between Kelsier and Moiraine (which is hilarious. Here's a link.) and I saw this part: (Emphasis mine) So I think that somehow, people will put Kelsier's consciousness into a hemalurgic spike, and then graft it onto a living person's soul. Does this seem possible/likely to you guys?
  8. Hopefully you read the title. Anyways this is more of a statement than a theory. At the end of WoR, Adolin stabs Sadeas (quite gruesomely) with a knife. And with this WoB we know that Hemalurgy can be used to steal Shardblades. Link It might happen that someone will try to assassinate Adolin and when they try they will be disarmed and have to use Adolin’s knife against him. I’m not saying that the knife has to be a Hemalurgic spike but it would be cool if it was. Thoughts/ideas?
  9. No one understands what I’ve lost. The worst to me are the ones who think they do. I see them judge me. I hear them whisper that I’m arrogant, that I lament losing something that made me better than them, that I’m complaining because now I’m just a normal person, now I’m not special. This cannot be what normal feels like. I don’t care about the allomancy. I loved it, and it was a part of me, and I would never have given it up for the world… but I never thought it made me better than anyone. It was like being left-handed, or good with numbers. Just one part of me. Still, even without it, I could find a way to go on. It’s not even my eye. The pain is always there, but without my tin, even that feels dull most of the time. Even the flat world my one good eye gives me isn’t that bad. If that were my only problem… well, yeah, I’d still be very sad. But no one seems to understand. People see these things, and they add them up, and they think they know what it’s like to be me. I’m angry all the time. But… it doesn’t feel like how I remember anger. It feels… hollow. It’s the shape of anger, but it doesn’t have the fire. I remember being angry, beforehand, and it felt passionate and strong. Now it feels like my mind is trying to act angry but can’t remember how. I don’t understand what happened. It was over in a moment. I didn’t see whoever did this to me, I just heard some sound behind me, turned around, and suddenly I was in a world of pain. My eye hurt a lot but it wasn’t just there, all over my body like a rash on the inside of my skin. Eventually passing out was a blessing. When I woke up, one of my first thoughts was that I had lost my tin. I don’t know how I knew, I’d never felt it inside of me before when I didn’t have a reserve, and I certainly can’t recall what it felt like before I ever Snapped, but among the other things wrong with me, I could just feel this part of me missing, and I somehow knew it was tin. I think I realized that before I realized I was only seeing out of one eye. I don’t talk to my friends anymore. They irritate me now. I mean my real friends, the ones who’ve stuck by me. Maybe they’re the worst. Every last one of them is convinced she just needs to drag me out to a party, take me for a walk in the sunshine, show me that life goes on, that it’s not as bad as I think. I don’t need tin to hear what they’re really saying. This is your fault. Just get over it. Just want to be normal again, and you will be. Fun is like anger to me, now. Even when I’m genuinely enjoying something, it’s just the shape of happiness. It’s only skin deep; it can’t reach my heart. No one understands what I’ve lost. No one understands what was taken from me.
  10. This is to ascertain what Knowledge we have about Hemalurgy. What are it's Pros, Cons and How does it work? Pros: How does it benefit society and individuals? Cons: How does it negatively affect society and individuals? How?: What do we know about it's inner workings? I don't care about Good, Evil, Heaven or Hell I just want to analyse how it works and why someone would or would not use it. Example Pro: Gain Investiture. Con: Have to maim or kill someone for Investiture. How: Uses metal Spikes to steal Investiture. I'm going to compile these facts and opinions into groups for ease of archiving. When you post could you please use the tags. Tags are as follows: Pro-for the Pro list. Con-for con list. How-for how list. Off-topic-for discussion about the posts. Theory-for something unproven but highly likely. Question-for when you think the list is wrong. I'll be putting more about the different types of Investiture up later.
  11. What would happen used a lot of breath to awaken, say an atium spike in the way used to awaken NightBlood with the command "Steal Everything"? Would the single spike be able to steal all of a persons steal-able attributes?
  12. I was thinking about Alloy of Law, and I came to a theory about how one might go about making a Mistborn. I'm almost certain others have thought of this before me, but as usual a ten minute search turned up not much, so please link me to any relevant theories prior. Here goes. Mistborn: Recipes makes one Mistborn Ingredients: Two Mistings of every type Two Hemalurgic spikes for each Allomantic metal (can substitute Atium in a pinch!) Two candidates, one male and one female Instructions: Take each Misting, and spike them in the appropriate location with the corresponding allomantic spike, stealing their ability and killing them in the process. Tying them up and rendering them unconscious can make this step easier. Apply each finished spike immediately to one of the recipient candidates. Each candidate should get one allomantic spike of each type. One all sixteen spikes have been applied to the two candidates, allow candidates to recover. Once their condition is improved and they do not scream when touched, place both candidates in an enclosed room with a bed. For higher chances of a successful Mistborn, add flowers, a nice dinner, some white, and lounge music. Wait nine months, and remove baby from candidate. If everything has gone to plan, you should have a natural and unspiked little Mistborn. Snap and Serve.
  13. So, we were talking about this in the WalDo thread, and we decided to bring it over to another thread. We know, per WoB, that it's possible to give listeners their sentience through Hemalurgic spikes, just like Kandra. Given this, what other weird forms could be made? If seons are relatively equivalent to spren, could a Parshman bond with an Aon Tia and have a Teleportationform? Be given a Divine Breath, and become Glowyform? The possibilities are endless. Thoughts?
  14. Because Hemalurgy is of Ruin, All hemalurgic creatures posses the Flaw, which lets strong Emotional Alomancers take control of them. We Also know that Lerasium is pure Preservation, but can be used in Hemalurgy. But because Lerasium is of Preservation, I think it would block Ruins Control. So I think a Lerasium Hemalurgic Spike would steal Spiritual Platelets, (The things that heal cuts in the Skin) which Fix up the Flaw around other spikes, making them Immune to the Flaw, though they might be suseptible to Emotional Allomancy now. Thoughts?
  15. I was wondering if there was a way to force a shard holder's physical body to appear and then spike him, maybe force him to merge with another shard say? Any thoughts on this from you more cosmere Knowledgeable.
  16. I would like to take the time to again warn that this post CONTAINS SPOILERS. It also contains some of my own theories. I will outline why I think there is something wrong with how Atium works in Allomancy and give suggestions on how I think it should work. If you find any mistakes in my logic or you have a reference that discredits one of my assertion please comment with it. This theory is something I want to be proven wrong on. Brandon's Allomancy/Hemalurgy/Feruchemy magic system is something I absolutely love, yet I cannot reconcile the issues I've found. Basis/Lore I feel that the way Atium works is incongruent with the logic of how Lerasium would indicate it would work. In the beginning it was said that humans did not exist on Scadrial, Ruin and Preservation had to work together in order to create them. Preservation had to promise Ruin that she would let him destroy the world (as is his nature) in the future if he would work with her this time. It was also said that Feruchemy came ages before the other metallurgic arts. I think that Ruin and Preversation created Feruchemy as a consequence of their collaboration. Allomancy (Net positive): Preservation’s power arrived during the first ascension, through Rasheck sharing the Lerasium beads with his most loyal companions. Allomancy generates greater force/energy than what is consumed from the metal. Hemalugry (Net negative): Ruin’s power and would be innate in the world. Some of the power is lost when using hemalurgy, the one with the spike always has a weaker version of the ability than it's original owner had. Ferucehmy (Net neutral, but not net zero): Exists through the merging of the two powers. Weak now, strong later. This is where I start to see the incongruent behaviour. Lerasium is a god metal, and everyone is capable of consuming it; Skaa or noble alike, and grants full-fledged Mistborn-dom. Brandon said that being a god metal, Lerasium has special properties in how it rewrites your "spiritual DNA". I feel that Atium should be the same way; everyone should be able to consume it as it is also a god metal. Atium and Lerasium are the physical manifestations of shardic power, and like actual shards they should both also be able to be picked up by everyone. This is probably the reason behind why Lerasium can be consumed by everyone. Atium’s Allomantic Effect Firstly, Preservation was attributed greater foresight. This is how Preservation was able to win out in the end and not have to give in to Ruin. Thus, why is it that Atium gives foresight as an allomatic effect? Secondly, if Lerasium’s allomatic effect grants the power of net positivity, then Atium’s allomatic effect should grant net negativity. I think that Atium being net negative, it would possibly have these effects... 1) if you are a Mistborn it would turn you into a normal human being. 2) if you are already a normal human, it kills you as ruins nature is destruction. 3) If you are a Misting it would turn you into something akin to a spren with a nature that would be dependent on the type of Misting you were. 4) If you were a Ferring, it would only partial destroy you, leaving only a fragment of your physical/spiritual/cognitive aspects behind as a shell of your former self, which depends on the type of Misting you were. 5) It’s hard to say what you would be if you were a Feruchemist and burned Atium. You could be destroyed, as your net negativity would be greater than your net positivity, but it could vary. An interesting idea would be that you cease to exist but the three aspects of you (your physical/spiritual/cognitive aspects) would be fractured into separate beings, locked as metaphysical building blocks across the three realms. Atium-Lerasium Alloy Thus, the alloy of Atium and Lerasium would grant Feruchemy and not the ability to burn Atium as a Misting; as in the the creation of humans the merging of the powers created net neutrality.
  17. Title says it all, really. I was wondering if the references to cutting off the 'spirit' of a limb and such are actually accurate, or if it is actually cognitive damage, as someone (can't remember who) theorized that it was, and thus Nalan brought back Szeth by reconnecting his Cognitive aspect to his physical one. If it is Spiritual, it brings up an interesting possibility: if a Compounding bloodmaker can heal Shardblade wounds, one type of Spiritual damage, then perhaps they can heal another type: Hemalurgy, thus creating an infinite source of Allomantic gold spikes.
  18. First off, seeing as this is my first post on here, I'm not really sure if someone else has already expounded this (frankly fairly weakly conjectured) theory, so if they have, sorry about that. Anyway, both Shardblades and Hemalurgy work with Spiritwebs, yes? And we know that Shardblades create a bond with the Spiritweb. So what I was thinking is that maybe instead of simply creating a bond, Shardblades (the present-day versions, not Radiantblades), they work more like Hemalurgy and tear off a part of the Spiritweb to create said 'bond', something that could have changed after the Day of Recreance. It would explain why spren, or at least Syl, dislike the blades, as rather than them being representative of Odium or something like that, they are simply fundamentally broken.
  19. I'm not sure if this is the right subset of the forum to bring this up, but I generally get really bored on long drives and start turning over theories, such as Scooby Doo being set in a dystopian society where antisocial behaviour is severely punished. (Jail time for dressing as a ghost?) Alas, I digress. My latest thought centers around the elusive concept of "Identity" and the reference to storing it in Feruchemy. My idea centers around the most powerful domination of identity on Scadrial - the control of hemalurgists/spiked creatures by an allomancer. I think that while emotional allomancy pushes and pulls on specific emotions, I think that it tampers with one's identity on different levels. The stronger one's identity, the less susceptible they would be to Soothers and Rioters. There are specific examples in Mistborn of individuals resisting/detecting emotional allomancy through training or sheer force of will. This thought originally came about surrounding the kandra and the fact that their identity was gifted to them through Hemalurgy. It is also the point where I could use some input. Kandra are noted to be immune to standard emotional allomancy, and only a duralumin burn will crack that shell to allow another mind in. This is different to when a duralumin + brass burn is used on a human, like with Straff Venture - Vin was not able to suddenly control him, just deadened him completely. So Hemalurgy is providing protection as well as a weakness? Or is the mistwraith nature of kandra protective, while Hemalurgy provides the weakness? The follow up to that is the koloss - they are hemalurgically spiked humans, which combines the two examples above. One could argue that their identity has been diluted by having multiple human spikes driven into them, hence making it easier to control them en masse. In my mind, a Feruchemist storing Identity would be far more susceptible than normal to soothing and rioting, while one that is tapping Identity would be nearly impossible to influence. I also feel it is important to mention that Identity is not something only gained through magical means, just as one does not have to burn/tap pewter to be strong. I believe that there will be individuals who will be extremely resistant to emotional allomancy just through their own confidence/knowledge of themselves - such as a shardholder or Hoid (possibly - how does having so many identities affect his identity?). The next installment shall appear upon my next 4 hour drive! (16 hours - oh! Allomancy! - of driving seems to have an inhibiting affect on theorising)
  20. So I've had some thoughts about Hemalurgy and the Southern Scadrians that I figured I should share with y'all. 1. Southern Scadrians will probably have a much better understanding of Hemalurgy than we have seen in the North. We know hemalurgy was a part of Classical Scadrian culture.1 We also know the Lord Ruler kept knowledge about hemalurgy suppressed. He would not be able to do so in the South because they were entirely autonomous. So it would not strain credulity that without them being so restricted they would be leaps and bounds ahead in hemalurgic research. I also believe that it has been put forth that hemalurgic spikes may be used in creating allomantech and ferumechanical devices which would fit with this speculation. 2. The hemalurgy table will use a Southern variation of the Steel/Terris alphabets. The Allomancy Table uses a variation of the steel alphabet used in the late Final Empire era, the Feruchemy Table uses the Terris alphabet used in the late Final Empire era. They are both "descended" from the ancient Terris alphabet used in the HoA chapter headers. I think it would be really cool if the potential hemalurgy table used another set of symbols descended from the ancient Terris ones. It would lend a nice sense of unity between the three. Since there really isn't a place in the north where one would have developed, the natural place to look for it would be in the south. So what do people think? These are just some random thoughts, not really full blown theories but I think they're plausible.
  21. Just finished reading Mistborn and I was listening to the part where Sazed, Marsh and Vin are discussing Rashek's manipulation of Feruchemy and Allomancy to prolong his life. It got me thinking about how there doesn't seem to be any interaction between the Feruchemy and Hemalurgy. Would it be possible for a keeper to form a metalmind, have that metalmind forged into a spike and then have it pierce a person's spirit web to endow them with the stored attribute? We've already seen how an Allomancer's spiritual dna can be hacked and transferred, so why not a Feruchemist's? Just to be clear, I'm not talking about transferring the ability to use Feruchemy, I'm talking about forming a hemalurgic spike from a metalmind.
  22. So this is just a quick question that I have because I'm a lazy reader. When a Koloss is created, is it formed out of several people who are spiked who then congeal together to form a Koloss, or is it just one person morphed into a Koloss through spiking?
  23. As the title suggests, this is mostly my speculation as to the nature of a particular aspect of the metallic arts. We know that burning a metal starts an investiture with preservation, and that metals and other inanimate objects are equally balanced between Preservation and Ruin. I propose that neither charged hemalurgic spikes or filled metalminds have "Investiture". Rather, a hemalurgic spike creates a link to Ruin through which an investiture begins. The skill stored within a spike simply overwrites the allomantic coding of the metal to redirect the investiture to the opposite shard. Sazed does say that spiking a non-allomancer steals the innate investiture Preservation gave to that person. My opinion is that the investiture in this situation is returned to Preservation in its entirety while leaving behind a "signal" that acts as an access key to Ruin. Feruchemy is a little different since the power is coming from the perosn themselves. However, we have WoB that it is very difficult to push on an object allomantically if it is invested or involved in an investiture in any way(Shardblades). Vin, before she used the mists, was able to push/pull on all of the metalminds TLR had on him, even though he was accessing some of them during their battle. Again, this is a large assumption, but I would argue that feruchemy drains an attribute of the body to create a pathway through a metal to be able to access that ability in the future, limited to the amount of attribute stored and the size of the metal. So, in summary, I am speculating that the metallic arts all involve a direct link to a shard, removing the need for any investiture to exist within the metals themselves. This allows for allomancy to affect said metals as shown in Vin's battle against the Lord Ruler.
  24. This is an idea that came to me rather suddenly and given how little we know of Hemalurgy this will be pure speculation that contains a lot of "is this possible"-questions and no answers. Also I´m open to little tidbits about Hemalurgy that I missed which woud contradict any of this. First of all came the question "what happens to a hemalurgic spike if it stay in your body?" Given that the spike woud add a part of your soul to the one being spiked it seem resonable that you can also "keep" your soul if the spike stays in you and getting spiked didn´t kill you. Next I wonderd if a spike like this coud be shared, for example if one uses two needles connected by a thred all frome the same metal and melted together as one piece. Woud this not work because the spike rejects the second subject or create some kind of soullink between the two people being spiked. (Which woud then have to be called either hemalurgic twins or Spikebros.) If it works what woud the effects of this link be? Thelephaty, similar to what Harmony does with his spiked followers, or maybe a cognitive or spirital link. Coud the spike be removed from the second spike victim or woud his soul also bind to the sipke? And lastly this lead me to Feruchemy. If such a link were possible coud an Feruchemist with hemalurgic knowledge spike another person, not even neccesarily a Feruchmist, and use him as a "battery" for his metalminds and coud he tap them after cutting the link? Coud he only use certain atributes or coud he steal things like identity (literaly) and memory? Maybe this coud be used for murder by storing breath and making the victim suffocate or to transfer ones mind into another body. (Why must the two examples I can thing of right now be so villan like?) Any thoughts or destructive holes in this speculation?
  25. I had a thought that I thought it was too interesting to pass up. One of the properties of hemalurgy is to steal attributes from other people. It works because they have flowing blood I believe it was. Blood being the catalyst... Could you potentially use that same property to some how spike a person through their metalminds and perform the hemalugical equivalent of compounding? You get the sum of their metalminds at a loss combined with whatever you steal from them... and essentially alloy the two to enhance the output of the the spike's attribute? Its a bit convoluted and not well thought out but seems like something that you could throw at the wall and get it to stick. Possibly relating to the mechanical side of the metallic arts of southern scadrial? By taking a piece of that person when you spike them, you fool the metalmind's investiture into thinking you're the owner... allowing you to compound the hemalurgic attribute. Magical hacking as it were.