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Found 246 results

  1. Is it definitely the case that hemalurgy can only be used on animals/people? What would stealing an entire world's spiritual signature look like? Would it change the type of magic there For example, as a thought experiment: If a huge spaceship fired a hemalurgic spike through Roshar and into Scadrial, would it change Scadrial's spiritual signature?
  2. So, I'm confused as to how the medallions work. How can a Nicrosil ferring reduce their Identity enough to make an unlocked Feruchemical nicrosil medallion? And other ferrings reduce their identity enough to add to it? Is it a matter of using Feruchemical aluminum? But then how does an Feruchemical nicrosil ferring use Feruchemical aluminum? Also, how can a non-Feruchemical nicrosil person tap the Feruchemical nicrosil, even if it's unlocked? Don't you still need to be able to tap Nicrosil in order to use it? Unlocked just means that someone else can use a metal mind that you created, it doesn't give you the ability to actually use that metal if it's not in your sDNA, right? Is Nicrosil special in that it allows anyone to use its Investiture?
  3. So, I've had this concept floating around in my head for a while now. It involves an Honorspren, a Hemalurgic Spike, and a villain. It essentially is a way for a villain to have a moral compass forced into them, since by my estimations Honorspren are basically perfect moral compasses. Or at least, close enough. SO. Imagine if you stole/somehow stuffed an Honorspren into a hemalurgic spike and drove it through the heart of say, Sadeas. Or maybe someone like Amaram. The spike, from my estimations, would only function as a hemalurgic spike so long as it is invested. How convenient that breaking the bond with a spren would also cause it to become uninvested. See where this is going? So. Sadeas/Amaram is spiked and told that if he doesn't act according to the Spren(AKA a decent person), and doesn't behave himself, he'll die - that spike in his chest instantly popping his heart or causing all sorts of issues. Would you guys be entertained by that scenario? How long would each person last? Can you think of any good candidates for this procedure?
  4. What happens if you cover a hemalurgic spike in soulcast blood? Here's my theory: First off, we know from SoS that covering a spike in blood transfers powers hemalurgically, and that investiture is intrinsically linked to perception. If a radiant were to soulcast blood right onto a spike (atium, in this case, because it holds everything), what would happen? Because perception has so much power, I think that it would be as if that person's blood covered the spike. A person spiked with this would thus gain control over two surges. If someone else were to use a soulcaster, it would still be their blood on the spike. This might have other ramifications, but basically, soulcast blood is a replica of the blood of the soulcaster. What do you think? EDIT: as many have pointed out, I misread SoS, and so thought that covering a spike in blood (completely) was the same thing as stabbing someone.
  5. Okay, this isn't going to be a real theory, but I wanted to throw an idea out to be discussed, and its partly predicated on the material from the sample chapters, so I needed a thread in the BoM spoiler section. According to the Ars Arcanum, Hemalurgy is "dangerous to the Cosmere". You know what else is dangerous to the Cosmere? Odium. And I think it may be for the same reason. Odium is trapped on Braize (somehow) and the only way he seems to be able to have a direct influence on things outside of Braize is through the Voidspren. But if they can only bond with the Parshendi, that is, on a Cosmere-scale, fairly limited. Hemalurgic Spikes allow Ruin to influence and directly control pretty much anyone and anything, so far as we know, and Paalm had a Spike which somehow seemed to let another Shard (or entity; I haven't given up on you, Rust!) gain the same influence over her. What if the person influencing Paalm is Odium? We know that there was a Kandra worldhopper, and there's speculation that it could have been Paalm. What if she went to Roshar and got herself spiked by one of His voidbringers (if the Parshendi are the voidbringers)? Because of their so-called fluid bindpoints, I would think that Kandra would be one of the easiest creatures in the Cosmere to spike correctly without Ruin's intrinsic knowledge of Hemalurgy. So Paalm comes back to Scadrial with some new spikes and a new voice in her head. Somehow, maybe through experimentation, she figures out how to charge and bind a Spike such that it can grant her Allomantic and Feruchemical abilities. Then she dies and the other Kandra end up with her spikes to study. What if a somewhat amoral and ambitious Kandra (looking at you VenDell) decides that the best way to study the spikes would be to try them out? Now Odium has a new servant who he can continue to study Hemalurgy through, as well as spike at least one other Kandra (assuming that the Kandra who calls herself MeLaan is in on the plan). If Odium can develop an advanced enough understanding of Hemalurgy to successfully spike humans, or create hemalurgic constructs, he could begin to spread his influence across the Cosmere, which would be very dangerous indeed. WOW, that got real tinfoil, real fast. I still think the possibility should be considered, though.
  6. So, this has probably been discussed before, but have we considered the possibility that Hemalurgy is not a Metallic Art? We've only seen Hemalurgy used to steal pieces of Preservation in the form of allomantic abilities and things like strength and emotional fortitude for the blessings, as well as Feruchemy, which would be a blend of the power of Ruin and Preservation. What if we've only seen metal spikes because we've only seen it interact with magic systems which use metal as a focus? Could you use gemstone spikes to steal Surgebinding abilities? Since Feruchemy is part Ruin and is a Metallic Art, it would make sense for the full-Ruin magic system to be one as well, but I wanted to make sure we'd considered the possibility that there was an error in our already fairly limited understanding of Hemalurgy.
  7. I realize that by naming this topic, I have attracted the attention of the entire Dark Alley. Hold your cookies, please. Anyway, on to the topic. In the Ars Arcenum of Shadows of Self, it says on the topic of Hemalurgy that (doesn't really spoil much, if anything, but whatever) Come to think of it, it might be a WoB, but anyway, yeah. Hemalurgy basically involves ripping a piece off of someone's Spiritweb and stapling it to yourself. This is actually fairly similar to Nalthis' magic system, where people give up their Breath-a piece of their soul-to someone else. These stolen Breaths were used to create Nightblood, a weapon that can override Realmatic Thermodynamics and actually destroy Investiture, albeit slowly. This is the danger of Hemalurgy. Using a similar magic system resulted in the most destructive weapon in the Cosmere, with the potential to make it grind to a halt. My imagination can't think of anything potentially worse than Nightblood, perhaps others can think of why Sanderson put this in.
  8. Okay not "evil" evil, but I sometimes get that he is potencialy an antogonist but "evil" is so much eisier to type on a touch screen. For a while now I have suspected that Hoid is evil, mostly because if I was an author and was trying to hide a villan I would make them witty and charming and friends with protagonists. Of course he really might be that and I'm more paranoid than Vin but it's something to keep in mind. The closest I have come to a semi coherant theory is the list below which is mostly circumstancial. 1: All of the cosmere books besides maybe Emperor's Soul and some of the ebook only ones have an "ars arcanum" in the back, further more the arcanum seems to be written by someone in world and that they are an outsider as far as I can tell, it is also known that Hoid is a world hopper and would see things by an outsiders view. 2: The entry on hemalurgy describes it as being one of the most potentially usefull arts in the cosmere, WOB has stated that hemalurgy can steal more than just mistborn magic. 3: At the end of the Elantris 10th anniversary (I am taking this on word of mouth since I mavent read it myself... yet.) It has Spiolers++++++++++++++++++ until I figure out how to do it the official way. Hoid talking to a Skaze about a deal he had with it and how that deal fell through since he didn't get what he wanted. To become an elantrian. Also Hoid is wearing bandages. Why would he be wearing bandages? See point 2. End of spiolers+++++++++++++ MINOR POINT 4: Hoids old buddies seem to be at odds with him (the letter) and the seventeenth shard is looking for him, a group which includes demoux and galladon. What are thier reasons? Thays all of the theory that I currently have. I might have more to add at a later time period after some rereading. Also I don't think hoid is really evil, I just wonder if he will be an antagonist at some point.
  9. Shadows of Self revealed that coating a hemalurgic spike in blood prevents hemalurgic decay (or at least weakens it) and I can see why it was explained in the book. Without this means to preserve her spikes Bleeder would have been a lot less vertasile. Now, this next bit may sound obvious but if you stab someone through the heart, then the spike will be coated in blood. Meaning that a newly made spike should always have a protection against the decay. Yet in the Final Empire Inquisitors would hurry to get the spike into the new hoast immediately to the point of making some special stabbing tables. So what? Were they just hurrying more than was required given the coating or is the coating inefficient, in which case Bleeder's spikes, especially the alomantic iron one, should have weakened quite a bit.
  10. Forgive me if this has been addressed elsewhere, (and please point me there!) but do we know if both typical kandra spikes are supposed to bestow the same Blessing? (I've just begun rereading the first trilogy and it's been a while, so perhaps I'm missing something obvious). Or can a kandra have, say, both the Blessing of Presence and the Blessing of Awareness together? I know that it's more of a whole-of-Scadrial question, but since SoS deals so much with spiky kandra, it seemed more appropriate to post here.
  11. Opening Disclaimer: I'm sorry I'm not going to have the exact references directly in front of me, but my Dad has my copy at this time and is a slow reader. The part of Shadows of Self that really caught my attention, was the fact that MeLaan gave Wax his earring personally, on what I assume were Harmony's orders. It is confirmed as being a Hemalurgic spike, but the ability that is charged with the spike is unknown. My theory/hope is that the earring is the same earring as the one Vin wore during the original trilogy (giving it an allomantic bronze charge). I saw a post on here about the earring before, where the poster theorized that the earring has a pewter charge, as Wax is seen to be strengthened by the mists. Well, during HoA, didn't Vin become the Mists when she took the Shard of Preservation and drew all the mists into herself? Could she be giving him a slight physical boost as she did to Elend at the end of HoA? One of the things that made me think this (I'm really sorry about the reference part here) is the short aside from Wax in SoS where he talks about a form moving with him in the mists sometimes. Furthermore, in several sections of the book he muses about Vin and what she would have been like, but what if she is really the form in the mists that he can sense when he is about? Here is where I think about how Vin was able to sense the Mist spirit using her bronze, and maybe the Bronze allomantic charge of his earring allows Wax to be able to sense Vin in the mists. Partially related to the above theory, but how is an allomantically charged hemalurgic spike used? Did inquisitors have to actually ingest the metals they needed before using the abilities, or did the spikes themselves provide a certain measure of the abilities? If they needed to actually ingest them, I could imagine duralumin steelpushes being very dangerous for inquisitors, as how could they see after doing something like that? (First post, Sorry if not put up in the right way)
  12. Question from a confused person. Did Paalm have one spike (the silver+red one), or two spikes in her (silver+red, and a Harmony spike)? If she just had one spike, did that spike just give her full Twinborn powers, then? Since she uses speed and steelpushes and so forth. Do we ever see her actually changing spikes by falling on them, like MeLaan mentioned?
  13. This was the 'invitation' being sent out to all of those who have earned notice or been deemed worthy. Only half of the invited are expected to return willingly, Grim knew. The ones that didn't would just be used in the required initiation rituals. Game Rules: Sign-ups will last a week, until sometime on Sunday, October 18th! Quick Links:
  14. Spoiler from the first Mistborn trilogy. We know that Alendi was the (maybe) first try of Ruin to free himself. Alendi was a Seeker (Bronze Misting) when the Allomancy was much rare and weak. So we could assume that Alendi was a Seeker much weak than Marsh. Vin was a powerfull Allomancer (compared to the allomancer of her age) and she need a Hemalurgic Spike to detect the Well of Ascension pulses (Spike made from a probably powerfull seeker misting). We know Alendi had at least one "prophesied spike" (I don't have the English version of the book then I am not sure of the original worlds) but it is not to much (for me) a spike made from his era misting to reach his goal. Then how much additional power (and Spikes) Alendi needed for his quest ? You see other ways from him (and Ruin) to complete the journey ?
  15. OK, just thought this one up: SPOILERS,of course. Is it possible to steal someone's Allomantic ability before they "snap?" Do you think that the Allomancy is part of a person's spiritweb enough that their ability could be stolen before it has become active? Having run this through my head, I can't decide. I'm leaning more towards no, because it hasn't manifest itself as an active part of their spiritweb, same as you couldn't use a Hemalurgic spike to steal someone's life force once they are dead, since, at that point, their spiritweb isn't tied to their body anymore. But, on the other hand (sorry for sounding like Tevye), it is ultimately a part of their spiritweb, and therefore could possibly be stolen. It all depends on if the ability has to be active to be stolen. Tell me what y'all think. Thanks, Nathan "Schventagon" Swensen
  16. So, I was reading the AMA again and thinking about God Metals, and something Brandon said (basically that our understanding of the god metals has some holes in it) got me thinking about how atium works. We know that Lerasium can be used by both allomancers and non-allomancers, but in different ways. Non-allomancers do not need the ability to burn metals in order to tap the fraction of Preservation's power held in the Lerasium. Now let's turn to atium. To paraphrase what another user (mooglefrooglian) said on Reddit, Allomancy is required in order to burn atium--the burner either needs to be a seer or a Mistborn. It makes sense that a normal person swallowing atium is unable to use it like a person swallowing Lerasium is able to tap into its power, because swallowing and burning metals is part of allomancy, a magic system that is of Preservation, not Ruin. So, if used hemalurgically, is it possible that atium would not need to be charged, just like Lerasium does not need to be burned in order to grant allomancy? If this is the case, it could be that hemalurgic atium, like allomantic Lerasium, has more than one effect, depending on whether it is used within the magic system (with sacrifices, blood, and the whole works) or if it is just made to pierce the skin. The one hole in this theory is Shardic intent. It makes sense that Preservation's power can be given to anyone, since Preservation's intent is to preserve as much as possible. Ruin's intent is subtractive--compelling the holder to destroy and reduce things to smaller and smaller pieces. Hemalurgy requires sacrifice because it suits ruin's intent to concentrate power in the hands of fewer individuals. So, allowing for potential hemalurgists to gain power without sacrifice by using uncharged atium would be contrary to Ruin's intent. The only ways around this hurdle that I see are a) that the effect of using uncharged atium for hemalurgy does something that suits Ruin's intent in the same way that creating Mistborn fits with Preservation's intent, or b ) that utilizing the god metals outside of the magic systems allows the user to tap into a fraction of the shard's power, regardless of intent. Personally, I like option A better, but what do you guys think? Thanks for tolerating my musings .
  17. It's well known that only feruchemist that filled metalmind with characteristic can tap it. The most logical explanation of this law, on my opinion, is that investiture in metalmind encoded with feruchemist's sDNA during the process of storing. So it's seemed obvious to me, that if somebody steal by hemalurgy the part of feruchemist's spiritweb that respond to this ability, he can use related metalmind because it will recognize him as master. Example. Feruchemist Johned stored some important information in his coppermind. But we have a man named Werlyan. Werlyan want to access Johned's coppermind. He uses hemalurgy on Johned and steals Johned's ability of feruchemical copper by brass spike. Can Werlyan now access Johned's coppermind, or demage by hemalurical decay made this part of spiritweb not fit?
  18. Okay. I was browsing through the Coppermind when something clicked in my head. I present to you, Exhibit A: HoA major spoilers: Exhibit B: HoA major spoilers and AoL very minor spoilers: I propose that the 2 are in fact the same thing. Why would Brandon have two nearly identical objects in the same series unless it were the same thing? Comments?
  19. Hi guys! I have been discussing in the spanish Facebook group about If the inquisitors need drink vials for use the abilities in his spikes. A lot of people agrees with that. It's true that if they drink a vial his power increases but they not "need" drink vials to use the ability, at least this is the way I understand it because the blood on the spike is what metabolized the ability on the spike right?
  20. I've been thinking about Hemalurgy and how it works and we know by WoB that hemalurgy can steal another investitures so.... if a Surgebinder is stabbed with a hemalurgic spike what would be stolen? The Nahel Bond? ( the spren will die then? ) the ability to breath stormlight? or maybe abilities related to the surges? This last option is more similar to the way hemalurgy works on allomancers and feruchemist, but Surgebinding don't work like allomancy or feruchemy, a surgebinder gains his abilities through the nahel bond so... what do you think? Any ideas?
  21. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.
  22. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.
  23. I was reading AoL again and I read the conversation between Harmony and Wax. It seem sort of like a Ruin-spiked person conversation (except that Sazed is nice). I'm pretty sure Wax got shot so it might be a possibility that he got shot through Miles or Pull. If it sounds like a lame theory I'm sorry but this us my first proposal. Thanks.
  24. 1. In HoA, while Marsh is being controlled by Ruin, he reacts negatively to the notion of spiking the Misting in the town next to Tyrian (Was it Tyrian? I'm pretty sure it was.), then travel all the way to Luthadel to spike Penrod. He didn't like that it would be leaking power all that time. My question is, why? Hemalurgy is end-negative, since there is always some power lost in the process. That is very Ruin-like. But why be bothered that the spike was losing power? One would think he would be pleased to see so much of it disappear. I feel one of the attempts to explain this will be Sazed's explanation that "He knew that if he built one thing up, he could use it to knock down two others." But this opens up a broader issue. Can Ruin really ignore his intent in order to achieve his goals? It seems illogical that he would try and preserve as much power as he could, as that is in direct contrast with his intent. Also, in HoA it was revealed that Preservation couldn't suicide-bomb Ruin himself, as that went against his intent. Why is it different for Leras? 2. Does Hemalurgic power stop leaking when a subject is spiked? This seems to be the case, as Vin had her earring out for years after she was originally spiked. If it is true, why? Spiked people don't retain their stolen abilities when the spike is removed, so the power obviously went back into the spike. So why doesn't it leak? 3. Okay, so spikes made of different metals steal different abilities. But then the abilities granted also differ depending on the bind point. And hypothetically, if you wanted to steal an Allomantic ability from a Misting, then you could only take the one that they actually have. But steel simply 'steals physical Allomancy.' Does this mean that the only way to get the ability to burn pewter is to skewer a Thug with a steel spike and then insert it into only the correct bind point? So if you accidentally miss and spike the wrong spot, nothing happens? Or can you actually transmute one form of physical Allomancy into another by changing bind points? Basically, if anyone has some hidden treasure trove of Hemalurgic theory, I would like to know. 4. This last one is just guess on my part that I think is true: Zane's spike granted him increased power with steel, right? That would explain why he was able to pull off a controlled Push.
  25. MARU NUI ()What happens when you burn a Hemalurgic spike? BRANDON SANDERSON ()Burning a Hemalurgic spike would have the effect of splicing your spiritual DNA to that of the person's that is in the spike, which would have some very strange consequences.
 So... Solid Lerasium is kind of like a spike, maybe? Splicing some of Leras' DNA into your own, making you able to recognize his investiture and be able to use allomancy? I mean, obviously the little round beads aren't actually spikes, but they could be sharing a similar property.