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Found 241 results

  1. If we take long , sharp from both sides spike, can we steal 2 different atributes from 2 people by impaling them both on that spikes in correct bind points in the same time? Can we also put this spike in two diffrent people, in exactly same time? Anf what power each of them will get? And if the spike contain the same atribut from difrent people? Also, is there a upper limit how many people can use shard the same time?
  2. OK, so I was reading the Coppermind when I came across this: Hemalurgy can be used anywhere in the Cosmere[9], as long there is an intent to create a Hemalurgic spike. Hemalurgy can also steal attributes from other forms of Investiture.[10] Hemalurgy can be used on animals. So, a few thoughts. The kandra blessings (iron, tin, zinc and copper - strenth, senses, emotional stability and fortitude and intelligence and memory) give sentience to kandra, which have no prior form of conciousness. Could this mean cows could fly around on metal and talk to other cows, and eventually take over mankind as the top of the food chain and claim dominion over the land, plants and animals? Personally, I think this is a bit of a long shot, but still. Since the magic focus of Scadrial is metal, and Ruin resides on Scadrial (in the form of Harmony), would all Hemalurgy throughout the Cosmere be done with metal? Or would it be done with the magic focus of the planet in question? If so, what about on planets that aren't Shardworlds (I mean, there have to be at least a few, right?), would you have to use metal, or the magic focus of the nearest Shardworld? If trying to Steal surgebinding from a KR, would I have to stab the spren as well as the person to get the surgebinding abilities? I think the first parts are plausible, but if asked, Brandon would probably reply with a RAFO. It says that Hemalurgy can be used anywhere in the Cosmere, but never says that it can't be used anywhere else. Think of what people could do with this kind of stuff! Epics would be lying in the street, dead, because people want their powers. Anyone could become an Epic! Rithmatists would no longer be special, and would probably be hunted by people who wanted their powers. I mean, yeah, you could just set up a ton of lines of forbiddance to stop anyone from crossing, but they don't last forever. This leads me to my next point. What would happen if someone had a copper spike, but then someone else spiked them with a different spike, then put that inside themselves (that sounded really wrong)? Would they get the intelligence of both people, or just the one they spiked, and to get the other one they had to take the spike out and put it in themselves? Creating a Hemalurgic charge requires physical injury, but death is not a requirement to charge the spike.[2] This would leave the donor in a similar spiritual condition to a Drab, but in a worse condition OK, so we already know that the way hemalurgy works is by taking part of someone's spiritDNA and putting it into someone else. However, the person it was taken from is not required to die. So, part of the person is gone, and since hemalurgy=ruin, and ruin is ruin, the person who remains is probably someone who's had all the good sucked out of their lives, leaving a person with depression, hopeless, etc. kind of like what happens to a person when they are subject to the Dementor's Kiss, but still has a soul, and so can do stuff, but probably in an evil-got-nothing-to-lose-so-i-can-do-anything kind of way. Remind me to stay away from them. There were probably a few more things I was thinking of, but for the moment, I've forgotten them. So for now, this is all you've got, but it's pretty ggod stuff, if i do say so myself. Anyway, thanks for reading this.
  3. I think I have figured something out, although this is in no way confirmed. I was re-reading HoA and I was pondering hemalurgic spikes in Kandra. Now we know that Kandra Blessings are two spikes which together grant sentience and a power of some kind. In SoS Bleeder uses unknown methods to not only grant herself Feruchemy speed while only using one spike. However, I always thought it was odd that she also manifested a power we have only seen Ruin and Harmony use up to this point. She takes moments to speak to Wax in his mind. At the time I just kinda went with it, it was an exciting time in the story. However, I realized that this should have sent up several red flags. I mean, not only does she use the metallic arts which we thought was impossible, but then she invades Wax's mind like that. That's not even a power we have observed a mortal being using before! Here is where I will delve into the interviews with Brandon. There was a question about ReLuur, and if one of his spikes is Atium. TLDR: RAFO'reluur' Now, this is obviously about a different Kandra but we know they know more than they are telling Wax and Wayne at the moment. It seems likely that Atium in some form is still accessible to some Kandra. This is what really holds my theory out. You see, I was contemplating the fact that Brandon has written sayuing that you could make alloys with both Larasium and Atium and produce 16 alloys. We know that the Laraseium alloys make Mistings, and it's been hinted that Atium alloys would have various temporal effects. So here is the long and short of it all: Bleeder's single spike might steal the possible abilites of the Atium-Brass Alloy Now the spike itself might not actually be made of that material since it's hemaleric in nature. But I believe it steals the powers of burning Atium-Zinc or Atium-Brass allomancers. This is a stretch but let me walk you through what we know: 1. Bleeder can somehow talk in the minds of thoses spiked with Hemalergy. 2. Bleeder cannot be using more than one spike while she does this. 3. Bleeder has knowledge of Hemalergy that is far beyond the current understanding of Harmony's people (as far as we know). 4. Bleeder's spike was made of an unknown metallic alloy. Now the power of speaking in minds is a bit of a stretch, but it certainly seems like a possibility of a twisted external mental allomantic ability. It also feels more like a pushing rather than a pulling ability. I mean, that is the most realistic explanation for this strange and invasive ability. *Edit: Thanks to some awesome readers, I have seen references that clarify that Bleeder's spike is made from a metal that Harmony doesn't know. However, this doesn't change the foundation of the theory. Thanks to those who took the time to source the quotes!* As my final point of support in this theory, I will need to delve into Secret History here: So there it is, I have no idea how viable this is, or where exactly the atium came from. It either has reappeared or it was salvaged from an older stash. But I am happy I finally got this out there. It's such a cool concept to think about. I wonder how this could be applied in combat, and if there is a limited range that this communication is restricted to. *Edit: Changed my wording for clarification.
  4. The first time I read mistborn many years ago it seemed like Kredik Shaw seemed like Hemalurgy on a massive scale (it is described as many spires and towers, some large enough for rooms, others simply thin rods of metal...) but I dismissed this offhand, not knowing Sanderson yet. Rereading it recently, the thought came back. Why would the Lord Ruler build his palace with so many spires, some being nothing more than metal rods? Could this be some sort of power draw or theft from the very land itself? It is somewhat reminiscent of Elantris and the land being used in the aon dor. Thoughts?
  5. This may be a silly question, but something that could potentially be kinda cool... Would there be any effect on animals such as horses if they had Hemalurgic spikes? I don't think they would become sentient, but would there be any other effects? If it could work in some way or another what could be done with it?
  6. Using a combination of the Hemalurgy chart in the Hero of Ages Ars Arcanum and the Ars Arcanum from Bands of Mourning, I've complied a chart of what the remaining seven metals do as spikes. NOTE: These are educated guesses, based off of patterns and similarities that I've seen NOTE 2: Where it says "Steals Human ___", that means I don't know what it is, but it steals a human attribute like Senses, Strength, Mental Fortitude, etc. HEMALURGIC POWER Iron: Steals Human Strength Steel: Steals Allomantic Physical Powers Tin: Steals Human Senses Pewter: Steals Feruchemical Physical Powers Zinc: Steals Human Emotional Fortitude Brass: Steals Feruchemical Mental Powers Copper: Steals Human Mental Fortitude Bronze: Steals Allomantic Mental Powers Cadmium: Steals Allomantic Temporal Powers Bendalloy: Steals Human ___ Gold: Steals Feruchemical Temporal Powers Electrum: Steals Human ___ Chromium: Steals Feruchemical Enhancement Powers Nicrosil: Steals Human ___ Aluminum: Steals Allomantic Enhancement Powers Duralumin: Steals Human ___ The way I came up with these is that I figured out that the Physical Pushing metals steal Allomantic and Feruchemical powers, in the order of Allomatic, then Feruchemical. The Mental Pushing metals do the same, in the order of Feruchemical, then Allomatic. Going off of what Aluminum did, I guessed that the Temporal Pulling metals work in the order of Allomantic, and then Feruchemical, and finally, the Enhancement Pulling metals work in order of Feruchemical, and then Allomantic. Or, Physical: Pushing A-F Mental: Pushing F-A Temporal: Pulling A-F Enhancement: Pulling F-A The final thing: I have no idea what Human ___s would be, especially related to Temporal and Enhancement effects. Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. I've noticed a few things while reading the coppermind and reading the mistborn novels, and they don't really make sense. If you melt a metal, the attribute of it still remains, but make an alloy of it and the attribute disappears. Now, what would happen if you got two different tinminds, each with a different sense stored in them, melted them and put the two pieces of molten metal together? Technically, you haven't made an alloy, so both the senses are still there. However, since you can't have two senses in a single tinmind, what happens? Can you feruchemically store in a hemalurgically charged spike? Is lerasium a metal that stores allomancy? How does compounding copper work? Could you burn duramlumin while storing to store faster? Can you burn a metal and store the allomancy as investiture in a nicrosilmind? If storing in an aluminiummind while storing makes a metalmind identityless, what if you tap an aluminiummind during active storage? What happens if you tap zinc while storing copper? What happens if you spike the shardholder of preservation with an atium spike, or make the shardholder of ruin burn lerasium? If you have spotted any other discrepancies or if you have any answers to the questions asked here, feel free to post Forum rules: please don't swear, necroposting is allowed and so is double-posting, have fun!
  8. First off, I realise that there is an existing Hemalurgy thread in the Mistborn section, but I wanted to discuss certain topics without needing to worry about spoilers. Additionally, I wanted the discussion to have a more theoretical direction, rather than a philosophical one. I have a few topics to cover, so they'll be broken up into different sections. ETHICS Hemalurgy is often considered an "evil" magic, and not without reason. So far, we have seen it as a very destructive force that not only kills innocents, but damages their very soul. However, we have had many interesting revelations since the original trilogy both in the books and through WoB. Many of these revelations paint a more... palatable picture of Hemalurgy. First and foremost, we have confirmation that Hemalurgy does not have to kill the person donating a spike. Relevant WoB: The reasons vary between WoB, but the meaning is clear: one does not have to die from getting spiked. It would still rip out a piece of your soul and change you as a person, but you do not have to die. Okay, so you don't have to die, but you're still losing a piece of your soul. That sounds like a big deal, right? Well, maybe not: So in the Before-Afterlife it certainly matters, but in the After-Afterlife? Not so much. That's a good thing, but it ultimately doesn't matter, because we have even better news! Soul wounds can be healed from: So not only is it confirmed you can heal back your soul, essentially creating a new patch of soul out of Investiture, it would also give you back the power you just had spiked away. Theoretically, you could be spiked multiple times for the same power. There's some implications that you wouldn't want to do this repeatedly, but the possibility is there. Alright, that's all well and good, but that only helps people who can heal back from a spiking. So that only means... everyone on Scadrial now. Those fancy medllions that the southerners have kindly introduced mean that everyone can heal back from being spiked by tapping an unkeyed goldmind. What's important to take away from this is that Hemalurgy may not be nearly as bad as we have been lead to believe. You don't have to die, you don't have to lose your power, you don't have to permanently damage your soul and it won't have scary, unknown implications for the After-Afterlife. I have no doubt that certain portions of society would be against it regardless of the science, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be used. MECHANICS In this section, I'm not going to be covering the topics of bind points or the uses of different metals as there's just not much to go on. Ultimately, I don't think the exact details are what's truly interesting about Hemalurgy anyway, but rather the interactions it has with the other magics on Scadrial. So, what do we know about Hemalurgy from the books? Well, you stab spikes into people and it gives them powers. So far as we know, each spike only steals one thing at a time, spiking an ability you already have makes you stronger and you can't have more than three spikes without opening yourself up to the influence of others: That's some pretty harsh restrictions. Suit appears to have his spikes piercing his heart, or at the very least they pierce his chest, and it was assumed that removing them would kill him. Pretty dangerous weakness to have these days, what with Coinshots and getting access to Duralumin medallions, or whatever other power boosting effects that may let people rip your spikes out. There's one person we know of who did fantastic things with Hemalurgy though, and seemed to have none of the associated weakness: the Lord Ruler. He was an impossibly powerful Mistborn, able to push on the metals inside Vin's stomach while she was burning them. Even Elend, with all his Lerasium granted strength, did not perform feats anywhere close to this. So, how did the Lord Ruler achieve this? The obvious answer is that he also ate Lerasium. WoB says that's not the case though: So how did the Lord Ruler become so powerful? According to WoB, it was Hemalurgy: So the Lord Ruler needed all three systems, but Hemalurgy was the most dramatic. Other than his incredible Allomatic strength, I cannot think of anything else he did that was not explained by compounding or God metals. There's a problem with this, though. So far as we know, the Lord Ruler only had two Hemalurgical spikes located in his upper arms, which doubled as his Atium Metlaminds. Even if these had granted Allomancy, they could not explain the entirety of his awesome power: The fact that he had no other spikes was actually a plot point. Remember that Marsh also thought that the Lord Ruler had been spiked like an Inquisitor, and his plan to kill him was based around this: So how can someone use all three systems of magic to benefit from Hemalurgy but not be full of spikes? Well, I think I have the answer, theorized from a few WoB and based around burning spikes with Allomancy: So we have some discrepancies between these WoB. In one, it says you would splice the sDNA together. In another, it says it won't graft the stolen soul on, but it would have some interesting effects. Finally, in one it says it won't have any effect when you burn it unless it also came from you. I believe these seemingly contradicting elements can finally be reconciled after learning about Identity in BoM, while also explaining why the Lord Ruler was so powerful. If you've read some of my other posts, you can probably already see where this is going. My proposition is simple: similar to Identity and Metalminds, the results of burning a Hemalurgical spike are dependent on whether or not you have Identity access to it. If you share an Identity with the Investiture in the spike, or possibly if the spike was donated from an individual who had no Identity at the time, then a process similar to compounding occurs. As the Investiture is drawn from Preservation and filtered through the metal, the Hemalurgical Investiture alters the shape that the magic takes, thereby spicing the sDNA in the spike and the sDNA of the Allomancer together. For a full explanation on my theory for the mechanics of Allomancy and compounding, see my huge ranty post. So, what effect would this have? Well, I believe we saw the results of this in the Lord Ruler. In the case of spikes which grant Metalborn abilities, splicing the sDNA results in granting, or increasing, the abilities of a Metalborn. It does not "graft" or "tack on" a piece of sDNA as has been described of spikes, but rather a full merger or "splicing" between the sDNA, impossible to separate afterwards. If this were the case, it would explain how the Lord Ruler managed to achieve his "dramatic effects" with basically no spikes, and would indeed require all three systems of metal magic. He needed an understanding of Hemalurgy to spike his own powers out (probably controlled a Kandra or Inquisitor for this), Feruchemy to survive said spiking and heal back his ability, and Allomancy to burn the spike and add it back onto his sDNA, thereby increasing his Allomatic strength without being a "common Inquisitor" with "endowed fabrications." He could then repeat this process until he reached some unknown theoretical limit. Keep in mind, the Lord Ruler was the most knowledgeable user of the metalic arts to have ever existed (so far), so if anyone could figure this out, it would be him. Okay, so maybe this is possible and he figured it out. Why did he use spikes for his Inquisitors then? Control, obviously. He brutally controlled the use and knowledge of Feruchemy just to prevent compounding, and this is easily more powerful. He designed all of his Hemalurgical constructs with both clear weaknesses and methods of control, and anyone granted power through this method would have neither. This is the extent of my evidence on the subject, so it is by no means proven, but I think there's a possibility for it to be true. I didn't find anything directly contradicting it, but Brandon has been getting pretty tight lipped about this sort of thing as time goes on. If you have anything on the subject, I'd be interested in seeing it. HEMALURGY USE GOING FORWARD Theoretically, this could be absurdly powerful going forward. If all that is required is an unkeyed spike, rather than a spike you share an Identity with, then you could potentially turn anyone into a Mistborn via the use of medallions. Give a Metalborn a Feruchemical Gold/ Feruchemical Aluminum medallion, dump their Identity while you spike out their power and have them heal it back with the goldmind. Give the recipient an Allomancy medallion corresponding with the metal of the spike, have them burn the spike and then boom, you've got a brand new Metalborn. Rinse and repeat. As I mentioned before, there's anecdotes that you may not want to do this repeatedly, as Soul injuries apparently scar even when healed and who knows what that does, but the ability is strong enough even without spiking people multiple times. That being said, I don't think Hemalurgy would gain wide spread use even if this were possible, simply because it's too damnation powerful. Imagine a world of Lord Rulers. Wax gave up the Bands of Mourning because the power was too great for mortals, and this is potentially even more powerful than that. I can easily see governments suppressing and regulating the use of Hemalurgy for the same reason they regulate guns. Or, perhaps more appropriately, for the same reasons as nukes. Still, the potential is there for this to be even more disruptive than medallions. FINAL THOUGHTS I consider this to be very theoretical and am by no means claiming to be convinced of its veracity. I'd love to hear what others have to say on the subject, and what they think of my interpretation.
  9. As I understand the spirit web, it is like spiritual circuitry, powers and other aspects get coded into the "circuitry". When you use Hemalurgy, you rip out the chunk of someone's spirit web the controls the attribute you are stealing and then you staple it into the recipient's spirit web. When the "circuit" is spiked into the appropriate place for that aspect, the "wiring" works as intended and the power is transferred. When it is put somewhere else it makes weird connections and does weird thing. i.e. Koloss don't just have the strength of 5 men, they have blue skin that doesn't grow despite the fact their body never stops. Spook's book also said that you can make just about anything by changing the spirit. Now Shardblades cut the spirit. While Hemalurgy works additively to change the spirit, I wonder if one could use a Shardblade to make modifications of a subtractive nature in more complicated ways than just paralysis. Something like cut away at the shoulder(Hemalurgic bond point for pewter Allomancy) of a natural Thug and destroy the part of their spirit that lets them burn pewter. Or forcibly break someone's bond to a Shardblade while leaving them alive. It may even be possible to create Hemalurgy style monsters like Bleeder's creepy things by cutting away bits of the spirit.
  10. Hi! Kell here. Alright, you may be bored with my crazy theories and questions by now but I'll still post. Atium, or Ruin, can store age with as its Feruchemical Attribute and steal any power via Hemalurgy. However, we haven't the slightest on what Lerasium, or Fuzz, and Ettmetal/Harmonium, or Saze steals/stores. (Another interesting topic is what happens to a Harmonium Savant, but I'll get teh dat later in my illustrious career.) I have a few peculiar ideas, and here they are! Metal: Lerasium Feruchemical Attribute: External time/age (Like Atium, but external-Makes objects you touch age web tapping, makes them 'rewind' during active storage) Hemalurgic thing: Steals all previous Hemalurgic attributes in target Metal: Harmonium/Ettmetal Feruchemical attribute: During active storage, rewinds time at a slow rate and when tapped, time goes forward at a slow rate. Harmonium Metalminds can't store much time, severely limiting the ability. Hemalurgic thing: Steals all targets memories or steals physical appearance (like a human Kandra) Ising I excited seeing to your posting of ideas!
  11. Hi people! Kell here. I need to work on a new intro. Anyways, I'm here to discuss weird metal effects (WMFX/E). Post your opinions down below. Alright. Here we go! •What happens when you burn Atium and Malatium at the same time against an opponent who is using the same metals? Will the Atium shadows have shadows too? Will you see all the possible paths of the past Malatium shadows? What happens with Gold in the mix? •What does Atium/Lerasium/Malatium/Gold/Electrum do in tandem with Duralumin? Duralumin and the metal as a Savant? •When burning Bendalloy or Cadmium, what does Atium do? The others? •Since the human body has trace amounts of iron, can we Push/Pull/Sense it with Duralumin/Harmony messing with your body/Lerasium? •If some Allomantic Metals are toxic, do Gold Metalminds (Bloodmakers) burn them away? Only Rashek would have this problem, tho. •If Harmonium could store any attribute, could it store non-Feruchemical attributes? •What the rust happens when you Hemalurgically Spike someone and Spike yourself and the stored Identity and you tapped the Metalmind? Would you BECOME THEM?!?!?! Thazzit for now, Having the want of seeing the you tomorrow!!
  12. Hi! Kell here. So, I have a strange question. Let's say John is a Fullborn Feruchemist. One day he finds a tiny Hemalurgic spike. It's made of steel, so he decides to turn it into a Metalmind. When he stored his speed into it, he was also actively filling an aluminum Metalmind, so anyone could use the spike as a storage. Then, one day, a Mistborn or Coinshot/Crasher/whatever finds the spike, and burns it. It's a Feruchemical storage that he/she can use, so it obviously compounds, but what about the Hemalurgic part? What will it do? Ising the me of wanting the you to post opinion of you below.
  13. Am I the only one who doesn't think that Sovereign is Kelsier back from the dead? My own personal theory is that sovereign is Spook. I think Spook was studying Hemalurgy with Kelsier and they figured out how to use hemalurgy to contain Kelsier's identity in a spike. I believe that The Spike Formerly Known as Kelsier is the one in Spook's eye. The reason Sovereign's arms were covered in scars is because we are seeing through the eyes of Kelsier and that is how he views himself. This theory is entirely based on the idea that there is precedence for people living a long time but very little for people coming back from death in phsyical form. Just a pet theory of mine. Help me out are there holes in this theory? Can I make is stronger somehow?
  14. I was thinking about this yesterday... Hemalurgy comes across as such a monstrous form of magic. But it is super powerful, and we see at least a few "good guys" who are interested in dabbling with it. Taken at face value, Spook's writing about taking from the elderly and terminally ill is pretty creepy. But I started thinking how modern medicine and society might change to accommodate Hemalurgy. With superior anesthetics and better surgery practices, Hemalurgy could become a fairly normal practice. Think about it. Of course there would be laws that doing it against somebody's will is wrong. But certainly some people who have powers would be open to passing those powers on, right? Particularly if they can pass it on to a family member or friend. Or donate them to a perceived noble cause (scientific research, the military/police/government, etc.). Hemalurgy could be used to do a lot of good. So you fill out the legal paperwork, and when you're on your deathbed and have said your goodbyes a surgeon comes in, knocks you out, draws some blood to store the spike in, takes your powers with a small spike, and then they let you pass. Boom. Humane, ethical Hemalurgy. Now the fire department has some F-cadmium or F-gold spikes to help their men get in and out of burning buildings more safely. The police force has some A-tin and A-pewter spikes to keep the streets safer. The hospitals have F-copper spikes so that doctors and surgeons have a wealth of easily accessible knowledge. And scientists can being investigating the magic systems more methodically. And of course, an even better solution for the Feruchemical uses is to pair it with advances in unsealed metalminds. Grab some aluminum and nicrosil spikes and you can start pumping out unsealed metalminds to do all of these things. Make these people compounders and they can really go to town.
  15. So, I'm confused as to how the medallions work. How can a Nicrosil ferring reduce their Identity enough to make an unlocked Feruchemical nicrosil medallion? And other ferrings reduce their identity enough to add to it? Is it a matter of using Feruchemical aluminum? But then how does an Feruchemical nicrosil ferring use Feruchemical aluminum? Also, how can a non-Feruchemical nicrosil person tap the Feruchemical nicrosil, even if it's unlocked? Don't you still need to be able to tap Nicrosil in order to use it? Unlocked just means that someone else can use a metal mind that you created, it doesn't give you the ability to actually use that metal if it's not in your sDNA, right? Is Nicrosil special in that it allows anyone to use its Investiture?
  16. I was going through the forums and looking at all of the theories about investiture, and was thinking about several things. First off, a ton of people(I feel) are getting the power of storing investiture wrong. I'm pretty sure it works(very basically) like this: Let's say you have a Twinborn, with F: Nicrosil, and A: Steel. He/She also has a Hemalurgic spike granting F: Aluminum. He/She decides that they are going to make one of those cool bracelet things that let others have their power. He/She Stores Aluminum, Then Stores Nicrosil into the Nicrosil part of the bracelet. That means that anyone who taps that(anyone can, apparently) Nicrosil will be granted the powers of F: Nicrosil and Aluminum, and A: Steel. Some people thought that Nicrosil gave any ability. Are they right? On another topic, do you remember when Allik said that it was impossible to make a bracelet with 4 powers? Based on what I'm thinking, that is because they need to get Hemalurgic spikes that give them those powers, and that having four puts them under Harmony's influence. So, what would happen if you were to get 16 Allomancers and 16 Feruchemists together and gave them one bracelet each that gave them F: Nicrosil and Aluminum, then had each of them try to store into one Nicrosil bracelet? Since all of their power is unbranded, would it make something like the bands of mourning, or would it not allow them to put all of their powers into one Nicrosil bracelet?
  17. I have a new theory about what Hemalurgic decay is. The core piece of information that is relevant to my new theory is something @Argent got out of Brandon in the Stormlight update #6: Q: Is death in the Cosmere a two-stage process? It seems to me like (under normal circumstances) the body dies first, sending the mind fully in the Cognitive Realm; the soul, presumably, remains in the Spiritual for the entire process. I am a little unclear on what happens after that though - what is it that passes into the Beyond, just the mind? Does the soul / spiritual aspect / Spiritweb just kind of... break down in the Spiritual Realm, turn into free investiture? A: Yes. It's a two stage process, and most of what you said is correct. The odd thing is, though, that the spiritweb doesn't completely break down (just like your body doesn't immediately break down.) Even after a long time, there's a record of that spirit web in the spiritual realm. And before I go into how I am interpreting that, some background on ideas that also contributed: Time and Place don't really exist in the Spiritual Realm. At a guess, there is likely data about them there, but space-time isn't as relevant/existent. Hemalurgy 'staples' soul chunks onto people to grant them abilities/traits. Hemalurgic spikes 'decay' and slowly lose their powers if they aren't in contact with (flowing?) blood. Now for some actual rhetoric! I always assumed that when someone died, their Investiture dissipated back into the Shard that it came from while their mind went on to the Beyond. I thought something similar was happening with Hemalurgy in that there was a chunk of soul that was ripped off the person and attached to someone else via the spike. When the spike wasn't in someone, the chunk of web decayed and the spike lost power. Now, though, I think that the spike is just hard wiring a Connection between the chunk of web that got ripped off and the person who has the spike. It is like adding a short to a circuit, sort of, anyway. When the spike isn't active and in blood, though, the power of Ruinous intent isn't maintaining the line, and the Connection between the spike and the web decays. The chunk of web probably decays at about the same rate that the web of a normal dead person does, which is apparently slowly, as evidenced by the WoB above. With that in mind, this has definite implications for Kel's resurrection. He was brought back within a few years, since he went and helped out the SoScads only a few years after the Catacendre. This means that his spiritweb was still mostly intact, so they just had to Hemalurgically staple it back onto a physical form. It is probably stapling his mind, soul, and body back together all at once, or there are spikes for each Connection. Presumably, he functions similar to Kandra now, in that if the spikes are removed, he will cease to survive, but he could just get stapled back together... creepy.
  18. In The Well of Ascension we see Lerasium burned by Elend so that he becomes a Mistborn of extremely powerful Investiture. However, Brandon has said in his notes that this is simply a side effect of burning Lerasium, not the main effect. Now, I'm not sure if someone else made a topic on this already (I tried looking but couldn't find anything), but it seems fairly obvious to me what that function is. When burned, Lerasium should be able to be used in place of any allomantic metal reserve (i.e. I could burn Lerasium as a mistborn and, if I chose, get extra strength, speed, and balance as if I were burning very pure allomantic pewter). Here is my evidence... Lerasium is related to Preservation and is thus linked to Allomancy. Its opposite, Atium, is related to Ruin and Hemalurgy. So, if we see how Atium acts in Hemalurgy, it may give us a clue about how Lerasium acts in Allomancy. As a Hemalurgic spike, Atium steals any attribute/Investiture, so Lerasium in my mind should at likewise. Throughout the original Mistborn trilogy, Vin draws in the mists, the gaseous form of Lerasium, and burns them for super heightened Allomantic strength, such as when her Allomantic steel power can see the Lord Rulers bands even though they are heavily invested (and maybe pierce his skin? I don't remember...). However, toward the end of Hero of Ages, Vin draws the mists in her fight against Marsh and burns Lerasium in this way, gaining other allomantic powers by only burning the mists. I don't have a physical copy of the novel, so I can't quote directly from the book, but that is how I remember that scene happening. However, this brings up another question. If Atium and Lerasium both perform all functions within their respective systems, can Harmonium do the same within Feruchemy, storing and tapping any attribute (that can be stored and tapped through other metals)? Harmonium is ettmetal, so it may be difficult to keep a Harmonium metalmind from exploding, making this theory unlikely, but I believe it needed to be discussed. Again, I don't know if someone else came to this conclusion already, I assumed this was common knowledge until I could not find anything on it.
  19. Hello All, my first post here. I've looked for this info in so many places, but I can't find a definitive answer. Hopefully someone here will be able to fill me in: I have the two posters from Brandon's store of the table of Allomancy and the table of Feruchemy (they're framed on my wall, and they're beautiful!), and I have a spot reserved near them for a poster of the table of Hemalurgy... but I can't find any info about whether there will ever be one. Does anyone have any information about whether there will ever be a matching poster for Hemalurgy? Thanks in advance.
  20. Keep in mind this is a hypothetical situation, so please ignore the human rights abuse. Right, so it'e been established that for stamps to take, likelihood of the desired result happening in the first place is key. So, here is my idea for overcoming the limit of hemalurgic spikes you can safely apply to yourself, without a god taking over (kind of.) Get a real big wheel and a harpoon gun. Strap sixteen mistings or ferrings or whatever to the wheel, then get it spinning. then load a bunch or hemalurgic spikes into the harpoon gun, go stand behind the wheel, then fire the spikes at yourself, through the wheel. Hopefully a spike will pass through it's compatible misting and into you, giving you the corresponding power. Now, if you want a different power, apply an essence mark to yourself, re-writing your history so that a different spike hit you. Ta-Da! New power, and all you have to carry around are soul stamps. Do you think it's posible
  21. So that's the baseline here. We *have* seen Hemalurgy outside of Scadrial. Has anyone spotted this, or had suspicions? Myself, I can't think of anything. But that's why I asked this here.
  22. Disclaimer: Everything that will soon follow might be completely wrong, but is still interesting. Do not base the foundation of everything you know upon what follows. This theory/speculation is based off of how Hemalurgy and shardblades affect the Spiritual Realm. Hemalurgy tinkers with sDNA, ripping out pieces and inserting them on other beings. Shardblades cut in the Spiritual Realm as well. So what if you could handle hemalurgic spikes and shardblades like a surgeon's tools? During the Shattering, we know that Adonalsium was broken into 16 shards. Each shard was a fragment of the original being. I am trying to draw a line connecting the Shards and the fragments of sDNA ripped out by Hemalurgy. Steel Inquisitors have additional sDNA added to them by the spikes, but each piece is too insignificant to affect the whole of the Inquisitor, unlike Shards, which are so powerful that they consume the Vessel. So, realizing this similarity, one could suppose that Hemalurgy acts somewhat like the Shattering. But Hemalurgy is directly tied to the Physical Realm as well, because the only thing guiding what portion of the Spiritweb is affected is the location on the victim's body where the spike is placed. Now, I bring in the concept of shardblades. Shardblades cut through the Spiritual Realm, which is why they kill living things they slice. As a blade, a shardblade is naturally more precise than a hammer or other crude instrument. Thus, when attempting to remove a specific piece of sDNA, one would use a shardblade, right? It is more precise and it does the job. However, the severed piece cannot be captured without a spike ready. The follow-up must be instant, not to lose the fragment. Of course, this process would be much easier if done in another realm. Through this process of slicing and spiking, sections of sDNA could be removed without fear of imprecision. Then, these pieces could be applied elsewhere using Hemalurgy. Please note any flaws or missing material.
  23. Simple question: Can Breaths be taken by a spike? I think I saw somebody quoting a WoB that it's not possible but I'm not sure and my searches proved fruitless.
  24. I know that it is widely accepted that the power of Allomancy comes from Preservation. This makes sense in that in order to become an Allomancer you must either ingest, or be a descendant from someone who has ingested, Lerasium. This idea is given further weight by the fact that Preservation gave a bit of himself in order to make humans more preservation minded. However, the nature of the shards of Preservation and Ruin, and their combination in Harmony, reject this idea. The easiest example of this is Ruin and his magic of Hemalurgy, power is taken and the result is less than before. Mathematically put, if you have starting power X and received power Y you would say that X > Y. In Feruchemy you give power to receive it back when needed, while in Allomancy you expend power, by burning metal, giving you the the variable Z for expended power. Mathematically put, Feruchemy would be X = Y and Allomancy would be modeled X + Z < Y. When you compare these mathematical breakdowns of Scadrial's magic systems to the shards present their, a different reality becomes apparent. With Feruchemy being the only magic system involving the preserving of power, it must be of Preservation. Whereas Allomancy involves the sacrificing of some power in order to gain more, implying it is of Harmony or, more accurately, a balance of the powers of Ruin and Preservation. This idea is given further credit by the fact that even though Preservation gave up some of his power to humans, the only people who cared about preservation as an attribute were the Terrismen, while people in other areas appear to have had a stronger tie to Ruin in their hearts, regardless of the presence of Preservation's power. With that in mind, the ingesting of Lerasium would increase the person's devotion to Preservation, allowing for an equal devotion to both shards, as well as an amount of power that comes directly from a shard. Thanks for looking at my theory. If you can show me any place where Brandon Sanderson has said anything that proves me wrong, please add a link in your post.
  25. "You could tell them from the way they walked... Of course the softly glowing red eyes were another sign." -The Bands of Mourning, pg 433 This is the reference to the first of the "other" Kandra. This was the most impressive part for me in the end of BoM. (Well one of three) This is tied directly to the red haze Wax observed encircling Scadrial. Harmony said it was the presence of something else, a power from beyond the planet. Now I know there is speculation that this is Odium, and I think I can confirm it. We know the void spren are of Odium. They are what make the Thunderclast and what is needed to create storm-form in the Parshendi. These forces have been described as red spren moving like lightning. The also turned the Parshendi's eyes red. Some may see this as a generalization, but there is too much consistency here. In the Song of Secrets they sing: Our gods were born splinters of a soul, Of one who seeks to take control, Destroys all lands that he beholds, with spite. They are his spren, his gift, his price. But the nightforms speak of future life... So these spren are Splinters of Odium. That makes sense. What is interesting is that he made his splinters spren. Until now, the Shards of the various worlds each have different forms of magic, splinters, and goals. However Odium seems to be mimicking Cultivation and Honor as he seeks to destroy them and all that they created. Upon reflection this seemed odd to me. Then I remembered the red eyes The Set have their own Kandra, which means they are not of Harmony. Yet here it is again, it seems that someone is mimicking the tools and followers of Harmony. There are these Void Kandra and the Set has somehow learned about Hemalurgy, and knows how to use it. Remember the dog-men who chased Wax in Shadows of Self? They were new unknown creations. The Lord Ruler experimented with Hemalurgy for 1000 years, and he couldn't make anything more than he had created during his ascension. These things are made from something who understands Hemalurgy like Ruin did and it (probably) isn't Harmony. Now the other thought is that this could be another Shard. Well that is possible, and if that's the case then we cannot know more until the next book comes out. However I hope you see that the parallels between Trell on Scadrial and Odium on Roshar are pretty apparent. So I think this is Odium's plan. He creates mimics who use twisted versions of a shard's power, using the powers and investiture of his foes. This somehow gives him an advantage and might be the key to a shards destruction, using their own power against them somehow. I doubt I was the first one to think about this, but i couldn't see anything posted on this in my search. Even so, the possibilities are endless. I wonder if Scadrial is about to face its first Desolation...